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Chapter 4 - Meeting the Marauders

After being led to her room, Hermione crashed on the cushy bed, pulled the comforter up to her chin and fell fast asleep. She fought off dreams of Harry and Ron trying to bring her back, as she was protesting because of the fun she was having with the Marauders. She wasn't sure why she was fighting so hard, all she knew was that it was the most free that she had ever felt in her life. Harry was pulling one arm and Ron was pulling Harry's arm. A pain seered through her arm; it felt like it was being ripped off.

When she woke up on Saturday morning, she found herself in a sweat from struggling in her sleep. The arm that had hurt during her dream was scrunched under the rest of her body, about to break from the weight that had been shifted onto it. She swung her legs over the edge of the bed and yawned loudly, taking in her surroundings. It looked almost exactly like her Head Dorm back 'home.' The walls were white with a lion head painted above her head board. There was a balcony that was overlooking a beautiful mountain with a village at the base of it. There was a small fireplace set in the wall opposite of her bed and a door leading to the bathroom a little ways down the wall from the fireplace. She hopped from her bed and made her way to the bathroom. When she looked into the mirror, she noticed that she looked a lot worse than she felt. Her hair was curling over a loose ponytail, her eyes were red and puffy and her face was flushed. She put her hands to her head and pulled out the hair tie from her hair. After a struggle, she finally got her hair loose and tried to pull her fingers through her curly locks. With no luck, she huffed and started the shower.

"I look like I've been running a marathon," she muttered hopelessly, as she discarded her clothes. When hot steam began to fill the shower, she stepped in carefully and let the warm water pour over her body. The drops of water were easing away all the tension that she was feeling in her body. She lathered her body with a nice smelling soap and doused her hair in an even better smelling shampoo. It was a vanilla and strawberry mix that was tantelizing and awakening to her senses. She smiled as she thought about all of the things she would have to tell Harry of his father and Sirius. If she was lucky she would get to spend a lot of time with them, so that she could go back with a detailed account of their going-ons at Hogwarts. But, at the same time, she couldn't help but worry about the seriousness of the situation that she was in. In no way could she mention anything about the future, about the fates of the Marauders. She was surrounded by dead people - or damaged people - that had no idea of the horrible realities that faced them. With that thought, she stepped from the shower. The cold air was nipping at her wet body as beads of water fell to the floor. She grabbed a white towel and began to dry herself off, and when she finished, she wrapped the towel around her hair. She glanced at the steamed mirror and said, "Today is going to be a good day." It may have just been a feeling, but somehow she knew.

Usually, she would leave straight from the shower to get dressed and run off to breakfast or class without taking a second glance in the mirror, but today she wanted to look stunning. It was important to make a good first impression wherever you went, and she was going to start that idea today. She was startled by a knock on the door.

"Mione," came the jovial voice of James. "Lily is lending you some clothes. I'll put them on your bed for you."

"Thanks," she sputtered through the toothpaste she had just swished around in her mouth with a toothbrush. There were tons of toiletries in this bathroom; from paper to perfume. With a quick brush through her hair, she decided that she was a witch, and a good charm would work just as well- if not better. She raised her wand to her hair and muttered a spell that kept it in loose curls over her shoulders with a perfect part down the middle of her head. Then, as if trying to inspect her wand, she brought the tip to her face. Another incantation and she had a natural looking make up form over her skin; a foundation that caused her milky skin to glow, and a neutral eye shadow that, when added with mascara, caused her eyes to intesify. Last, she took a lip gloss from the basket of stuff on the sink and pursed her lips as she ran the gloss over them. With a smack of the lips she headed to her room to put on some clothes.

Worry over took her as she wondered what kind of clothes they wore in this time. Hopefully it wasn't tie-dye and goucho pants. To her surprise, it was much like her time. On her bed sat a pair of faded blue jeans and a peasant top. As she pulled them on, she marveled at how similar in size she was to Lily; when really, Lily looked a lot taller in the pictures Hermione had seen. The peasant top was absolutely gorgeous. It was a light pink color, with pale green designs drawn onto it. It was square around her chest, cupped her breasts and fell loosely over her stomach. She sat on the bed and pulled on her socks and sneakers and headed from the room with a girlish smile.

She heard happy voices and laughter as she walked down the staircase. She was gliding one hand down the railing and added a bounce in her step as she reached the last stair. Several eyes acknowledged her presence when they heard a sigh from the stairs. Hermione was staring at the Marauders with envy - they were always so damn happy. She easily recognized James' alluring smile and Sirius' charming eyes. But, as she kept looking around the room, she saw a pair of shining emerald orbs staring back at her. "Lily," she said.

"You know me in the future," Lily stated with curiosity and nodded her head.

"I'll just agree for lack of a better explanation," she laughed. Her eyes then met a pair of chocolate brown ones. She felt butterflies fly up in her stomach as she smiled at Remus Lupin. "Pro...Remus," she said reaching out her hand.

"Well, we must all still be friends," he said as he beamed at everyone around the room. He shook Hermione's hand vigorously and offered her a friendly smile.

But just as she began to smile back, her eyes caught another. Anger radiated from her body. Fury was pumping through her veins. It was Peter Pettigrew, the man who made Harry's life suck. If it hadn't been for him, Voldemort would have never found James and Lily. She lost control of herself and reached into her pocket for her wand. "You vile, twisted..." Peter cowered against the couch, squeaking like a mouse. "You..." She paused as she felt a firm grasp on her arms holding her back. She fought against him, trying her best to break loose. She wanted that rat to pay...she wanted him to feel what Harry felt. A sense of calm finally came over her as she realized that Peter had no idea of what he was to become. Sirius still held onto her; he waited until her heaving chest had relaxed, and let go of her completely.

"What in the bloody hell..." James asked, concerned for the hatred that Hermione had shown Peter. 'Was that all about?"

"You know it just as well as I do," Hermoine seethed, getting riled up again. She gritted her teeth, "He. Is. A. Rat."

"Oh," Remus sighed. "You know that we are animagi, then?"

Hermione thought hard. Of course, she couldn't tell them what Peter would come to be. She sighed deeply and forced a chuckle, "Yes, sorry." She looked to Peter with what she hoped was a small apologetic face, "Vermin really creep me out."

Everyone laughed at this. Hermione even joined in, hoping that she still didn't look murderous. Lily walked slowly to Hermione and whispered in her ear so that no one else could hear her, "I don't like him much either." Relieved that she wasn't the only one, Hermione smiled widely and laughed as genuinly as the others.

"You know all of us, then," James observed. Hermione nodded and he continued, "Tell us what you know of us from is weird," he grinned.

Even though it was confusing, Hermione understood. She took a seat in the green squishy armchair next to Lily and began to tell them all she knew from the stories that she had been told. "Well, Messrs. Wormtail, Moony, Padfoot, and Prongs..." She giggled at their shocked faces. She guessed to herself that the map had not been confiscated yet, and the only people who knew that phrase was them. "You all wreak loads of havoc in the walls of this school, whenever you get the chance. And the only balance to that," she glanced at Lily, who was holding back a proud smile, "is Ms. Evans, the potions marvel."

"Okay, this is strange," Remus started. "What else," he encouraged her.

"James," she gestured her hands at him and smiled," is a brilliant chaser. He transforms into a stag...and loves to torment, ah, Severus Snape...or as he likes to call him, Snivellus." James' passionate blue eyes blinked rapidly. He thought this was amazing. Hermione then turned to Peter, her eyes still screaming traitor, and said, "Peter...or Wormtail, as you call him, is a follower. He looks up to you, though there is nothing remarkable to be said about him." She smiled despite herself as everyone nodded and laughed. He looked hurt, but laughed nervously with the rest.

She was beginning to enjoy the attention from the Marauders (and Lily) and continued quickly. "Remus is a..." She glanced to Remus, asking him with her eyes if everyone, including Lily, knew. When he nodded his approval, she went on, "..a werewolf. He is a Prefect and is a wonderful friend and a brilliant wizard. He tries - rather unsuccessfully - to keep you all in line." She smirked at Remus, who chuckled in his throat.

"It's true. I do try," he said mischieviously.

"And I'm a troll," Sirius laughed hartily.

"Lily," Hermione said loudly over James, Remus and Sirius's banter, "is considerably like me. She is the brightest muggle born witch of her age. She is awesome at potions and charms and she prefers books to pleasure." Hermione concluded proudly. Lily's demeanor resembled Hermione's as she grinned widely and flipped her hair over her shoulder. The girls snickered together before Hermione carried on.

The next one, Sirius, was the one she was not looking forward to. She was avoiding this one because it hurt so much to think about it. He actually died in her lifetime and to watch him here, happy and full of life, was beyond hard. She pushed back the tears that were threatening her eyes and smiled almost shyly. "Sirius - or Padfoot - is a ladies man." Everyone chortled as Sirius stood up and took a less than graceful bow. "He is one of the most trustworthy men...boys...erm.." Hermione coughed, "Though his is highly mischevious and when surrounded by friends he is an amazing troublemaker. He comes from a long line of horrid family - he has a brother in Slytherin...and he can charm people with his eyes." Hermione flushed and looked at the ground. When she felt her face cool down, she looked back up; James was hanging his head, Lily was giggling and Remus was shooting a warning glare at Sirius. But Sirius' stone gray eyes were absorbed in Hermione's honey ones.

A/N - So... What do you think? Let me know!! I guarantee you can't see where all of this is leading... hahaha! :O) Please review! I love ya!!

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