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It was a week before all of the rumors and gossip calmed down. Ron and Lavender had gotten the worst of the blow, being the ones who actually had the affair. Ron got glares as he walked down the hallway with his hand in Lavenders, but seemed nonplussed to the jeers. Harry and Ginny had forgiven him for his mistreatment of Hermione, though they were still giving him the cold shoulder when he tried to be cheerful.

Hermoine was doing okay with the gossip mill, telling anyone who would listen that Ron was a big git who was going to be diseased with Gonoherpisypholitis if he wasn't more careful with the trash he was dating. Lavender was only after him because he was a Quidditch player.  It went no further than superficial attraction.

But the highlight of Hermione's week had been a confrontation she had with Lavender.  Lavender came off worse.

"Hermione, we need to talk," Lavender began as she grabbed Hermione's elbow and dragged her to the middle of the hall. "You need to stop staring at Ron and me."

"What?" Hermione asked, appauled by the very thought of the accusation. "I don't care about you and Ron."

"Sure you don't. I heard from others that you have been crying yourself to sleep," Lavender pouted mockingly.

"Right. Who is the daft idiot that told you that?."

"Well, Ernie and his friends said that you were in tears when they saw you in the hall on patrol," Lavender tried to recover.

"Ron is not worth my tears. Nor are you," Hermoine spat.

"Ha! Ron told me that you were planning the wedding already!"

"No, I couldn't plan a wedding with Ron. He hasn't got enough money to afford it," Hermione sneered, but smiled, all the same, at Lavender's expression.  She hadn't meant the words to come out, she didn't mean them.  However, she was very, very angry. 

Lavender scowled and stepped closer to Hermione, nearly nose to nose. "Ron will be a famous Quidditch player one day and you will be dust in the wind."

"Hopefully you'll still stick around when his face gets bludgered to mince meat. Oh, and Lav," Hermione added as she started walking away from the steaming drama queen. "Be sure to tell Ron that it was you snogging Draco behind the statue of the Boris the Bewildered."

Completely satisfied at the result of that last comment, Lavender spluttering, Hermione skipped down the hallway a huge smile plastered on her face.

The grin soon faltered though, as she walked into Potion's class. Snape had been particularly keen to point out Hermoine's heart ache in the nastiest of ways.

"Ms. Granger, don't let Ronald distract you from your potion. It is a complex potion that will have dire consequences should it be done wrong. It's three lacewing flies, not four," Snape sneered over her potion. "We will be testing your draught in front of the class," he hissed, his eyes glittering as he caught Hermione's stare.

"Yes, sir," she mumbled.

Sure enough, at the end of class Snape called Hermione forward. "If you have brewed this potion correctly, it will turn this table into a liquid through which you can pass. If not, well, we shall see," he smiled maliciously.

The professor took his milk white fingers and twisted the cork from the vile with greenish liquid filling it. He held it up for the class to see and poured it over the wooden table. Harry tried to grab Hermione's hand for support, but she shook him off due to her nerves. When the liquid was covering the table, it looked as though the draught had worked. But a loud blast filled the room and knocked everyone, except for Hermione, off of their feet and to the ground.

A silver swirling mist circled the table and Hermione, who was shaking, took a step toward the now glistening table. She was alarmed to see that her potion was relatively powerful, and was casting an eerie silver glow from it's surface. She stole a glance back to her classmates and professor, and when none of them moved, she took another nervous step toward the table.

Apparently the potion worked, as it gave off a fluid-like shine which looked as though you could walk through it. She glanced into the potion and saw Harry walking down the corridors of Hogwarts wearing a Head Boy badge. Does this show the future, Hermione thought. What happened to Ernie?

She leaned into the silvery fluid, her nose skimming the surface. It was too late to pull away as her body was being sucked into the image before her. She fell for what seemed like ages, screaming and twisting her body around. She finally landed with a plop on the cement ground of the Hogwarts' corridor.

Her face was down, as if she had been kissing the ground. Harry, she knew, was right in front of her. A pair of soft, but firm, hands picked her up from the ground and set her on her feet. The hands did not let go until she balanced herself.


Back in the dungeons, Snape and his class were stirring. "Ms. Granger, I think you know--" he started, but his growl was caught short when he noticed that she was gone. The table was wood and there was no more mist.  He tried not to smirk.

"Sir," Ron said respectfully, "Where is Hermione?"

"It appears, Mr. Weasley, that your girlfriend successfully brewed her potion. Perhaps more powerful than I would have expected."

Harry piped in, "Then where is she?"

Snape surveyed Harry over his crooked nose and said lightly, "Mister Potter, did you read about the potion that you were brewing?" Harry thought for moment, but Snape had obviously read his thoughts. "It was called the Time-Turner Draught. It transports the person that touches it back in time."

"Why did we all get knocked out," Ron butted in.

"Apparently the extra ingredients that she used, thanks to your distraction, had an adverse effect."  Snape surveyed the area, the gleam in his eye barely hidden.

"Sir," Seamus Finnigan took a turn with questions, "How far back did she go?"

"It all depends on what her extra ingredients were and how many toad spawn she added. How many toad spawn she added would tell us how many years she wanted to go back. But, as the potion is all gone, we have no way to know," he had a strange smile, like pride, on his face.

Ron bumbled and glanced around the room before asking, "How will we find her, professor?"

"I will consult with the Headmaster and we will, no doubt, figure it out," he looked around to the eager faces of his class and hissed, "Class dismissed."


"Are you okay," a raven haired boy asked. "That was a pretty nasty fall. Where did you come from?"

" I?" Hermione asked, looking around at the strange hallway.

"Hogwarts," he said gesturing around. Hermione rolled her eyes, she knew that. She had never seen this hallway before. "My name is James," he said offering her his hand to shake.

"James...Potter?" Hermione shook his hand, cautiously, and stared at the boy. She was marveling at Harry's father.

"Am I that famous?" He asked as he ruffled his hair and gave her an enchanting smile. "What is your name?"

"I'm Hermione," she said without thinking.

"That is a remarkably unique name," came a third voice. It was a smouldering, yet seductive voice; one that Hermione easily recognized. Hermione turned, her hair whipping her face, to see the face that she knew so well.

"Sirius?" Her eyebrows were raised as she moved her eyes slowly from his face to her porcelain hands. They seemed solid, but she had to ask, "Am I dead?"

"You are too pretty to be dead," answered James, never losing that wonderful smile.

Sirius smirked at James and winked. "But, yes, to answer your question. I am Sirius Black. How did you know?"

James' hazel eyes were boring into hers as she thought about what to say. Thank Merlin Harry taught Occlumency to Ron and I, she thought as she closed her mind to him. If she was in the past, she couldn't tell them about the future. That would start a mess of problems; none of which she wanted to think of.  Complications.  Very, very bad complications

Sirius walked up to Hermione, who was lost in thought with her brow furrowed. He put a hand gently on her shoulder and looked genuinly concerned for her.

"Hermione, is it? How do you know us?" Asked James in the distance.

"Erm," she started, looking uneasily at Sirius, "Oh, Merlin," she wimpered as she fainted to the ground.

Author's Note:  This story is undergoing immense changes.  This chapter was edited on 1-20-07.  Not much has changed yet, but future chapters will be very different.  Thank you for reading!! =)

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