Previous Chapter : The door swung open to and revealed a smirking blonde haired teenager. "Good afternoon Mr and Mrs Fawcett. Good afternoon Miss Riddle." "Malfoy, what are you doing here?"
"I'm living here for the summer. Your father awaits you in the living room." And he closed the door behind them with a snap.

Chapter 2;

Mia, took deep calming breaths and then slowly pushed the door into the formal living room open. By the open fire stood a man, cloaked in black. He turned at the sound of the door.
"Mia!" He called happily. Mia not really knowing what possessed her ran to him, and he enveloped her in a deep hug. Both had tears streaming down their faces. "Mia, darling, I have missed you. Last time I spoke with you, you were two years old!"
Mia didn't know what possessed her to say this, but she blurted out "I love you Dad."
"I love you to sweetie, now lets, go and greet Draco and the Fawcetts properly."
"Yes Dad." Mia meekly followed her father from the room. On the threshold he turned, "Lets show them what you really look like though hmm?" And with a swish of his wand, Hermione felt her hair grow and her eyes tingled. Her father conjured up a mirror, "Look", Mia gasped. Her once curly brown hair and chocolate coloured eyes had changed. Her hair was now a midnight black, and her eyes were a very dark blue. She had grown and her body had curves in all the right places. Voldemort smiled, "Come on, lets go Mia." Mia and Voldemort left the room and walked through to the informal sitting room.

When they entered, Draco and Mr and Mrs Fawcett sprang to their feet and sunk into three identical bows. Straightening up, Draco noticed Mia. He turned to his master, "My lord, where is Mia, and who is this?" Voldemort laughed. "Say hello Mia."
"Good afternoon Draco." The black haired beauty stated. "Close your mouth Draco, it's not polite. Anyway, I need to talk to the Fawcetts, so go and show Mia her room."
"Of course, my lord." Draco bowed again and led Mia from the room. "Miss Riddle..." "Draco, just call me Mia. If I am to marry you, then just call me Mia, please."
"He told you? Oh thats wonderful. Come on then Mia, lets go." Grabbing her hand, he waltzed Mia, down corridors and up stairs, all the way to the east wing of the mansion. Although Draco went so fast, and Mia had to hurry in her heels, she still had time to take in the exquisitness of the mansion. She was brought back to her senses by Draco talking to her and saying "Mia this is your room. We are sharing the East wing. Your bathroom is attatched to your room, here." Draco swung open the door and Mia and Draco stepped inside. "Pretty nice huh? Better than your other room which compared to this was probably pretty ugly." Mia laughed and gently slapped him on the arm. All the tension evaporated as quickly as it had come. "Draco, you just used and oxymoron, I mean, not that it's a bad thing, but I never tought you would be a person to do that sort of thing."
"Erm, what is an oxymoron?"
"Draco! An oxymoron is where to completely opposite words work together."
"What so a bit like us?" Mia and Draco both started laughing.
"Draco, am I supposed to be wearing a skirt, like the kind of clothes that your mother wears?"
Draco sobered up, and replied "Yep, Mia, thats why your wardrobe," he gestured to another door, "is full of skirts, blouses, dresses and heels." Draco laughed again at the look on Mia's face. Mia however didn't find it very funny. She strode to the door and turned around. "Well don't just stand there dumbass, come and help me find some clothes to wear." After about ten minutes, they had finally selected a knee length fuschia pink skirt, a white shirt, a pink jacket that matched the skirt and black tights with pink heels. Draco turned around while Mia quickly got changed, and then she did her hair with magic as both her and Draco were seventeen, could do magic out of Hogwarts. Her hair pulled back into a black clip and a small touch of make-up, and then she was ready. Draco and Hermione left the east wing and walked out to the garden. There they had a very happy afternoon walking around and getting to know each other.

Mia asked a question that had been on her mind for a long time. "Draco,"
"Did you know who I was when we were at Hogwarts?"
"Yes Mia I did. I had been ordered to treat you that way by your father so Dumbledore didn't suspect anything. I hated doing it, but I had to. It was the only way to keep you safe."
"It's okay Draco, I understand. It's getting cold, shall we head back, as we probably have to get changed for dinner."

Two hours later, Mia and Draco were ready and they went down the stairs to dinner. Entering the dining room together, they saw Lord Voldemort and the Fawcetts already seated and dressed in similar clothes to Draco and Mia.
"Mia darling, I have your Howarts letter." Mia opened it and a Head Girl badge fell out. "Well done Mia. Draco is head boy as well. I think this calls for a celebration. Mia and Draco, it can count as your engagement party as well." Draco and Mia smiled and murmured their thanks and then the food arrived and everyone started to eat.
Mia spoke "Dad,"
"Yes Mia?"
"Draco and I were wondering that seeing as we now have our book lists, we could go to Diagon Alley and buy our school books?"
"Yes of course. You will be safe with Draco. Go tomorrow after breakfast."

After dinner, Mia took a shower and dived into bed. She was tired, and it had been a long day.

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