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The past month had been extremely boring for Lily. Since James had been keeping his distance, she found she had nothing to do. Quite a lot of her day had been spent yelling at him. Today was November the 6th, Lily’s seventeenth birthday and she was sitting on her bed writing in her diary. She had never got excited about presents, so Alice was enjoying herself by unwrapping them for her.

“Oh dear! I tore it again!” Alice squealed as she tore the edge of the paper she was trying to carefully unwrap.

“Alice if you insist on doing this, just rip it.” Lily said.

“No, I’m not ruining the lovely paper and it’s your birthday, you can’t just not open your presents.”

Lily rolled her eyes and Alice passed her up a box of Cauldron Cakes. “They’re from Susan, you’re parents sent you a note, they said they’ll give you you’re present when you get home, they weren’t sure if one owl could carry it, oh and look! You’re sister sent you a note as well. Oh, it says “Don’t come home for Christmas. Petunia”

“Lovely.” Lily said with a frown. Her sister was such a thoughtful person. She caught sight of a large box near Alice’s feet. “Who’s that from?” She asked, as she could see no card.

“Potter.” Alice replied.

Lily raised her eyebrows. “How do you know?”

“I wormed it out of the first year he bribed to bring them up here. He still seems to be a bit worried about you’re threat.”

Lily pulled it over to her, unsure about whether to open it. She closed her eyes and pulled the lid off the white box, expecting something to come flying out or hit her in the face. When nothing happened she opened them again and found seventeen white lilies lying in the box. They were beautiful.

“Acho!” She sneezed and Alice leaned over.

“Not lilies!” She moaned and took them away from Lily’s bed. “I’ll throw these away Lils.” She said, getting up from the floor.

“No don’t! Achoo!” Lily said. “Put them in the vase on the dresser. Achoo!”

“Okay then.” Alice said uncertainly and leant towards the dresser. CRASH! “I’ll clean that up.” She said hurriedly, whipping out her wand and repairing the broken shards of the glass vase.

Lily got off her bed, still sneezing violently. “I’m going downstairs. Achoo!” She told Alice, and slipped out the dormitory door.


Downstairs she found James sitting alone in the common room, wringing his hands. She walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around sharply and looked startled to see her.

“Don’t worry, not talking to you.” He said.

“You can talk to me now.” She said and took a deep breath, still not believing what she was going to say. “I just came to say thank you for the flowers. Achoo!”

James looked up smiling and then caught sight of Lily’s blotchy face. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Allergic.” She replied.

“To birthdays?” James asked stupidly.

“No! To lilies. Achoo!”

He hit himself in the head with the palm of his hand. “Why can I never get anything right?”

“Wait no! The thought was still nice; nobody’s ever given me a present like that before.” Lily admitted.

James grinned widely. “So what would you say if I asked you to go with me to the next hogsmede weekend?”

Lily raised her eyebrows. “As a date?”

“As a date.” James confirmed.

She struggled with herself for a moment. The sensible answer was no, but did she want to be sensible? “I’d say yes.” She said.

“Really?” James asked, more shocked than she was by her response.


They stood there for a moment in silence and James leaned in to kiss her. Lily turned her head to the side. “Achoo! Don’t push it.” She said with a smile, and walked back up her dormitory stairs.


Lily strolled as casually as she could back into her dormitory, where she found Alice still working on another piece of wrapping paper. Her allergic reaction had almost gone now.

“Hey.” She said and Alice looked up.

“Hi Lil’s.” She replied. “You got some more flowers.”

Lily’s eyes widened. “From Potter?” She asked hopefully, but Alice shook her head.


“What? As in Amos? As in the Amos I broke up with last year?”

“Yes that Amos.” Alice said. “They’re on your bed.”

Lily hurried over to her bed and found a dozen red roses lying there, with a card attached. She picked it up and read.

“Dear Lily,

First of all, happy birthday.

I know things between us ended on a bad note last year and I don’t blame you in the least.

I miss you Lily and I know there is still something between us, so don’t give up on us yet.

Love Amos.”

Lily cringed at the letter. Why was Amos writing this now? She thought she had made it perfectly clear to him that it was over-for good. Well then again she thought she had made it perfectly clear to James that she hated him and look where that had gotten her; on a date with him. Alice came over to inspect the flowers.

“Wow roses, they’re beautiful.” She said.

Lily shrugged. “I liked the lilies better.”

Alice eyed her suspiciously. “But you’re allergic to them”

Lily shrugged her shoulders again as is to say “So?”

“Potter asked you out again didn’t he?” Alice asked. Lily cursed the fact that as her best friend, Alice could almost read her mind.

“Yes.” Lily admitted.

“Oh Lily you didn’t say yes did you?” Lily did not answer, but busied herself by making her bed and Alice exploded in laughter. “Lily Evans you filthy hypocrite! Seven years of whinging to me about how much you hate him and you’ve changed your mind because of a bunch of flowers?”

“I haven’t changed my mind!” Lily said. “Actually I don’t even know why I said yes, I think I’ll go tell him I’ve changed my mind.” She headed for the door, but Alice pulled her back.

“Oh no you don’t. It’s taken you seven years to work out that you like him back and you’re not denying it now.”

“I have not liked him for seven years Alice!”

“Yes you have.”

“No I haven’t.”

“Yes you have.”

“No I haven’t.”

“Yes you have.”

“This is going nowhere.” Lily giggled and collapsed on her bed.

Alice nodded her head. “We’ll just have to agree to disagree. Now what are you going to do about Diggory?”

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