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Tonight was James’s first Head Boy and Girl meeting. They were supposed to arrive at Dumbledore’s office at eight o’clock sharp to discuss matters about the school. He walked up to the gargoyles to find Lily already standing there. “Hello Evans. Orange Sherbet.” The gargoyles jumped aside and Lily gawped at him. “What?” “You know the password to the Headmaster’s office?” “Sirius and I get sent here a lot.” He explained. “Figures.” They walked up the spiral staircase and Lily went to knock on the door, but James just pushed it open. “Hey Professor.” He called to the tall, bearded wizard talking to a portrait at the back of the room and sat down on a squishy arm chair. “Oh hello James, I was just talking to your friend Sirius’s great-great-grandfather.” “Oh hey Mr Black.” James said casually. Phineas Nigellus peered around to look at James and scowled. “Oh it’s you again. Are you and my no good great-great-grandson in trouble again? In my day I would not have put up with this behavior Dumbledore, straight to the dungeons for punishment I say.” “No Phineas, James is Head Boy this year along with Miss Evans. They’re here for the meeting we have every two months. I do believe this is the first time Mr Potter’s been here to see me this year-quite a record.” “Him Head Boy? Dumbledore I admit we’ve never agreed on much and I am a bit harsh, but I must tell you, you’re losing your touch.” Phineas exclaimed. “Thank you for your insight, but I know what I’m doing Phineas. Now shall we get back to the meeting? Welcome Miss Evans, or may I call you Lily?” Dumbledore said warmly. Lily blushed at being address by the headmaster and nodded. “Alright let’s begin.” Lily reached for her bag and pulled out a note book and a quill. “What’s that for?” James whispered to her. “Suggestions, complaints and rules. We were meant to talk to the prefects and listen to their ideas. Didn’t you do that?” “No! I didn’t know there was an assignment!” “It’s not an assignment, its part of our duties; didn’t you read the letter we got sent at the start of the term?” “No.” James scoffed, but all the same he was very worried. He didn’t want to be the first person ever to be fired from the position of Head Boy. “Lily you seem to be prepared, would you like to start?” Dumbledore asked. “Ehem. Um well I got some suggestions from most of the houses (the Slytherins tried to hex me) and Ravenclaw prefects suggested a new rule banning all Zonko’s products after all the tapestries was burnt down in their common room by two fourth years misusing some of Dr Filibuster’s no heat fireworks. (“No way!” James cried.) Then the Hufflepuffs asked if they could change their house banner again, they don’t think a badger is ferocious enough and the Gryffindors want all the Slytherins kicked out of school. Sorry that was the best I could get out of them.” “Not to worry Lily, they’re all valid points.” Dumbledore said. Lily gave him a confused look. “Oh well maybe not, we’ll just throw them away shall we?” Lily ripped out the pages and threw them in the waste paper basket. “What do you have for us James?” “Unlike Evans, I have decided not to speak just to the prefects, but to a variety of students who normally wouldn’t get a say.” He lied. “I have talked to my peers and they feel a need for access to the kitchens at all times. In this modern world sir, three meals a day are just not enough.” Dumbledore laughed. “Oh really James? I was under the impression that you and the other marauders had already found your way to the kitchens and received extra food on a daily basis.” “How do you know that?” He demanded forgetting he was speaking to the headmaster. “Sir.” He added. “House elves may look cute, but when they want they can be as sly as goblins.” Dumbledore answered. “But seeing as we have nothing left to discuss, how about a nice cup of tea?” *************** James had been plotting a new prank on Lily all week. Many nights in the common room, he had seen her writing in a small blue diary. He waited in the morning, for her and the other girls in her dormitory to go down for breakfast and then pounced. He snuck up the stairs and rummaged through her trunk until he felt it at the bottom. “Excellent!” He said to himself and snuck back to his own dormitory. ************* James sat in an armchair close to the fire, waiting for it to happen. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, bingo. “No I didn’t drop it anywhere Alice, it never goes past the Gryffindor common room. Hold on a sec, I’ll see if I left it there.” He could hear her coming down the stairs. “Hello again Evans!” She ignored him and began searching. “Have you lost something?” She caught on. “You! You took it.” “Took what? I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He replied innocently. “Give it back now Potter.” Lily demanded, pulling out her wand. James put his hands in the air. “I don’t have anything.” “I know you took it, admit it. I swear if you read anything in that book I’ll kill you.” “Relax Evans, I didn’t even get past the “All About Me” page. There was just this funny feeling in the pit of my stomach.” “Guilt?” She suggested. “Oh that must be it. But I have to tell you Evans, I found your name very amusing. Lily Olivia Violet Evans. Did you know that stands for love? Oh and you live on James Street. Why haven’t you interpreted the signs yet? Love James. It’s so obvious.” James taunted and Lily glowered. “Give it back.” She lowered her wand and held out her hand. “Okay okay. Here.” He said, producing the small blue book from his pocket. She snatched it away and hurried up the stairs to her dormitory. “You know there are at least ten James’ in this school, so even if that was a sign-which it’s not-what makes you think it applies to you?” She said, before slamming her dormitory door.

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