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A/N- Hello my great readers!!! First of all, I would like to say thanks very much too all the people who read and reviewed and helped me with the twists! Much luv! Now, for chapter 4! Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter or anything related for that matter-sry! Previous Chapter- [snippets] “Ah, but Draco, you do. For the next six months, these are the connections you will have. And your second connection will be with Hermione. She will act as your girlfriend. Is that understood?” That was the only way. That connection had to stay. Working with your worst enemy was one thing. Dating him, was quite another. Oh, what were they going to do? Well, they would know soon enough in just about 2 days. For the next six months, they would find where they lived what they would do and work, and how life was to be. It was going to be a nightmare, wasn’t it? ______________________________________________________________________ It had been exactly one day that all six had been in the muggle world. Needless to say, things did not go well. For any of them. In fact, they went so badly, that the minister actually brought them back, to a place where the suspects could not see, to talk to all of them. “Okay, we’re safe in here. I know all six of you have been dying to say some things to each other, so I’m giving you guys one hour to sort things out, and then, back to London.” The minister panted. “But I thought you said that we can’t have any communication with you, I mean-” Ginny started. “Oh for crying out loud, two of you guys were ready to kill each other!” the minister continued, looking sharply at Hermione and Draco, “So I am giving you an hour to have a creative discussion and get ready for the mission!” “Alright. Let’s start then.” Ron stated. And with that, the whole room went into a total commotion! “You slapped me in the third year!” Draco yelled. “Well what does that have to do with now? Well it is true that you deserved it!” Hermione proceeded. “Why is so hard for you to act like we’re in love Parvati? What is your damn problem?” Harry yelled his face red. “Well, there would have been no problem if you had paid attention to me at the Yule ball! May be we would have been in love then!” Said Parvati in an equally heated manner. “That was years ago. You—have—to—let—it—go!! Say it with me now, I have to let go!” Harry yelled back. “Ron, you are so over-protective! In public! That guy just smiled at me, nothing else!!! What is wrong with you?” Ginny yelled. “Well, you never know with these muggles! I swear, he was eyeing you!” Ron yelled back. “Alright then! Those are about the most stupid arguments I have heard in about a hundred years. Draco and Hermione are fighting about the time she slapped him, when the were thirteen! That was a whole ten years ago! Parvati and Harry don’t fall far behind though! They’re talking about nine years ago, in the Yule ball! Ron and Ginny though have a somewhat okay fight between a brother and sister. Now, whether you like it or not, we’re shipping you six back to London!” The frustrated minister yelled. All six looked down ashamed. They would just have to get use to this. For the sake of their job and the entire ministry. Harry spoke for all of them. “Okay minister, we’re ready. This time, no mess-ups.” “Right then. Let’s go.” The minister said with relief. Show time! ________________________________________________________________________ After the train ride, which went well for the most part, the three guys were sent of to their apartment. Yes, they were all living together. Without a doubt, this was not very pleasing for Draco and Hermione, but they had to! It was late at night so it wasn’t too tough to fall asleep though. In the morning though, they were all ready to put their plans into action! In the morning- “Ready every one? Okay now Parvati and I will go to shop for the “wedding” or whatever in this really expensive place, where we’re sure to find one these really wealthy suspect. We have direct information that he’s there. Oh and Ginny and Ron will be with us.” Harry stated, knowing fully well this plan would appeal to every one except— “But what about us? Where do we go?” Hermione questioned him. “You guys will actually be site-seeing, but the most important thing to see and find will be Will Collins. He’s one of the suspects. After your tour, you’ll go into a coffee place called ‘The Lovers Lounge’. You’re sure to find another suspect there called Emily Turner. We’ll communicate after that.” Ron said. He showed them both Will’s and Emily’s picture. “But we won’t have to you know act like our parts, ‘cause they like don’t know us, right?” Draco asked fearfully. “Malfoy, what would be the point then? Do you think Harry and I are going shopping for a real wedding? Plus, these suspects know who we are. Even they’ve been told to keep a look-out on us. That’s our biggest advantage! We know! They also don’t know that we are wizards, so let’s keep it that way okay? And just act like your part.” Parvati told him. “Right then, let’s all get ready. We’ll leave in half-an-hour and Hermione and Draco in one hour.” Ginny ended. ______________________________________________________________________ “What’s wrong ‘Mione?” Harry asked her. “It’s just, nothing matters any more. I feel like our whole friendship has drifted off because of Malfoy. I mean, we all, Ron and you, just aren’t the same.” Hermione said looking up at Harry. Harry looked scared and upset to see that Hermione had been crying and was doing so again. “Oh, Hermione, we’ll always be friends. No matter what. I’m so upset you feel that way. Never did I want you to think of it like that. We were the original trio, and we always will be.” “Oh Harry--” Hermione said as he embraced her. They stayed there like that for a little while, content knowing they always had each other. _____________________________________________________________________ And so, the plan was put in to action. Harry, Parvati, Ginny, and Ron had all gone their way and Hermione and Draco were walking around on the streets of London. To anyone who was watching the two of them, the site must have been heart-warming. They looked like the perfect young couple. Both smart, confident, and probably madly in love. Also, they were very attractive and looked just right for one another. Hermione wore a blue halter with a denim skirt which ended right above her knees and high heels. Her hair was tied back into a ponytail except for a few run away strands that framed her beautiful face perfectly. In her arms she held a beautiful purse and her face glowed with excitement. But even with her high heels she wasn’t nearly as tall her companion who was a good 6’ 3”. His blond hair fell into his eyes, giving him look of arrogance and high style. He wore a black shirt unbuttoned at the top and dark bluish blackish jeans. His hands remained in his pockets seemingly saying he would be any where but here. Although his composure seemed rude, there was something about him which made him seem the quite opposite. Whenever spoken too, he spoke nicely and in a very polite kind manner, and like he girl looked ready for something. He hardly gave notice to any of the girls who kept looking at him. But then why would he when there was such a beauty right next to him? But it also seemed as though his look of arrogance and wish to be else where. But when one looked upon them, they did seem together, the perfect couple. But if you were close enough to hear their conversations, perhaps you wouldn’t feel that way. ______________________________________________________________________ “Oh God, Granger! That was my foot! Why the hell did you step on my foot? And those heels hurt as hell, through these sneakers!” Draco said “You were looking at that girl! How are we supposed to act, if you’re looking at some other girl? Tell me that?” questioned Hermione pleased with her comeback. “Jealous now are you? I always knew you wanted me! You must love this project, cause you’re so close to me!” replied Draco easily taking a step toward her. Regardless of the fact that they were right there in the open of the narrow street, Hermione turned to face him as well. There was no way she was going to let this go. “You flatter yourself Malfoy. You didn’t actually think I would ever like some one as ugly as you, now did you?” This was clearly a lie, for Hermione knew deep in a heart how hot he really was, but she wasn’t going to let go of this. She took a step closer subconsciously as well. “Oh, I should like to think I do flatter myself. But with good evidence of course unlike you. And how dare you call me ugly! Specially when I’m completely the opposite!” Draco answered stepping closer. “You are so horrible, you need to get a life!” Hermione yelled. “”Well, you want me.” Draco answered looking directly into her eyes. “Ferret.” Hermione smiled back at him taking a step closer. Draco’s eyes flashed dangerously as he took a step as well. They were merely inches apart when Hermione looked at him and said, “What, no comeback? Aren’t you going to call me mud-blood? Isn’t that what dark wizards do?” She would have gone on but it was only then that she realized the closeness of Draco’s body. She felt his breath on her face and she looked into his silvery eyes. Suddenly, she felt a surge of fear, of what he might do. Draco leaned in, and whispered into her ear, “I’ll get you for that one Granger.” “You don’t scare me Malfoy.” “I’ll scare you like no one has ever. I am your nightmare Granger. You don’t know what it’s like to be hurt. I can cause you pain, if you don’t know that, then Merlin help you.” Draco whispered back into her ear. Hermione felt so afraid. What was he talking about? Was he going to hurt her or something? Oh no! But she soon relaxed and her tension went away when he moved away and smirked his trademark smirk she had seen him do so many times. Oh, she hadn’t seen that for the longest time. It made him look so good, and made a rush of emotions run inside of her. But with one jerk of mind, she realized she was losing it and came back down to reality. As they walked on and Draco teased her of being scared, something very strange happened. They saw a guy about their age running. As soon as they both saw him they said together, “Will Collins!” They started chasing after him, not knowing there was someone else watching their every move. A/N- Well, hope u liked Chapter 4, it was sooo long!!! And very soryy for the cliffhanger! Any ways, a big thanks to all of those wonderful people who read and review my story!!! I really appreciate it, pls continue to do so!!! I know, you guys hate me because I haven’t talked about Truth and Stars for the longest time, but I PROMISE, RELLY PROMISE they will be ther in chapter 5!!! Ny ways, pls review if u liked it or u didn’t because either way it helps me Improve and it motivates me to update!!! Chapter 5 should be up soon!

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