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    ((A//N: WARNING: this chapter discusses themes of gay sexuality. It is not meant to be offending in any way. If it does offend you, I apologize beforehand. I have nothing against gay people. My best friend is gay and I am part of the gay/straight alliance at my school. This chapter is written as a satirical comment on teenage hormones and Draco's inability to act anything over the age of 7. Thank you. Please comment if you have any concerns on the chapter)) "I think I'm gay." "You think what?" Blaise looked up from the potions book he was reading in bed to look at Draco who just uttered a very off phrase for someone Blaise was sure very conscious of his masculinity. "Gay. You know, like Tracey Davis with the pink and the rainbows," Draco made florid shapes by wiggling fingers in the air with one hand while the other held tight to the fluffy white towel that was wrapped around his waist. Blaise looked at Draco with a fishhook in his eyebrow and completely off guard on why his friend- who had been completely straight until this moment- thought he was gay. "You've got to be kidding me, do you even know what your saying?" Blaise eyed Draco a little annoyed by this sudden discovery when they were supposed to meet two very beautiful girls downstairs in a half hour or so for a double date. "Yes, I know exactly what I'm saying. I'm gay, I just have to be," Draco confirmed to Blaise with his hands on his hips. As Blaise watched the blonde he was oddly reminded of Mrs. Malfoy the time she scolded them for eating one too many cookies before dinner. (Of course they could have one or two cookies before dinner, they were spoiled brats like that, but fifteen became a little over the top even for someone as kind and gentle as Narsissa Malfoy.) "And this has nothing to do with how you have a date with a girl in a half-hour and at the very end your going to be so happy you just got to be with her that you aren't going to care if you get laid or not?" Blaise put it very precisely. "See! You think I'm gay too!" Draco huffed throwing up his arms in the air and walking over to his dresser. He pulled out a white button up and a black one. According to Blaise they had to look nice whatever the bloody hell that meant. "Draco if I thought you were gay we would be a lot more than just friends," Blaise stated with a cool and arid tone that made the Blonde freeze and turn to stare at his friend. For a moment silence floated in the air and then: "I so did not need to know that." Blaise chuckled to himself lifting up the potions book again to read from. He was already dressed and had left Luna to go get Ginny ready an hour or two ago. He had been here with Draco for the past hour or so trying to calm his royal highness down. However, Draco was as jittery as a cat on acid and Blaise had more or less given up on trying to make Draco stop making excuses on why this was a bad idea. "Which do you think? The black or the white?" Draco noted holding up the two button ups to Blaise. Blaise didn't even look over the top of his book. "Black." "You always say black," Draco groaned. "And I would suggest a pink tie, but now that you're questioning your sexuality maybe its not the best thing to let Ginny think you rather date one of her brothers." Draco glared at Blaise, but the dark haired boy still did not look up from his book, which, of course, annoyed Draco even more. "Will you at least look at me as you speak?" "Fine," Blaise looked up and dropped the book on his chest, "better?" "Yes. Now which one?" Draco once again held up the shirts "The black one still, and that silver tie to bring out your eyes," Blaise said giddily. "You sound like my mother," Draco laughed. "Your mother's dead," Blaise deadpanned and Draco rolled his eyes. Yeah, sure, whatever! "Fine then, you sound like my father how's that?" This who was mother and who was father thing was getting rather complicated. It may just be easier if I came out and explained it, but hey then what would cliffhangers be for? "Your father doesn't give a shit about your eyes," Blaise smirked sarcastically and Draco nearly just about had it. "You know what, if you're not going to help I'm just not going," Draco announced and stomped into the bathroom to pout. Blaise pondered if Draco really was gay... or at least a six-year-old girl trapped in the 7th year male Slytherin's body. "You're going and you'll like it," Blaise announced through the door, getting up from the bed finally. He had on a pair of black pants with a green long sleeve button up. Around his neck was a loose black tie and he couldn't decide if he should wear it or go without it and have few buttons undone at the top for sex appeal. No tie was decided and he started to undo it. "Luna's not going to fall for that crap so put in your tie and join the 'not getting laid tonight, but still enjoy the girl's company' club," Draco said coming out of the bathroom in black slacks, the black shirt, and the sliver-gray tie over his shoulder just waiting to be put on. "So you've decided you're not gay then?" Blaise asked, fixing his tie back. Draco was right, Luna wouldn't know sexy if it hit her over the head with Hogwarts, A History. Ironically, it was her innocence that made her so sexy and attractive in Blaise's eyes. "Definitely." "How's that?" Draco fixed his tie and started out the door as if he had never been nervous at all. Actually he was acting like he was trying to flee the dorms as quick as possible. "Because I just saw Vincent Crabbe wearing nothing more than a pair of graying knickers and the only thing I wanted to do was gag." Blaise stood there for a moment as Draco waited at the door for him. "I'm so much hotter than Crabbe, you'd want me if you saw me naked." Blaise started out the door, past Draco who was now flustered. The blonde scampered after his dark haired friend. "Wait, so are you saying your gay now?" Draco hissed as he caught up to Blaise in the queue to get out of the common room. "No, of course not, I'm just saying if you saw me naked you'd want on me." Blaise smiled as if it were a fact, a fact that he was damn proud of too. Draco, who had been questioning his sexuality only fifteen minutes before this, was appalled. How could Blaise think he would want to shag him? Really now! Great Merlin they were best friends and best friends don't do that type of stuff. "Would not," Draco fought back. He never liked anything assumed of him. He was a child in that respect. Actually Blaise thought Draco always acted like a child, but stating that was almost as dangerous as suggesting getting a pet ferret and naming it 'Princess.' Draco still had night terrors about that fourth year mishap. The two rounded the corner and up a flight of stairs still twittering about how Blaise could so turn Draco on if he tried and how Draco could withstand anything Blaise threw at him. It went on some time and just before they hit the Great Hall, Blaise just about had it and stopped in his tracks. Draco kept walking a few steps and then turned around to face his friend. "What he hell is that for? You're not getting cold feet last second are you? I am not telling Lovegood you stood her up! That's like suicide man, there's no way in-" Draco was cut off by Blaise kissing him. It was a short kiss, no tongue or open mouth even, just the laying on lips onto another pair of lips. Draco went rigid into some sort of shock and Blaise used that to his advance by kissing him harder. Draco finally cracked and realized what was going on, but instead of pulling back, hitting Blaise, and running for the hills- he kissed back. Blaise pulled back grinning like an idiot. Draco was confused more than his blonde hair could excuse him for. A cold glare came from Draco's gray silver eyes at his best friend, who was just standing there smirking. Blaise's cool composure was irking Draco even more. He sure had a short fuse tonight. He needed to get laid. "What the bloody hell was that for?" Draco finally exploded, hands in the air like a madman. After the mood swings Draco had gone through in this last half hour, Blaise was starting to wonder if Draco really was insane. "Which part? The kiss or the stopping?" Blaise snickered. "B-Both?" Draco countered in a stutter like a little girl not sure which is the socially correct answer. Blaise just laughed. He so won. "You so want me." "Do not!" "You totally kissed me back!" "Well that's what you do when you're kissed!" "You could have pushed me away and slapped me." "No, knowing you that'd only turn you on more and then you'd start humping my leg." They had started walking again. Draco pissed and Blaise gloating. They rounded the corner and stood there waiting in silence. Draco tottered on his heals feeling irritated by Blaise's smirk. "What if I'm gay?" Blaise asked turning to Draco. It was just then that Draco spotted a curvy blonde and a long legged blonde then. His silver eyes grew to the size of saucers and mouth opened slightly. Draco hit Blaise and with his eyes told him that Ginny and Luna just entered. Turning slowly on his heal, Blaise looked over his shoulder and noted both the girls. His mouth went dry and he could have sworn he was seeing spots. Their beauty combined was too much for one very straight man. Yes, seeing the girls answered Blaise's- and Draco's- question. “Graze on my lips, and if those hills are dry, Stray lower where the pleasant fountains lie,” Draco recited beautifully. Shakespeare. The guy knew Shakespeare. "I am so not gay." Blaise whole-heartedly agreed and took a step back to smile at the two girls. "Ladies, well don't you look ravishing!"

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