Draco Malfoy walked through the dark streets trying to avoid detection by Death Eaters, he only had one chance to get out, and that window of opportunity was closing very fast. Letting out a breath he didn’t know he had been holding, Draco stopped behind a tree, listing to see if anyone had been following him. When no sound came from behind him he proceeded into the forest away from the destruction Death Eaters were causing in the town behind him. Draco didn’t even have time to react when he was knocked down to the hard forest floor by a giant cat that looked like a tiger although instead of orange or white and black the cat was blonde with black strips. The giant cat bit down on Draco's shoulder, causing Draco to scream out into the night. Another cat came bounding out of the dark and attacked the cat that was currently on top of Draco. Draco sat up wincing as he gently touched the spot where the tiger had bitten him, blood was flowing down onto his chest, staining his once white shirt, under his black robes, a deep dark red. "Come with me, your going to have to get that looked at, Udell bit to deep, you might pass out from blood loss." a man with soft brown hair said, examining Draco shoulder. "Take me hand," the man said, offering his hand to Draco who gladly took it. "Do I have the pleasure of knowing your name, young man?" the man asked, guiding Draco through the trees.

"Malfoy, Draco Malfoy." Draco said, swaying slightly from the blood loss. "May I ask your name, sir, I want to know the name of the man who just saved my life." Draco said, wincing as he moved his left arm.

"Apari," the man said. "Draco!" Apari yelled, as he felt Draco collapse onto the hard ground. Cursing Udell under his breath Apari carefully lifted Draco into his arms and continued to walk through the forest.

From that night on Draco Lucius Malfoy was a tiger-shifter, much like werewolves they change into tigers only tiger-shifters were not controlled by the moon, but were more like an animagas.

A silvery blond tiger roamed around Malfoy Manor looking for something, sniffing it out, going from room to room. The giant cat speed up when he came to the dinning room and went right for a little silvery blonde cub much like the adult. Grabbing the cub in his mouth the tiger ran out of the room and up to the upstairs bedroom. The room was done in silver, green, blue, and black, dropping the cub on the large bed, the cat sat back and watched the cub as it turned into a little eleven year old girl, laughing. The tiger sitting by the bed changed into none other than Draco Malfoy, who went and scooped the little girl into his arms, twirling her around once before falling onto the bed. "It's time for little girl's like you to go to bed now, Kara." Draco said, pulling back the blankets on the bed, watching Kara crawl underneath them. "Get some sleep you have to get up early so we can leave for Hogwarts." Draco said, kissing the top of Kara's head, brushing a strand of stray hair out of his daughter's eyes.

"Night, dad." Kara said, turning on her side, smiling up at her dad.

"Night, sweat heart." Draco said, giving her one last kiss before walking away. "Want me to leave the door open?' Draco asked, waiting for Kara to nodded. "Alright, goodnight." Draco said, leaving the door open.

Draco ran through the Manor to Kara's room as fast as he could, rushing into the bedroom, Draco grabbed Kara out of the bed and ran out of the room with Kara in his arms. "What's going on, daddy?" Kara asked, looking up at her dad with wide, scared eyes.

"Hush, were leaving." Draco said, running towards the emergency exit at the other end of the Manor. "Kara, I want you to shift and go to the emergency exit and get out." Draco said, putting her down on the floor. With out questioning her father Kara took off in the forum of a tiger cub.

"There he is, now find the little brat of his." a masked man said, from the end of the hall. Already knowing who was under the hood, Draco took off after his daughter towards the exit, knowing that the front doors were blocked by Death Eaters.

Half way down the stairs that lead to the emergency exit Draco spotted blood on the steps, fearing the worse Draco sped up. At the bottom of the stairs Kara laid in human form her head bleeding, Draco scooped her up and ran on towards the exit. Blasting the door open Draco ran out into the night, before apparating to Hogwarts gates.

Draco appeared in front of locked gates, casting the patronus charm, Draco waited for someone to come and unlock the gates. The Death Eaters would be after him once they discovered he had left the manor. "What are you doing here, Draco. I thought you were coming on the train with the students?" Harry said, approaching the locked gates.

"Really don’t have tome for this, Harry, I need to get Kara up to the infirmary, now." Draco said, rushing past Harry as the gates were opened.

"Draco, what happened?" Harry asked, following behind Draco.

"I'll tell you when I get my daughter to the infirmary." Draco said.

Draco laid Kara on the bed in the infirmary, watching Iva Lackenburg the new medwhitch, heal his daughter. "Draco, what happened?" Harry asked, sitting down next to Draco.

"I had on my way back to my room when I heard someone blast the front door in. I looked down into the front hall and saw several Death Eaters rushing in. I went and got Kara and carried her halfway to the exit before making her go on her own. The Death Eaters came up behind me and I started after Kara, when I got to the stairs leading to the exit I found blood on the steps, she must have tripped." Draco said, watching Kara sleep peacefully on the bed.

"I'll go and alert Hermione about the Death Eater's who were there, and she'll have a team out before dawn.” Harry said, leaving the infirmary, to fire call Hermione, leaving Draco to watch his daughter who was fine according to Madame Lackenburg.

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