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Chapter 16: The very bad cold he he, over a month went by wouldn’t you know it? He he he…..nervous smile*….oops sorry, big writers block you know? And plus vacation (a week with out a real mac computer, I might die…lol) Well hopefully I haven’t yet lost all of my readers and reviewers….stupid me….stupid me…. Thick flakes of snow sank to the ground, the heavy shavings glued to another as they melded together in the blistering cold. James stared distantly at a particularly large chunk of snow that was now floating its way to the frost covered windows. The defense against the dark art’s teacher seemed to be giving some sort of lecture, but it was the last class before the holiday began and his favorite subject was far from his thoughts. James blinked a few times, the most he came to actually giving thought to other things, while Remus sat beside him, a servile smile plastered on his face as he gazed attentively at the teacher. “And now class I have some remarkable news for you’re hearing pleasure!” The teacher called gazing around at the 7th year students. James snorted, any remarkable news in her category was more likely staggering between of “amazingly boring” and “so horrifyingly boring that it might just send James into a perpetual sleep for all eternity” However…given the certain circumstances, option number two didn’t seem that bad when you’re a teenage boy who gets less than 6 hours of sleep a night. “Today I am up here proudly presenting my dearest apologies to a student who, for the longest time I had thought little of!” Well maybe this was interesting…? “It is now that I give my deepest and sincerest apologies to none other than, the most brilliant intuitive prodigy I have ever seen in all of the history of man kind! Students, I give you Mr. James Potter!” An up roar surged from the class as he was pushed forward by the waves of students to the head of the class. Suddenly a large golden trophy appeared before him and the teacher now was looking at him with weepy eyes as the headmaster appeared beside him to congratulate him. The headmaster stepped forward, “This young man is the most brilliant and dare I say handsome young man I’ve ever seen. He is the most talented in every aspect of life and I think we should all bow down and praise him as God of the Universe!” Another gush of cheers poured forth and James beamed around at his fellow students. A red headed girl popped from the sea of people and James rushed towards her. “Lily!” “James!” she called back, dewy-eyed and dreamy, “You’re so ______” “Pardon me?” he said happily. She kept smiling, “Why did you have to be so _______?” He kept mishearing that last word, he just couldn’t hear it right, “I’m sorry what’d you say?” Lily’s face was blank, and emotionless, “I said _________” He still couldn’t hear her, “What? Repeat that please!” Her face grew tense lines of anger, “Why did you have to be so _______?” “I still can’t hear you, it must be the noise!” he yelled over the booming cheers. Her face was taught with anger and tears were streaming down her face, “Why did you have to be so charming!!!” *************** Thump. James woke up with a shudder as his body leapt up from the ground and bonked his head on the leg of chair he had had been sleeping under. He sorely rubbed his forehead, cursing under his breath maliciously and looking around for where he was. His feet seemed entwined within the blankets that draped over the beds edge. His body had managed to wedge itself into the nook between his bed and Sirius’ on the floor. When he had finally come to the conclusion that he had fallen off his bed in the middle of the night he stood up. He groaned, stretching his sore limbs that for hours had been cramped on the hard flooring. “Hello James, how are you feeling?” James looked up, peter was sitting comfortably on his bed staring curiously at him as James stretched in places that he didn’t know could bend. James shot Peter a contemptuous glare out of morning moodiness, “Charming” **************** When James had succeeded in getting fully dressed and ready for class he headed down the stairs to check how the morning crowd was up to, and whether Sirius had decided to grace the crowd with his presence. But when he entered, the common room was deserted, not a soul resided with in its barriers. The fireplace was chirping it’s last sonnet of flames as it burped a last flare and exhausted itself. “No….no…!” he screamed silently to himself. He was late, he had to be late, no one was here, which meant he had over slept and it would now be the third time in the term which meant one thing…. having to be put out of a quidditch game. Bolting down the hallway, James skidded down the corridors to the dungeons, he couldn’t be late again he would miss a game and he had already missed several. “I’m here!” he called as his feet skidded to the door. His voice ricocheted off the looming stonewalls and hit him back in the forehead with an empty reply. “Mr. Potter?” Professor Slughorn sounded, turning around in his large swivel chair to view the boy, “What are you doing here so early?” “Early?” The words fell flatly on his tongue, and he felt a flush of anger and embarrassment consume him all in one moment. “It’s five thirty! You’re two hours early!” James narrowed his hard hazel eyes and dropped his gaze to the cold stone floor, “Right then…I’ll be seeing you” “Hold up!” the professor called sharply after him, “Bring up these flyers to Minerva for me will you?” “Who?” “McGonagall, sorry, now would you? I’ve loads to do, so be a good student and do this for me” James groaned inwardly and took the large stack of papers, carrying them up to the Transfiguration classroom with great contempt. *************** James reached the Gryffindor common room, exhausted and grumpy like a caffeine addict with out his coffee. Plopping on the couch he huffed a sigh of sheer fatigue, shutting his eyes tightly in determination to will sleep to overtake him. He could hear his heart thumping in the blackness of closed eyelids, but sleep didn’t come. His body felt limp like a torn rag doll but his mind was awake from the running and his heart was still pumping from the load he had carried. Rolling over on his side, eyes still closed, his hand reached aimlessly around until he found the corner of the throw rug on the couch. He tugged it angrily, taking the stiff blanket and covering himself. Shifting into a more comfortably position he let out a breathe and tried to relax and fall back to sleep. Hell, it was only six ten and he had more than an hour of sleep he would normally have gotten away with. A few minutes passed with sleep still wondering anywhere but his eyelids. The tick of some far off clock kept his ears sound. The soft crackle of flames in the fireplace painted the image vividly in his mind, the pumping of blood in his veins pounded in his ears. An orchestra of noise sounded in his ears keeping his mind keenly conscious. Added sounds kept throwing themselves into the symphony to pry his eyes open, sound after sound he endured….til a familiar one rolled into play. The creaking of stairs littered his mind and he conjectured a person walking down those stairs, whose sound echoed from the east side of the room….which meant one that the person was coming from one specific stairwell. A stairwell that lead right up to the girls’ dormitory. Peeking through the dark lashes of his eyes he squinted, scanning the room for accomplices and there he could make out a red whirl of color. Lily’s feet hit the bottom of the stairs and James could now hear her shoes thud on the thick rugged floors. She looked up from her bent head and spotted James immediately. Her eyes hit him squarely but from his squinted eyes she couldn’t tell that he had them open. James shut his eyes tight as he listened to her walk closer to him. He could feel her eyes burn into him, and her footfalls stopped, hovering right over him, standing feet above him to hear the breathe escape her lips. He strained his ears listening. He listened like he thought that if he was quiet enough, he might hear her thoughts come spouting out of her head. Lily scanned him. She didn’t really know why he was sleeping on the common room couch. She could only suppose he had fallen asleep there. What she did know was that she didn’t know if she could handle standing with him in the same room if he were to wake. Charming….pff… She had nearly woken up to scream as the memories had hit her. Charming! One slip of tongue and she was ruined. No. Not “slip of tongue” there was no slipping of such truth. Potter was not charming. HE wasn’t even normal. He was a repulsive little insect who ought to be squashed. Slip of tongue…pff….. She laughed disdainfully for thinking such a foolish thought. Then her pupils narrowed from it’s hazy dream and she looked down at him again. He looked quite peaceful just sleeping. She had to admit, it was the only time he actually looked innocent. Right….it wouldn’t hurt if I just said his name…..i mean I can’t just leave him here…..just say it to see if he’s awake…..probably won’t even wake… he sleeps like a log….wouldn’t wake up….hm…. “James?” So soft. She whispered it so softly only the tiny shining specks of dust that haunted her ear could make out the soft mumbling. “Yeah?” James sprang up from his horizontal prison beneath the blanket and at last pretended to rise from his “deep sleep” Lily blinked her eyes for a few moments and thought for a moment she just might fall over. Her mouth glittered open in the dusty morning air. She licked her mouth, trying to taste any sense of speech perched on her lips, they opened and close much like a fish would. “Oh” seemed to be all she might think of while adding, “you’re awake” “Well of course I’m awake” he mused nonchalantly, lying back in his cushion, looking up at her casually, in no mood to put on his usual springy insouciant energy he always seemed to carry an abundance of. “you just seemed to…deep in sleep” “nope” he replied dryly, blinking his deep pools of hazel of his eyes. Lily nodded her head slowly, staring distantly at her feet, “right….so…better be off” Lily rushed off, not even taking the pleasure to scorn him for falling asleep on the common room couch as she thought. “Evans!” he called after her, standing up and briskly walking to her side. He quirked an eyebrow, “I wanted to ask you about something-“ Lily pursed her lips, perturbed at such words which to her seemed to imply something, “I don’t want to talk about what I said to you last night!” she snapped, turning sharply on her heel. “What did you say last night?” he said blankly, innocently looking at her. She widened her eyes brightly, “you know…!” “ooooooooooh! You mean the whole “charming” thing?” he droned, ridiculously exaggerating the “oh” into a long sound that seemed to perplex Lily in a strange way. “Well…yeah” she said, laughing softly as though anything couldn’t be more obvious. “Well I mean that’s perfectly normal, all girls fall for me eventually” That mouth. That stupid mouth. He did it again. Why did he do that? He knew she’d be furious. He knew she’d be off her rocker row.. Lily’s eyes seemed to widen brightly as she sharply blinked them rapidly in his face. She looked at him for a moment, shook her head, gave a little nervous laugh and walked off, head still shaking at the absurdness. James cocked his head to the side, hm….she must have a very bad cold or something… hm, that’s all for today, I would continue but I thought this would be a nice stop. Next chapter I will be starting their winter holiday….hm….fun! indeed. I know this chapter really didn’t get anywhere but the real point of it was to show you all the changes my characters are going through, I don’t like it where in other Lily and James stories where Lily hates James one day then instantly in the period of one chapter suddenly falls for him, it’s just unreal. This is a big change for my character, so it’s going to take a while for it to come to the finish.Anyways that’s all…

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