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I am evil, I know. The end to this story is drawing dangerously near. The plot is set, and the mystery is going to begin to unfold. All the missing pieces will be drawn together in this puzzle, and at long last, my Potter hang-over will be no more. I do know who the traitor is, and I promise that I’ll reveal who it is when the time is right. Ask yourself one question, what is the one thing Voldemort probably wants right now? If you can answer that question the next few chapters will be no surprise. I’m doing a rough count in my head, but I think there is about five or six chapters left. Thanks for all the reviews, I am honestly amazed and how many people are reading and reviewing this story. So without further ado. Read and Review Nothing is my Own ************************************************************************ Chapter Thirty-Six: The Art of Eavesdropping Everyone was at Hogwarts was tiptoeing around Harry Potter theses days. The incident in the library had been stretched into a myth so large Seamus couldn’t have even dreamt it up. Students were saying Harry used the Crucio curse on Malfoy, and only stopped because he was forced down by six students. “Honestly, do they not have better things to do with their time,” Harry hissed as a few fifth year Ravenclaw girls walked by and whispered. “You threatened a student with an Unforgivable curse, you can’t blame them for being a bit off struck by your behavior,” Hermione said frankly. Harry grunted, “I threatened Malfoy, and it isn’t like I really used it.” “Still mate, I mean you have a pretty scary reputation to begin with, when you go off and do things like that, it makes people who don’t really know you wonder,” Ron offered. “Well, I’m sick of people wondering,” Harry spat. Harry didn’t know why he was so angry lately. Everything was bugged him, everything. He didn’t like being around anyone, not even his best mates. Luckily, due to the upcoming Quidditch tournament, he hadn’t seen enough of Cho to cause her to notice the change in him. The thought of getting to the Pensive plagued every thought in his day. It was one thing breaking into Professor O’Riley’s office, it was a completely different circumstance breaking into the Headmaster’s. Often he wondered what stopped him, he knew the password, and everyone knew Dumbledore was seldom at Hogwarts anymore. In fact, he hadn’t even spoken to the Headmaster since right after Christmas holiday. The Death Journal was ignoring him again, which caused him even more anxiety. What scared him the most was the thought of what everyone in school was saying about him. Nobody, not even Dumbledore knew he had used the Crucio cruse before. He had chosen to keep his incident with Bellatrix Lestrange to himself. He wanted to use it again, he wanted to use it on Malfoy that night. The words of Voldemort screamed though his head, “there is no good or evil, there is only power, and those to weak to seek it.” “Harry, are you okay? You have that look again?” Hermione asked worried. He shook himself, “I’m fine.” Hermione lowered her eyes, as if preparing to take a blow, “maybe you should talk to Dumbledore, because you obviously can’t talk to us.” Instead of reacting in his now typically ‘biting her head off” manner, he smiled, “an excellent idea. I think I’ll go talk to him right now.” It was an excellent idea, Dumbledore was probably gone, and no teacher would be carousing around his office to keep unwanted visitors out at this time of day. Hermione and Ron looked at each other puzzled, as Harry dashed off, like a kid rushing to a candy store, down the hall. “GRAWP,” Harry spat, a little more excited than he aimed too. He wanted to look into that silvery liquid so badly, what if the Death Journal was right, the answers to all his problems could be within his grasp. “I’m worried about Harry.” He froze hearing the voice coming from Dumbledore’s office. “I agree, something isn’t right with the boy. He looked like he was hiding something the other night,” Madeye Moody croaked. Harry snuck very quietly to where he could hear the voices clearly and stopped to listen. “He hasn’t turned, he wouldn’t do something like that,” Remus argued back. “I’m not saying he’s turned, I’m saying he’s hiding something,” Moody snapped. “The other night while practicing Occlemency, I saw something in his mind that didn’t make sense. I saw a Torto Scripture, and the other day in class Harry asked me about them,” December O’Riley chimed in. “Surely to goodness he hasn’t gotten himself mixed with the likes of a Death Journal. He learned in his second year not to trust a book that thinks for itself,” Professor McGongall said. “I do not know what may be bothering Harry, but I agree with Alastor, he is acting secretive this year,” Dumbledore stated, in such a way that made Harry wonder if he knew he was listening. “He’s lost his Godfather and his parents, the poor boys grieving,” Mrs. Weasley argued. Moody grunted, “there isn’t time to grieve, we’ve all faced losses. It’s part of the battle.” “What bothers me is what the Death Eaters took from the Ministry during the raid the other night,” Mr. Weasley suddenly said. “That is the only reason I bring up the Torto Scriptures, the connection is so coincidental,” Professor O’Riley added. “Is it true Harry threaten Draco Malfoy with one of the Unforgiveable curses the other night?” Mrs. Weasley asked. “It is true, and if it had been any other student he would have been expelled,” Snape voiced in. Harry snarled his nose, thinking about what he had seen in the Pensive. Snape would love him to get expelled, then nobody would stand in his way of recruiting students for Voldemort. “Never liked that Malfoy boy, I wish Potter would have used it to show him what’s in his future,” Moody said with a gruff. “Now Alastor, we do not know Mr. Malfoy fate just yet,” Dumbledore lectured. “Harry also told me he thinks students are taking the Dark Mark,” December O’Riley continued. He heard Dumbledore sigh, “I’m afraid he may be right.” “But sir, a wizard or witch cannot make such a decision until their of age. It is magical creed,” O’Riley argued. “Don’t you remember, Sirius’s brother was found with the dark mark when he was only fifteen,” Remus reminded her. The room fell quiet. “I took the Dark Mark myself when I was only sixteen,” Snape admitted, “the Dark Lord has no respect for magical creed.” “How has your operation been going?” Moody asked with a tone of suspicion in his voice. “Why do you ask Alastor?” Snape retorted. “Professor Snape’s mission has brought us very valuable information, I think he’s earned our faith,” Dumbledore stated. Harry could almost hear Snape smirk, “my mission, is going according to plan. He is unaware that Barty Crouch was given a Dementor’s kiss, and welcomed him back to his side.” “Aren’t you afraid the Dementors will tell him?” a voice Harry didn’t recognized asked. “Exactly my question?” Moody said as if was accusing Snape of lying. “Arry, what in the world do you think ye doing?” a burly voice sounded from behind him. “Hagrid, I..I..” Harry fumbled looking up to his giant friend. “I’d better take ye into Dumbledore’s office, no tell’in what ye heard,” Hagrid said shaking his massive head. The Order members had been tipped off to their spy. Harry entered the room, with a mixed feeling of anger and fear. “How much did you hear Potter?” Madeye Moody said immediately. “Not that much, I wanted to talk to the Headmaster,” Harry confessed. Dumbledore nodded, “what about Harry?” Harry looked around at all the disappointed faces staring at him before speaking, “about Purebloods United.” “That club is not recruiting Death Eaters Potter, I’m heading it up myself,” Snape hissed. Madeye grinned, “getting a little defensive aren’t we Snape.” “Dear, you look terrible. Have you been having trouble sleeping again,” Mrs. Weasley fussed, straightening the collar of his robe. “I have been. I had a dream that Malfoy took the Dark Mark, and then when I stumbled across the Purebloods meeting room, I recognized it from my dream,” Harry said, staring at Snape. “Preposterous,” Snape said under his breath, “what were you doing snooping around a secret meeting room anyway. It is password protected.” “Why does a school group need a password to their meeting room?” Moody continued. “What about the Death Journal, have you been using one to try to talk to Sirius?” Professor O’Riley questioned. “No,” Harry said forcefully, in truth he hadn’t been using one to contact Sirius. “What did the Death Eaters take from the Ministry?” Harry pushed. Remus Lupin looked at Dumbledore who gave him a nodd, “the Execution Veil.” Harry froze as he looked at December O‘Riley, thinking to what the Death Journal had told him. She was going to die the same way Sirius did. “Why?” Harry asked weakly. “We don’t know,” the voice Harry didn’t recognize was Tonks. “What about Percy Weasley?” Harry continued, since they seemed so willing to answer his questions. “Oh dear, don’t worry about Percy,” Mrs. Weasley forced out, but Harry could see the pain behind her eyes. Mr. Weasley lowered his head, “I know my boy hasn’t always made the wisest choices, but I still have faith in him. He wouldn’t deflect unless by force.” “I think that is enough answers for one night Harry,” Dumbledore said suddenly, “if you want to talk with me, I will try arrange a time in the next day or two. I’ll have Professor McGonagall bring you to my office.” “Ah Potter, watch yourself. Don’t let your heart grow dark,” Moody warned as Hagrid started to escort Harry to the door. Harry felt a lump develop in his throat as he searched the room for his parent’s pensive. “Ye shouldn’t be eavesdropping like that Arry, it’s Order business,” Hagrid lectured as he walked him down the stairs. “Lots of people are worried about ye. Some of ‘em saying ye’re going dark,” Hagrid continued. “I’m not going dark Hagrid.” Hagrid motioned to lower his voice with his hands, “I know ye’re not, but just watch yer self, don’t want ya get’in into trouble and such.” Harry mindlessly walked though the halls, trying to digest everything he had just heard. Oh, what Hermione and Ron would have given to eavesdrop on an Order meeting. Had he really been acting like he was hiding something? In truth he had been hiding something, he had been hiding something since the day Sirius died. “Harry, what are you going?” asked Pavarti Patil, who he hadn’t even noticed. He looked up at the door he was fixing to walk though a blushed, “I wasn’t paying attention.” “Obviously, that’s the girl’s bathroom,” Pavarti stated. “I have a lot on my mind,” Harry confessed. Pavarti nodded, “yea, I guess it must be hard on you and all. With Cho being the spy.” Harry was taken back by the bluntness of her comment, “I don’t think Cho is the spy, she didn’t really like Malfoy.” “Denial, I wish it wasn’t true Harry, but look at the way she looks at him,” Pavarti frowned, “she’s in love.” Harry closed his eyes, “Cho isn’t in love with Malfoy.” “Oh dear,” Pavarti said with pity, “you really care for her don’t you?” “Yes,” he snapped with frustration. Pavarti sighed, “she’s a clever girl, but she isn’t a Gryffindor. Do you honestly think she’s brave enough to come on to Malfoy like she did, and feel nothing? Padma said she found a paper in the Ravenclaw common room trash with DM scribbled in the corner.” Harry’s heart sank, as his eyes fell to the floor, “you think she’s lying to me?” “I’m sorry Harry, truly I am. If you ever need anybody to talk to,” she offered letting her hand rest on his cheek. “I still won’t believe it, not until I see proof,” Harry stammered out. Pavarti grinned, “did you really threaten Malfoy with the an Unforgivable curse?” Harry’s eyes widened as he looked at her in disbelief, “I wasn’t really going to use it, I just wanted to rattle him a bit.” Pavarti forced a smile back on her face, “I don’t believe what everyone is saying about you. You’d never join he who mush not be named.” “And neither would Cho,” he added. She finally conceded, “when are you going to call another DA meeting? I honestly think we all need to get together and work this out. Maybe if we all put our heads together we can piece together what happened.” Harry let out a light chuckle, “that sounds like something Padma would say.” “Padma is the one who suggested it to me. She’s the brains, I’m the nerves.” Reaching into his pocket he pulled out his summoning coin and set the time, “I’m not even positive anyone will show up.”

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