6. Best Friends Immediately Ginny and Harry saw Fred, George and Percy all rush toward where Ron had collapsed. The two could hardly contain themselves, but Ginny worked very hard to put on a business like appearance as Harry backed out of the camera’s view. “Ginerva? You there still?” This was Percy in his lovable prim and proper way. “Yes Minister. I’m here brother. Is Ron alright? He looks as if he’s seen a ghost?” Ginny replied trying very hard not to laugh since Harry was nearly in tears on the floor. She kicked him lightly with the foot, and nearly lost it when Harry grabbed her foot and was ready to tickle it. Fred and George then bumped Percy out of the way. “Move on Perce. Hey Gin! Gred here wants to know if you found our investment partner. We owe him a lot of back interest, and don’t really want to pay you know.” “Well I may have some leads on his whereabouts.” Harry was at that moment distracting her nearly successfully by playing with her delicate feet. “I’ll let you know more when I see you all tomorrow.” Ginny almost lost her composure. “Right, then we’ll tell Mum and Dad to expect you then?” asked George “Yes George. I may have a guest with me as well. No promises though.” Fred broke in now, and in the background Percy had Ron propped up in a chair across the room. “Oooh Ginny finally found a fella. It is a fellow right Gin?” Fred teased “You’ll just have to wait and see dear Gred!” Harry was no longer laughing. He was terrified. Ginny wanted him to go back with her. What about school? Classes? Could he just go back now? Ron was muttering in the background and Ginny knew that she had best cut the call short before anything explosive happened, such as Ron blurting out something with the connection still on. “Gotta go guys. Love you bunches!” Ginny again kissed her fingers and touched the camera before logging off. Once off of the camera Ginny began to laugh hysterically. “Did you see his face? Priceless!” Ginny squealed with laughter. Harry on the other hand was now as white as Ron had been. “Ginny. Are you serious about me coming with you tomorrow?” Harry was tentative and quite apprehensive when asking this question. “I don’t know if I’m ready for that yet, everyone at once? I mean I only just came back into the magical world last night and…” Harry was interrupted by a knock at the door. “Got it!” Robert called as he reached for the door, which seemed to blow off its hinges just before he touched it. Three men stormed into the apartment each dressed in hooded cloaks. Ginny had her wand out and ready, but Harry pulled her behind him and stood defiantly in front of her. He didn’t have his wand but he didn’t need it since as he stepped in front of her an envelope of crackling blue seemed to surround them. Three wands were pointed directly at Harry and another two cloaked men entered the room pointing their wands at Robert who smartly was staying quiet on the ground. Harry grinned as one of the figures seemed to trip over nothing. “Wo’cher Tonks!” Harry said and the five heads all turned to him. “And hello Kingsley. It’s been a very long time.” Harry then waved his hand and the door repaired itself. “Anyone for some tea?” Ginny’s mouth was agape. Now she knew why Harry had been untraceable. No magic had been performed with a wand. Wandless magic was untraceable. It now also explained what Robert had told her about Harry just ‘showing up’ at the right moment. She should have known. Thinking back to the battlefield when he had apparated without his wand. Ginny was pouring tea into several mugs as Harry was sitting with Kingsley Shaklebolt and the other aurors. It was Tonks who came into the kitchen that broke Ginny’s concentration. “So Gin. You got him back eh?” Tonks started. Ginny set the pot down. “I don’t know Tonks. I’m worried now. It wasn’t smart for you guys to barge in like that!” Ginny hugged herself and leaned against the counter. She had seen the aura that appeared around Harry. Blue and crackling. The Aura had also enveloped her and this scared her. Was Harry protecting her, or was this something else? “Ya know I told Kingsley that! Listen to me? Not a chance!” Tonks laughed. Today she had made her appearance such that she looked as if she could be Harry’s sister. Her black hair was messy like Harry’s and her facial features were as close to Harry’s as she could remember, including his brilliant green eyes. In the other room Robert was listening as Harry and Kingsley brought each other up to date on the goings on of both of their lives. “…and then Percy Weasley was made Minister and Fudge went to Azkaban.” Kingsley concluded just as Ginny and Tonks came back in. “Did he at least get the kiss?” Harry asked. Robert was the first to pipe up. “So here I am best friends for the past eight years with the most famous wizard in the world and had no clue.” “Robert I really wanted to tell you, but I couldn’t. In fact I can get in major trouble for you knowing now!” Harry replied quite seriously. He had completely forgotten the rule about not letting Muggles know about the magical world. “Actually no Harry. Robert is from a family of Squibs. He was never told about the magical world because his family hasn’t produced a wizard for the past century.” One of the newer members of the Auror force, a man named McGregor replied. “A what?” Asked Robert “Squib, your family is pureblooded, which means it is likely that your mother was a witch, but your Father was a Squib as well. You are non magical even though you are from a magical family.” Ginny and Harry nearly stumbled over each others words but Harry watched Ginny with great admiration as she finished. Harry also knew that Ginny was frightened… of what happened earlier… He could feel her apprehension being beside him. He had to tell her. “Ginny I need to speak with you alone.” It was at this point that Kingsley and Tonks stood and interrupted Harry’s thoughts. “Actually Harry any quiet time will have to wait. We have specific orders from the Minister himself. If we were to find you we were to immediately bring you back to London. Everything here will be taken care of, but there is an urgent matter and only you Harry can help us.” Ginny looked at Harry worriedly. She had wanted him back in her life so much, and now it looked like she had him, but would he be pulled away from her again? “Only Me?!” Harry wasn’t handling this news well. “Don’t tell me. Harry Potter is needed to save the wizarding world again?” “Well… you see…. That is…” McGregor was stuttering “Battle the Dark Forces again right? Another power-hungry dark wizard out for global conquest?” Harry was beginning to get angry as he paced like a caged animal around the room. Ginny could feel the aura of magic around him and watched as the Aurors moved back in fear. “Harry please sit down?” Ginny tried to sooth him as she spoke. Her voice trembled as she pleaded with him. Her words were like the lapping of the waves on his nerves. He immediately felt a calming effect as she spoke. He moved to her and sat beside her. Something in his mind said to him ‘Protect Ginny. You need her.’ Instinctively he took her hand in his own, but the aura emitting from him engulfed them both, not in blue but in a brilliant gold. “I’ll listen but I may not like it much. And what about my job here? The School? The Students!?” Harry expressed his thoughts.

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