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A/N: This Chapter is in Hermione's Point Of View!

As you walked out of Kathleen’s room you couldn’t believe what she had told you Harry said. Of crouse he’s always had a mean temper but it was never in his nature to hurt his friends. And not one as dear as Kathleen.

“Ron!” you called up the hallway. “Yea?” he replied sticking his head out of his doorway.

“Have you seen Harry?” you asked him.

“Nope, why?”

“We need to talk to him.” You said walking into his room and closing the door.

“What’s up?” He asked sitting down on his bed. As you told him about what had happened, he was mad that Mike might not come to the party, but laughed when he heard that Mike thought Harry was Kathleen’s boyfriend.

“Yes, Ron it is funny but that’s because we know they’re not and that they are like brother and sister. I saved the worst for last. Harry walked in on Mike and Kathleen making out,” at this Ron didn’t look happy that a guy was making out with Kathleen and or even touching her, but he was confused on why you looked upset about Harry walking in on them.

“So?” Ron said.

“So… then Kathleen and Harry got into a fight and Kathleen said that her and Mike were both adults and could do what they want and then… then Harry…Harry called her a whore!”

“What!?! No, Harry wouldn’t say something like that.” Ron said.

“I know, but it’s not like Kathleen would lie about something like this. In fact she’s never lied to us. I told her we would talk to him.” At this Ron looked horrified.

“Why do we have to talk to him? Why can’t we let those two work it out like they always do?”

“Because Ronald, we are their best friends and it looks as though Kathleen has been crying all day. When I left her she was still crying. Ron, they both really hurt her.” You finished explaining in a sympathetic tone.

“Fine lets go find Harry, but I’m warning you Hermione, this isn’t going to be pretty.”

“I’m well aware of that, thank you Ron.” You told him, leading the way to Harry’s room. When you both reached Harry’s room you knocked timidly.

“Go away!” Harry yelled from inside, sounding bitter and angry.

“Harry its Ron and Hermione, we need to talk to you.” Ron said to the door.

“I don’t want to talk. Go away!” Harry yelled through the door again.

“Harry Potter, if you don’t open this door we’ll come in anyways!” You yelled.

“Please just leave me alone,” Harry called softer.

“No.” You said before opening his door. You both were taken back at the disarray of his room. Harry usually had a very neat room, a habit he said he got from the awful yelling of his aunt and uncle. You could tell that he had taken his anger out on his belongings in rage.

“What Hermione?” Harry said sitting on his bed.

But before you could respond Ron spoke. “Is it true you called Kathleen a whore?” Harry looked down and then nodded his head yes. Harry looked so ashamed.

“She told me that she hates me.” he said still not looking up at you or Ron.

“Oh Harry…” you started but then Harry cut you off.

“And I also said that I hated her.” Harry looked on the edge of tears. All you could think to do was to hug him, but as you walked towards him Ron stopped you.

“Ron,” you said pushing his hand away.

“No Hermione, he doesn’t deserve our sympathy. He called her a whore. That’s just not right.” he told you.

Then he turned to Harry. “How could you call one of your best friends that? She’s no whore, you know that. She’s one of the most careful and sexually careful people we know. Harry did you know that because of you she’s been crying since the fight. And that…that guy,”

“Mike.” You added, helping him with the name of Kathleen’s boyfriend.

“Thank you. That Mike guy, thought you were her boyfriend and now he might not come to the party because of how you acted.” Ron told Harry very heatedly.

Harry looked up in shock. “He thought I was her boyfriend?”

He asked. “YES!” Ron shouted.

“Harry I think you need to explain to Mike that you are not Kathleen’s boyfriend, that you never were and don’t have feelings for her.” You told him.

Harry stared at you blankly then said stubbornly, “I’m not explaining anything to him. He wasn’t right for her.”

Rolling your eyes you said, “Harry, first you only met the guy for about two seconds when you walked in on them making out. Second, Kathleen really likes him. Harry please go talk to him tomorrow.”

“Hermione, they were doing more then making out. Her shirt and his shirt was off.” Harry almost yelled.

As he said this you heard Ron mutter. “I’ll kill ’em.”

“No Ron you won’t.” Ron looked surprised that you had heard him.

“What both of you seem to forget is, she is an adult and can do what she wants with a guy, without either of you threatening him or getting mad over it.” You told them.

“Whatever.” they both said.

“Harry you need to talk to Mike, Ron talk to Harry and leave Mike alone.” You told them walking out of Harry’s room. Once out of Harry’s room, you pulled out your wand and conjured a pint of Double Fudge Brownie Chocolate Ice Cream and two spoons.

Walking into Kathleen’s room you said, “I have Double Fudge Brownie Chocolate Ice Cream.”

“Yummy,” she said with a watery smile. She had changed into her pj’s and claimed down a lot to your relief.

“I’m going to change into my pj’s” you told her. You set down the ice cream and walked out of her room and into your room to change.

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