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A/N:new story!! tell me what ya think!!

A 6-year-old Draco stood in front of his father, awaiting his decision. “May I go father?” Draco asked once again, wishing in his head with all his might that the answer would be a yes. Lucius and Narcissa had come to a muggle village to find an ingredient for a potion they had to make. The ingredient, which was fairly common in muggle towns, was not to be found in a wizarding village. And even if it were, as Lucius had kindly put it, it would cause others to be much too suspicious, as if they weren’t enough suspicious already.
Lucius looked him over. “Yes. Yes you may go, but do not wander about, you silly boy, or else these filthy muggles might get suspicious. Actually, I doubt they will. They are too dim-witted to even realize what is in front of their faces.”
Draco nodded, “Yes father, how right you are.” Even at this young age, he knew enough not to contradict his father, no matter how much he knew it was wrong. Lucius looked his over once more before waving his hand, “ What are you still standing here for boy? Off with you.” Draco bowed his head and slowly walked over the hill, out of his father’s gaze.


Hermione slipped out into the night. It was as if the night were her only salvation these days. His father, Graham, was a drunkard, and was still in withdrawal so that he could quit. As for her mother, well what could Hermione expect from her? She tried to help Hermione as much as she could, but Jane Granger was still frightened from her father’s cruel ways, that had affected them both dearly. She was now supporting him, as he was in the hospital. Hermione knew that Jane still loved her father. She was merely trying to forget the past, and move on. Merely trying to help her father become the man he once was. The father Hermione had never known.

Shaking those despairing thoughts from her mind, Hermione climbed out of her window and into the black firmament, where she was free. Where she could be herself, with no one to bother her. Over the rocky hills and onto the beach.


Hermione strayed onto the beach, and into her favorite little corner by the cove. She could hear the low roar of the ocean, and the crashing of the waves as they fell upon the sandy expanse of the beach. The stars sparkled like finely cut diamonds spread out on a background of black velvet. She stared at the brightest star, and then gasped as one of its lesser companions streaked across the heavens. Shooting stars were rare, and she was going to make the most of this one. “I wish that one day I’ll marry a rich, handsome prince, and that I’ll sit in his castle and eat cakes and biscuits, and that he’ll love me until I die.” She breathed in deeply, wishing with all the vigor a 6-year-old could manage. “And I also wish that…”

“You’ll get fat if you eat cake every night.”

Hermione turned around, “ No I won’t.” She said, daring him to contradict her.

“Yes you will, and then no prince will marry you.”

“But I like cake.” Hermione whimpered as tears welled up in her eyes.

“Everyone likes cake,” he said disgustedly.

They sat in silence for a moment. Draco turned towards her and spoke up, “Will I do?”


“Well, I’m not a prince, but I am rich, and I think I’m handsome too.”

“Truly.” She breathed. “You would come back and marry me?”

“Why not?” A naïve Draco shrugged. “I have to marry someone. It might as well be you.”

He thought for a moment, and then pulled of one of the two chains around his neck. It was silver with a snake pendant on it. He showed her how the snake fit into the imprint on his necklace. Hermione smiled at him.


A voice could be heard calling from the distance.

“I’ve gotta go.” Draco looked at his “betrothed.” He stood up and offered her his hand. Then, before he could leave, he pulled her close and planted a clumsy kiss on her lips, the way he’d seen others do before him, before slipping the chain around her neck.

“Bye.” Hermione said softly touching her lips as Draco scampered up the hill, and out of sight.

“Hermione, honey?”

“Yes, mum?”

“Are you ready to go?”

Hermione sighed to herself. She had gotten her letter to Hogwarts, years ago, and how excited she had been. But then there was also that small twinge of disappointment. How would he ever be able to find her now? Maybe he’s a wizard too? Hermione had thought hopefully to herself, and then shaken the thought away. But then she found out that the snake was the representative of Slytherin. She still had the necklace, and never took it off. Hermione still nursed the hope that she would find out who her mysterious stranger was. And now it was her last year at Hogwarts. Deep inside her, she knew that if he didn’t find her this year, all of her dreams would be crushed. This was her last chance.

“Hermione?” her mom called again.

“Coming mum. Give me a minute.”

Hermione slipped on a pair of platform sandals, and looked into the mirror. She admired herself, knowing that she would definitely catch the eyes of many guys this year. She had changed this summer. Oh yes she had. Gone were the big bushy mounds on her head that was supposedly called hair, instead she had sleek curls falling down in ringlets onto her back. Her chest was no longer flat, but she had gained quite a few curves, all in the right places. Hermione had been visiting the gym this summer, as well as the beach, so she could admire her toned stomach, and long tanned legs being showed off from under an olive green mini skirt, and a white midriff that also showed her cleavage. Not to mention the fact that she was Head Girl. She smiled at herself before adding a couple of silver bangle bracelets, some clear gloss, and some mascara.

“I’m ready mum.”


Draco stared at the necklace in his hands. It had been eleven years, and he had never forgotten about her, not once. But he had given up all hope of finding her. She was a muggle, and even if she had become a witch, then she had probably chucked the necklace as soon as she found out what it had represented. He sighed to himself. There was no was of possibly finding her. He knew he should probably take of the necklace, but he couldn’t. That was the one memory he had of her, and of course, there was the kiss. He touched his lips and smiled. Draco could remember the softness of her lips, even though it was so many years ago. He shook his head and let his head wander onto other things. Like the fact he was Head Boy this year. I wonder who the Head Girl is? Probably that mudbl-muggle Grange. Draco knew he couldn’t insult Granger. Not when the one he loved was a muggle herself. He had tried to stop himself over the years, but it hadn’t worked. ‘But not this year’ he vowed to himself silently, ‘Not this year.’


Hermione stepped onto the platform and gazed at the scene before her, biting her lip. This would be the last year that she would ever be here. Just one more year, and she would never see the home she had for 7 years, ever again. Hermione stepped back, tripping as her sandal caught on something. But before she could fall flat on her face, and embarrass herself, she felt strong arms encircle her tiny waist. She could smell the person’s aroma, and it made her feel faint…she remembered that smell from somewhere…Finally becoming aware of what she was doing she turned around fast, “Oh! Merlin, I’m so sor- Malfoy?”

“Looks like someone had changed Granger.”

Hermione felt herself blush, before she noticed the Head Boy badge displayed proudly on his chest. A very nice chest. As a matter a fact, Quidditch has done him some good. Bad Hermione! Don’t think that way! But he does have a great-

Draco stopped her little tirade. “Like what you see Granger?” He breathed into her ear.

Hermione pushed away from him and he let her go. “You wish Malfoy, actually I was just thinking about what the hell Dumbledore was thinking when he made you Head Boy.”

Draco shrugged and walked away. Then he stopped and called over his shoulder, “You coming Granger? Heads cabin’s this way.”

“How do you know I’m Head Girl?”

He snorted, “Yeah, and who else could it be?”

Hermione stared at his back. Did he just compliment me?

Draco sighed and turned around again, “You know, it would really help if you stopped staring. Dumbledore wants to meet us, and I know for a fact that you wouldn’t want to risk your reputation and be late.”

Hermione followed after him, shaking her head to herself. This is going to be one hell of a year.

A/N: soooo, did you like it?? Tell mua what you thought by reviewing!!!!
Luv all ferrets (especially ones named Draco Malfoy),

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