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Lily Molly

“Oh dear” Lily buried her face in Molly’s pillow while Molly was rolling around on the floor laughing. After almost five minutes of almost continuous laughter Molly got on her knees and leaned on the edge of her bed.

“Do you have any idea how awesome this is?”

“Ok are you maybe just overreacting?” Lily raised her head from the pillow and looked at Molly and within seconds a wide smile has spread across Lily’s face.

“See! I’m not overreacting. This is the greatest thing to ever happen since… magic!” Molly was almost screaming and Lily was completely speechless.


James Sirius Remus Molly Lily

James walked towards the window to let in the owl. The moment he opened the window the owl circled the room once and then dropped the envelope on James. James willingly opened the envelope to find a letter from the ministry. James eyes darted back and forth across the paper and the farther he got the worse the expression on his face got.

Sirius and Remus were watching James closely. James read the letter over and over again until he finally placed the letter on the table and walked calmly out the portrait hole with absolutely no expression on his face. Remus and Sirius waited a few seconds until they thought it was appropriate to read the letter.

Dear Mr. Potter,
We have written this letter to you with the most unfortunate news. While out on a secret auror mission your father Matthew Potter was involved in a very serious accident and is currently submitted at Sgt. Mungos and is on life support. We just wanted to alert you and we are prepared to make any arrangements for you to visit him any time you please.

We deeply regret having to send this letter,

Head of the Auror Office,
Gawain Robards


Marauders Lily Molly

When James returned from his long walk around the castle Sirius and Remus were awaiting his arrival. Sirius went up to him and put his arm around him.

“James we…” but James shook him off and was on his way to the boy’s dormitory when Molly came rushing down the stairs of the girl’s dormitory.

“You are not going to believe this!” a moment later Lily had appeared and was trying to stop Molly from saying anything.

“No!! Moo! No! I’ll never talk to you again!! Well…of course I will…it’s just a figure of speech…”

“You really have no idea how to threaten do you?” Molly started laughing and Lily stood there blushing.

“Molly…” Remus signaled to her, telling her to cut it. Molly immediately stopped laughing and looked at Remus, confused.

“What’s the…”but Remus interrupted her with a look.

James went back to heading for the boy’s Dormitory and Lily couldn’t help but noticing that something was wrong. She watched him leave and when he was gone she turned to Remus and asked:

“What happened?”

“Well…I dono if we can really say”

“We don’t need to know if it doesn’t have anything to do with us” said Molly. Sirius smiled at her and she smiled back and blushed.

“I’ll go up and talk to him” said Remus and walked up the stairs to James.

“Me too” said Peter who seemed glad to have a chance to get out of the room.

Lily walked over to the couch and lift up the envelope lying on the table. “Is this what’s happened?”

“Lily, maybe you shouldn’t read it… I mean … it’s not your letter to read” said Molly looking at Lily with disappointment.

“Oh all right I won’t” Lily said but as Sirius and Molly were distracted by each other Lily slipped the letter into one of the books on the table

“Um… I think I’m gonna go take a nap” she said. Molly and Sirius didn’t even look at her so she hurried up the stairs to their dormitory carrying the book.


Lily Molly

“How could you do that Lily? That letter was not yours to read and you just go and read it anyway?” Molly was standing in front of Lily’s bed were Lily had been found reading James’ letter. Molly sounded mad and disappointed.

“I just wanted…” but Lily was cut off.

“It’s always what you want” Molly walked over to her bed, changed into her pajamas, lay down on her bed and closed the blinds.

Lily got of the bed and walked over to Molly’s bed and got ready to open the blinds but before she could do anything Molly said, “Don’t even think about it” at which Lily went miserably back to her bed and lay down.

That whole nigh Lily didn’t sleep. She felt horrible for doing what she did and even though she was one of those types of people who always had to do the right thing, this time something had taken over her. The next morning when Molly woke up she walked straight into the bathroom without her usual “good morning”

“Moo! Come on, I…” but Molly closed the door before Lily could finish the sentence. Lily finally gave up, got dressed and walked down the common room.


James Remus

“Ready to go back out there?” Remus and James had spent most of their night talking it through.

“I’m not sure”

“I’m telling you, if you stay here all day you’ll undoubtedly suffer the consequences, and besides, if you don’t go to any of the classes people are going to start asking questions and things will get uncomfortable” Remus packed James bag for him and helped him of the bed.

“You’re probably right…” James grabbed his bag and joined Remus in walking down to the common room.


Sirius Lily Molly

Sirius was lying on the couch, having fallen asleep in the middle of working on his dementor essay. Lily had just come in through the portrait hole. She walked up to Sirius, bent down and blew in his ear.

“AH! I was not sucking my thumb!” yelled Sirius as he rolled off the couch. Lily burst out laughing but quickly stopped when she tripped over Sirius and hit her head on the edge of the table. Now it was Sirius’ turn to laugh.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” Lily sat up rubbing her forehead.

“That’s what you get for messing with a Black!” At that moment Molly came out from the girl’s dormitory.

“Hey Molly!” Sirius sat up swiftly and smiled at Molly who smiled back.

“Hey Moo” said Lily trying to get eye contact with Molly but failed utterly. Molly walked straight past her without showing a sign of her knowing Lily was even in the room.

“Oh how I love those hips” Sirius sighed to himself.


“Oh…nothing…anyway that was pretty cold…what’s going on?” said Sirius as he pulled himself up from the floor.

“Don’t talk to me about it” Lily walked over to pick up her bag and followed Molly out the portrait hole leaving Sirius thinking of Molly’s swinging hips.


Carl Stanley Peter

“You’re late”

“I know Carl, but Remus wouldn’t let me leave, said I had to help take care of James” said Peter nervously.

“What’s the matter with Potter?” asked Carl, beaming with the thought that something had happened to James.

“Something happened with his dad, I’m not sure what, he wouldn’t say, but he’s pretty beaten up about it” Peter always did anything he could to please Carl, he really wanted to get on his good side, although he knew that was almost impossible. Carl looked very interested but before he could find out more Stanley entered the common room looking very smug.

“Hey Stanley” squeaked Peter “You can sit here if you want” Peter rose from his seat to offer it to Stanley, who completely ignored him and went over to the couch were Carl was sitting. When he noticed that Stanley wasn’t going to accept the offer, Peter sat back down.

“I think we may have found yet another soft spot on that Potter” hissed Carl.

“And what might that be?” Stanley sounded annoyingly uninterested. He had gotten quite tired of Carl’ hatred for James.

“His dad is hurt and is at Sgt. Mungos and…” Carl was interrupted by Stanley who had suddenly taken a great interest in the whole thing.

“His dad? Matthew Potter?”

“Yes sir” said Peter.

“Shut up, worm” said Stanely before rising from his seat and walking out mumbling something about going to the library.

“I think we might have pleased him Peter…” said Carl as he left the room to go meet up with Bobbie.


Marauders Lily Molly

It was Defense against the Dark Arts class and everyone in the room were getting quite bored with Professor Cleavry’s never ending speech about Giants.

“Now giants are very unpleasant when magic is used against them so…” James shut his voice out of his head and turned to Sirius.

“So you said Molly and Lily are fighting?”

“I’m telling you, this morning Molly completely ignored Lily, it was pretty cold mate” answered Sirius facing James. James turned around to look for Lily who he found sitting in the very back, farthest to the right where she was quietly writing down notes. Next he searched for Molly who was sitting next to Remus, dozing off occasionally, but forcing herself to stay awake by slapping herself. He met Remus eyes who made a gesture showing he didn’t know what was going on.

“Mr. Potter, if you would kindly tell me what the average height of a full grown male giant is?” James turned around to find that half the class was staring at him, silently laughing, and Professor Cleavry staring at him with those brilliant, dark blue eyes of his.

“Um…around…20 feet?” James was trying to remember that essay he wrote on giants in his 5th year.

“Lucky shot” said Professor Cleavry as he turned his back to the class and tapped the board making a little piece of chalk fly through the air and start writing on the black board.

James turned back and winked at Remus who, in turn, gave him the thumbs up.

When the lesson was finished and everyone was gathering up their things, Professor Cleavry called out:

“James and Remus if you could please stay after class, I have a subject of great importance to talk to you about” Without even looking at them he walked into his office and returned a minute later with Clarissa Vain, tears in her eyes, but still, a smug expression on her face.

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