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    The Muggle Movie

    Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger stared up at the large selection of muggle movies. The cupboard in the Weasley’s basement was filled from top to bottom with all the films Arthur Weasley had accumulated over the years. There was every possible genre present, from Drama and Comedy, to Horror and Historic Epic.

    “Which one?” asked Ginny in a slightly awed voice. “There are so many...I’ve never seen a movie...are they really that fun?” she looked at Harry questioningly.

    Harry smiled down at her, glad that she was speaking to him again. All during Bill and Fleur’s wedding, which had taken place two days ago, she had avoided him. He could certainly understand her hesitation, however...he had, after all, broken up with her to keep her safe. If only she knew how much it pained him to not be able to call her his any longer...she didn’t know, couldn’t know, how leaving her had broken his heart. He couldn’t bear to lose another one whom he loved.

    “Yes,” he answered, his green eyes caressing her face, “they are. Hey Hermione, what about that one? I don’t think I’ve seen it.”

    Hermione looked towards the bottom, where Harry was pointing, and squealed excitedly. “Oh! I didn’t spot it! Oh, perfect, this is it, you’ve got to watch it...” she bent down and picked up a slim case.

    “What is it?” Ron looked quite skeptical.

    “Can’t you read, Ronald?” Hermione asked rudely. Harry couldn’t help but smile, knowing she didn’t mean to be tart at all...she and Ron were so lovesick and obsessed with each other that no mater what either one said, they’d still go snog in the broom closet...Harry liked to call it the “make-up and make-out” trend.

    “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl,” read Harry aloud, taking the case from Hermione and showing it to Ginny. “It’s a DVD,” he explained, “and that’s why it’s so much thinner than the videos.”

    “Is it like a CD?” she asked, running her fingers over the smooth surface of the case, her hand resting on the picture of Johnny Depp in his pirate regalia.

    “Sort of...come on, let’s put it in!” Hermione grabbed the movie from Harry and practically flew up the stairs in her excitement.

    “I guess it’s good,” Ron commented dryly to Harry as they trudged upstairs.

    By the time they had reached the family room, Hermione had already plugged in the television and the DVD player, and was in the process of inserting the disc.

    “Sit down!” she motioned at the couch behind her. “It’ll just take a second to read...and then I press ‘play’...here we are!” she scooted backwards until she was leaning against Ron’s legs.

    Harry winced as he sat down as far away from the couple as possible, which left Ginny no place but the middle. She shot him a glance as she plopped down, and he found himself plunged into memories...memories of a time when Ginny had leaned against him like that in the Gryffindor common room...

    A flash across the TV screen made Harry come out of his reverie. The title was portrayed proudly before fading away to a dark scene. Fog gave way to a ship, and a faint voice was heard from the little girl at the helm.

    “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me…we extort, we pilfer, we filch and sack, drink up—“

    She stopped suddenly, startled by a hand clapping down on her shoulder.

    “That’s one of the main characters,” whispered Hermione, “Elizabeth Swann.”

    Harry nodded. He had seen previews for the movie on Dudley’s large-screen TV, and was more or less aware of the characters and storyline, although he hadn’t actually seen it...the Dursley’s had refused to let him go to the movie theater.

    After a few minutes had passed, Harry found his mind wandering, despite the intriguing things that were occurring on the screen.

    Ginny. There she sat. Right next to him, with her legs crossed under her on the couch. Her left knee was touching his leg. Not that she was doing it purposely. She probably had no clue that the light touch was driving him mad. She was so close, and yet, so far...

    Harry glanced at her. Although the lights were dimmed so that they could see the screen better, her red hair still shone with the remaining light. It was long, almost to her waist, and it framed her face with soft, sweeping, smooth curls. It was actually more wavy than curly, but at any rate, it entranced him. He recalled all too well the time, not so long ago, when she had let him run his hands through it. Now, she was barely speaking to him, and then only in monosyllables. Well, not quite, he reminded himself with a smile; she had just spoken an entire sentence to him not ten minutes ago!

    As he dwelled on that, he began to wonder...why didn’t she understand why he couldn’t be with her? Why couldn’t she just move on? Not that he really wanted her to move on to another guy, but neither did he want her to wait for him, and then if he died...well, she’d be alone, and he only wanted her to be safe and happy.

    Damn that stupid prophecy, he thought, clenching his fist. Why was it that everyone he cared for and loved was dying? First his parents, then Sirius, now Dumbledore...soon it would be Ron...then Hermione...then Ginny. And he wouldn’t, couldn’t, allow it. Not any of them. They would all grow old enough to have great great grandchildren if he had anything to do with it!

    Ginny was trying to concentrate on the muggle movie. It was interesting so far, and the actors were really good looking. But why was it that all she was truly aware of at the moment was that Harry was watching her? She groaned inwardly. Why couldn’t he just leave her alone in her misery? He was the one who had left her, and now here he was, constantly looking at her, and she could sense that he still wanted her. That was what angered her the most: the fact that he was going against his initial feelings for her. Why was it so important for him to fight his obvious love for her? Even if they weren’t dating, Voldemort would still know that he cared for her, so either way she was in danger. Why couldn’t he just accept it? It would make things so much easier...

    Suddenly, the room was silent. Harry looked away from Ginny to find that Ron had pressed the ‘pause’ button on the remote.

    “Gotta go to the loo,” he mumbled, rising from the couch.

    Hermione turned sharply and clamped onto his legs. “Oh no, you don’t. You can’t just turn on Johnny Depp, and then put him on pause! It isn’t ethical!”

    Ron rolled his eyes. “Ethical smeshical. I gotta go!”

    “Ronald!” pleaded Hermione, “come on, it’s getting to the good part. He’s about to escape from Commodore Norrington, then he has this super-cool sword fight with Will Turner!”

    “But I still really gotta go, Mione,” whined Ron.

    “Tie a knot in it,” quipped Ginny solemnly.

    Ron glared at her, but Hermione stayed clamped to the lower half of his body, and he still couldn’t move. Suddenly, and bright light came into his eyes. “Listen, I’ll just do a little charm so you’ll be entertained while I’m, uh, occupied.”

    Harry and Ginny both raised skeptical eyebrows. “Oh really?” asked Ginny, restraining laughter, “what charm would that be?”

    “That one Flitwick taught us at the end of term...the replacement charm, or whatever,” Ron said, as he promptly pointed his wand at the TV, and announced. “Enorte Renplanto!”

    There was a sudden burst of light as a blue force jetted out from Ron’s wand, hit the screen of the TV, then swiftly bounced back, engulfing the four and sucking them towards the screen. Hermione screamed, and suddenly, they were gone.

    A/N: Please review...I've wanted to post this for a long time, so I hope you guys like it...watch for the next chapter, "Captain Jack Sparrow." And yes, I am well aware that since HP takes place in the 90s, POTC wasn't around, nor were DVDs...but please, allow me to make this one exception for the sake of the story...

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