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“What in Merlin’s name are you doing?” yelled Hermione advancing towards the blushing Ginny. She’d immediately broke her contact from Draco and was standing nervously, her fingers twiddling below her.

“Hermione… please,” she muttered, unsure of what to say. She flattened the black robes and looked at her shyly, “You have to understand,”

“What is there to understand Ginny?” asked Hermione. Her face was flushed with anger and Ginny took a step backwards knowing perfectly well that she had to think of something, or that Draco would have to step in.

Draco laughed evilly and looked at Hermione with no care, “You think I would actually kiss her and pretend I wanted to Mudblood?” he asked stepping towards Hermione, “I had some business to take care of, and she just happened to be part of it,”

Hermione fumed as she took a step towards him as well, her wand twirling carelessly in her fingers. Ginny almost gasped as she saw a flicker of fear in Draco’s eyes but knew that he was lying.

“Were you forcing yourself on her Malfoy?” asked Hermione pointing her wand at him now. Draco smirked classically and laughed again.

“Why would I want to force myself onto someone that associates with the likes of know-it-all Granger and Potter?” he asked, obviously confused.

Ginny shook, he was digging himself deeper, making it looked like it was her forcing herself on him. Oh god she was confused now, she pulled at a lock of her hair and let her eyes fly back and forth between the arguing people. She anxiously awaited the next move.

“Now you’re denying it, the nerve!” exclaimed Hermione walking towards Ginny and taking her arm, “Are you alright Ginny?” she asked patting her back comfortably. Ginny nodded; afraid to say something that would jeopardize how well this seemed to be going.

Hermione shot another look back at Malfoy and he did a double take, obviously pretending to be scared. As they walked out Ginny looked back to see him leaning against the doorway sadly, his hand running through his hair.

She hated the way that everyone was against each other; it was as bad as being racist. If you were in one house, you were assumed a certain personality, but what Hermione and Harry, and even Ron didn’t realise was that even the people that seem the worst, are sometimes just the most confused.


Ron stared steadily into the fire as Jane slept on his shoulder. Ginny had gone to bed long ago, but she seemed a little off. He suspected it was from her brutal attack from Malfoy, she was lucky that he hadn’t gone and murdered him. If Jane wouldn’t have been there than he would have jinxed him until he wept.

It was the way that Hermione described the ‘episode’, as he called it. He couldn’t get the words out of his mind that she’d said.

“It was just… outrageous. I was walking to class, knowing perfectly well why I was late, but that couldn’t be helped,” Hermione blushed as she said this, glancing nervously at Harry, “I heard a ruckus in the room, almost like a desk being pushed away. Obviously as a prefect I was curious to know what it was. Thank god I came at the right time. Who knows how much farther Malfoy would have got on you Ginny!”

Ginny sat there, looking around nervously. Ron couldn’t help but notice Jane squeeze her hand and whisper something to her.

“It was nothing Hermione,”

“Nothing! You should have seen it! Just as I walked in he swooped down on her lips, holding onto her hips and pushing her backwards!”

“You’re not serious!” said Harry coming to the full realisation of what Hermione was saying. At this Ginny stood up angrily and marched up the stairs, yelling something that sounded like ‘I can take care of myself!’ from up above.

He shook his head and stared down at the black hair covering his shoulders. He carefully lifted himself out from underneath her and instead of prodding her awake carefully picked her up. Surprised by just how much she weighed, (she did run a lot though,) and carried her up the stairs. Standing at the edge of her door he realised that he couldn’t go in and lightly prodded her awake, allowing her to go in.


Ginny was pacing the entrance hall quickly. She didn’t know if what she was doing was right. She’d gotten his letter and come quickly, having to sneak past Ron and Jane.

Footsteps echoed loudly as Draco came out a door to her left, she put a hand to his chest as he tried to envelope her into a hug. She shook her head sadly and opened her mouth, trying to find the words.

“Hermione told them all Draco, it’s lucky you aren’t being hunted for right now,”

“It’s okay, I thought of something,” he said reaching out for her. She stepped back, flicking her fiery hair behind he shoulders.

“There’s too many problems Draco, we have to stop this now, we save Sylvie and that’s the end of it okay?” she sighed and finally allowed him to hug her, “I can’t keep living like this,”

“Like what?”

“Like a traitor,”

“You’re no traitor Ginny,” he said running his thumb over her cheek.

“Yes I am, we have tonight Draco, and that’s the end of it… after that we might meet to make up some information but we’re done… romantically at least,”

“If I only have you for one more night, then let’s go, I can’t bear to waste any time,” he said grinning. Ginny’s shoulders sagged as she begged him with her eyes. He smiled as they walked together, to the room of requirements.

She knew in her heart, that tonight, she’d give him her all. Her eyes didn’t break from his as he opened the door and pushed her inside. They both knew that now, nobody could interrupt them. They could just bask in each other’s presence. That was all that they needed.

He laid her down against the white bed and kissed her lips softly, letting the taste of her warm him. He let his tongue slip between her soft lips as his hands fell to her hips.

She wrapped her arms around his back and tugged at his shirt. She promised herself not to regret what she was going to do next. She was in love, but it would have to stop, hopefully this wouldn’t make it irresistible though… it didn’t seem fair to not make love at least once when you were in such a deep love as they were.

Their robes lay discarded on the floor as Draco pulled at the bra that he’d already removed once before. It slid off her as he tugged at the buttons of his pants, feeling passion that he’d felt with no girl before. He’d had sex with Pansy, but he didn’t know if Ginny was a virgin or not, to ask would be so embarrassing.

Even though Ginny was a virgin she didn’t care, because this night was going to be everything she’d longed for, for such a long time.

She was naked, and for some reason she wasn’t embarrassed, she thought that she’d be afraid of him to look at her. None of that mattered though, she was intent on what was happening that it didn’t seem to matter what he was thinking.

Ginny tensed herself for what was coming, but Draco pushed the hair out of her face and smiled at her, obviously wanting it to happen badly, “If you don’t want to Ginny… then we don’t have too,”

Ginny shook her head and kissed his lips again, “I’ve never wanted to more than this,”

He nodded and Ginny relaxed her muscles, knowing that this was the most important thing to her; that for once she didn’t care what the consequences were going to be.

A/N: It's very hard to write something that is supposed to get the point across of a sex scene, I hope it was okay, not too graphic but not too tame either... and I hope you enjoyed! Please review! It's going to be very exciting!

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