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A/N: Here’s chapter nine, now you get to see the bad side of old Snape, ha-ha he-he, *does evil laugh*… *cough* anyway… on with the story, enjoy!


Chapter 9: Snake Charming


He could see what Hermione had done. He could tap into her mind and control her like a puppet.

You paint a picture
So it's plain to see
Ain't no hiding
No security

He had ventured through her mind, body and soul; twisting her muscles to do everything he wished.

Of course, she didn’t know what was making her do these awful things. She never intended to perform the Cruciatus Curse on Ginny, oh no, it was all his doing!

His lip curled in the moonlight which came through the black-satin curtains. He saw through his mind Hermione and Draco being all close, he had seen everything that had happened between them and Harry Potter’s clan.

No one else knew of his great power of wondering into people’s minds, apart from one; but he is gone now, the man snickered.

I'll be watching
Every move you make
When you hear the rattle
Better be awake

Everything was his doing, as he acted as the fool. And yet he realised that the Half-Blood Prince had returned, again!


A tapping noise filled the common room, and so did the sound of rain splashing against the windows. But the cold air was felt the most, but the warm arms that were wrapped around their body’s made up for the loss of heat.

The tapping became irritable to Hermione’s ears. She opened her eyes, unwrapped Draco’s arms from around herself and sat up.

She rubbed her eyes rid of sleep and saw that she had slept on the leather couch, in the cold common room; all night, in Draco’s muscular arms.

She realised that a Tawny Owl was the source of the tapping noise. It was trying to get in, to try and get out of the rain.

She ran to the window, opened it as lightning flashed brightly and thunder growled loudly. The owl soared in and landed on the mantelpiece. It held out it’s leg and Hermione took the letter off. The owl ruffled it’s feathers, sending water everywhere.

“Thanks!” Hermione spat, as she flicked her hair rid of water, some landing on Draco’s face. He turned in his sleep, Hermione giggled. She opened the envelope and began to read the messy letter. It was addressed to herself and Draco.

“We will begin organising the Valentine’s Masquerade Ball today. I want no complaints and if you need advice I’ll be in the room at all times. This is your job, not mine and I always stand by my word! I’ll be waiting outside the Room of Requirement.
Severus Snape.”

Hermione dropped the letter and gave a disdained look to the Tawny Owl, who hooted at her, as if to say that he didn’t write the letter, so please, don’t shot the messenger.

She ran to where Draco was still asleep and shook him awake, but he didn’t stir, but carried on snoring.

“Draco, you know you love me?” She cooed. He rolled over so his face was against the back of the couch. “Well,” she continued. “If you don’t get up now, I’ll make sure you won’t love any other girl, again!”

“Do men count as well?” He chuckled.

“Of course!”

He opened his eyes slowly then said, “So, that letter… what was it about?”

“So you were awake? No surprise for you then!” His face dropped. “It was from Snape; being all ignorant! We have to go and see him today, so get your arse into gear, and move it!”

“Yes mother!” Draco retorted.

Hermione stared at him angrily as he pulled on his shirt, said something like he’d shower later. (“Wish you’d shower now!” Hermione complained). They had a quick breakfast but as they were about to leave, Draco stopped and turned to face Hermione.

“I’m awake now,” he gave her the puppy-dog eyes. “So, can I have my surprise?”

“Maybe later,” she barged past him. He followed her into the empty corridor.

“Could I have a preview now, please?” He even got down on his knees and pleaded up to her; begging even!

“Fine. Get up you idiot!” Hermione tutted and Draco got up obediently. “Here!” She pulled his head to hers and she kissed him forcefully.

He was amazed and making sure her back was turned, he licked his lips to save the flavour and the moment, then wondered what’ll happen later.


They travelled up to the seventh floor silently. They had been given lessons off and they didn’t want to disturb the rest of the school; to Draco’s disappointment.

The gothic Snape tapped his foot impatiently outside the Room of Requirement, waiting for them. The sound echoed around them. “You’re late!” He spat.

Snake eyes, I'm watching
Snake eyes, look out
Snake eyes, it's coming
Snake eyes, ain't no escaping from the snake eye
(No way)

“But you didn’t give us a time,” Draco answered back.

“Silence! Now, enter and work,” Snape ordered. They went inside and sat at a highly-polished table. They set out all their notes they had made, hoping to put them to good use.

Snape merrily glared at them from an arm chair in a far corner, sometimes peering form behind his newspaper or wondering over to his kitchenette to get a drink and stealing a glance of what they were doing.

You leave a footprint
For my eye to see
Catch an echo
From a lock and key

On the fifth trip, Draco dared to speak, “I’m sure your bladder will be full by now!” He chuckled.

Snape laughed mirthlessly, he strode over to Draco, pulled back his head by his long, blonde hair and said: “Shut it!” He threw his head back down and it hit off the table.

“Draco, are you OK?” Hermione asked. He nodded in reply but that made the pain worsen, a bruise had already appeared. “Go and see Madam Pomfrey,” Hermione ordered. “I’ll be fine on my own.” He left without complaint, and with a swift warning glare at Snape, she got back to work.

From the shadow
Or behind a rock
Get you anywhere
From the darkest shack

Snape leered at her. He thought to himself, how can a Muggleborn be capable of knowing such magical values that even I don’t understand? And her wand, seems strange. Why would her wand disobey her commands? Something to do with that scar, he whispered.

Snake eyes, I'm watching
Snake eyes, look out
Snake eyes, it's coming
Snake eyes, ain't no escaping from the snake eye
(No way)

“Severus…” It seemed weird to call him by his first name, it sent shivers up her spine. “Could you help me please?”

“Have you finished giving me evil looks?” He questioned.

“Not if you don’t give me advice!” She smirked and he returned an identical one. He came over to sit down next to her, then scanned the table which was covered by the mountains of parchments.

“Could we organise a Hogsmeade trip for…” She searched the calendar next to her. “… the thirteenth of February?”

“Could be arranged,” he said snidely.

“Look, if you don’t cooperate, I’m going to have to report you to Professor McGonagall, do you understand me?”

“Fine. Yes, I’ll see what I can do about the trip,” he answered glumly.

“Good! Now, when we’re in Hogsmeade, I want you to go to this shop and buy me this list of things,” she handed him a long list. He stared all the way down it, but he nodded and pocketed it all the same. “You need to help Draco with entertainment, and then you can help me with decorations, got that?”

“And what do I get for doing all this?” He asked, rather to the point.

“The fact that you helped someone, and did a job well done!” She smiled widely, he raised an eyebrow.

Hours passed and Draco didn’t return, Hermione became quite worried about him and wondered whether she should go and check on him. But knowing him, he would’ve bunked off somewhere, leaving her to do all the work and charm the snake into helping her.

“Want a drink?” Snape asked.

“Yeah, OK, just pumpkin juice please!” She answered his request. He waved his wand and two goblets and a jug of pumpkin juice appeared before them. “Thank you,” she said. She poured some into a glass and in one gulp, she had drained it all.

Then he saw it, the broken heart scar. He really wanted to know what it all meant, he had seen the other half on Draco’s right palm.

He did it so fast that Hermione nearly choked on her second goblet of juice. He grabbed her left wrist and brought it closer to his eyes.

He twisted it so that the palm face upwards. “Ow! Let go!” Hermione wailed.

“Draco has the other half, you know?” He said quickly.

“I know, now let go!” But his grip remained tight and firm.

“Do you know what this means?”

“No! I don’t care! Now let go! She yanked her arm from him and it slapped him around the face.

“You’ll pay for that, you insufferable Mudblooded bitch!” He pushed her to the floor. He pointed his wand at her as she scrambled away from him. She came into contact with a wall, but she withdrew her wand hastily, even though she knew it was no good.

“No way out now,” he muttered. “And you know that it’ll never work!”

She gulped then realised something. “How do you know that my wand isn’t working?” For only a few people knew that it didn’t.

“I follow your back, I see everything you do, Miss Granger. I control your wand!”

Hear a rustle
From behind a tree
Get you running
Home to sanctuary

It took Hermione awhile to think about what Snape had just said, then she had it. What she had come to was virtually impossible but then it all made sense. She realised that Snape was a Legilimens. “It was you who made me hurt Ginny,” she gasped.

“Well, you thought of what you really wanted to do. I just made you more angry. Then I let your wand do the work,” he explained.

“But how can you? I know you’re a Legilimens but you can’t just control someone, unless…”

“Oh, so you know about that secret, I’m really flattered. But I’m sure you know about the Imperius Curse, am I right?

“But you can’t, it’s not possible!”

“Anything’s possible,” he chuckled. “You just presumed that I was keeping an eye on you? Never! I’m doing this for my own benefit, now that the Dark Lord has gone. And you thought you could use that charm to make me do your dirty work, I don’t think so!” He spat.

“I’m reporting you. I knew that when you returned it wasn’t just some coincidence!”

“I don’t think so, Hermione. You see, McGonagall hasn’t returned from London yet, owing to the fact she’s seeing friends of mine.” He walked over to the table where he flicked his wand and a crystal ball appeared. Hermione got up steadily and made her way over.

His hands fumbled with the crystal ball, making the black smoke disappear to reveal a sight worth screaming for.

Hermione saw McGonagall, sitting on a cold, stone floor. Her robes were torn, her skin was battered and bruised with scratch marks here and there and her wand lay forgotten by her side.

Hermione gasped and cried silently inside, but a tear escaped her. “You monster!” She yelled.

“You think so? Well, here’s my bargain. You stop charming the snake, do everything by yourself and find out what that broken heart scar means, and then I’ll let her go… simple as that!”

“And what if I don’t do all those things?”

“I’ll kill her!” He put it simply.

She gulped. “You really are the most hated man alive. You monster! And you call yourself the Half-Blood Prince? Don’t make me laugh! You’re nothing but a low-life scumbag!”

“Crucio!” Snape yelled. Hermione dropped to the floor in agonising pain, she remembered they way Ginny must’ve felt.

“Now get out of my sight, and just remember what I’ve said.” He lifted the curse and without picking up her stuff, she fled.

Bolt the door and -
You think you're safe
I'm coming to get you
Gonna reach out


She walked back silently, not even thinking. All she did was let the tears fall because of what she had seen in the crystal ball.

Snake eyes, I'm watching
Snake eyes, look out
Snake eyes, it's coming
Snake eyes, ain't no escaping from the snake eye
(No way)

How could anyone do such a thing? She desperately wanted to save her Professor, but now she needed Draco by her side, seen as no one else would be.

Her feet moved faster, it felt like the wind was pushing her towards him. As she neared their portrait, she heard a high-pitched squawk. It was Kataria the Gryffin. She was crying out for her friend in need and this made Hermione cry even more.

She entered through the portrait hole and came into contact with the warm birth of the fire blazing away.

She spotted Draco laying across the couch with a cold compress on his forehead, his bruise was fading. She ran straight past him and into the kitchen, but he heard her hurried footsteps so he got up and followed.

She poured out a shot of vodka and downed it. She screwed up her face; she never liked the taste of vodka, but it was needed.

“What’s up with you, face-ache?” He laughed and walked over to the sink to wet another cloth for his head.

Got the snake eyes, they call me a snake in the bush
Snake eyes, biting
Snake eyes, always watching
Snake eyes

“Snape’s been controlling my mind. He made me hurt Ginny, he’s been making my wand spark out,” she cried out.


“Yes, he even told me.”

“Oh Jesus. He’s probably been sparking out my wand as well!”


“My wand isn’t working like yours,” he explained. “ It’s been like it for ages.”

“But that’s not all. You know McGonagall said she was going down to London?” Draco nodded. “She’s not,” she continued. “She’s bruised and battered and she’s locked up in a dungeon.”

Snake eyes, I'm watching
Snake eyes, look out
Snake eyes, it's coming
Snake eyes, ain't no escaping from the snake eye
(No way)

“Why? How?”

“I don’t know how, but you can always count on Snape to be the why.

“We have to do something. Call Aurors into help or something, tell the other Professors!” He yelled.

“No, they’re in as much danger as you and me are, Draco.”

“So what’re we going to do then?” He asked unsurely.

“We have to do everything by ourselves without his help, and find out what this means,” she showed him her left palm. He coughed nervously then showed her his. “If we do,” Hermione began. “Snape will set her free.”

“And if we don’t do all those things?” Draco questioned, his voice was kind of shaky.

Ain't no escaping from the -
Just keep a lookout for the -
Snake eye

“He’ll kill her!” Hermione let a tear slide down her cheek. Draco took her into his arms, but he managed to gulp away his fear of snakes.

This wasn’t the surprise he had been hoping for!


Song by ACDC: Snake Eyes

A/N: Snape, you could just kill him, couldn’t you?! Anyway, tell me what you guys think, review please!


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