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It had been two glorious weeks at Hogwarts for James Potter. School had only just begun and he knew it would be the best year ever, because he was Head Boy, and Lily Evans was Head Girl. So far it had been uneventful, except when Lily got really mad, when she found out James had stolen and copied her timetable, and then switched all his classes to hers. “You don’t have charms on Wednesday.” Lily said. “I do now.” He told her and she snatched his timetable. “These are exactly the same classes as I have.” “What a coincidence eh?” James said innocently. “My timetable went missing last week, you wouldn’t know anything about that would you Potter?” “Me? No.” “Oh you liar, you stole my timetable and copied it didn’t you. I’m going to have to get a restraining order against you.” She fumed. “A what?” He asked, not knowing what a restraining order was, because he was brought up by wizards. “Oh never mind.” She snapped. “Just leave me alone.” * James watched as Lily walked towards the lake with an armful of books. He sat under the big beech tree every day and watched Lily study by the lake, wondering how to make her like him. At that moment he saw a hurried Professor McGonagall rushing across the grass towards him and Sirius. Suddenly an idea struck him. “Professor!” He called out. She ignored him, so he rushed over to meet her. “What is it Potter? I’m late for class and what are you doing out here? You should be in class too.” “I have a free period Professor M.” He replied rolling his eyes. “Yes very well then. I thought I told you not to call me that.” “Sorry Professor, but I just wanted to tell you that I truly am sorry for my behavior in your class yesterday, it was very rude of me and I can assure you that it won’t be happening again.” “Yes I’m sure Potter, and don’t you think that groveling will reduce your punishment, I expect you in my office for detention every day this week.” “Yes Professor I know, but as my own personal punishment, I’ve been studying transfiguration every night and I’d say I am sufficiently advanced now, I’ll be expecting an Outstanding for my N.E.W.T.S this year.” “Very nice Potter but I have-to-get-to-class.” She tried to dodge him, but he kept stepping in front of her. “I’ve even leant how to transfigure tiny objects like a single blade of grass into a rock. Would you like me to show you?” “No Potter I wouldn’t, but if it’ll get me to class faster then hurry up.” James aimed directly in front of Lily and gave his wand a small flick. Suddenly a rock appeared and Lily went flying. Splash. “Oh dear, didn’t see her there.” “POTTER!” Professor McGonagall yelled as she hurried over to help Lily out of the lake. Behind him, Sirius was rolling around on the grass with laughter. McGonagall had fished Lily out of the lake and was seething. She wrapped her own cloak around Lily, who was shivering violently. “DETENTION POTTER.” She yelled, and then looked at her pocket watch. “Oh my! The time! I’m so late.” “I’ll take her to the hospital wing Professor.” James offered. “Oh no you won’t Potter. Surly there’s someone else?” She looked around hopefully, but there was no one else on the grounds except him and Sirius. Sirius smiled brightly at her. “Oh I so don’t trust you either Black.” “Professor you are very late and like I told you, it was an accident. I’ll take Evans to the hospital wing.” James said convincingly. Lily was shaking her head, as her teeth were chattering too hard for her to protest. “Oh all right, but I’ll see you in detention tonight Potter.” James dragged a struggling Lily with him to the hospital wing. “Ggget offff me.” She chattered. “Nope.” He replied, helping her to the infirmary. “Oh my goodness!” Madam Pomfrey cried when she saw Lily. What happened to her? How can she be this cold in the middle of summer? Did she fall into the lake?” “In a manner of speaking yes.” James told her. “Oh you’ll be fine dear, here drink some of this.” She said as she forced Pepper Up potion down Lily’s throat. The colour began to return to her face, but she choked and spluttered. “What’s wrong with her?” James asked tentatively. “Oh it’s just the steam coming on.” Madam Pomfrey replied and sure enough, steam began to shoot from Lily’s ears. “I think she’d better stay the night though, that water’s dreadfully cold.” The steam stopped and Lily gasped. “Feeling better dear?” Lily nodded and the last thing James saw was Lily pulling her arm back. * He woke up the next morning on a hospital bed, to Madam Pomfrey drawing the curtains back. He put his hands over his eyes as sunlight filled the room. “What happened?” He mumbled. “Oh that was a wonderful punch, knocked you right out and from what I hear you deserved it. Professor McGonagall told me you transfigured a rock in front of Miss Evans, causing her to trip into the lake. It’s a jolly wonder you didn’t give the girl hypothermia, do you realise how cold that lake can get?” “Sorry.” He muttered, completely ashamed, he hadn’t meant for this to happen. “Don’t apologise to me boy, it’s her you need to say sorry to, I let her out this morning. There’s nothing wrong with you anymore except wounded pride, so come on scoot, I need to free up this bed.” James grabbed his glasses and placed them over his newly healed nose. He rumpled his hair and jumped out of the bed. “Oh and Professor McGonagall told me to tell you that you will be serving your detention at eight o’clock tonight in her office.” Madam Pomfrey added, as she shooed him out the door. * He found Lily sitting with Alice in the common room later that night. “Sorry Evans.” He said. “I didn’t mean it.” “Of course you did!” She scoffed. “Remember, me walking towards the lake, you transfiguring a blade of grass into a rock?” “Well not like that. I didn’t realise the water was so cold.” He added. “Apology so not accepted.” She said. “Watch your back Potter, I’m gonna get you back.” “What was the nose then?” He exclaimed. “Payback for copying my timetable.” She said with an evil smile. James gulped. If that was for the timetable, he didn’t want to know what was coming next. “Surly we can talk about this like reasonable human beings.” He protested. “Silencio!” Lily cried and James found he could speak no more. “Goodbye Potter.” She said with a wave, and he hurried up to his dormitory. * “What do you think he’s trying to tell us?” Sirius asked Remus as James was frantically signaling for them to help get his voice back. “No idea.” Remus answered lazily, finishing off an astronomy assignment. “Oh I know, its charades isn’t it?” Sirius asked stupidly. James stamped his foot in frustration and pointed to the door. Sirius opened it and looked down the stairs. “Oh Evans, why didn’t you say so?” James gave him an annoyed look. “Oh right you can’t talk. Ok what’s she done this time?” “Oh move Sirius.” Remus said, pointing his wand at James and lifting the spell. “Thanks Moony.” James said. “No problem.” “That girl has serious issues Prongs.” Sirius told him. “I mean almost every girl in this school would die to go out with you and you have to fall for the one that hates your guts. Where’s the logic in that?” “She’s different.” James snapped, but Sirius didn’t take any offense. “Yes I know that, she’s the only girl that’s broken your nose five times. Come on Prongs live a little. Stop obsessing over Evans and take someone else out. What about that blonde sixth year, she likes you?” “No!” James said. “I love Lily.” “Ew! Love! Isn’t that a bit of a strong word? Love! Yuck!” Sirius said, sounding as if he’d just said a very disgusting word. James scowled at him and Remus laughed. “I think it’s time we told Padfoot that you can’t get cooties from girls.” James could not help but burst out with laughter too.

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