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Lily Evans stepped on board the Hogwarts Express, heaving her trunk in behind her. She had her shiny new Head Girl badge pinned on her chest and was ready for whatever would come her way this year, even
James Potter. Lily hated when people abused their position of authority, but she also hated James Potter, so she couldn’t see the harm in giving him a few detentions every now and then to deflate his big head.

“Lily!” She spun around to see her best friend Alice Sparks rush on to the train to greet her. Lily held her breath as she knew what would happen next. Crash.

“Oww!” Lily hurried over to help Alice up. She was such a klutz. “Thanks Lils. How are you?” Alice lent over to give Lily a hug.

“Great. I haven’t seen you in ages, how was your summer?” She asked helping Alice put her trunk in a compartment.

“Oh so much fun.” She replied as she sat down. “We went skiing and guess who we saw there! The Longbottoms.”

Lily smiled; she knew her friend had had a huge crush on Frank Longbottom since their third year. “And?” She asked, wanting to know all the details.

“And he kissed me.” She said happily. “He told me he liked me for ages and guess what, the entire time I was with him, I didn’t fall over once!”

“No!” Lily said in disbelief.

“Yup. I didn’t knock anything over either. When I’m around him I just feel so…un klutzy.”

The train suddenly lurched as they started to leave the station.

“Let’s get changed.” Lily said to Alice, and they put on their black school robes. After Lily had repaired the gaping hole in Alice’s robes (she had managed to step on the hem whilst putting them on and split her robes right up the side), she bade her friend farewell and headed for the Head Boy and Girl compartment, where she would receive her duties and meet the Head Boy. She was hoping it wouldn’t be Amos Diggory, she’d only broken up with him at the end of last year and he still might be a bit bitter. She reached the front of the train and slid open the compartment door to find-

“Potter get out!” She said impatiently.

“No!” He replied stubbornly.

“This is the Head Boy and Girl’s compartment and if you don’t get out now, I will have no choice but to exercise my right as Head Girl and give you a detention.” She hissed at him, but the only reaction she got, was a huge grin spreading from ear to ear on Potter’s conceited face.

“Fine, but then I’m exercising my right as Head Boy and giving you a detention for being rude to me Evans. Hey it’s practically a date!”

Lily’s mouth dropped. Potter Head Boy! How could this be? Surely this was some kind of sick joke. Dumbledore would have never picked Potter. “Alright Potter, who’d you steal the badge off?”

“No one Evans, it’s mine. If you don’t believe me look at the note Dumbledore left us.”

She snatched the piece of parchment out of his hands and skimmed through it. This couldn’t be happening, but there it was plain and simple:

“Dear Mr Potter and Miss Evans, you have been selected as this year’s Head Boy and Girl...”,

“But you weren’t even a prefect!” Lily spluttered.

“Yup, but Dumbledore’s changed the rules this year, you don’t need to be a prefect. Think about it Evans, he picked this year of all years to change the rules; it looks like you and I are destined to be together.”

Upon hearing this, she gave James one final glare, kicked him in the shins and stormed out.

“Oww!” She heard James cry. “You really need to see someone about those anger issues Evans.”


“Argh!” Lily cried as she flung the compartment door open. She was shocked to find Alice wrapped around Frank Longbottom. They broke apart, just as surprised as she was.

“Lily!” Alice said. “Um you know Frank don’t you?”

“Hi.” Frank said, and Lily forced a polite smile, secretly seething on the inside. “Alice I think I’ll just go ok, see you at school.”

“Bye.” Alice said with a sad wave, she obviously didn’t want him to go. As soon as the door slid shut again, Lily exploded.

“Out of all the 7th years in the school guess which one was made Head Boy, guess.”

“Judging by your tone I’m going to go with Potter.”

“Argh! Of all the arrogant, insufferable, know it all, complete and total jerks-” Lily screamed as the compartment door opened again and James Potter stuck his head in.

“Weren’t talking about me by any chance were you?” He said with a grin.

Lily clenched her fists and Alice jumped in. “Back away slowly Potter, back away.”

“No can do Sparks, Evans has to come up the front with me to meet the new prefects.”

Lily crossed her arms and flopped on to the seat and pulled out a book. “I’m not going anywhere with you, I haven’t forgotten last year when you told me McGonagall wanted to see me and pushed me in that broom cupboard with you.”

“Ah my nose has never been the same.” James said dreamily. “Seriously Evans, you don’t want to fail your first ever duty do you?”

Lily glared and stood up, pushing James out of the way and storming up the aisle.

“Right.” Lily barked at the new prefects as she entered the compartment at the front again. “You’ll need to go out and patrol the corridors, starting this year, you now have the power to hand out detentions, but if I catch anyone abusing those powers you’ll regret it. Right get, go.” She started shooing them out, just as Potter entered.

“Hey you didn’t wait for me!” He whined.

“And no one listen to a word he says.” She added to the prefects who were staring at James. Two girls started to giggle and whisper at the sight of him (for some strange reason he was considered one of the most eligible bachelors in the school.) James gave his trademark smile and rumpled his hair. The girls giggled even harder.

“Oh grow up!” She snapped and they hurried out. “Happy now Potter?”

He ignored her question. “You know Evans, you’d be much prettier if you didn’t scowl all the time-gives you wrinkles.”

She raised her eyebrows and whacked him over the head with the book she was holding.

“Argh! Evans how many times do I have to tell you, violence is not the answer?”

“And how many times do I have to tell you to leave me alone?”

“None, if you’ll just go out with me.”

“I wouldn’t go out with you if you were the last person left on earth.” She hissed, and stomped away again.

“So I’ll take that as a maybe then?” She heard James shout.

Seventh year was supposed to be the best yet, so far it was becoming the worst.

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