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Chapter Two: Huh? ~|~ Yes- I bet you’re all wondering, “How in Merlin’s name did James Potter and Lily Evans end up, snogging like mad, in a closet? Together!?” That, my friend, is a bloody good question. That I still don’t have a straight answer to. I only know my side of the story, you see. And a long and complicated story it happens to be, one of twists and turns and- stop. Stop with the poetry! Gah. I’ve spent too much time around Moony with his sodding nose always buried in a blasted book. For almost seven years too- the Head Boy really shouldn’t be spouting flowery verse; it’s not manly. Anyway, he’s lucky he’s my friend or I’d probably be mad at him. Oh, off topic now; back to the juicy details of how on earth Lily Evans and my humble self ended up in a closet. Yes, together. It was an accident really. And for once, that accident was not my fault- ‘twas Padfoot’s! Yet, I still got detention for it! Hmm, I wonder why Slughorn doesn’t like me? Anyway, I was walking back from detention, which Slughorn had run late on purpose so as to keep my noble self out after curfew and then set Filch upon me with the nefarious plot to give me yet another detention. Sirius wouldn’t have been happy, because then we would have been tied with 891 detentions each- and he wants to beat the all time record (976- in case you were wondering). But I foiled said nefarious plot by remembering a handy broom cupboard located only a few meters from where I stood, evading capture and certain detention. As it turns out- this broom closet was not empty. ~|~ The raven haired boy closed the door behind him with a tiny click, letting out the breath he had been holding in, hearing Filch cursing far beyond the door. He sagged with relief against the comfortingly hard wood when suddenly a miserable voice came from the black, “Since he’s now gone, would you mind finding your own broom closet and leaving me in peace?” “GAH!” James jumped back, his head colliding painfully with door before whispering frantically, “Ow…. Who’s there?” “Nobody-” the apparently female voice sniffed, as though trying to hold back tears, “Nobody at all.” The young man flushed, his blush invisible in the dark as he slid down to his knees. His hand felt around in the dark for a moment before gently touching what appeared to be a foot. He patted it awkwardly, saying quietly; “Don’t cry, it’ll be… er, okay- whatever it is.” The girl sobbed again, voice still barely audible for fear of Filch, “It won’t be, it won’t be! And you don’t even know what’s wrong with me!” “I will if you, ah- tell me?” James said uncertainly, not entirely accustomed to being ‘sensitive,’ “It can’t be that bad, surely?” “My boyfriend’s cheating on me.” The voice said flatly, “With a Slytherin. He was snogging her outside her common room.” James waited patiently for the girl to go on, she seemed to be composing herself, “I was late, getting back from a meeting with a teacher and I saw them. I don’t know what’s worse: that he’s making out with a Slytherin or that my friends told me he would do it!” “Maybe he wasn’t really ‘kissing’ her- maybe he tripped and you just saw him in that precarious kind of position?” the young man tried hopefully to lift her spirits, struggling to quell the guilty feeling in his stomach as he counted how many times he had cheated on his girlfriend of the moment. He succeeded slightly, “Thanks for trying, but no. I don’t think he tripped and suddenly had is tongue down some Slytherin tart’s throat.” She gave a sharp, forced laugh and was silent, apparently brooding. James shifted a little, taking his hand off her foot and trying to sling an arm around her shoulder. Instead, he punched the wall. “Ow!” “What’s wrong?” the girl asked, a slightly worried tone in her voice as he shook his hand out, “Well, I was trying to find your shoulder, but I think I missed.” She giggled, “Are you okay?” “Yeah, of course- are you alright?” James would never admit it to anyone, but he felt sorry and guilty right now; how many girls had done exactly this after he had behaved like a pig? From the lighter sound of her voice, he could tell she was beginning to smile, “I think so. Thanks for letting me commiserate with you. I don’t think I’ve had this nice of a talk with anybody in a…broom closet, ever.” “You know what, me neither!” They laughed quietly but silenced as the castle clock chimed, announcing ten o’clock. She sighed; “I really should go… I wish I knew what to do about this though, whether to let him know or not.” James patted her finally found arm, “Hey; if you meet me here tomorrow, same time, I’ll help you plot something. We have to do this in the dark though- it’s against the male code of honor to plot with girls over another bloke’s misfortune to come!” The young girl chuckled again, removed his hand and shook it, “Deal.” James heard the rustle of her clothes, realizing she had stood. The door creaked open to reveal a pitch black hallway and he felt her foot brush his own as she slipped through the portal. He sat, waiting for a few minutes before standing himself and sidling carefully down the long corridors with a practiced ease, arriving at the a milky white statue of a nymph. He whispered a password and the ivory figure glared at him, as to tell him that the Head Boy ought to know better than staying out after curfew, especially over a month into the term! James smiled and slipped into the Head’s common room, shared by the Head Boy and Girl who also had separate dorm rooms there. He carefully turned the knob on his door pushing it open. Just as he disappeared inside, he suddenly noticed that the Head Girl’s light was still on… ~|~ If you haven’t figured it out already, Lily is Head Girl. And I’m Head Boy- but you already knew that! Of course, I hadn’t figured out that my mystery girl was Lily yet. Normally, I’m not that dense, but Slughorn’s detentions always make me stupid, I swear! Anyhow- that’s how it began. Nice and innocent enough. Oh how fast that lasted. I still don’t know if that poor boy ever recovered from what we did to him… That Lily; she’s feisty when she’s mad! ~|~ A/N: Sooooo- how was this for a second chapter? Not particularly good, but I’m hoping it’ll progress into something better. Left ya’ll a little cliffy at the end, not too bad. If ya’ll review, you’ll find out what they do to him! And oh, is it good… A/N 2.0: And I wanted to thank everybody soooo much for all the reviews in barely a week! You don’t know how happy ya’ll have made me! A/N 3.0: But not so happy that the rodents of wrath aren’t still waiting for non-reviewers… *laughs maniacally*

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