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“Hello Mrs. Weasley.” You said, wrapping your arms around her pudgy waist in a hug.

“Hello dear, how are you?”

“Just fine, thank you.” You told her, taking a seat on the couch.

“Well Ron and Hermione have already showed me that your house is clean. I’m glad it’s clean but I didn’t come here for my usual inspection today. Kathleen, you are to come with me to take your apparition test today.” Mrs. Weasley announced.

At her words your eyes got big and your mind started to race. “But I’m not suppose to take it till next week.” You managed to say. A wave of panic struck you. You hadn’t study or gotten a good nights’ sleep and you had gone to the club with everyone else until late.

*You’ll be fine, stop stressing.* Harry told you.

*I’m not stressing, I’m fine.* You lied.

*Bullocks! I can hear you, remember? You might want to guard your thoughts if you don’t want me to hear them.* Harry started to chuckle when he said this to you in triumph.

Everyone looked at him and he tapped his finger to his temple and everyone understood that you two had been talking through your minds. “Harry, Kathleen, I really wish you wouldn’t do that around me, just talk out loud like the rest of us.” Mrs. Weasley said in a serious voice.

“Yes, Mrs. Weasley” Harry and you said in small voices.
*Or we could just not get caught.* you told Harry.

*We’re not supposed to do this anymore.* Harry replied back.

*Just don’t laugh and no one will ever know.* You think looking at him, but before he could respond Mrs. Weasley spoke.

”Kathleen we should get going.”

“OK.” You said standing up and walking over to the fireplace. You offered Mrs. Weasley the floo powder with a nervous smile. She took some, stepped into the fireplace, and said; “Ministry of Magic” and she was gone.

You took a hand full of floo powder and stepped into the fireplace. “See you guys later.” you said and they all replied with, “Good luck”. Then you threw down the floo powder and said “Ministry of Magic”.

Three hours later you walked out of the examination room. Mrs. Weasley was standing there anxiously. “Well?” she asked.

“I PASSED!” You squealed excitedly.

“Congratulations dear, shall we go back to your house for lunch?”

“Sure, I’ll see you there.” you said and with a ‘pop’, you and Mrs. Weasley were gone. Victory is sweet.

The next two weeks passed without anything major happening. This week was huge though. This week was yours and Harry’s birthday.

Your birthday was Saturday, July 30th and Harry’s was Sunday, July 31st . In the end, you and Harry had decided that you would have one huge party together. The party was going to be over a span of three days.

It would start Friday night and end early Monday morning. On Friday, the Weasley’s, Granger’s and a few other close friends are going out to dinner to do the cake and opening of presents thing.

After dinner, the younger adults, (i.e. Harry, Hermione, Fred, George, Ginny, Bill, Charlie, Ron, and many more that did not come to dinner.) would then go over to the Dragon Fly Night Club. After the club closed down, all your friends that had come, would come back to your house and crash.

On Saturday you would go out to breakfast, shop, and have lunch and then met the guys to catch a quidditch game. Well the girls would be off shopping the guys of course would be sleeping and playing quidditch, much like their regular routines. After the quidditch game, there would be a bonfire/camp out at your house to end the night off right. The house that you all share, sits on about two acres of land, so you had plenty of room for guests.

Then on the last day of the party there would be a nice formal dinner severed at your house. After dinner, Harry and you would open presents from your close friends. To follow, there would be lots a dancing and having fun. You couldn’t wait for the end of the week.

As you walked out of your room, dressed in a short blue jean skirt and a light blue tank top, you called, “Hey ‘Mine?”

“Yea?” she answered back, walking out of her room. She was dressed in blue robes with the Ministry of Magic symbol on them.

“Do we have the caterers set up and reservations?”

“Yes, everything is fine. I told you Ron and I were going to take care of everything. Stop worrying.” She chastised you.

“I can’t help it. When is your internship for the Ministry done?” You asked.

“Today. Do you have the day off?” she asked you as the two of you walked downstairs.

“Yep my last day is tomorrow. I don’t think I’m gonna miss working as the Welcome Witch at St. Mungo’s.” You told her.

“I see. What are you gonna do today then?” She asked while adjusting her already straight and wrinkle free robes.

“I’m gonna go on a day date.” You answered her with a huge smile.

“Oh, with who?”

“Mike Thomas, he’s just 17 and will be transferring to Hogwarts for his last year”.

“Sounds great. You should bring him by the house, you know so we can all met him”. At this suggestion you burst out laughing.

“What?!?!” Hermione asked.

When you claimed down you said, “And what have Harry and Ron scare him away? ‘Mione it’s only been five dates; I like him a lot”.

“You’re over reacting. Ron and Harry aren’t that bad.” She said as she grabbed a bowl from the cabinet for her breakfast.

“Do you remember what those two did to Dean when Ginny dated him? They sat him down and asked him a million questions, including personal questions about him and Ginny.”

“Oh yea, I forgot about that.” Hermione said with a bemused chuckle.

You rolled your eyes and said, “Whatever Hermione. I gotta go, I’m late”.

“Alright, be good.” Hermione said.

“I always am.” You replied with a devilish grin and then with a ‘pop’, you were gone.

You arrived at the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron to find Mike waiting for you. “Sorry I’m late,” You apologize.

“I’m not sure I will be able to forgive you.” He teased with the worse fake sad face you had ever seen.

“I see,” You said, then you gave him a hug and a kiss on the check. “All better?” You questioned.

Mike shook his head no, giving you sad puppy dog eyes. Rolling your eyes you put your hands around his neck and kissed him like you really meant it. Mike put his hands around your waist and pulled you closer quickly.

The kiss deepened; it was as if he was pouring every good feeling or emotion he had about you into the kiss. When you finally pulled away, you looked into his big brown eyes. “Wow,” Mike said gazing into your eyes.

With a sexy smirk you said, “Ehh, it was ok.”

At this he looked shocked, “It wasn’t good? Lets try that again, shall we?” You shrugged with a grin. Mike pulled you into another kiss. This kiss was even more intense than the last. You could feel him start to pull away, but you hugged him closer and pushed him up against the wall. After about another minute or so you finally untangled yourselves.

This time it was you who spoke first. “Wow”.

“I would have to agree with you there. Shall we get some breakfast?”.

“Sure,” You replied, still a little dazed from the kiss you two had shared. You guys ate at Chocolates. It was a great little coffee shop in Wizarding London. The walls were decorated in soft pastels and the tables were enchanted so that if you wanted privacy you could make it so no one else could see you.

You order a coffee and a fruit salad, Mike also ordered a coffee but had an egg sandwich. Breakfast was great; you two talked about Hogwarts, wanting to be Healers, your friends, his friends and quidditch. As the two of you walked out of Chocolates it occurred to you, you hadn’t invited him to your and Harry’s birthday party.

“Hey Mike.”

“Yea?” He replied, stopping and looking at you a little worried.

The look on his face caused yours to wrinkle with worry as well. “I don’t know what you are doing this weekend, but my friend Harry and I are a having a huge three day birthday party and I was wondering if you wanted to come as my date.”

“Let me think about.” He said. You two continued to walk out of the coffee shop, you filled with a little disappointed from his answer. You really wanted him to come to the party.

After about five minutes of walking down a street in muggle London, Mike said, “I guess I can come.”

It took you a minute to respond, but when you did, you tackled him with a hug and kiss. The kiss was awesome, another wow for both of you.

“So what do you want to do now?” Mike asked you.

“I have an idea, you remember where my house is right?” he looked shocked, but nodded his head yes. “Good, met me there in ten minutes.” and with that being said you gave him a quick kiss and ‘pop’, you were gone.

When you got back home, you ran through the house yelling “HELLO?!? ANYONE HOME?!?!” When no one answered you went down to the kitchen. You wrote,

Guys please don’t come home until after 8pm. Thanks! I love you guys! Kathleen

Then you handed it to Hedwig, Harry’s trusty owl. “Hedwig, can you take this to Ron, Hermione and Harry?” Hedwig give a hoot and took the note and then she flew out the window as the door bell rang.

“Coming!” You yelled out. Before you went to answer the door you took out your wand and with a flick, you conjured up snacks for you and Mike. Then you raced to open the front door for him.

There stood a very confused looking Mike. You had to admit he looked very hot all night in his blue t-shirt and khaki cargo pants. His dirty blonde hair was messed up in the most adorable way that reminded you of Harry’s hair. His brown eyes were deep and rich as always.

“Hey,” You said.

“Hey,” He replied still confused. “Ok so you had an idea, mind letting me in on it?”

“Sure, my idea was, eat food and watch muggle movies. Sound good?” You asked moving aside so he could come in.

“Sure. Where to?”

“Follow me.” You grinned. You led him into the updated kitchen that you had just came out of. “Help me carry this stuff up to my room.” You said picking up the strawberries, chocolate, chips and two cups.

“Won’t your parents be mad that I’m in your room?” Mike questioned as you walked up the stairs to your room, arms full of junk food and a guaranteed good time.

“My parents aren’t here, I live with three friends.” You told him.

“Cool which one’s yours?” He asked when you both came to the top of the stairs. Continuing to walk down the hall, you stopped at your door and said, “This one”.

You walked into your room followed closely by Mike. Sitting down on the floor in front of your TV, which was right in front of your bed, you said, “What kind of movies do you like? I have action, drama, comedy, romantic comedy and chick flicks”.

“Don’t matter as long as it’s not a chick flick.” He smiled, sitting down on your bed.

“Ok then, I guess we’ll watch Gone In 60 Seconds. Its one of my favorites.” You said while taking the movie out of its case and putting it into the DVD player. Then you laid down on your bed so that your feet were by your pillows and your head was at the end of the bed.

“So what’s this movie about?” Mike questioned, also laying down like you. You could smell the faint trace of cologne on him, but you loved his natural masculine scent.

“Stealing cars and the relationship between this guy and his kid brother. Also about this guys ex-girlfriend. But I mostly like it for the cars and the music.” You told him, kicking your feet around a bit.

Mike moved a bit closer and whisper, “Kathleen.”

Looking up at him you said “Yes?” in a cute but sexy voice. He opened his mouth to say something but instead he kissed you. As you continued to kiss you moved so that you were now laying on your back. Putting your hands around his neck, he moved his hands onto your curvy waist.

Mike had just taken off your shirt, when you heard your door open and someone say, “Hey Kathleen, I’m home early and was…BLOODLY HELL!” when you turned to see who it was you saw Harry, wide eyed and open mouthed.

You gave him an evil glare that could kill. *Harry get out!* after having yelled at him he still didn’t move, so you decided to say it out loud. “HARRY JAMES POTTER GET OUT!” Harry blinked and shook his head and then walked out looking pretty dazed.

When the door had closed you heard Harry. *I want to talk to you right now.*

*This second or can I put some clothes on?* You replied sarcastically to him. He didn’t respond, and then you heard him bang on your door.

“Coming!” You yelled to him. As you put your tank top you turned to Mike, who was still in shaken up and embarrassed. “I’ll be right back after I talk to him.” He nodded his head slowly.

When you opened the your door you found Harry pacing back and fourth in the hallway. When Harry heard the door close he rounded on you. “Bloody hell, Kathleen.”

“What Harry? What did I do wrong? I was in my room, with the door shut and I sent Hedwig to all of asking you not to come until after 8.” You told him hotly.

“I never saw Hedwig! And what the HELL are you doing with him? For all I know he could have been attacking you.”

“Harry, I was on top when you walked in! Plus have you ever heard of knocking?!?!” You said blushing five different shades of red from what you just had said. As Harry opened his mouth to reply back you cut him off, “Not to mention Harry, I’m a big girl, I can do what I want. Mike and I are two adults; we can do what we please”.

At this statement Harry stared at you in amusement, he opened his mouth and then shut it twice before he thought of something to say. “FINE! Do what you want! GO BE A LITTLE WHORE!” Harry stormed off.

“Harry,” You said softly, deeply cut by his harsh words. You were stunned at what he had just said and the accusations he used. You couldn’t believe Harry had called… called you a whore. Tears welled up in your eyes as you walked back into your room.

There was Mike, standing there looking almost as mad as Harry. “You heard all of that?” You meekly asked him.

“Yeah.” He said shortly.

“Mike, what’s wrong?”

“You could of told me you had a boyfriend. I thought we had something. I’m just gonna go and let you and your boyfriend work things out.” You could see he was hurt and very mad at you when he said this.

“Harry’s not my boyfriend. He’s, well he was my best friend. He gets over protective. Please don’t leave.” You said trying to hug him. He didn’t hug you back which hurt just as much as Harry’s words.

“I’m gonna go. Maybe I’ll see you Friday.” He told you. You released him from your pathetic hug and nodded.

“Nine o’clock at the Dragon Fly Club”.

“Fine, bye.” He said as he slammed your door shut. At this you fell to your knees and started to cry like a child. You had really gotten attached to Mike, and he just left believing the worst. And Harry and his words. They stung more than anything.

Then you thought angrily. *I hate you Harry James Potter!*

As you continued to cry you heard, *Good for you. The same goes for me.*

An hour later you managed to pick yourself off the floor and get into your bed. Looking over at your clock you saw it was 8:15. This was good, this meant Hermione would be home soon. When you final heard a soft knock on your door it was 10:30pm.

“Kathleen are you awake?” you heard Hermione through the door.

“Hermione,” you said between sobs. At this Hermione opened your door an when she saw you she said “Oh my, Kathleen what happened?”

“We got into a fight, he might not come to the party. He thinks Harry’s my boyfriend.” You managed to choke out.

“Oh Kathleen I’m so sorry. Wait why does he think Harry’s your boyfriend?” Hermione asked a little confused.

“Harry walked in on us, ummm… making out and then him and I got into a fight. I told him Mike and I are both adults and can do what we want. Then he called me a whore.” You sobbed angrily.

Hermione hugged you in the perfect best friend type of way only she could. “Shhh… it will be ok. I’ll talk to Mike if you like and have Ron beat Harry up for saying that.” At this you chuckled a bit.

“I’ll talk to Mike. You and Ron can beat Harry up.” you said feeling better.

“Alright, I’ll go talk to Harry, and then I will come back up here with some ice cream, ok?” Hermione said standing up.

“Ok.” you said as you snuggled deeper into your covers .

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