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A/N- Hello my dear readers, I know, you guys are mad, b/c I told u I would update sooner, but well, I didn’t! Not my fault though, the validation lines happen to be very long! Do you guys like the new banner? Well here’s chapter #3, hope you enjoy it! Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter or ny thing associated w/ it for that manner. ***tears*** Previous Chapter- They started laughing once again. But with Draco thinking. He no longer needed any girl, no matter the fact he could get anyone. His heart belonged to someone else. But did she love him in return? He had never seen her or heard her, but he knew, that he loved her. Was this possible? Or was their someone out there just waiting for him? Both cars drove in to the parking lot. Draco’s silver Ferrari stopped, allowing the three guys out of the car. While Hermione, Ginny, and Parvati got out of Parvati’s blue convertible. After all six got out, neither party noticing the other one, they turned to find themselves not only in front of the minister, but in front of the entire order! “Well, that was unexpected. Look the whole order’s here.” Said Ron bluntly. “Thank you, Mr. Obvious. Let’s all just relax and stay calm. This was the real reason the minister called us then. This must be really important.” Draco responded. “Well, look who’s being obvious now.” Stated Harry. “Oh, just come on would you!” Ron yelled, as all three guys proceeded to the table, for the meeting with the order. ______________________________________________________________________ “Welcome all. We have called you to help us with some very troubling matters. They may not be as big as they were in the past, but terrifying they still are. But we know for sure that every one we have selected is worthy.” Said the minister. Hermione, Ginny, and Parvati looked at each other and passed worried looks. What could the matter be now? “We would take care of this ourselves, but for this project we need younger people. Cleverness, slyness, and of course acting skills. The six that have been chosen for this task have all of this. And..” went on the minister, But Hermione barely heard him. Instead she was looking at her worst enemy, Draco Malfoy. Oh how she hated him! She knew he too was a part of the order and not to mention one of Harry’s and Ron’s best friends, but she hoped with all her heart and soul, he wasn’t part of this project. How very wrong she was! _______________________________________________________________________ “We have great pleasure in announcing that the six chosen for this task our-” ‘Not Malfoy, Not Malfoy, Not Malfoy…” thought Hermione, All the while that Draco, hoped that ‘Granger wasn’t helping.’ “Our the great Harry Potter, who has done much for us, in countless ways, which are too long to discuss. Ginny Weasley who has been one of the best reporters of time, and excellent potions master if I may say so myself. Ronald Weasley, her equally talented brother, who has helped us so much during the final war with his quick thinking and his ready luck. Parvati Patil who is now known as one of the best aurors of time, helping us through the last war with her excellent skills in spying and overcoming many obstacles in her path. Draco Malfoy, for proving his value, turning over He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, helping us immensely throughout the war, and proving that even his dark family could not turn him into a deatheater but one of the finest aurors we have ever seen. And last but not least, Hermione Granger, one of the best healers in all of magical history, who also possesses extraordinary ability and has definitely proved to be an important member of this order. The six that we have chosen are young in years, but have shown us that they are different. That they are the ones who can finally accomplish what we have been trying to do for the last 100 years. I ask them now, to follow me into the marble room, for further details.” ________________________________________________________________________ “So do you all accept? Mr. Potter?” “Yes I do.” Said Harry. “Ms. Patil?” “Yes.” Agreed Parvati. “I trust, every one feels the same then?” asked the minister gravely. “Yes.” They said in unison. “Alright then. Splendid. Do you all understand what must be done?” “Yes, minister, but I don’t think any of us know quite frankly why. I mean, how would it help the ministry, if we lived as muggles, for 6 months?” Ron questioned uncertainly knowing that he was voicing every one’s emotions. “Ahh…Mr. Weasley-” “Call me Ron.” Interrupted Ron. “Yes, well Ron, you are to be spying on these six individuals. We think that they know about our world, and they have contact with dark wizards.” “But what can they do? I mean, Voldermort’s gone, so how can they come in handy for evil?” questioned Parvati. But before the minister could answer, Draco answered her question. “Because Parvati, muggles can come be helpful to them if they put the crucio curse on them.” “But that means, that that that…” Parvati stuttered. “That evil can rise again, for many key people still live, but tell me minister, why use muggles, aren’t they against them?” “That’s the very thing Miss. Granger. That’s their new policy. This time, they are secretly trying to make muggles on their side.” “But that’s not possible! There’s no way-” Harry started “But oh there is Harry. And it’s already in effect. Which is why, we need you all to go live undercover in the muggle world.” “Does that mean, we can’t use our wands?” Parvati asked suddenly. “I’m sorry to say, but yes, you six will not have any private connection with the magical world at all.” “WHAT?” asked Draco and Hermione at the same time. “What about owls, and letters, and communication with a friend or someone?” Hermione asked, not noticing the weird look Draco was giving her. “Oh, Ms. Granger, there is no need to fear that. I assure you that you may have contact with friends. What I meant was with the ministry.” The minister said while watching Hermione sighing in relief. “But minister, what would that point be?” Ginny asked suddenly. “Then how would we tell you what we have found out?” “Oh Mr. Potter will explain it to you. We have secret ways to communicate. We just can’t do it in public without the suspects noticing.” “But aren’t they muggles?” “Yes, but there are more suspects who aren’t well…you’ll see soon Ms. Weasley.” “But for now, I must give you background. What you’ll be, your job, and most importantly, how you will interact with each other and the suspects. This project requires a lot of acting and you will have to overcome differences. But if you can accomplish it, the wizarding world will be completely safe.” “But minister, I still don’t understand what, I mean why, I mean, how is this a danger?” Harry asked. “In time,” Continued the minister. “You will understand. For now, let me explain. I will tell you more about the suspects later on. For now, you are to know that you will be leaving for your destination in exactly 2 days.” “What?” Parvati asked. “But our stuff, our…” “All been arranged, Ms. Patil. But here are your relations. Ms. Weasley, you are Parvati’s best friend. You must always remember that.” “But minister, what’s there to remember, she is my best friend.” Said Ginny, as she smiled warmly at Parvati. “Know, you must act like it, like muggles do. Sleep-overs, movies, every thing. Parvati, you and Harry are engaged.” “WHAT??” Harry and Parvati asked. “Seriously, he’s like my brother, I mean, a minister, you didn’t say all this was involved!” Parvati practically yelled, but tried to control her temper, seeing as he was the minister. “Then what do you suggest? Either you follow this or back out.” Said the minister some what harshly. Parvati and Harry both looked down ashamed. It was their job, they couldn’t let it down. “Oh, Parvati, Harry, come on, do this for the ministry. A lot of people are in danger. You guys have to make this effort! You should be ashamed of yourselves!” Hermione stated. “Yea, Harry, for once Granger’s right. And you guys are friends, so it should be no problem.” Draco agreed. “Right then! Ron, you stay Ginny’s brother, and Hermione’s brother as well.” The Minister continued. “Okay” was all Ron said, not wanting to cause any commotion. “Draco, Parvati will be your adopted sister, who you love very much, alright?” “Alright.” Said Draco, who made his way through to Parvati, and lay a protective arm around her. “This is my sister, and I love her very much! Get away Potter!” He said playfully. Parvati looked almost terrified, but she proceeded to play along, once she got over the shock. “Yes, big brother, but I wonder when you’ll take me to meet your girlfriend. She must be too good for you.” “Yes, but not as great as you. But I am afraid, that in this play, dear Parvati, I do not have a girlfriend.” Draco slyly came back with. “Ah, but Draco, you do. For the next six months, these are the connections you will have. And your second connection will be with Hermione. She will act as your girlfriend. Is that understood?” the minister asked, knowing that he had really dropped the big bomb now! “WH..WHAT DID YOU SAY?????” yelled two voices, one of Hermione Granger’s and one of Draco Malfoy’s. “Well, it’s the rule. And I’m sorry, we tried to change it, but we can’t, Dumbledore even tried, but since this mission has been planned years ago, it cannot be changed.” “Wait a minute. Years ago? How would they know our names, and what we would become?” “Uhh…I… can’t tell you that. In time, I may have too, but not at the moment. For now, these have to be the way you live.” “But we don’t, have to you know act like it do we?” Hermione asked fearfully. “Then what would be the point of going undercover? You must act this way, and I say, you must for the good of the magical world.” The minister pleaded. “Fine then. We’re ready.” Said Harry, who had been silent all this time, knew it was time for him to take a stand. “But Harry-” Hermione started. “Harry’s right. We have to.” Parvati and Ginny responded to her. That was the only way. That connection had to stay. Working with your worst enemy was one thing. Dating him, was quite another. Oh, what were they going to do? Well, they would know soon enough in just about 2 days. For the next six months, they would find where they lived what they would do and work, and how life was to be. It was going to be a nightmare, wasn’t it? A/N- Yes, I know, most of you think Truth is Draco, and for sometime I did too, but now, it’s all going to change! Many twists, are coming your way! Sorry, no letter in this chapter, but it was long!!!!!! Yea, I explained the whole boring mission, but the fun starts next chapter! Which I am starting right now! Oh and I promise, Truth and Stars will definitely be there! Oh yea, I’m kind of confused since there are two ways I can take this story, so I would really appreciate it if one of you guys could email me, so I could tell you both ways, and hear which one you think would be better, I’ll definitely put that one then!

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