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Harry lay on his bed and stared at the ceiling of the attic and in the dim light that filtered in through the tiny window he thought about home. As he had every morning since arriving in Yekaterinburg; thoughts of Ginny and James wandered through his mind and he wondered what the two of them were up to. Mentally calculating back in his head he realized it was early Saturday morning. The two would be still fast asleep – unless Ginny was working nights, then she’d be at St. Mungo’s doing her rounds. Around mid-morning, they’d head over to the Burrow. He smiled as he pictured the entire Weasley family gathering for their day together.

Molly would kick the boys out into the yard to de-gnome it while at the same time entertaining the children; and Arthur would probably head to his shed to experiment with the various muggle artifacts he’d gathered the previous week. Hermione and Ron would arrive precisely at lunchtime, just in time to sit down to one of Molly’s delicious meals. Harry sighed - he missed it.

A knock at the door pulled him out of his daydream. Grabbing his glasses off the table beside the bed, he walked to the door to open it to find Yuri standing on the other side of it. “Yuri! What are you doing up at this hour? Didn’t you just get off your shift? Please, come in.” He asked, gesturing for his friend to come into the room.

“Yes ‘Arry, I just got in from ze watch an ‘our ago.” Yuri entered the room and sat down on the only chair that was in the tiny attic room. He sighed and placed his hands on his knees. “I ran into Ariadne vhen I return and I vanted to talk vith you about last night.” He looked over to where Harry sat on the edge his bed. “I do not tink we need to haff a meeting.”

“So you know what happened then?” Harry replied, waiting for an answer.

“Yes, Ariadne told me when I got home. And Harry – I know it is not my place to make comments,”

“But you’ll make them anyways?” Harry laughed as he interrupted. “Yuri – that’s what makes us friends. You’re not afraid of what the great Harry Potter is going to say. Please go ahead.”

Yuri smiled at Harry’s statement because of the truth in it. He had never thought of Harry as someone he should be in awe of. To Yuri, he was another auror doing his job during the war. Trying to decide on which direction to take the conversation, Yuri continued on. “I am not sure vhat Remus Lupin or Mad-Eye Moody told you about Ariadne, but ‘Arry – I think she may haff an – how do you call it – an infatuation with you. Perhaps they did not know about it. Perhaps that is vhy she vas following you last night.”

Harry stared at his friend in disbelief. “You’re not serious Yuri – she doesn’t. She knows about Ginny. She doesn’t even know me!”

“Yes – I know that – and that is vhy I think we do not need to haff a meeting with the entire group. Please – let me talk to her.”

As Harry contemplated what to do, they sat in silence. He didn’t believe what Yuri had just said even as he thought about it. He wasn’t anything special, of anyone on the team; he was the last person she should have an ‘infatuation’ with. “Okay Yuri – you can talk to her – but what she did was not very smart. Last night, I had the strong sense of being watched by someone – she’s lucky I didn’t use a stronger spell than I did.”

“I know ‘Arry. I vill talk to her.” Yuri said as he stood and left the room.


Shivering against the damp cold, Harry pulled the fur lined cloak tighter around his shoulders. What had first promised to be fine day was now miserable, around noon the bright blue sky went into hiding behind gray, dark clouds. The chill in the air surrounded the two cloaked figures and dampness seemed to seep through their clothes as they made their way towards the mountain path.

Harry looked over his shoulder at his partner, Ariadne, watching as she trudged slowly behind him. The two had barely spoken two words since leaving on reconnaissance this afternoon. Harry had barked out his orders when he had finally descended from the attic and went out the door, knowing that she would follow or risk being sent home. He knew that he was probably being harsh with her but he felt like he had to teach her a lesson. As he paused for a moment to allow her to catch up with him, Harry felt a chill run up his spine that wasn’t related to the temperature of the mountain air.

Ariadne approached him and watched as his body stiffened with alertness. Something had caught his attention. As she opened her mouth to ask him, his hand came up to silence her. Ariadne stopped to the right of Harry and tried to clear her mind of all the distracting thoughts that were clouding her vision.

The feeling Harry had the night before of being watched had returned. He turned slightly as Ariadne came up beside him to survey the land around him. If Harry’s tracking skills hadn’t been so refined he wouldn’t have even sensed someone was in the vicinity. The area they were standing in was basically bare save for some scrubby brush on the hill side and a small grove of trees – whoever was tracking them was performing a very powerful cloaking spell. He subtly reached into the pocket of his cloak to extract his wand. As he did so – he knew that Ariadne had not been the one he had sensed the previous night. Making a mental note to apologize for being so short with her – he tried to clear his mind and focus on where the sensation of being watched was radiating from.

Sweeping his eyes from side to side – Harry caught a flicker of movement as the watcher’s cloaking charm faltered. It was all he needed to confirm where the intruder was. Turning his body slightly he flicked his wand and silently performed Stupefy.

Hearing a grunt, Harry watched at the intruder’s cloaking spell wore off and the wizard that had been following him and Ariadne fell to the ground just outside the grove of trees.

“I owe you an apology for petrifying you last night. I should have realized you weren’t the only one there.” Harry said, turning to his partner. Ariadne blushed slightly under his gaze. Even though she had talked it through with Yuri – she still harboured a crush on Harry.

Trying to seem casual, she brushed off his apology. “No need to apologize Potter – I shouldn’t have followed you. Well – in the least I should have made myself known. “

“We’ll discuss who is in the wrong later. For now, let’s go see who we’ve caught shall we?” Harry said, gesturing towards the mass off to the right of them.

Wand at ready, he approached the prone figure, a feeling of apprehension tightening in his stomach. Even from a safe distance he knew the person he was approaching was a death eater. The cloak they were wearing was a dull black in colour and was threadbare to the point that made Harry wonder if it even did any good against the cold climate in the East Urals. Looking down at the inert figure, the knot in his stomach grew stronger. Not having to look twice to know who the figure below him was, Harry pointed his wand at the figure and performed a binding spell.

Ariadne looked down at the figure and back at Harry. “Do you know who he is?”

Harry looked up at her in disbelief. “Calileigh – how can you not know who this man is? It’s Draco Malfoy – we’ve been searching for him since the war began again.”


“Harry stop!” Ginny giggled as his beard roughened cheek tickled her bare shoulder. “I want to sleep.” She pouted, trying to hold back a smile as she peeked under her eyelashes to watch his lips continue their trek down her arm. He looked up as a mischievous smile crossed his face.

“Good morning Love.” Harry said, kissing her on the lips before trailing his way back across her jaw and down her neck.

“Mmmm… good morning.” She replied, as she ran her fingers through his messy hair. “You’re very –“ She paused, waiting for him to look up and meet her eyes, “alert this morning.”

His green eyes glinted in the light as lay propped up on his elbow looking down at her. Ginny felt her inside go all gooey and didn’t notice as his free hand trailed down her side and began to tickle her. “Harry!” she cried as she tried weakly to wriggle out of his grasp.

Suddenly a pounding noise invaded the tranquility of the morning. “You better go answer that Gin.” Harry said, as his fingers stilled.

“Answer what?” She asked.

Ginny sat straight up in her bed, looking around for Harry. Bloody hell, it was just a dream. She thought as she fell back against her pillows. And it was shaping up to be such a good one too. Closing her eyes, she tried to will herself back to sleep when the pounding she heard in her dream began again. Groaning, she opened her eyes and listened.

“Ginny dear! It’s time to get up!” Molly Weasley yelled on the other side of the front door.

Ginny waited a moment – hoping she was still asleep and this was just a nightmare. The knocking continued, Hedwig hooted from her perch on the wardrobe.

“Yeah, yeah – I’m sorry she’s disrupted your sleep. She’s disrupted mine too.” Ginny conceded defeat and threw back the covers. Grabbing a dressing gown off of the chair by the wardrobe, she went to answer the door for her mother.

When she opened the door, Ginny found not only Molly standing in the hallway but a tired looking Hermione. “Mum – what in Merlin’s name are you doing here at this time of the morning? It can’t be more than – 8?” She exclaimed as she moved to the side to let them in.

Placing a kiss on Ginny’s cheek as she went by, Molly headed to the kitchen. “We’re heading to Diagon Alley today. Oh dear – the state of this kitchen!” Ginny rolled her eyes at Hermione as her mother continued her ramblings in the kitchen.

“Good morning Ginny.” Hermione said, unbuttoning her cloak and setting it on the couch. “Sorry to wake you.”

“Not a problem Hermione. I suppose I’d have been getting up sooner or later this morning. But I don’t seem to recall telling Mum I’d go shopping though.” Ginny said, giving her friend a hug. “How are you feeling?” She asked, looking down at the bump that was now evident.

“Oh Ginny – I’m quite tired these days, but I’ve read it will pass soon. It’s making my life at work a little hectic, I’m quite behind in my reports but Ron won’t let me work after hours until this fatigue passes. He’s being rather unreasonable.” Hermione replied.

“Ginny dear! Tea’s ready!” Molly called from the kitchen.

“Coming Mum!” Ginny replied, taking Hermione by the hand, the two headed to the kitchen.

Entering the kitchen, Ginny found her mum in the midst of cooking up breakfast. “Mum – what are you doing?” She asked, as Molly ushered her into a chair and conjured a plate before her.

“Making us a spot of breakfast. We’ll need our energy.” Molly moved to the stove and picked up the fry pan full of eggs and rashers. Placing some on her daughter’s plate she noticed Ginny’s look of confusion. “Oh dear – don’t tell me you’ve forgotten Ginny!”

“It appears I have Mum – care to tell me what we’re going to do in Diagon Alley today?” Ginny said, breathing in the delicious scents of her mother’s cooking.

“We’re shopping for wedding robes today. The new fall fashions have arrived at Madame Malkin’s.” Molly said as she scooped some breakfast onto the plate in front of Hermione. “We’ve planned this for three weeks now.”

Ginny groaned, the memory of making these plans coming back to her. At the time it had seemed like it would be fun, but today she wanted nothing more than to stay in her flat and spend time with James. “Mum – can’t we do this another time?” She asked with hope in her voice.

“No we can’t.” Molly said, sitting down and picking up her cup of tea. “If we don’t find you a dress soon – there won’t be enough time to get it fitted and ready before the wedding. And of course – we need to find Hermione’s matron of honour robes as well. Come on now Ginny, tuck in – we need to get started soon.”

Ginny took a bite of her eggs and looked at her mum. She was bursting with excitement, and it made Ginny feel bad. Here she was, complaining that she was going to have to dress shop with Mum and Hermione and for Molly it was about her only daughter finally getting married. “Ok Mum – I suppose you have a point. But what I am supposed to do with James? Mrs. Edgecombe is supposed to drop him off in an hour.”

“No worries dear – we stopped at Mrs. Edgecombe’s before coming here – your father is picking James up and taking him to the Burrow. We’ll head there after we’re finished in Diagon Alley.” Molly drew her wand from the pocket of her robes and flicked it towards the cooking dishes and set them to clean magically. “Come on girls – let’s get finished and get on our way.”


As always, Diagon Alley was full of witches and wizards bustling to get their Saturday morning errands completed. As they walked down the middle of the street, Ginny saw many of the staff members of St. Mungo’s who were also lucky to have the weekend free. Making their way through the crowd, the trio got to their destination of the day.

“Good-day!” Madame Malkin called as she rounded the corner. “Molly Weasley – how are you this fine day?” She asked coming over to them.

“Fine, fine, and yourself Madam Malkin?” Molly replied.

“Doing well, business is bustling as always. We just had our pre-Hogwarts rush a few weekends ago. It never amazes me to see the little ones come through the door for the first time. So wide-eyed and excited! It doesn’t seem too long ago that your little ones were here for their school robes.“ She looked from Molly to Hermione and then to Ginny. “And soon I’m sure we’ll be outfitting the new generation of Weasleys for Hogwarts but let us worry about today – what is it that I can do for you ladies today?”

“Well, we’re here looking for some wedding robes,” Molly exclaimed, as she began going through the store. “Our little Ginny is getting married!”

“Oh that is so wonderful dear! I read about it in the Daily Prophet not a month or so ago!” Madame Malkin said, grabbing Ginny up in a hug. “Harry Potter is a lucky wizard.”

“Thank you Madam Malkin.” Ginny said, hugging the tiny witch back.

“Now come with me dears. We’ll find you something beautiful.” She said, taking Ginny by the hand and leading her towards the back of the store with Molly and Hermione.

Ginny looked down at latest dress robe that have been given to her by her mum to try on. She felt like her great Aunt Tessie - lace and ribbons and beading was everywhere. I look like a giant cotton ball. She thought to herself. “Mum – I don’t know if this is going to work – this is worse than the first ten.”

“Ginny – it can’t be that bad, at least come out and let Hermione and me take a look at you.” Molly said, moving towards the curtain Ginny was behind.

“Mum – I’d rather not – it’s particularly – well – LACY.” Ginny said, at the same time as her mother pulled back the curtain and her and Hermione looked in.

“Oh.” Was all Molly could say while Hermione attempted to stifle her laughter behind her hand.

“Exactly Mum – oh. This is horrible – we’ve been here for hours and nothing is what I want.” Ginny said, her voice wobbling as she looked at herself in the mirror.

“Don’t worry dear – we’ll find something that suits you. Why don’t you get out of that – creation. And we’ll go get a spot of lunch? Things will look up.” Pausing she looked her daughter up and down. “I mean really – after this gown – they have to.” Smiling as she watched her daughter’s face light up with amusement, Molly slid the curtain shut to allow Ginny to get changed.


The wait-witch set down three cups of tea and stew for the group. “Will there be anything else then?” She asked, when all three shook their heads no, she moved onto the next table leaving them to eat their meal.

“Ginny – I have to say – that last dress was horrid. I think it must have been left on that rack for at least a century!” Hermione laughed.

“Last century? I’d say it’s been there for at least two! Nothing I’ve tried on is what I want. I just want to turn around and have the perfect dress floating in front of me! Is that so much to ask?” Ginny said, exasperated. After an entire morning of searching through Madame Malkin's, Ginny had found nothing. “But at least we have your dress Hermione. You’ll look beautiful as my matron of honour. And you too Mum – the dress robes you’ve picked out will be beautiful. Meanwhile – the best we can find for me is either a lacy and ribbon monstrosity or what resembles a female version of Hagrid’s fur suit!”

Her daughter’s explanation of the morning caused Molly to choke slightly on her tea. Patting her daughter’s hand, she coughed. “Don’t worry darling, we’ll find something. Now eat your soup and relax.”

Ginny stared down into the bowl in front of her and an idea came into her head. “Mum – I have a brilliant idea! Why didn’t I think of it before – in fact – why didn’t YOU think of it before we wasted all day down here?” Setting her soup spoon down, she ran her fingers through her hair. “Mum – Grandmum Prewett’s dress is still up in the attic at home. Why can’t I just wear that? If you’d allow me too that is. If you’d rather I didn’t – that’s ok. But I think I’d really like to.”

Molly looked at her daughter and felt her heart swell up with love and tears began to form in her eyes. “Oh Ginny – you don’t want to wear that old musty dress. I always pictured you in a beautiful, expensive dress from Madam Malkin’s or somewhere else. Your Great-Grandmum Prewett made that dress over a century ago - you don’t want a musty old dress like that.”

“Oh but Mum – I don’t care about beautiful expensive dresses! I love that dress – please – just let me try it on. Please?” Ginny pleaded, hope in her eyes.

“I think it’s a brilliant idea Molly.” Hermione said, jumping into the conversation. Polishing off the last of her soup, she continued. “When Mum and I were searching for a dress for Ron and mine’s wedding – I tried hers on, it unfortunately didn’t fit me. I would have loved to wear her dress.”

Molly looked between her daughter and the woman that had become like a second daughter to her. “Well – I suppose it can’t hurt to try it out.” She laughed as Hermione squealed in delight and Ginny hopped from her seat to throw her arms around her mother.

“Oh thank you Mum!” Ginny cried, squeezing her mother tightly.

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