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She breathed heavily as she slowly and painfully returned to her normal state, ripping off the skin that had enveloped her during the night. Her rattling breath echoed through the empty room she called home once every month, and she squinted into the bright sunlight that was peeking through the cracked shutters of the only window in the room. She lay on the cold hardwood floor, naked, trying to gain the strength to stand or sit up. But it was no use. All the energy was drained from her and just opening her eyes hurt every muscle in her body. But she willed herself up and slowly and gingerly began to put her clothes back on.

She examined herself in the full sized mirror. There were several new cuts and many old scars on her torso. The new cuts were deep. Very deep. The wolf was starting to get restless and lonely. She looked around the room and saw the damage she had inflicted. The chairs and desk were shattered and the blue and purple sheets on the bed were torn and scattered around the floor in tiny pieces. She limped over to the door and opened it to find Professor Flitwick, her head of house, waiting for her.

"'Lo Professor." she painfully breathed out, clutching her bleeding right side.

The small man looked at her worriedly and said, rather calmly,"Oh, dear, dear. You are much worse today. We must get you to the infirmary. Come Helena. Let's go." he took her right hand and led her all the way down the dark spiral staircase to the warm and inviting Hospital Wing.

Upon entering, Madam Pomfrey, the new nurse, shut several curtains and rushed over to the battered and bruised girl.

"Oh dear! Miss Lobo, what has happened? You look worse this time than all the others! Lie down, lay down. Oh my..." she trailed off as she lifted up her shirt to examine the damage.

Helena looked down and saw that the long gash in her right side was bleeding more than it had been before and the other cuts had small trails of blood slowly dripping down to her navel. Madam Pomfrey quickly got a bowl of stinky green liquid and smeared it over the wounds, healing them almost instantly, but leaving a stinging feeling where it had touched bare skin. Helena smiled gratefully as Pomfrey handed her some pastel blue pajamas and cleaned and repaired her uniform. She put on the pj's and lay down and tried to get some sleep before classes started on Monday.

"Thank you so much for bringing her in Filius. Who knows how long she would have been lying there alone."

"Actually Poppy this girl is very resilient. She opened the door even before I reached for the handle. She's strong."

She smiled at that. The little man thought she was strong. How wrong he was. Soon after a good long sleep Helena would have to put on the happy, optimistic face that she usually had. The fake cheerfulness she uses to shield the world from the terrible thing she becomes every full moon. How wrong Professor Flitwick was.

"Helena! I will be leaving now. If you need anything Madam Pomfrey will be right here." he said in his small, squeaky voice.

"Thanks Professor. For everything." he patted Helena's hand affectionately and left.

She fell asleep soon after that. But the combination of the blazing sun on her face and many voices near her roused her from her semi-peaceful sleep.

"Who's that?" asked one, his deep baritone voice sent shivers up Helena's spine. It was quite a sexy voice, but held laughter in every syllable.

"Oh! That's that girl..." said another, its voice almost as deep as the first.

"That helps Prongs." said the baritone mockingly.

"Hey! It's not my fault I forgot! She's a Ravenclaw though. Kinda cute." the second replied.

"Isn't she the Ravenclaw captain? The one that beat us last year?" asked a shaky, slightly high voice.

"Hey! You're right! I hate her." the second's voice was suddenly lower and less mischievous and more malevolent. Prongs, was he called? Why did that name sound so familiar?

"The name's Chase, thank you. And don't be a sore loser. We were annihilated by Slytherin the last game of the season." she said calmly, using her teammate’s nickname for her. She slightly shook her head as she opened her eyes.

Well, well, well, if it isn't the Marauders themselves. Great, when she looked horrible they finally recognize her. Oh well, they didn't look any better than Helena felt. They're faces were scratched and she could see some blood coming through their pale blue pajamas. She wondered if it was all due to a prank that they were trying to pull that had gone wrong.

Three of them were there, but where was Remus? Helena sat up and immediately afterward clutched her right side. The side she had torn open. Breathing became increasingly hard and she leaned against the headboard to try and ease the pain. Someone to her right that she hadn’t noticed before handed her a block of chocolate and said, "Here, eat it. It'll help."

She looked up and saw that it was none other than Remus Lupin. Strange, he looks sick again. Poor guy, he hasn't been looking his best these days. Helena took the chocolate with the hand that wasn't currently occupied and smiled a small thanks to him, since she couldn't quite manage to talk just yet. She took a small bite out of the slab of creamy goodness and felt a sudden warmth come over her. That guy really knows his stuff.

She grinned at the four boys and watched as Sirius and James began a contest as to who could eat the most chocolate in two minutes. Helena heard Remus mutter, "Barbarians" under his breath and she laughed, seeing him blush afterwards. After ten minutes of gracing the boys with her gorgeous presence, a blur of red ran up to her and she was sure she would die of smothering.

"Evans! Chase needs to breathe!"

"Oh! Sorry Helena. Why didn't you tell me? I could've helped you! And now look at you!" she said, exasperatedly.

"Help with what Lil?" Helena asked her burgundy haired friend, completely lost.

"With the potion you were trying to make for Slughorn! I swear you're going to kill yourself one of these days!" she quietly wiped away a discreet tear and Helena pulled her into a comforting hug.

"Potion? Oh! Right. The... potion. The one I was trying to make..." she said slowly, remembering the excuse that she had told all the professors to tell to anyone who asked for her.

"What happened?" asked James as he ruffled his hair and smiled flirtatiously at Lily. That boy just won't give up.

"Uh... well, let's just say never mix bowtruckle eggs with lacewings. You end up cut and bloody after a slight explosion." Helena lied, making up a stupid mixture.

"Well Miss Lobo, it seems you're alright now. Let me just give you a quick checkup and you can be on your way." Madam Pomfrey said, coming into the crowd of teens.

"Thanks Madam." she said, slowly unbuttoning her pajamas.

"Gentlemen, I suggest you let Miss Lobo get undressed without an audience." said Pomfrey.

Helena looked up quickly and found all four Marauders gawking at her. She quickly covered herself again, wondering how many cuts they had seen. If they even saw any. Madam Pomfrey shoved the boys away from Helena and Lily quietly followed after.

"Well Moony, seems you got to see your first half naked woman today." said Sirius. Several smacking sounds reverberated through the wing and Helena heard several voices before laughing harder than she ever had before.

"For your information Pads, I've seen half naked women before. And secondly don't talk about her as if she can't hear you."

"I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU BLACK! IS THAT ALL YOU THINK ABOUT?!?!?!?!?!? I DON'T KNOW WHY PEOPLE AGREE TO TALK CIVILLY WITH YOU!" Helena could see Lily's usual porcelain face turn beet red from anger and lack of breath through the dense cloth of the curtains.

"God Pads, that's not right." said James, laughing slightly.

"Okay! Okay! I get it! I'm sorry! I'm sorry Chase!" Sirius yelled, trying to make everyone love him again.

"Apology accepted! Someone please smack him upside the head for me!" Helena yelled, laughing lightly as Madam Pomfrey chuckled and prodded Helena's golden brown skin with her wand. SMACK!!!!!


"Hey, she said please." Remus said nonchalantly, making Helena laugh harder than she had ever laughed in her entire life. Which also made her side rip open a bit and send a tiny trickle of blood down her hip.

"Shit." she whispered, making Pomfrey look at her disapprovingly before putting the green stuff back on.

After a few more minutes Pomfrey was done with her and she dressed in her uniform before getting up to leave the infirmary.

A/N: I own nothing you recognize. I only own my characters and story plots. please r/r

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