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Disclaimer: J.K.R owns all the characters but I own the plot.

A/N: I know it's a little short but I hope you enjoy it anyway, if you have a suggestion for a better title, tell me in a review. Oh about the review, you can of course tell me your other thoughts about the story.

How could you do this to me? I know you said you broke up with me to keep me safe, but you only said that. I can’t believe it’s true anymore, if it was true then why are you ignoring me? Can’t you see that I’m dieing in front of you, my heart is bleeding, leaving stains on the ground – but you don’t realise. Or maybe, maybe you just don’t want to realise and so you tell yourself that it’s for my own good.

I’m looking at you now, you’re the same boy, or man, I fell in love with, the same one that I kissed. And I see no pain in your eyes, this whole thing is not affecting you at all, or are you just good at shutting your soul away from everyone else? Well, I tell you one thing: The worst thing in life is hiding your feelings. I love you and you can’t see anymore because your soul is shut away from everything in the outside world.

I can see that this war is affecting everyone around me; no one keeps their pain away from me. They trust me, and you don’t, they trust me so much that they tell me what they are feeling, that they are scared, hurt, tired. But you don’t, because you think that someone else could find out.

I dare you; I dare you to look at me now. What do you see? I’m definitely not the girl you used to know, and guess what: It’s not Voldemort’s fault, it’s not the fault of the Deatheaters, it’s yours. Does it not hurt to see me everyday, broken, right in front of you. Why don’t you do anything about it? It would be enough for me if you would just act like it was before we fell in love. But you are so selfishly lost in your own thoughts that you can’t see anyone else.

If you were a bad person I would think that you are doing this to torture me and everyone else who loves you. See, they’re scared for you, for your life. They would all give their lives to save yours but would you save them? Would you save me? In truth, I don’t know anymore, I don’t know if you would. If someone had asked me the same question three months ago, I would have laughed in their face and said “Of course”. But now I don’t know, I don’t know anything for sure anymore.

Everyone comes to me when they’re sad but I wonder: Who can I turn to? It’s the unfortunate destiny for a cheery person, or one who used to be. When they are sad there’s no one to tell because they all talk to me when something’s wrong, hoping I can make them smile.

If I was to tell the truth I think only one person knows how I really feel, my best friend. She looks at me with a worried face and sometimes asks me what is wrong. I tell her: “Nothing” and turn away to hide my tears, she comes up to me and wraps her arm around me. I am truly grateful that she is there, I am. But one time she was fed up and she told me something that I will never forget: “Look at me, it’s not only affecting you, look around you, you are wallowing in self-pity, so stop it and think of the others too!”

After that day I opened my eyes and realised that everyone is tired of this. But still I can’t see anything in your eyes, one says that the eye is the window to the soul and I believe that it’s true. So either you seriously don’t care about what is happening around you or it’s not shown in your eyes, you closed the windows. Your eyes are blank. I think it’s because you’re scared, because you don’t want anyone to hurt you, to use you.

If you could read my thoughts I don’t know what you would do. Would you break down and cry? Or would you hide even more? Would you ignore it? Would you even care?

What would I do if I knew your thoughts? Would I be happy if I found out that you still loved me? Would I be sad at the weight you are carrying on your shoulders? Would I be touched that you did have so many feelings? Would I be annoyed that you had kept them all from me? There are so many questions that I want answered, that I can’t have answered because no one knows what to say when I ask them.

I can’t believe it, you are looking at me and I feel that for the first time in months you see the real me, not anyone else. You’re not looking past the fact that you hurt me, not looking past the fact that everyone is scared. Maybe you can see that I love you, maybe it will help you on your way.

A/N: What did you think??? Was it absolute crap??? If you want me to know, so that I can improve it, you hit the little button below, it only takes a minute. Oh, one more thing: Can you guess who the characters are?

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