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With Quidditch practice and the mounds of homework being given by professors, Elle was shocked to find herself nearing the end of October. This meant two very important things for the students of Hogwarts. The first, being tomorrow, was the Hogsmeade trip followed by the Halloween feast. The second was a much bigger event. The first Quidditch match of the season, which always resulted in a whole school turn out,was taking place in one week. Elle was becoming increasingly nervous. It would definitely be a huge event for her. Her first game as captain, and against Slytherin as well!

She was sitting in Charms at the end of the day on Friday, absently drawing out yet another Quidditch Tactic when the distant sound of a bell drew her out of her day dream. Sighing, Elle assembled all her things and headed to the Common room. She proceeded to her dorm room, where she unceremoniously dumped all her things on her bed. She headed back down, hoping to find her friends waiting for her. Strangely, they were no where to be seen, so she made her own way to dinner. She hadn’t even reached the portrait hole when a voice called her.

“Elle?” she turned to see David Smith, a seventh year. He was a good bit taller than Elle, and was described by many girls as the 'hottest thing around'.
“Yeah.” She answered, wondering what he wanted.
“You heading down to dinner?” He asked, smiling.
“Yeah.” She answered again, aware that she was repeating herself.
“Mind if I walk with you?” He asked, still giving her that charming smile of his.
“Of course not, I’d be glad of the company.” Elle smiled. It was a strange occurence for Elle. She was a popular girl but hadn't really spoken to David much.

They walked down to the Great Hall chatting companionably. The topic of conversation was mainly how their classes were going or about Quidditch.
“So team captain this year, huh?” David smirked, indicating her badge.
“Yeah, I was surprised I got it after Beth turned it down.” Elle smiled at the memory of being told about it.
“Beth turned it down?” David asked surprised.
“Yeah, she didn’t see the point in having it for a year.” Elle replied, glancing at David. She had never fully understood, until now, why he was so popular amongst the female population of Hogwarts. He had brown eyes that sparkled with warmth and sandy blonde hair that flopped into his eyes.
“I see her point. So you ready for the big game?” He smiled at her, and Elle felt her stomach flip.
“Merlin, I hope so!” She sighed. “There’s so much pressure on me to do well, not just as a captain but as a seeker as well.” Elle added, feeling her stomach squirm in anxiety.
“You’ll be fine, you’re a fantastic seeker!” David reassured her, patting her on the back as he did.

Elle smiled at him and turned to see that they had already reached the Great Hall. With a sense of disappointment they each made their way to their own group of friends. Sarah and Louise raised a questioning eyebrow at Elle as she sat down. They looked awfully interested in something, and Elle was sure she knew what it was.

“Ellie,” Sarah smiled sweetly, a sign that she wanted something.
“What do you want?” Elle asked.
“How did you know I was going to ask something?” Sarah demanded.
“You always do when you call me ‘Ellie’. Which, for the record I don’t like being called!” Elle smiled at her from across the table. “Now, I’m assuming that you want to know why I arrived with David?”
“Maybe.” Sarah shrugged acting like she wasn’t interested.
“Well, if you don’t want to know-“ Elle was cut off.
“Fine if you want to tell us so badly, then I guess I’ll listen.” Sarah rolled her eyes while the group laughed.

Elle filled them in, not seeing it as a big deal but blushed profusely at the point where she was telling them he complimented her. At this point, Elle’s eyes flickered toward David, who was sitting further down the table, luckily out of earshot. ‘He is very good looking’ Elle thought to herself, while her friends tried in attempt to speak to her. Elle’s attention was dragged back to her friends at just the right moment, for Elle had only just turned to speak to Sirius when David looked over at her, a small smile on his face.

At the end of dinner, Elle heard him shouting her name again.
“You just can’t get enough of me Mr. Smith!” She laughed jokingly as she made her way back to the common room with him.
“You’re right, I can’t!” He laughed as Elle rolled her eyes.
“So what is your reasoning for ditching your friends to escort a sixth year back to the common room?” Elle asked intrigued.
“Well, I have a certain question I wish to ask the sixth year in question.” He answered.
“Which is?” Elle pressed, becoming more curious by the minute.
“Will you go to Hogsmeade with me tomorrow?” He smiled, not one look of nervousness about him.
“Sure, I’d love to.” Elle smiled while her stomach did back flips.
“Great, let’s say eleven in the common room?” He asked as they entered through the portrait hole.
“I’ll be there!” Elle laughed, feeling slightly giddy.
“Good, it’s a date!” He added, before winking cheekily at her and heading over to his friends.

Elle made her way toward her own friends, grinning widely.
“What are you so happy about?” Ryan asked.
“Nothing!” Elle sighed, sinking into a chair.
“Nothing my foot!” Louise said slyly. “He asked you to Hogsmeade didn’t he?”
“How did you know that?” Elle asked surprised.
“I can tell, plus I just heard him say ‘It’s a date’.” Louise smiled broadly. The three girls began to have a conversation about the whole thing, not noticing Ryan wasn’t there until they heard a high pitched giggle emitting across the room.
“Is that Dee making that noise?” Sarah asked in disgust.
“Yes.” Elle laughed.
“Merlin, that hurts your ears!” Stephen complained. Ryan was across the room talking to Dee, who was now blushing profusely and nodding her head fervently. Ryan, grinning, made his way back to his friends.

“Tell me you didn’t?” Sirius asked horrified.
“Didn’t what?” Ryan asked confused.
“Never mind.” Sirius replied airily.
“Did you finally ask her on a date?” Elle asked.
“Yeah, I asked her to Hogsmeade.” Ryan replied, almost defiantly. Sarah and Louise shared a look, while Elle tried to work out what it was that was making her want to hit something. It couldn’t be jealousy, could it?

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