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Thanks to all those who reviewed the first chappie! It made me feel spesh! Well here is the second, I hope you enjoy!

Anway, On With The Story...

As Dawn Breaks… So Do I
Draco/Hermione Series
By: Butterfly Kisses


If you love something,
Let it go free.
If it doesn't come back,
You never had it.
If it comes back,
Love it forever.


I sit in the darkness and study my palms. They look the same as they do everyday… but I feel dirty, I feel incomplete… like I am missing half of me. I lay on a king sized bed with my fiancé next to me. He sleeps peacefully. Unworried by my negativity towards him. Seems to think it is PMS. I scoff at his assumption. I know what it really is and I am pretty sure he doesn’t want to hear it.

My fingers smooth the sheets under my palms, letting my hands run through the cotton. He let me go… he let me fly… I am surprised to see he’s yet to come and hack down my front door looking for me. Maybe for once he respected my wishes… but now I have no-one to rescue me from the lie I have forced upon myself. Soundlessly, I move off to the side of our bed, I can’t bear to even sleep near him. What have I gotten myself into?

We could have run off together and gone somewhere… But we didn’t and now I feel incomplete. My emotions unable to keep in check. One minute I am a blubbering sobbing mess and the next I am ready to throttle someone or throw something. “So this is heartbreak…” I mutter into the darkness of moonlight.

I roll over and eye Ron. He doesn’t know what it’s like… he doesn’t know what it’s like at all… He says he has only ever ‘loved’ me. I have to stop my self from laughing. Love? Ha! He could never love me… he sees me as a prize to uphold his family. Why should I be required to love this man?

Oh, that’s right… supposedly we are the “Fairy Tale Couple.” Both from the Golden Trio, having fought many adventures side-by-side and saw the down fall of Voldemort. People expect it of us… of me… to be in love with him…

How wrong they truly are…

Who knew I’d fall head over heels in love with someone who is ‘supposed’ to be my enemy? No-one not even the man himself…

I rub my hands together to obscure the cold wind in our room. The ghost of a smile passes my features as I dwell on the past. It is quickly stolen as I realize that I have just locked my future in for myself…

My face falls to my palms as I break down completely. Tears stream my face as I hear his snoring. God he is so… so… I just don’t care anymore. I need to get out… I need to get out now…

I have abandoned my true love for some false living. What have I done? I sob quietly as the wind rattles in through the open window. Life has no meaning… I have no will to live… And why? All because of a choice I made stupidly for everyone else’s happiness.

Gasping and crying, I lift myself from our bed in Grimmauld Place. Stumbling and swaying, I push myself out the door and towards the stair trying not to wake anyone or anything. My feet barely touched the ground as I ran swiftly and silently down the decaying stairs.

I shouldn’t hate my fiancé or dislike him… I shouldn’t… I can’t… He’s been my best friend forever even if he has feelings for me. That shouldn’t change anything… but still it does.

I sigh. My life is officially fucked in every sense. I have a love hate relationship with life. I have a love hate relationship with the most gorgeous guy on the face of the earth. Damn him.

My hands bang down against the window pane and I am surprised it does not break. Unbreakable. Untouchable. Indestructible. Resilient. To every wound thinkable. I wish I was like that. But then again for heart break and sorrow there is no ‘quick fix.’

I pull out a very creased photograph out of my gown pocket. It was taken by myself, not long ago.

His silver blonde hair is dripping as he dances in the rain outside his house, laughing every now and then and waving for me to join in. ‘I’d love to darl but I can’t!’ I would say if he asked me to and he’d just shrug and return to the light sprinklings of water.

It was the day when I first felt free with him, when he had first said that the most fun to be had was in the rain, whether it be dancing or snogging. I had felt the need to capture something so heartfelt that I took the perfect photo of the perfect man for me. After, I had set down the camera and was sitting on settee in the large outdoor area just watching him in the rain, the way he moved, the way he spoke and the way he smiled. I waved at him and he had the nerve to apparate right next to me dripping wet. I was scared out of my wits naturally as he was only five inches away from the side of my face. I turned to face him and he was just smiling with little droplets of rain running down his face, with one on the edge of his nose. His face inched closer to mine and he captured my lips with his, kissing me sweetly and softly. I could still feel the rain that fell from his nose and onto my lips.

The crease ran down the middle where I had folded it so many times before where I had just sat and gazed at him. I couldn’t smile properly as the tears welled up in my eyes as I placed the photograph onto the coffee table next to me.

I hear the quick movements of someone coming down the stairs. I shrug… I don’t really care anymore.

“Huzz der!?” A sleep deprived Harry tries to whisper in the dark of this old house.

“Mourning Dragon.” I mutter my password to him and I can see his body loosen up.

“Hermione, what are you doing out so late?” He asks his voice croaky slightly. I shrug and seem to fall into a further slump. “’Mione, what are you doing?” I am not sure whether he asked me what I was doing with my life, my love or just asking me what I was doing but I broke down.

I sobbed as he caught me. “Sh… Mione it’s alright. Sh…” I only sobbed more into his flimsy shirt. His hand gathered me into a tiny ball in his lap. If he was Ron he’d want to know why and what was upsetting me so he could realign whatever or whoever it was. But no, this was Harry he would just console and never asked questions that didn’t need to be asked. And I liked him for it.

“Harry… I have stuffed up so so bad… so bad it’s not funny.” I mumble through my tears. I see a flicker of something… sorrow, understanding and… what? Disappointment. My tears dry up as I see it… and I stare at him in awe. His eyes widen with shock.

“H-harry d-d-do you know something?” I ask my anger starting to bubble. He places his hands on my shoulders and looks at my as if searching my eyes for something.

“Hermione all I know is…” He pauses and his eyes dart towards the staircase.

“Harry please don’t fade on me now, I really won’t be able cope if you do.” I choked out as I stared at him. I could feel the film of tears over my eyes.

“Yesterday morning around dawnish, Ron came home and was bragging something about…” He paused again as he flicked around to check the room. I caught myself… dawnish? What if Ron… no he wouldn’t… he couldn’t do that to me…

“Harry what did he say.” I asked taking his hand in mine.

Harry swallowed. “He won… ‘Mione he said he’d won. Won what I’m not sure but I am positive it had something to do with why you were almost in tears yesterday.” He couldn’t look me in the eyes and I just broke down in his arms.

“Harry he spied on me…” I moaned.

“Hermione! And what did you do?” Harry hissed at me. A new rain of tears fell down my face.

“I don’t love Ron… He is imprisoning me. I don’t love him! Harry you love Ginny! You know you love someone when it kills you to be away from them. Harry please! Please! It’s killing me right now!” I was now on my knees banging my fists against his chest. “It’s killing me!” I lay my head against his shoulder as I cried. I can see out of the corner of my eye the sunlight that threatens to hit the dirty windows.

“Hermione, I don’t agree with the things Ron has done but you’ve cheated… ‘Mione you snuck around his back.”

“To see someone I love with my whole heart!” I said exhaustedly. His gaze flickered towards the stairs.

“Ginny?!” He says rather shocked.

“Hermione, is it true?” Ginny appears sitting next to the lounge her voice deathly calm as if she is trying to restrain from strangling me. “Do you l-l-ove Harry?” I was blown away by her assumption I just gape at her any former tears now dried. She stared at me stiffly as Harry had failed to answer. “So it’s true then,” Her face fell and darkened slightly.

“No, no, no Ginny. No it’s not what you think.” I stuttered finally finding my voice. I quickly jumped off the couch.

“Yes Hermione it is definitely what I think.” Ginny hissed backing up. Harry sat in silence.

“No, no, no I love someone else.” I whispered.

“Bullshit Hermione! Bullshit!”

“I love someone else.” I said a little more strongly than I felt. The tears were edging off my eyes and I could feel them quickly coming.

“Alright who then Hermione? Who?” Ginny snapped at me as she crossed her arms over her chest. I looked at Harry who just stared hollowly at me before looking back at Ginny who was enraged.


“You what Hermione? You what?” Ginny practically screamed. The sunlight was a pinkish tinge and it had yet to come into the room. I stared out the window before drawing myself to full height.

“I love him, I love him so much Ginny,” I whispered to the hollow morning.

“Who Hermione? Cause you don’t love Ron!” Ginny yelled. The tears crawled from my eyes and I am now openly sobbing in front of my so-called friends.

My anger is bubbling over and I am crying as well. I really don’t wanna do this but I love him too much,

“You wanna know Ginny? You wanna know? I love Draco! I love him with my whole heart! I love Draco fucking Malfoy!” I stared at her waiting for a response. She blinks a couple of times. Angrily I pick up the picture that I had set on the table before and fling it at her. It skims through the air before landing at her feet. She stares dumbly at it, as if she doesn’t care for it. Muttering and shaking her head she turns on her foot and storms up the stairs towards her bedroom.

“Harry?” I croak. But my calls are unanswered as Harry turns following Ginny up the stairs of Grimmauld Place. I sob into the fabric of the lounge suite silently. Why don’t they understand that I love him! I can feel it in the house; in the air… they’ll never understand. Never. I shift towards the window chair that looks on towards the early risers that are driving their cars on the roads. My heart tears even more as the sun looks towards the house, bringing a new start to the day when it has already been ruined.

And As Dawn Breaks… So Do I.


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