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Chapter One: The Chunin Exams Part One

Ten Years Later

In the Hidden Village of Leaves it was morning and everything was bustling with activity, the birds were chirping, the flowers were blooming and the vermillion sun was shining brightly across the clear azure sky. The usual clamor during the morning was louder than usual for there were more people in Konoha than its typical number of inhabitants due to the presence of the biannual chunin examination being hosted in the hidden village of the leaves this time around. The hotels were crammed at full capacity due to housing many foreign shinobi and spectators from all across Asia and even the Daimyos (feudal lords) of the elemental countries, and the other four Kages (leaders) from the four most powerful shinobi villages besides Konoha, the Raikage (leader of the hidden village of the Clouds), Kazekage (leader of the hidden village of the Sand), Muzikage (leader of the hidden village of the Mist) and the Tsuchikage (leader of the hidden stone) were attending the match in addition to the Hokage, Arashi’s father. Everyone in the village had enjoyed a nice and exciting morning before going to attend the final match of the exam since they were anxious to see its finale which was due to start in fifteen minutes. They were all at the stadium where they were jostling for seats in order to have best spot in the match for Arashi Kazara the son of the Rokudaime Hokage would be facing off against an opponent twice his age from the village of the stone, one of Konoha’s rivals. Everyone was ready to see the start of the match.

Well except for a certain someone wasn’t.

“Arashi wake up! The final match is today and I will not allow you to be late like your Uncle Kakashi, and shame your father and the village by being tardy in not just the presence of your father and the Daimyo of Fire Country but the other Daimyos and Kages of the Thunder, Wind, Water and Earth countries!” Hinata Kazara yelled at the top of her lungs at her lazy son.

“Five more minutes, just give me five more minutes,” her lethargic son replied groggily forgetting what time it was.

“Alright, that’s enough. Suiton…” he mother said irritated at her son’s lethargic demeanor as she quickly made the hand seals that would be used to make a water technique that would drench her lazy son and thus would rudely wake him up from his slumber.

“Geez Louise, mom. I’m up, I’m up, I’m up,” Arashi Kazara, her son replied as he quickly lifted his head off of his pillow at the last minute and swung his legs over to the side of his bed rubbing his eyes tiredly as he did so.

“Arashi hurry up and get dressed. I’ll make breakfast while you get ready quickly so you’ll be able to get at least something to eat before your match,” his mother commanded sternly as she left his room and made her way down to the kitchen in order to prepare some food for her son.

At eleven years old and already an experienced genin of three years, he was considered by many to be a prodigy. Although his parents wished him to be a normal boy, fate would not let this be. As the son of the Hokage and descendant of not one but two prestigious clans, he was expected to be better and more powerful than his peers due to his relation to the greatest shinobi in the village and member of one of its most powerful clans. In addition, enemies of his village and whom which were many due to his father’s status as Hokage and his grandfather’s title as the Yellow Flash of Konoha would most likely target him out of revenge or possible leverage against the widely renown and feared Kazara clan that was known for its special techniques that were devastating in combat.

Personality wise he took after both his mother and father thus creating an amalgamation of his father’s determination and bravery with his mother’s laconic nature as a child and observational skills that made a highly dangerous and effective shinobi and gave him a sense of maturity that separated him from his peers.

Physically, he somewhat resembled his adoptive parents due to an adoption seal being placed on him as an infant. He retained his biological father’s messy raven-black hair and his mother’s emerald green-eyes but in addition to his lightning-bolt shaped scar on his forehead, he possessed markings on his cheeks that resembled whiskers like his adoptive father Naruto. However the attributes that he received from his adoptive mother, Hinata during the adoption seal process a decade ago still confounded everyone. Although his eyes remained emerald green, it appeared that he had received the Byakugan, the bloodlimit of Hinata’s former clan, the Hyuugas, this was something that had never happened before. Although it was common to many people who were put under the adoption seal to inherit characteristics or even personality traits of their adoptive parents, it unheard let alone unthought-of receiving any bloodlimits from their adoptive parents, something that still astounded Jiraya the toad sannin and the only one of the legendary three that were either still alive and loyal to Konoha.

“Arashi, you’re stalling. If you don’t hurry up and get ready, I’m going to make copies of your baby pictures and give them to the members of your fan club! I bet you that they’ll think that those pictures are really kawaii (cute).” Hinata threatened her still drowsy son.

Damn! With mom’s bloodlimit she can see around the house and know what I am doing. If there is one thing that I fear more than Orochimaru (yes that child molesting, Uchiha-obsessed snake bastard that calls himself the Otokage is still alive) himself, it’s those crazy, deranged and rabid fan girls! Arashi shuddered at the thought. As son of the Hokage and heir of one of the Kazara clan with the addition to his extraordinary prowess as a shinobi coupled with his prominent features made him Konoha’s number one bachelor and the center of his own personal fan club with a mob of crazy fan girls that followed, no stalked him day and night. Most of the time he would use a henge (illusion) in order to go around the village without being recognized but when things got really bad as they had been recently he had to spend most of his down time in the Kazara mansion and its outlying grounds to avoid these fervent and passionate beasts that the rest of the human race called girls. To his chagrin, his father found this extremely amusing and his mothers was delighted at this and would often comment about how “manly” her son was becoming and would embarrassingly ask when he would get his first girlfriend. Despite the jealousy of his fellow male shinobi of his age and the looks of admiration and awe from the civilians that lived in the village, Arashi did not consider this as something that was a blessing from Kami (God). He considered this at its most minor part to be a major inconvenience and at most a curse that followed him throughout life.

Why did I have to have a Hyuuga as a mother? Arashi thought resignedly as he hurriedly got dressed for his match that was coming up quickly.

Arashi quickly got dressed in his shinobi uniform, which was made up of a tight long-sleeve shirt along with similar long pants that were stiff enough to be snug against the wearers body but at the same time would not hamper the user’s range of motion, something that was equally vital to a shinobi’s survival as the amount of charka their reserves.

Much to the villager’s relief, Arashi’s attire was nowhere as tight, or made of spandex like Konoha’s resident taijutsu masters, Rock Lee and Maito Gai. The Green Beats of Konoha, as they called themselves were only matched by the Hokage, himself in both knowledge and skill of taijutsu. However to the rest of the village they were known as the Unholy Eyebrow Duo and in addition to their tight light green bodysuits possessed unsightly bowl cut haircuts and smiles with lustrous teeth that blinded almost everyone who had the unfortunate luck to see them. It wasn’t a surprise that both Lee and Gai were both single despite their many attempts to gain the affection of the female population by doing very eccentric things not being mentioned in order to preserve one’s sanity. The local population shuddered at the prospect of a third member joining the insane duo.

This also saved Arashi’s parents from getting charges pressed against them from the elder council which were namely kidnapping, assault, and assault with a deadly weapon and not to mention the breaking of every single bone in those two taijutsu masters bodies.

However to his father’s dismay, the color of his attire wasn’t orange, something that his mother thanked Kami for. She had nothing wrong with the color orange thought it looked cute on her husband, but when doing work as a shinobi the color was not something that blended in with the environment very well. This is due the fact that the color practically screamed KILL ME NOW out loud to opponents and completely negated a shinobi’s stealth capability thus letting the enemy know where someone is, something that was equal to death in the life of a shinobi.

Instead, like most chunin and jounin in Konoha his outfit was blue, and dark green and allowed him to camouflage himself in many different environments.

On top of his clothes, he wore armor on his chest, arms, legs and shins thus protecting his vitals and at the same time doubled as weights that helped him increase his agility and strength.

Above his armor and other attire Arashi wore and used two wakizashi (Japanese Short Swords) that were very lethal in close combat, something that his family techniques were renown for. Both handles of the swords were above his shoulders for easy access and were in an X pattern across his back.

Unlike most weapon-oriented shinobi who both shunned all other ninja arts and just focused only on kenjutsu, Arashi was equally good at both all charka aspects of ninjutsu in addition to kenjutsu. For his family fighting style, unlike those of other families, which only focused on one aspect of the ninja arts such as the Hyuugas who only used the jyuken and were completely clueless about the use of the use of ninjutsu or the Aburames who relied solely on the use of their bugs, the Kazara clan’s fighting style demanded that the user to be equally good in all areas for they needed to be excellent in genjutsu and ninjutsu to execute the Hirashin and shushin no jutsu, well versed in taijutsu to be able to use Kirameki and most importantly superb charka control to be able to use the family’s the most powerful technique which was devised by Arashi’s grandfather, the Rasengan. Although it was extremely difficult to train someone in all these aspects, the end result was nothing less than an extremely dangerous shinobi to one’s enemies, such as Arashi’s grandfather and namesake the Yondaime Hokage, the first Arashi Kazara who in one day during the great shinobi war killed over two hundred enemy shinobi from the village of the stone and was widely feared for his prowess on the battlefield, thus the reason behind the enmity between the leaf and stone.

“Breakfast is ready! Hurry up and get down here! You’re running late!” Hinata called out to her son downstairs from the kitchen where she had quickly made some rice and teriyaki beef for quick nutrition and nourishment before the match.

However Arashi did not answer her call. A minute passed and there was still no response to her summons.

Fearing the worst, Hinata quickly ran to her son’s room and prepared to fight any opponent who was in between her and her son.

As she entered her son’s room, she frantically searched to find any signs of struggle or traces of her child. Finally after a few worried minutes of looking around in his room her eyes finally rested on a note that lay on her son’s desk.

In hastily scrawled script, it said:


I’m already running late so I’m going to skip breakfast. I’m sorry if I didn’t let you know ahead of time and I’ll see you at the match.



After reading the note, Hinata put head on her hands, rolled her eyes and sighed exasperatedly while using her Byakugan to count the increasing number of gray and white hairs that were beginning to show in her indigo hairline and remembering that she was just in her early thirties. Damn, I hate it when he does that, she thought.

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