A/N Harry Potter belongs to J.K Rowling and Naruto belongs to whoever created it. Sorry I can’t remember the name of the person that created Naruto so sorry about that. ☹ Prologue In the town of Little Wingding in Surrey, it was midnight and every light was out, and every soul whether human or not was a slumber except for two. The first of these souls two souls was twenty year old Kazara Naruto or in western naming conventions, Naruto Kazara, son of the Yondaime (Fourth) Hokage, former vessel of the nine-tailed fox demon lord the Kyuubi no Kitsune, first and only holder of the fox summoning contract, head of the Kazara clan, and last but not least the Rokudaime (Sixth) and youngest Hokage of Konoha, Hidden Leaf Village of Fire Country in Asia. With cerulean-blue eyes, spiky porcupine-like blond hair and an ever-present grin, it made him posses an aura of charisma and trustworthiness that most politicians would sell their souls for. However woe to the fool who would provoke him by threatening his village or his family, for there would be hell to pay for he was not Hokage of Konoha for nothing and would quickly tear the idiot apart. The second of these night owls was Hinata Kazara formerly of the Hyuuga clan the most powerful and influential clan in Konoha, chief medic nin of Konoha, and newly wed wife of the Hokage. With indigo colored hair, pupilless lavender eyes and pale creamy white skin, she looked more at home at a punk rock concert than a shinobi village. However she was widely renown for her capabilities as a medic nin for her wide knowledge of healing jutsus (techniques) and her lethal combat style that incorporated both her family’s Taijutsu (hand to hand combat) style, the Jyuken (Gentle Fist) and the use of charka scalpels that was widely feared amongst the shinobi nations. Currently these two newlyweds were walking down Privet Drive after touring London for three days. Tonight was to be their last night of their honeymoon for tomorrow at dawn they would have to return to their village and resume their “normal” lives as shinobi or as normal as a shinobi’s life could be. “I can’t wait to get home to Konoha. Britain is a nice nation but the food sure sucks. Who the hell eats steak and kidney pie anyways? If Choji head about how these Brits destroyed a good food like steak by putting it in pie and adding kidneys, there would be hell to pay! There wasn’t even a ramen stand in all of the United Kingdom. Ireland included!” Naruto ranted, annoyed that they did not serve ramen, let alone know what ramen was. Which in his opinion was a crime against humanity. Though he was conveniently ignoring the fact that his home was on the other side of the planet and that the average Briton was not informed of any other Japanese dish besides sushi and miso soup. “Naruto must you always think about ramen the whole trip?” I swear that you only think about ramen, talk about ramen, and dream about ramen so therefore your brains must be made of ramen,” Hinata jokingly replied to her ramen-crazed husband. Naruto was about to respond to his wife’s comment when Naruto’s senses told him that something was out there. Due to the Kyuubi, Naruto was gifted with astounding senses so sensitive that he could hear a single pin drop in the middle of a sandstorm and see perfectly in the dark. “Hinata, activate your Byakugan (her blood limit),” he ordered. Hinata went from completely at ease to totally alert in less than a couple seconds and was ready for action. The viens around her eyes began to swell showing that her blood limit was activated. With her blood limit active, she could see 360 degrees around her and could see through anything she wanted. Focusing on the source of the disturbance, Hinata quickly identified its location. “Its this way,” she motioned for Naruto to follow. As they stealthily approached the object of their attention, they found themselves in the front doorstep of Number Four. At the top of the steps of the house lay a baby. As soon as they saw the child, the two shinobi relaxed knowing that there was no threat and that everything was at peace. Hinata picked up the child and began to cradle it in her arms. “It’s a boy,” she informed Naruto. However Naruto was occupied at the moment as he stood at the front of number four with killing intent evident focused at the house, believing that the occupants had abandoned the child and had left it to fate to determine its outcome. Sensing her husband’s fury, Hinata tried to calm him down. “Naruto-kun, calm down. We don’t want to cause an incident. What would the local authorities think if they found this house completely obliterated by an unknown force?” she reasoned hoping to calm him down and act rationally. “Hinata, these bastards abandoned their child and left it to DIE. They deserve to get a piece of my mind!” Naruto growled. Sensing all of the killing intent around him, the infant began to wail out of fear due to the presence of a strong negative aura. Upon hearing the infant’s cries, Naruto completely forgot about his fit of rage and looked at the child’s face for the first time. The child looked perfectly normal and healthy with its raven-black hair, pale white skin and emerald green eyes. However on its forehead lay a lighting-bolt shaped scar on his forehead that was partly hidden by his hair. “Do you want us to raise him as our own son?” Naruto asked. As much work he had to do as the leader of the Hidden Leaf Village, he was unwilling to let another child go through what he underwent when he was a child, abandoned and alone. “H-h-hai,” Hinata responded. In their relationship the subject of children was taboo due to a tragedy that occurred in the recent past. Two years ago, during the final battle between the Atkasuki and the forces of the Leaf Village, the leaf had come out victorious. However it had come at a price that was too costly to bear. The entire jounin and chunin corps that was the backbone of the village had been cut in half. The ANBU had died to the last shinobi and Tsunade the Godaime (Fifth) Hokage had fallen in battle against the leader of the mysterious organization, which even in death remained unknown. Many teenagers who were barely adults, such as Kiba Inuzuka, Shikamaru Nara, Choji Akimichi and Shino Aburame suddenly became clan heads as a result of the battle even though they did not even posses two decades worth of life experience under their belts. Even the elite Hyuuga clan had to select its next clan head, Neji of the branch house due to the deaths of its clan head Hiashi and its heir apparent Hanabi who were both of the mainhouse and the incapacitation and refusal of the main house’s sole remaining member, Hinata to take the reins of leadership of the clan. However Hinata’s loss was deemed by many to be the most tragic. While fighting Kisame, Itachi Uchiha’s right-hand man, Hinata had suffered a severe wound from his sword, Samehada when it pierced her stomach. She survived this grievous injury but was told that she could never have children, a dream that Hinata always wanted ever since she was a child. As the last remaining member of the Kazara clan, the village council expected him to have an heir to preserve the famous bloodline in order to make sure that the Kirameki no Jutsu, Sushin no Jutsu and the most famous of all the Rasengan, legendary technique of the Jiraya the toad sennin, the fourth and sixth Hokages would not be lost forever, something that Hinata could not fulfill. Had it not been for Naruto’s position as Hokage and Hinata’s cousin, Neji’s status as the head of the Hyuuga clan, the village council would not have approved his marriage to Hinata. To his displeasure and absolute disgust and contempt, some of the villagers, the very ones who had shunned and abused him as a child had been calling for Naruto to have a child outside of his marriage in order to continue his family line. However Naruto was adamant that the only one that he would be with was his wife, Hinata and no force on heaven or earth would change that. “What should we call him?” Naruto asked. “How about Arashi (lightning)? He would be named after your father and the lightning bold scar on his forehead.” “Perfect. We honor my father, the Yondaime and at the same time give him a name that will be fit him and only him alone,” Naruto responded liking the name instantly. He leaned down and looked at the child and said, “Hello little Arashi-kun, I’m your tou-san (father) and the one holding you is your kaa-san (mother).” Upon seeing Naruto, the infant began to pull some of Naruto’s hair. “Ouch! Hey that hurt you little monster!” Naruto indignantly replied and made a face showing mock outrage and indignation. “Hey he likes you already. Isn’t that right my little Arashi-kun?” Hinata cooed at her newfound son. When Arashi (Harry) saw Naruto’s face, he began to laugh at his new father with humor evident on his young face. “Come on Hinata, let’s get back to our hotel. It’s going to be dawn in a few hours and we need to get packing in order to get back to Konoha by noon. Not to mention, we need to get baby supplies for our son.” With those words Naruto Kazara and his wife Hinata left Privet Drive with their newfound son Arashi Kazara formerly known as Harry James Potter. The Dursley’s ever knowing that the son of Petunia’s estranged sister had ever graced the presence of their home. A/N: This is my second attempt at a fan fic and is the first one that I have posted on FF.net. Please review and no flames but constructive criticism is welcome.

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