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    Say hello to chapter 3!! C’mon! Don’t be shy~!! Wahahaha…. And here, Draco gets romantic~! But not in a really, really, REALLY romantic way... Argh, I don’t know how to explain… Just read on and ignore me… *sniffs* SO, thank you to the people who reviewed~!!

    |^*~~] (“’\/’”) [~~*^|

    ~The Sonata and the Championship.

    |^*~~] (“’\/’”) [~~*^|

    “Did you see who she was with? Did you? Did you??”
    “I knooow!! And they were living together for like, only two months!”
    “But they hate each other!”
    “So? They’re together aren’t they?”
    “I can’t believe he sunk so low!!”
    “Hey! She isn’t low okay! She’s the brightest witch here!”
    “Really? Then why is she with Malfoy?!”

    By the time Sunday came, some people already knew of our “little secret”. Word had spread like a wild bonfire, cackling happily in our faces. Although, not much people were actually happy… Still, I must put on a brave face to all the little uh, whisperings around me.

    To tell you the truth, they aren’t little at all. Pansy had come ashen-faced to me, practically breathing fire down my neck. Draco had to personally come to “shoo her away. Then there was the whole band of Slytherins, Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws. My gosh, I could’ve died in the stampede. Hoards of them came charging into my room and started bombarding me with questions. Of course, the Slytherins didn’t touch me. They were too busy yelling at Draco. I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. If the Slytherins had managed to convince Draco that I was low blood (not meaning that I was a Muggleborn. Meaning that he was too superior for me), my plan would crush and fail in the blink of an eye. Still I had to stay calm. Calm…
    Breathe in, breathe out….

    Everyone, and I mean everyone was glaring at Draco and I during breakfast. Good heavens, I wonder why this stupid rivalry between houses even started!! I was seated alone at the Gryffindor table and Draco was alone as well. I barely ate a bite when whisperings came alive again. Fingers pointed at me, accompanied by glares and stares. Appetite disturbed, I grabbed my bag and stalked out of the hall.
    Lessons would only start twenty minutes later so I went up to the Astronomy Tower. I sat there, thinking about what had been happening these few days and what I had lost. I seemed to have gained nothing these two horrible days… in fact, I practically lost everything, friends, trust and Ron.

    Yet I still had this… this seemingly crazy plan. What would I gain? Satisfaction? That Ron was hurt?

    The more I thought about it, the more silly it became. I lost a whole bunch of things just because I wanted Ron to feel hurt… jealous…
    Was I nuts??
    What was I thinking?!

    I sighed miserably and started to shake uncontrollably. Tears escaped my already-puffy eyes and slid down my cheeks in a straight path. I was so stupid. So blinded by revenge that I had lost practically everything in the process. Now I wished I hadn’t been so ignorant.

    I rested my head in my hands, trying to cry all my tears away, but they came in an endless flow. Like a never-ending storm washing away all the happiness I had ever felt, replacing it all with utmost sadness and despair….
    Suddenly, two pairs of strong arms came around me and held on tight. Blinking back tears, I saw Draco hugging me, trying to soothe me as he had once before. I didn’t know how I felt then. Frustrated that he was kissed me in the first place, making me come up with this stupid plan or glad that he kissed me in the first place, making me feel… wanted.

    |^*~~] (“’\/’”) [~~*^|

    His warm hands were stroking my back, telling me to ignore the stupid whispers, to ignore the silly rumors. He was whispering very softly in my ear; I could hear him tell me that he would always, always be there for me… that he’d share my sorrows, my troubles and problems with me.
    I didn’t know why I felt that way, but suddenly, a huge weight had been lifted from my heart. I was able to breathe properly, able to carefully consider what he had just said. Was he saying that he’d always stay by my side? That he’d never leave me alone? I was feeling touched and elated, even though I didn’t really know why. The tears came and went, leaving me both physically and mentally alone with Draco. He seemed to sense that too.
    Slowly, he released me from the hug but his hands were on my arms now. He went on with his habit, staring at me. I didn’t know why he’d always do that, but I hadn’t had much time to ponder on the question because his lips just descended on mine again. I had no intension of pulling away, nor of asking him if he had a mental problem. I just went right along, pushing myself against him, savoring the taste of his lips and while my hands were hooked on his neck, his hands were on the base of my head.
    The very sad thing was, I had cried for a good fifteen minutes so we had around three minutes to dash up to class number one, potions.
    We were both panting by the time we reached the classroom. Professor Snape had also just entered the classroom. He saw me first, but before he could say something nasty, no doubt, Draco stepped into the limelight. Instantly, Professor Snape’s face fell. He’d obviously wanted to punish “Know-It-All Granger” for being late but his favorite student was standing beside me, so unless he wanted to punish Draco and take away points from his house, he’d have to let me pass too. He was cornered and he knew it.
    Grimly, he glared at me and motioned for Draco and me to be seated. Momentarily, I was celebrating, but after that moment, I was dunked headfirst to the pools of misery again. Half the Gryffindors were glaring at Draco and me. The other half, along with nearly all the Slytherins, were giving us the cold-shoulder. I sank miserably into a seat, way back in the class. Draco was right beside me and he seemed unaffected. He swung his bag onto the table and sat with utmost ease, staring ahead, looking extremely bored with the ongoing. I sighed and pulled my book from my bag, trying to look almost innocent and carefree but failing miserably.

    |^*~~] (“’\/’”) [~~*^|

    I threw myself on the sofa in the Heads’ common room, trying to rid my mind of the stupid whispers.
    “This cannot do,” I thought to myself.
    “I can’t stand this. If only I hadn’t been so stupid…. So… ignorant…. How? How did I smart girl like me, do something so incredibly stupid??”
    Sub-consciously, I looked around the room. It was decked in gold and sliver with red and green drapes all around. The common room was large and circular. Two staircases were on either side of a fireplace, which was at the front of the room. Furniture was placed in a circular way. One large semi-circle sofa (which I was resting upon), two green armchairs on either side of it and two squashy red bean bags at the side. A grand glass table with gold patterns along the edge and sliver talons as the leg of it rested in the middle and a marvelous, gold candelabrum sat in the middle of the table’s sliver and gold splendor.
    I sighed as I looked around. Hogwarts, the only other place I called home was now icy cold to me. No one, other then Draco, had smiled, waved or spoken to me today. I wasn’t used to it at all… and it was all thanks to Ron.
    I felt rage boil inside me. Because of Ron, I was hurt. Because of Ron, I was alone. Because of Ron, I’ll never be able to love again.
    It’s all thanks to him.
    I’m hurt, alone, unable to love but with a twisted scheme inside me.
    Hermione Granger is and will never be like that. Hermione Granger is never stupid, blind or ignorant. Hermione Granger is wise, kind and smart…
    Hermione Granger is…

    … not what I’ve become.

    |^*~~] (“’\/’”) [~~*^|

    “Mione… Mione!”
    “Wake up!”
    “Hermione! Wake up!!”
    I angrily smacked him on the shoulder. I was happily asleep when he just HAD to wake me up. Can’t he see that I’m dying of depression right now?? Sleep is the only thing that can cure me!!
    Still, he wasn’t keen on giving up.

    “Mione! Come on… get up. Look, I know you’re troubled and depressed, so.. I’m treating you for dinner tonight.”
    At these words, I instantly shot up.
    “Really?? Where to? Oh! But… its Monday today… we can’t go anywhere…”
    “So we’ll just stay here.”
    “Ahh… here?”

    The splendid table in our common room was even more splendid when I saw it. Draco had ushered me into my room and made me change into fine dining clothes. When I was done, Draco called me down and I nearly died of shock. The room was dark, illuminated by only some candles on the candelabra and fine food was spread on the glass table. Draco offered me his arm and I tool it while he led me to the table.

    The scene was pure romantic. I sighed contentedly and he smiled.
    As I was about to help myself to the food, he presented before me, a fine red rose, full in bloom and fragrance. I gasped at the beauty of it. It was pure red, with darker shades at the bottom and deep green leaves. I made a mental note to cast an everlasting spell on it later.

    Soon enough, dinner was done. I was smiling all over. I couldn’t stop myself. It was just too… perfect.
    No, scratch that, its going to get better, I could tell.

    Draco had just offered me his arm once more and he led me to his room. Instinctively, I withdrew. I mean, you can’t really trust boys, can you?
    Draco sensed what I was thinking and he smirked.

    “Not tonight.”

    I was shocked at how relaxed he sounded. “Not tonight”? Meaning other nights?? I could’ve died. Instead, he, again, gave me his arm and proceeded to his room. Curious, I followed suit.

    It was dark.
    Darkness covered everything. I couldn’t see a thing. He withdrew his arm from mine and suddenly, I felt alone, frightened and vulnerable.
    No response.

    Cold dread filled my every nerve. Where was he? And where was I? Sure, its his room, but with all the darkness around, it sure didn’t look or feel like a room.
    Then out of the blue, I heard the swishing of a curtain. Turning wildly on the spot, I saw a thin thread of light and half-ran towards it. Light! I must reach it!
    Suddenly, a hand grabbed my arm and before I could scream, another covered my mouth. I tried to squirm but before I could, the curtain opened a tiny fraction again. Surprised, I blinked. It opened some more. It wasn’t long before the curtain fully opened and looking out, I saw a balcony. A large balcony, overlooking the silent night of lush greenery and twinkling stars. My eyes widened and my “captor” withdrew his hands from my mouth. Turning around, I saw Draco Malfoy grinning at me.

    “What the hell do you think you were doing?? I was scared out of my wits!! Why were you so silent? What were you thinking?”
    “Hey, you were too nervous, I had to relax you.”
    “Relax me? By grabbing me??”
    “But you gotta admit, you’re much more talkative now.”

    I blushed. True, I hadn’t spoken much during dinner. It was just too romantic and I couldn’t think of anything to say. Much too perfect, as I had mentioned earlier.
    Before I could think of a comeback to counter his remark, he grabbed my hand and let me out to the balcony. I wasn’t sure on what he wanted to do but as we stepped out, music began playing from nowhere. He held one of my hands and the other went round my waist. Without wasting a second, I tucked my head on his shoulder and my other hand on his other shoulder. It was an extremely slow song and he was taking advantage of it. His arm was snaking around my waist and as much as I felt awkward, I felt safe in his arms.

    Who would’ve thought Draco Malfoy was capable of romantics as much as the next boy?

    |^*~~] (“’\/’”) [~~*^|

    Bright sunshine was pouring onto the bed and I sat up, rubbing my tired eyes. Running a hair through my oh-so messy hair, I drank in my surroundings.
    Green walls, silk sliver drapes. A large regal oak wood desk, two humongous mahogany wardrobes, a large clear glass door leading to the balcony and a majestic green bed with black embroidery.

    Draco’s room.

    My eyes widened and I tried to move away but something was stopping me. Something like…
    an arm…?
    Draco’s arm?!

    I took a sharp intake of breath and glanced to my right.
    A sleeping Draco was there, an arm around my waist and the other at his side. I had tensed up for a minute, but after staring at his face, I sort of relaxed…

    He looked extremely… harmless…. Just his hair falling down on one side of his face and his face neither pulled into a smirk nor a scowl (or his most recent one, smiling). At first, I found comfort in looking at his face, I found peace and warmth but my brain was all like, “Stupid! Stop looking at him!! Turn your head!! Look at the balcony! The birds! The trees!!” So I obeyed my mind (as weird as that sounds) and reluctantly pulled away from him. As his arm lost its “support”, it fell with a light “thump” on the bed and his head rolled to one side and his eyes blinked open. He was unwilling to awake, I thought, because as soon as his eyes opened, they snapped shut again. But what he said next surprised me.

    “I must be in Heaven.”

    I was in shock when his eyes opened again. He smiled at me and I blushed back. Gah, I think I’m falling for him!

    No, no, I’m not.
    I’m just….
    Cluttered up.
    Yes, yes... that’s it….

    Anyway, I managed to drag the lazy blonde to the hall where Dumbledore, much to my delight, had placed two chairs on the staff table for us. I smiled widely and headed towards the table, Draco at my heels. Some of the people in the great hall were looking at us while the others continued with their chat and laughter. There weren’t many glares, just stares.

    I guess the Hogwarts population is accepting the fact slowly.
    All for the best…
    I can’t take another day of glares and insults.

    Dumbledore was smiling warmly at us from the staff table and I shot a grateful one back. As Draco and I were seated and about to eat, he stood up.

    |^*~~] (“’\/’”) [~~*^|

    I could barely contain my excitement. We’re going to Beauxbatons!! There was going to be a Quidditch championship soon. Beauxbatons was chosen as they have three Quidditch pitches. Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Drumstrang are competing. Of course, I would be able to see Viktor again but hey, we’re just friends. Ron had come in before he did… but he betrayed me and well, you know the rest. The Heads, two prefects from each house and the Quiddtich players were going. The rest would be able to go to Beauxbatons to watch each tournament but they were to return to Hogwarts after each match. Those who get to stay till the end of the championship were to take classes in Beauxbatons.

    In all, the prefects going are:
    Ron (much to my distaste),
    Ginny (she made prefect, isn’t that great??),
    Adelaide (she’s in the same year as Ginny),
    Blaise and

    Oh, my blood stats to boil whenever I think of her. The little bitch thinks that Draco is all hers. My gosh, I can’t wait for me to be of age. Then I’d be able to hex her hair off.

    But back to being happy: Draco and I were still to share rooms!
    I don’t know why I’m happy over that…
    I must be mad.

    |^*~~] (“’\/’”) [~~*^|

    Mid-September came by and we were set to go. The first match was to take place three days later, Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw on pitch one and Beauxbatons and Drumstrang occupy pitches two and three. I really couldn’t wait. I was practically hopping with excitement. On the train, I was completely worn out. I fell asleep in Draco’s arms while the train zoomed passed the country scenery; bring us closer to our tournament…

    |^*~~] (“’\/’”) [~~*^|

    A championship!! *gasps* Does it fuel your curiosity?? Hmm… …I guess not… Gaah!! *hits head then gets up to find a cookie*

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