Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not a thing. Weird, huh? Or maybe I'm the weird one here. . .moving on. Author's Note: This story is turning out to be less humorous than the beginning. I'm already saying that now. I mean, it still has it's jokes and humor throughout the chapters, but it isn't really like the 1st chapter. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter Six-Pretty Boy Ravendrew ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ah. . .quidditch. . .brooomsticks. . .fresh cut grass. . .quaffles. . .fresh air. . .no books in sight- "James?" I jumped,"I'm listening and paying attention." In a overly bright and awake tone clearly stating that I wasn't listening or paying attention. Way to go, James. Wonderful job. I should change my name to Mr.James Harold Sarcastic. I doubt my parents would be happy with me changing my name though. He could just imagine their anger. "What's wrong with Potter, James? Oh, I suppose if you really want to change your name-" "Harold! Have given your laundry to the house elves yet?" -Sigh-"No, dear-" "Harold! I told you to gather your dirty clothes two hours ago!" "I'll get right on it, dear, right after I speak with James about him wanting to change his name to Sarcastic-" "What?" "It's a great name, mum. It suits me, don't you think-?" "James Potter, you are not changing your name! Do you hear me young man? Now. Get your father up and both of you get your laundry for the house elves!" "Yes, Ma'am." "Yes. Ma'am. Way to go, James. You've got her in one of her moods." "Your the one that brought up changing my last name." Lily looked at me with amusement,"You don't have to spend your Saturday cooped up in the library with me, James. Why don't you go play quidditch with your friends. I know you want to." It was Saturday the 27th of October and I was spending my day in the library. Not willingly, no. I could be spending it playing a game of quidditch with some others. It's just that Lily's there and there's the whole bet thing and. . . No, I must stay. . .even if the quidditch pitch is just calling to me, unlike the biography of Mira Bachinspock, a witch who came up with the antidote for molergis warts (Merin, are those ugly looking, right up there in the nose-I'll continue). Yes. So exciting. Who can resist a good book on a witch searching all her life (112 years) for a cure for disgusting nose warts (Merlin, they're just right there in the nose-) over a game of quidditch. That's it. I'm changing my name. Good Bye Mr.James Harold Potter. Hello, Mr.James Harold Sarcastic! "No, I'm fine. Really. I just love to read, you know. That's something we really have in common, you know." Well, you know, I think the whole "you know" habit of mine is really coming along. I lied throught the whole sentence and only said "you know" twice. Lily stared at me for a moment a smile on her face. She was always smiling it seemed. I suppose I just never noticed it till now, after spending so much time with her. That she smiles so much, I mean. It's not like her smiles bad. Quite the opposite, actually. Lily's smile is very nice. It brightens the room. Boy, did that sound corny. Now, if you want to see a scary smile, see the portrait of Walter the Weird, in the dungeons. The smile scares the willies out of me-Peter. The willies out of Peter. Of course, what else can you expect? Everything in the dungeons is either A)Weird B)Evil C)Ugly More in particular for ugly is the Slytherin Common Room. Merlin. The furniture colors clash!-Wicker moment. I'm getting off topic now. Lily's looking at me with a faint smile still, yet her eyebrows are raised with a curious expression. I suppose just staring blankly at Lily's face for three minutes straight can be somewhat. . . awkward. "No, really, James go ahead. I meeting up with someone to tutor in half na hour. I doubt you really want to sit here will I tutor." Perfect point, Lily! Wonderful! Quidditch here I come! Yes!- "Okay, I guess. . ." Quidditch! Fresh air! Snitches! Bludgers! Broomsticks! Quaffles!- "You sure?" I asked, already standing up, bag over shoulder. Lily looked up at me and chuckled, eyes twinkling merrily,"Yes, James. I'm positive." Quidditch here I come!- "Alright then. Bye, Lily." I grin walking away, even putting in a quick wink over my shoulder, since I was in such a good mood. Whether she saw it or not, I can't say. She didn't seem to. . . Wait. I have just had the best of the best ideas I have ever had (which is pretty hard, considering the ideas I've thought of). "Lily?" I ask turning around. She looked up from her book,"Yes?" "Can you come watch the game after you finish tutoring?" See, asking her this, she'll definitely get my drift. She'll definitely see the whole Will-You-Go-On-A-Date-With-Me? thing. Maybe I won't even have to ask, Lily'll just figure out because I asked her to watch a quidditch game, more in particular, watch me. Even though I never said the word "me". I'm postive this will work. I've always been quite good when it came to girls. I suppose, if I could just figure out Lily Evans. Lily fingered the corner of her book's page absentmindly,"I'll try to come. I'm not really sure when exactly the tutoring will be finished-" "Great. I see you there!" And Mr. J Sarcastic skips out of the library. Manly skips, of course. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "For the love of God, Potter, pay attention! What do you keep looking at?" Walter Worthington shouted a few yards away. "Why don't you pay attention, Worthington?" I shout back haughtly. Honestly, can't he mind his own business. I was just checking the entrance of the quidditch pitch to see if Lily had come yet. She said she'd come. I'm sure of it. "I'll will come, James. I promise." That's exactly what she said. Exactly. So where was she? It had been an hour and Lily still hadn't gotten to the pitch. You know, you'd think me inviting her to watch a quidditch game-watch me-would just, you know, cast lumos to her mind, bringing her to the light, figuring out what I was actually saying. Will you go to Hogsmeade with me? Obviously, though, it was a faulty wand because it didn't cast lumos to her head, therefore her mind remained dark and unaware of my secret message. Lily should be here. She should. Sure I have plenty of admires watching from the stands, but she has to be here to be impressed by my quidditch skills to be able to say "yes" to Hogsmeade. It was just that simple. Worthington snorted,"I'm actually paying attention, Potter, unlike you-" "Then I'm sure you see that bludger coming right at your head now." I stated calmly. Take that Worthington! Worthington turned slightly and ducked as a bludger zoomed just over his head. He glared at me and flew off, probably to pester someone else. Poor someone else. Sirius flew over,"That was quite a nice bludger, don't you think?" He asked slyly. Remus and Peter where keeping score, prefering not to "get our heads blasted off by a bludger or fall a 1000 feet to our deaths, thank you very much" (Remus' words, not mine). I chuckled,"Thanks, Padfoot." "Anytime. Although, I have to say, as much as Worthington is a pain in the arse, he was kind of right, you know. What were you looking at?" "Oh. . .nothing. Just waiting for Lily to show up." I said absentmind scanning the stands and entrance once more. Sirius laughed,"Ah, I see now. And after an hour, she still hasn't shown up. Has someone been stood up?" He asked slyly. "No." I say quickly. "Besides, it isn't a date. I just said she could come watch if she liked. Actually, Lily's tutoring someone right now, so that's probably why she isn't here yet." Sirius let out another,"Ah, tutoring. What fun. What fun on a Saturday." I felt a little defensive. I had to. After spending so much time with Lily, I've found her to be even nicer then I thought. "She was just trying to help someone out, Sirius." Even if it was Saturday. . . "Nice of her." Sirius said vaguely as he hit a bludger that came by us in the opposite direction. "Yeah." It was nice of her. I mean, I'm sure the kid she was tutoring was some 1st year just about failing in potions or astronomy or something. And there was Lily, helping him or her get back on his or her feet. Yep. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Potter! I told you pay attention! You just about got hit straight in the head!. . .Maybe getting hit in the head would do you some good, though. Get some sense knocked into you-Black! I know you hit that bludger at me on purpose!" "Oh, shut it, Worthington. Your not the team captain, so mind your own business." Sirius shouted back in irritation, sending me a thumbs. I returned the thumbs up, then turned my attention back to what nearly got me knocked off my broom. Lily had finally made it. I was beginning to think she wasn't. Maybe poor Jimmy or Jilly (I made their names up. Very nice names if I don't say so myself) finally figured out how to do spell or something so Lily called it a day. Or maybe she finally lost her patience with them because Jimmy or Jilly couldn't get a spell down and called it a day. I doubt that though, Lily doesn't seem to be one to lose her patience. She spotted me watching her and waved from the stand she was sitting in. I noticed Lily wasn't sitting with the supersized and only group sitting in the stands. She was sitting alone. As usual. With a book in her lap, I noticed. As usual (A book with her, I mean. Not me noticing. Although, I am very observate). I looked away and pretended that I didn't see her wave. As much as she was nice and even if she was growing on me a bit (who couldn't she grow on a bit, being all nice and sweet and smiling all the time?) I just couldn't really. . .well, be seen with her a lot. . . I've never been one to really care who I hang out with, I suppose. But Lily, well, Lily isn't really that popular amongst everyone and she's so quiet. . .I hate saying that, but it's true. What would others think? Sure, I've been spending a bit more time with her, but mostly it was due to heads stuff, or at least, that's what most people thought it was about. These past few days though, I've been trying to hang around her more often. I feel bad inviting her and all, then just ignoring her. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hel-lo, Lily." Lily looked up at me, a bit startled at my sudden greeting,"Hi, James." The game had ended (my team won, of course) and I had followed Lily back up to the castle as the rest of the Marauders walked out to the lake, where I'd really have like to be right now. . . "Did you like the game?" "It was very interesting." She said flashing an even bigger smile at me. "Yeah, I find them fasinating." I said grinning back at her, then contentfully sighing, thinking of quidditch. I sounded like a bloody girl sighing and daydreaming over a hunk (that hunk being me, of course). "Have you ever been to a world cup before?" Lily asked, suprising me immensely. "A twice, yeah. Why? Have you?" I asked, having a hard time believing that Lily Evans had ever gone to a world cup. "No, but I've read about them in Quidditch Through the Ages." I knew it. "Ah, but reading about a world cup is not nearly as fun as actually seeing one." I replied wisely. She shrugged,"I've just never had a chance to go." Silence. I didn't really know what else to say to that. "Hey, James!" A voice greeted from behind me. I turned to see Sarah, along with the Linda twins. "Oh, hi, Sarah. . ." I trailed off, not knowing her friends real names, so I jsut nodded to them instead. They caught up with me and all stood on my right side as Lily stood on my left. They began chatting before I noticed Lily not saying anything (well, she didn't usually in the first place) and decided to introduce her (a little silly considering they've lived together in the same dorm for 6 and a half years). "Oh, uh, Sarah, this Lily, Lily this Sarah." Sarah (and the Linda twins) leaned over some and looked at Lily. Their faces remained blank with raised eyebrows as Lily smiled shyly. "Hi." They said in flat voice, which suprised me. They were always nice to me, but to Lily they seemed. . .bored. Lily, not to my surprise in the least, smiled wider,"Hello." That was that. They were introduced. Not saying anything else after. Until. . . "-Mcgongall said that we had to do some reading on our own time and I just thought, why? I had much better stuff to do with my time rather than put my nose in dry, dusty books." Sarah said. I was put in defensive mode again. Sirius is okay with Lily, he's nice to her. He didn't really mean to imply anything really, well, rude about Lily at the pitch. I really don't know if Sarah meant to be rude to Lily then or not. Sarah's always been pretty nice to me. But really, she must have known about Lily liking to read, considering she was talking about it that day before class. . . "Books aren't that bad. Some are actually quite interesting. You just have to find one you like." I said, glancing at Lily, who's face didn't really have a smile, but didn't really have a frown either. Sarah looked a bit taken back at my comment, as did the Linda twins who follow Sarah's every move and expression. "Right. . .Well, James, we have to be going. Bye!" She nodded slightly to Lily (the Linda twins did the same) and walked off. Lily and I walked in silence as we entered the castle all the way to 4th floor. I decided to not say anything about what Sarah said unless Lily brought up the subject herself. She didn't. I breathed out,"So. . .did you have a, er, good time tutoring earlier?" I wasn't exactly sure if you could ask someone if they had a good time tutoring. . .well, maybe with Lily, you could. Her face was still rather expressionless right now,"Yes. We got a lot done." "Oh, your tutoring them again?" "Yes, Andrew still needs some help with potions. The N.E.W.T.'s potions isn't really going too well with him." I nodded absentmindly for a moment, thinking. Andrew. . .N.E.W.T.'s. . .7th year. . . So, this wasn't some 1st year. It some 7th year. Our year. Our age. Andrew. Pfft. That name definitely didn't sound like some poor, innocent 1st year. Of course, he isn't a 1st year, but he still doesn't sound poor or innocent in the least. He probably does need help with schoolwork, though. Andrew sounds likes a Hufflepuff name, I'd say. Sirius probably planned this all out. He probably hired this Andrew guy to get Lily to tutor him, then sweep her off her feet, leaving me to lose the bet. Yeah. I bet. He'll pay, I tell you, he will pay! "Andrew, huh?" I asked. She nodded, a smile starting to form again. That made me go on,"And what house is in? I don't recall knowing him." "Ravenclaw." Well, Andrew was probably just put in Ravenclaw because. . .ah, because. . .he was smart in one particular subject, but the rest he was just awful at. Or-Or he's face looks like a raven. Maybe. It could be true, you know. . .Merlin! I wish I could just zap "you" and "know" away. Or, or this Andrew (pfft, probably some pretty boy getting by only on his looks (which probably aren't that great (I'm sure mine are better))) fellow, could have bribed the sorting hat into letting him be in Ravenclaw, then he could have carefully and wisely (or as wisely and carefully a bimbo of a block could) plotted a scheme to whisk Lily off her feet (Or whisk her away from a book or the library for more than half an hour now that I think about it) all this years. Yeah, and, ah, Sirius. . .Sirius just happened to come into his plot somehow. Don't ask me how. I'm already confused at what's going. And then pretty boy, Ravendrew (I came up with name myself, quite nice if I don't say so myself) will just plop!, drop Lily after a while. That two-faced, evil, cocky, insolent, stupid, no good,dirty,rotten arseface- "He sounds like a nice guy." I replied calmly. Lily smiled a bit wider,"He is." She looked out the window as I glanced at her. The silence had come back and it wasn't as awkward since my mind was a bit too preoccupied with Mr.Pretty Boy Ravendrew. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A/N:How was it? Any good? Just Another Harry Potter Fan

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