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A/N: Hey, everybody. I have rewritten the story in a better style, I hope. So please re-read it. Most changes occurred to chapters three and four. And by the way, in my story, the chamber of secrets thing won’t happen. I’m sorry if you don’t like that. Please R&R! Thank you.


Chapter one: An unexpected Visitor

Emily Taylor woke up on the sound of her mother calling her from downstairs,

“Emily, wake up! You’re going to be late for Jane’s birthday party!” she called.

“Okay, Mom. Just don’t let Aly go without me!” She replied.

Emily got out of bed quickly. She didn’t want to miss her cousin’s birthday party. She got dressed and ran downstairs.

“Where’s Aly?” she asked her mother.

“She left ten minutes ago” Her mother replied.

“Oh no! Mom, I told you not to let her go without me”, said Emily sadly.

“You can still go” her mother said.

“How come? You never let me go anywhere alone,” Emily asked.

“You won’t go alone. Aly hasn’t left yet. Ha haha”

“Mom!” Emily said angrily. She couldn’t believe that she’s let herself fall for that.

Katie Taylor, Emily’s mother, loved to tell jokes. Everyone fell for her tricks and jokes. Some people enjoyed that. Others, like Emily, thought it’s annoying.

Emily Taylor was somehow different her mother and every other one in the family. She didn’t really like her mother’s jokes sometimes as it drove her crazy .She was unlike her family in appearance, too.

Everyone in her family had red hair and blue eyes. Emily had Brown hair and hazel eyes. She was skinny, unlike the others.

Emily’s family was a pure-blooded family who all went to Hogwarts.

Emily believed that she would, too. She longed so much for the day she turns eleven. The day she’ll get the letter which will welcome her to Hogwarts.

Alyson Taylor, they all call her Aly, was two years older than Emily. She went to Hogwarts.

Alyson and Emily were going to their cousin Jane, who was turning eleven. She was older than Emily only by two days.

Aly and Emily grew up with Jane like sisters. They loved her so much and they’d spent most of their lives with her as Annie James, their mother’s sister and Jane’s mother, was so dear to Katie and Katie liked to visit her from time to time.

Alyson went downstairs, “Let’s go, Em,” she said to her sisters.

“Say ‘hello’ to Annie for me and tell her that I’m sorry that I couldn’t come” Katie said.

“We’ll, Mom” Emily said as she walked out of the house.

Jane’s house wasn’t so far away from the Taylors’ house. Aly and Emily used to walk on foot to her house.

Emily and Alyson arrived at Jane’s house and the party began.


Two hours later…

Emily and Aly were about to leave Jane’s house, when they found an owl, carrying a letter, flying around the house.

The owl was entered the house threw an open window, dropped it and flew away.

“It must be from Hogwarts”, said Aly grinning at Jane.

“I hope so,” Jane replied as she grabbed the letter.
Jane read the letter quickly and said.

“Yes,I’m going to Hogwarts,” said Jane happily.

Everyone congratulated Jane. Jane then turned to Emily and said, “Two days to go,Em”.

“Well, I hope I’ll be accepted,” said Emily although she was sure that she was going.

“Of course, you will,” said Aly “Who in the family wasn’t?”

Everyone laughed and Emily and her sister went back home.


Two days later (Emily’s birthday)….

Emily woke up late. She got out of bed and got dressed. She couldn’t believe that she was turning eleven at last and the best part was she was going to receive a letter from Hogwarts.

Emily lay on her bed and imagined herself in Hogwarts sitting in a big hall with lots of friends.

Emily wanted time to pass quickly so she went downstairs to watch tv or something.

Aly was sitting on the couch watching TV with Jane. Emily joined them and said ‘hi’ to Jane. Emily wasn’t really interested in the TV show they were watching. She was thinking about Hogwarts.

While Emily was drowning in her thoughts, she remembered something.

She remembered Aly’s best friend whose family were magical, too. She was supposed to go to Hogwarts, but something weird happened. It completely changed her future. Every member in her family went to Hogwarts except her. She was a squib!

Emily wondered if she was a squib, too. No no, she thought, why would she be?

“Emily! Hurry, I’ve baked your birthday cake. Come on, two minutes are left for you to be eleven!” her mother called from the kitchen.

Emily walked to the kitchen feeling happy and excited. Her mother, Aly and Jane were standing there.

“Three, two, one” counted Jane looking at her watch.

“Happy Birthday!!” they all said.

“Blow the candles after you make a wish!” said Aly.

Emily blew the candle and wished herself luck in her life. Emily forgot to wish that she’s go to Hogwarts safely. Jane said goodbye to Emily and went back home.

Later in the afternoon, Emily was still worried about the squib thing.
I can’t be a squib, she thought.

But why hasn’t she received a letter yet?

The door bell then rang. Emily went to see who it was.

A woman stood there, “Miss Emily Taylor?” she asked.
“That’s me,” said Emily.

“This is Professor McGonagall… from Hogwarts”

“Come on in.” said Emily.

Professor McGonagall entered the house and sat on a chair.

“Would you like to drink a cup of tea or something?” asked Emily.
“Yes, please. A cup of tea” replied Professor McGonagall.

Aly walked downstairs and stopped when she saw the professor.

“Professor McGonagall? Oh, Hello” she said.

“Hello, Miss Taylor.” She greeted her as she nodded.

“What’s wrong?” asked Alyson anxiously.

“You’ll know. Sit down. Is your mother here?” she asked.

“Yes. I’ll go and tell her you’re here.” She replied.

Aly left the room and Emily came from the kitchen.

“Here’s your tea.” Emily said as she handed her the cup.

“Thank you, dear” said Professor McGonagall as she tasted it “It tastes good”

Emily smiled at her and sat down.

Aly and her mother appeared, “Professor McGonagall. How are you?” she said.

“I’m fine, dear, thank you. Sit down please.” She said.

Aly and her mother sat down. They seemed worried about Professor McGonagall unexpected visit.

Professor McGonagall cleared her throat, “You all know that Emily was supposed to go to Hogwarts this year, but…” she stopped and looked at Emily.

Emily’s heart began to beat faster.

“..she’s not” Professor McGonagall completed her sentence.

“What? Why?” asked Emily before Professor McGonagall could say the reason.

“Because…” replied the professor “You are.. a squib”

Emily stared at Professor McGonagall unable to say anything.

After a while, a tear fell from Emily’s eye, “I thought I was going to Hogwarts” said Emily as one more tear fell from her eyes “I thought that my dreams would come true”

“I’m sorry,” said the professor “I wish I can help you, but I can’t”

Professor McGonagall stood up and left the house. Emily watched her from the window as she changed to a cat and ran away.

Emily looked at her sister who was staring at her. She looked at her mother who was about to say something, but Emily didn’t wait for her to speak. She ran to her room and closed the door. She sat on her bed and had a good cry.

There was a knock on the door and it was opened and Alyson appeared.

“Emily...” she began.

“Don’t say anything. I’m an unlucky girl who belongs to a magical family and she’s not. Alyson, you don’t know how I feel. You go to Hogwarts and learn magic. I don’t. I thought that I’d too, but I won’t. I never will. Cause I’m a… I’m squib..” Emily finished her sentence and burst in tears.

Alyson tried to calm her down, but she could. She called her mother who appeared and was about to cry, too.

She sat on Emily’s bed, “Emily, Please calm down, dear” she said as she took her daughter in her arms.

After an hour of crying, Emily fell asleep and had a horrible dream.

She dreamed of a wizard who told her that his name was Lord Voldemort and that she’d be a witch if she did him a favor. Emily accepted the offer and shook his hand, but she felt a weird feeling that she’d never felt before, she felt cold, she felt evil, then she felt like thunder had stroke her and she screamed. She was awakened by the sound of her sister, “Emily, Emily”. She looked out of the window.

It was a sunny day, no signs of thunder or rain. She turned to see if someone was standing by the door. Her mother was and her sister was sitting on Emily’s bed

“What?” she asked them.

“Are you okay?” asked Aly as she walked a step closer.

“What are you talking about?” asked Emily nervously.

“Emily, you were screaming.” Replied her mother anxiously.

“Oh, I was only dreaming.” She said as she got out of bed.

“Okay” Aly said as she and her mother left the room.

Emily noticed a piece of paper on her bed. It said “Hogwarts”. It was written with blood or was it just red ink? wondered Emily.

Emily didn’t think about the paper or the creature she met in her dream anymore. She just sat watching TV all day.

Suddenly, an owl flew into the house and dropped a letter. Emily picked it. Is it from Hogwarts? Did they change their mind? Emily thought

“Mom” she called her mother “Will you come here, please?”

Her mother appeared ,"What is it?" her mother asked. Emily handed her mother the letter. Katie read the letter carefully. As soon as she'd finished reading, Alyson appeared. She was about to say something, but her mother stopped her and told her that she and Emily are going out somewhere and that she could tell her what she wants after they'd come back home.

Katie then turned to her daughter, “Emily” she said “Go and get dressed. We’re meeting Professor McGonagall, now. She says that there’re some good news she has to tell us.”

A/N: Thanks to Loony86 from HPFF for suggesting that McGonagall would owl them not phone them

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