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A/N: Hey everyone, sorry for the wait on Chapter 26, it's not my best chapter but please leave a review and I hope you like it!



Chapter 26

As the sunlight crept into Ginny Weasley’s room, she tightened her eyes in frustration and rolled over, slamming a pillow on top of her head. She tried desperately to get back to sleep but now that she was awake her mind kept wandering to the night before.

She flipped back onto her stomach and stared at the dark red drapes hanging above her. She didn’t understand how it could be true. Why would Draco have to kill her? Did they really think she knew that much information?

You do though, they’ve told you everything.

Ginny nodded her head and looked over to Jane’s bed, she wasn’t there. Her fingers went to the chain that was usually held around her neck, but this time it wasn’t there. She then remembered what happened again, how she wished she hadn’t said what she did.


Ginny pushed herself off Draco’s chest and looked at him sadly. Her fingers caressed the wrinkled material of his black robes, “I’m sorry Draco,”

“What for?” he asked pulling at a strand of her red hair.

“For what I’m about to do,”

Draco nodded, his eyes said it all; he already knew what she was going to do. “Go on then,”

“I’m not saying forever Draco, but we just need to stay away for a little while. I need some space, to think. Don’t be mad… I just can’t be around you for a little while okay?” Draco nodded, pulling her back down onto his chest again.

“How long is a little while?” he asked sweetly caressing her back. He tilted her chin up and wiped away the tears that were gathering at the sides of her eyes.

“Until I can’t take being away from you any longer,” said Ginny reaching back and unclipping the gold chain around her neck. She let the ring and necklace fall into his hand as she swung her feet over the side of the white couch. He sat up, watching her as she left the room… the gold chain swimming through his fingers gracefully.


God it was crazy, she already missed him. The way their bodies fit together perfectly, how is lips lightly grazed hers as they sat in front of the fire. The door opened, as if someone was trying to do it quietly. Ginny sat up, letting the blanket fall off of her quickly. Jane was smiling and standing in the doorway.

Ginny scowled angrily and lay back down robotically. She didn’t want to move, let alone talk, “Can’t do this to Ginny, I need to know what’s going on,” said Jane sitting on the edge of her bed, “Come on, I know Draco came back last night, the least you can do is tell me how it went,”

“Why are you so happy anyway?” asked Ginny folding her arms over her chest.

“I’ll tell you later, but first, as your best friend, it’s my duty to listen to you rant and rave about whatever the hell is going on,” said Jane, her mouth still in an upturned smile.

Ginny sighed and poured her heart out to Jane, all the while she whispered soothing words and rubbed Ginny’s back. Thank god that Ginny had her. She wouldn’t get through it without her. After Ginny was done ranting Jane pulled her up by the arms and demanded she get ready for the day. Grumpily Ginny agreed and after a long hot shower, her hair was blown out and she felt much better.

“So what are you so happy about anyway?” she asked Jane questionably.

“What makes you think I’m happy?” asked Jane smirking as they headed down to the common room, “Maybe I’m just smiling,”

“I think something happened to you last night,” said Ginny cracking a smile, “Maybe even something good,”

Jane’s eyes twinkled as she pulled Ginny down onto the sofa. “Don’t tell anyone yet Ginny, but me and Ron… well you were right! We’re together. We just don’t want everyone to know yet okay?”

“YES! I knew it!” yelled Ginny, and covered her mouth, looking around to make sure no one important heard. A few first years were staring but other than that it was just the two of them. Jane nodded and flipped her hair behind her raven hair behind her shoulders.

“I know, I know! It’s great, and you can’t tell anyone okay?” she said holding Ginny’s hands.

Ginny nodded and stood up. They had classes and breakfast was already happening. She smiled at Jane before grabbing her book bag and running out the door.

Ron came out from the shadows and sat down beside Jane, wrapping his arms around her waist, “I wish you’d tell me what’s wrong with her,” he whispered kissing her cheek, “but if you really can’t I’ll believe you. I hope her knowing about us makes it better though,”

“So do I Ron. So do I,”


Ginny ran past the transfiguration room and peeked in to see Harry and Hermione speaking with Professor McGonagall, it looked serious so she didn’t say anything.

She slid around the corner and her book bag skidded down the hallway, not where she wanted to go. A tall figure came out of the room and kneeled over her books. She stopped dead in her tracks as Draco picked them up. He stood up and held them out to her, “Be more careful,”

Ginny nodded and snatched them from his hands, but he put a hand in front of her. She shook her head, looking around nervously and seeing quite a few of the kids in her year. Tearing away from his arms she ran down the hall and into the great hall.

The owls had begun to arrive and she recognised the one from home as she grabbed a piece of toast. It landed softly, it had been getting better lately, luckily it usually only embarrassed Ron. She untied the package, wondering what it could be.

The brown paper fell away from the objects enclosed in it, there was a blue and pink satchel and Ginny swallowed heavily. She suddenly choked on the toast as the two dancers started dancing again on the table. Tears came to her eyes as she remembered what Sylvie had said,

“Why did you make them look like Draco and me, Sylvie?”

“You’re my favorite people, you really love me,” she exclaimed hugging Ginny’s waist. Ginny breathed deeply, eyes transfixed on the small figurines. “And besides, someday I want you and my bruver to get married so you can be my mommy Ginny.”

Why would her mother have sent them to her? Shouldn’t she have sent them to Sylvie, even if she wasn’t at her home? Maybe Molly knew too, if Voldemort knew than maybe everyone did. Had they really been that obvious?

Ginny picked up the dancers and let them fall into her book bag, she had DADA but she didn’t care. She needed to find Draco. She had to show him this. He had to know.

She raced from her seat again, this time many people followed her as she ran from the hall, the bag swinging dangerously at her side. She ran to where he last was and looked around frantically, “Malfoy!” she yelled.

She saw his blond head stick out of a door down the hall and ran down beside him, “We have to talk!” she exclaimed pushing him back inside. She hadn’t realised he was in the middle of a class though and blushed to see the whole class staring at them. She backed out, but took him with her. Pulling him into the closest abandoned classroom she could find.

“What the hell? What do you want?” he asked looking at her as if she was mental.

“Sorry, it’s just… my mum sent me this, just now,” she said pulling the dancers out of her bag. Draco looked at her as if she was crazy, letting one of his blonde eyebrows shoot up in question.

“What is it?” he asked as if he were bored.

“Sylvie… when Sylvie was with her Fred and George bought her dancers,” she said thrusting them forward as if he were the mental one, “You can customize them to look like whatever you want and she told me that she made them into us because she wanted us to be… her parents,”

Draco’s face paled as she said this, this small amount of color he had, drained and he looked frightened, “But I don’t understand, I didn’t tell her about us,”

“Then how did she know?”

“She’s smart, she put two and two together. She knew I was writing to a girl, and I said I was taking her to a place where she’d be safe and with someone I trusted,” said Draco shrugging his shoulders, “like I said, she’s a smart one,”

“Too smart. What if my mum realises too?” said Ginny starting to pace, “This means that the order might know now too,”

“You can’t do anything about it Ginny. Let it be, it will all work out in the end,” said Draco putting an arm around her to stop the slightly annoying pacing.

“You don’t know that,” said Ginny sadly. She separated the girl and boy dancers and placed the small Ginny in Draco’s hands, “Keep it, you’ll need it,”

“For what?”

“To see me, because we still need time away from one another Draco,” said Ginny turning away from him. He shook his head, saying no to her quietly. His head tilted into hers slowly, his breath tickling her lips as he met her in a slow sensual bind that only they could create.

“Who’s there?” asked someone in the doorway. They broke their gaze and turned, terrified to look at the person that had walked in the door. It was…

Oh don't you love me so much! Another cliffy, but it keeps your attention doesn't it? Anyway, please review, I really appreciate it!


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