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~Author Note: Words in between two *word* is when Harry and Kathleen are talking to each other through their thoughts.~

“Harry! Harry stop it!” You screamed as your best friend tickled you.

“Say you give.” He replied with a huge smile on his face.

“OK! I give!” You laughed.

“Yes! I win again!” Harry said punching a fist into the air.

*I will get you back Mr. Potter,* you thought.

*You wish Ms. Granger,* he replied. You loved the way that you and Harry had found out that you could talk to each through your thoughts three years ago.

That summer your adopted parents had been murdered by Voldemort. You and your cousin Hermione had gone to spend the summer at Ron’s house and to start your fourth year at Hogwarts. That summer you all had become very close friends. You and Ron had even dated for a couple of weeks that summer, but in the end you both decided that you were better off friends.

Now Ron and Hermione are dating, and you and Harry keep each other company when those two are off. Harry and you never liked each other more than friends; you were like brother and sister.

Another thing that had happened that summer was you and Harry started to hear each others thoughts. When school started Professor Dumbledore had explained how talking to each other through your thoughts worked.

He said that if one of you wanted to say something to the other person all you would have to do is to let down your guard on what you were thinking and the other person would hear it. Letting the other person hear your thoughts wasn’t the hard part, it was protecting your thoughts that was hard.

This took you and Harry a lot of practice. You had asked Professor Dumbledore why Harry and you could do this, but he never answered you. He had changed the subject and went on talking like you hadn’t asked a question. You asked Dumbledore the same question again in your sixth year, that time he did respond, he said ‘I am not positive on why but I have an idea. I must find out more. I will tell you when I know more.’ Then before you could ask anything else he had asked you your birthday was, you told him July 30th. After that he bid you good day and left you standing there confused.

This year you hoped you would find out why you and Harry shared this gift.

“Kathleen! Earth to Kathleen.” Harry said waving his hand in front of your face.

“Yea?” You replied shaking the thoughts from your mind.

“Ron and Hermione are back and want to know if we want to go out with them.”

“Sure why not, where are we going?” You asked as you got up and walked towards the stairs.

But before Harry could answer Hermione walked in and said, “We’re going dancing, are you coming?”

*Should we?* you asked Harry.

*If you want.* he replied with a smile.

*I want.* you said excitedly.
“Kathleen, Harry? Come on don’t do that, talk out loud.” Hermione said playfully hitting you on the arm.

“Sorry. Habit.” Harry said.

“We’re coming. How long until do we have until we leave?” You asked Hermione.

“We have an hour. Kathleen can I borrow some clothes?”

“Yea sure, just as long as I can raid your closet.”

“Of course,” Hermione said as you two started to climb the stairs.

You and Hermione were both finally ready after rejecting several outfit combinations. She had on a tight black top that accentuated her body and a dark blue mini skirt with some strapy black high heels to top it off. Her hair was up with a few curls framing her round face. In your opinion, she looked great.

You had on a white halter top with tight hot pink pants for an extra flare. Your long wavy strawberry blond hair was down freely; your hair fell to about the middle of your back. You looked hot, or at least you thought you did.

“Alright we’ll meet you at the Dragon Fly.” Ron said taking Hermione’s hand.

“See you there.” Harry said picking up the floo powder.

With a small ‘pop’, Ron and Hermione were gone. The reason why you and Harry were going by floo powder is because you hadn’t passed your test yet; you were going to take it next week.

“Ready?” Harry asked you.

“Yea, let’s go.” You said stepping into the fireplace. Harry stepped in after you, wrapping his arms around your waist.

*Harry I love ya, but not like that.*

He laughed and replied, *Me too, but this way we can travel by floo powder together.*

*Sure,* you said looking at him with playful disbelief.

Harry threw a hand full of floo powder down and said, ‘The Leaky Cauldron’ articulately.

As you spun fire places passed and finally you began to slow down. When you two stopped, you and Harry fell out of the fireplace with a hard thud.

“Harry, you’re crushing me.” You said in a small, weak voice, since Harry had managed to knock the wind out of you by crushing you with his own body.

“Sorry,” He said, pushing himself up and then offering you a hand of assistance.

“Thanks,” You said taking his hand. Both of you walked out of the Leaky Cauldron and into Diagon Alley. As you passed Flourish and Blotts, you turned down that alley.

As you walked, you saw two people pressed up against the wall in a compromising position. As you got closer, you saw it was Ron and Hermione in a deep lip lock.

*Harry, look.* You said pointing to your two best friends. When Harry saw the couple he began to laugh loudly. Hermione and Ron, hearing Harry’s laughter broke apart frantically.

“Hi guys,” Ron managed to squeak out before turning ten different shades of red like his hair. At this Harry and you burst out into more fits of laughter.

When you and Harry had finally stopped laughing, Hermione said irritated, “We have the key.” She held up the key that was shaped like a mini dragon fly.

“Now all we have to do is to find where to put it.” You said, walking towards the wall Ron and Hermione had been making out against.

“Actually all you have to do is say ‘dragon fly’ and tap it with your wand.” Ron instructed as he took out his second hand wand and did exactly what he said.

A large door appeared and all of you walked into the club. As you walked into the already full club, the loud music washed over you live a wave. The Dragon Fly club had this wild vibe to it; making adrenaline pump through out your body.

“I love this song!” Hermione shouted over the music and dragged Ron out onto the floor despite his obvious nervousness.

Harry turned to you and instead of shouting he thought, *Do you want to dance or do you want to get a drink?*

*Dance.* You simply answered back.

Three songs later you were dancing with the handsome Dean Thomas and Harry was dancing with his dream, Cho Chang.

Personally, you really didn’t like Cho. She had toyed with Harry’s feelings too much for your taste, but he seemed to be having fun with her none the less.

Hermione and Ron came over and asked if you wanted to get a drink suddenly. Your throat was parched from so much dancing and you needed to hydrate your body. Dean decided to tag along since you invited him.

As you walked away, Harry asked, *Where are you going?*

*Drinks,* You replied back.
*Thanks for asking if I wanted to come.* He said in a mock hurt voice which made you smile.

*Welcome, you coming then?*

*Yeah, let me ask Cho if she wants to.* You continued to walk away as Harry asked Cho to join him with the rest of you. You all ordered your drinks and the six of you made your way up to the second floor.

As you stepped onto the second floor the music stopped. The second floor of the Dragon Fly was completely sound proof so that the people there could enjoy their drinks and talk without having to yell over the blasting music.

After a few more drinks and three more hours of dancing you were ready to go home. “HERMIONE!” you yelled in your friends’ ear.

She looked over at you curiously. “I’m going to go home.” You told her and she nodded before stopping you.

“Hold on, Ron and I’ll go with you.” She turned to Ron to tell him that she wanted to go, and Ron nodded.

As you were leaving Ron asked, “Where’s Harry?”

“Hold on, I’ll find him.” You said, turning from the door to face the stairs. *Harry,* There was no answer to your thought so you tried again *Harry?*

*Bloody Hell, what?!?!* Answered Harry back angrily.

*Umm… we’re leaving, we wanted to know to know if you wanted to leave with us.* You told him weakly. Harry had never yelled at you, he had been mad at you, but never yelled. You could feel the tears burning in your eyes as Harry replied.

*Sure I’m coming. Where are you guys?*

*Meet us outside.* You said trying not to sound upset. As you, Ron, and Hermione walk out of the club you told them, “He’s going to meet us out here.”

“OK.” Ron said. Hermione turned to ask you something, but when she saw your face she became worried.

“Kathleen? Kathleen what’s wrong?”

“Nothing ‘Mione.” You said trying even harder not to cry. You didn’t know why Harry yelling at you made you so upset, but it had. When Harry finally came out of the club, some twenty minutes later, you still were hurt, but weren’t as close to crying.

It took you a minute to take in Harry’s appearance. His shirt was buttoned wrong, it was also half un-tucked. His hair was messier than usual and his pants were very wrinkled. Then it hit you, Harry and Cho, they… they were *Ewwwww!* you screamed in your head.

Harry wiped around looking confused and frightened. “What, what’s wrong?” Ron and Hermione asked as they turned around as well. “Harry James Potter!” you said angrily.

“What?!?!” he said with a look on his face that said he know that you knew what he and Cho had been doing.

“Oh come on Harry! You know exactly what! CHO!”

“Cho?” Ron and Hermione asked. “’Mione, Ron, look at his clothes, his hair,” you told them pointing at Harry. As they both looked at him, you could see that they both got it. Hermione had a look of shock and disappointment on her face, where on the other hand, Ron had a smile on his face and a look as though he was trying not to laugh.

“Can we not talk about this and go home?” Harry asked.

“That’s a great idea.” Hermione said and you looked at her with shock and disbelief. “He’s a big boy Kathleen, he can make his own choices.” Hermione added in reply to the look you were giving her.
“Thanks ‘Mione.” Harry said with a smile one his face.

“Shut up Harry! I just said that so we didn’t have to talk about it here. Now you and Ron go home, Kathleen and I will meet you there”. As Harry opened his mouth to say that he would go with you, you cut him off.

“Go Harry.” He looked a little hurt but with a ‘pop’ he and Ron were gone. Hermione and you walked back to the Leaky Cauldron, and then climbed into the suttee fireplace. You hugged each other, for more your own support than hers, and threw a handful of floo powder saying, ‘1124 Windjammer’.

You and Hermione spun and spun, and then fell out of the fireplace, but this time onto something soft. The guys had put pillows down so you wouldn’t hurt yourselves when you fell out of the fireplace as usual.

The house Ron, Harry, Hermione, and you shared was two levels. On the bottom level, there was a huge kitchen, a living room, a family room, a guest bedroom and a bathroom. On the second level, there were four bedrooms which each had their own bathrooms.

The house you lived in had once belonged to your grandparents. They had given it to you after you had found out that you were adopted and your adopted parents had been killed. After your sixth year, you all had moved in together which wasn’t as an easy task as you’d all have hoped.

“I’m going to bed.” You told Hermione as you started to walk up the stairs. You walked right past Ron and Harry and said ‘Good night Ron,’ and kept walking. You didn’t know why you were so mad at Harry, but you were.

*Talk to me,* Harry pleaded with you.

*Maybe tomorrow.* You told him as you shut your door.

*Please Kathleen, nothing happened.*
*Harry I maybe blonde but I’m not stupid.*

*First you’re not a blonde, your real hair color is red and nothing happened.* He was right you weren’t a natural blonde. Professor Snape had paired you with Neville one day in your fifth year; you had been making a color changing potion. When you had bent down to pick something up, Neville had knocked the potion over and it had spilled all over you. Your hair had been strawberry blonde ever since that day.

*Tomorrow Harry.*


*Tomorrow.* You said more firmly. He left you alone after that. You laid down on your queen sized bed, in your room that was decorated in rich blues and whites. It was a Moroccan theme and you absolutely loved it!

That night, you had trouble sleeping. You knew why; you couldn’t stand being mad at Harry. You turned over to look at our alarm clock and it read in bright red lights, 4:30am. You knew you would never get to sleep if you didn’t talk to Harry now. *Harry? Harry are you asleep?*

*No.* he answered back.

*Come talk to me?*

*OK, you know it took you longer than usual.* You smiled; he was right. Every time you two fought, you would cool off and then ask him if he would come or if you could go to him.

He opened the door; he was in a pair of pj pants and a shirt. You lifted up the covers for him to get under. He got in and he hugged you while thinking,

*So want me to tell you what happened?* You two were talking through your thoughts so you wouldn’t wake Ron or Hermione.

*OK.* you said.

*OK, my pants were wrinkled because of all the dancing; my shirt was un-tucked because of Cho. She started kissing me, and the next thing I knew her hands were un-tucking my shirt and pulling at my pants and messing up my hair. I told her to stop and she got really mad. I was trying to calm her down while you were trying to ask me if I wanted to leave with you guys. I’m sorry I yelled.* He finished.

*Harry…Harry, I’m sorry.* you said as you gave him a huge hug. He hugged you back.

*Its ok, not your fault.* He said, then chuckled when you yawned widely.

*I’m going to go back to my room.* He added, getting up.

*You can stay if you like,* you think turning over and falling into a deep sleep.

The next morning around 10:30 you woke up to Hermione yelling your name. “KATHLEEN! KATHLEEN! KATH…L…E…E…N!” You heard Hermione come into your room and start to say “Kath…oh um, wow”.

When she said wow your eyes popped open, you could now understand why she had said wow. Harry had his arms around you and you were snuggled close to him.

As you moved away Harry pulled you back into him. Then his eyes shot open. He let go of you and almost pushed himself off the bed. You grabbed his hand so he wouldn’t and when you looked up Hermione was doubled over in silent laughter.

“That’s right ‘Mione, laugh it up! You both scared the crap out of me.” Harry growled.

“I’m…sorry…it’s…so…funny.” Hermione laughed. When Hermione had stopped laughing she said, “You guys should get ready, Mrs. Weasley is going to be here in an hour.”

“CRAP!” you and Harry both said. You all knew by now that Mrs. Weasley always showed up early, so that meant you had a half hour to make everything look perfect.

“Hermione what does the down stairs look like?” You asked worriedly.

“It’s perfect, same with the rest of the house. The only places that aren’t, are yours and Harry’s rooms.”

“Thank you! Thank you!” You and Harry both called out as you rushed into your separate bathrooms to get ready for Mrs. Weasley’s arrival.

Twenty minutes later you were ready. You had on jeans, a pink tank top and a pink and blue woven blazer. You also put on your new pointed toe pink high heels that you had been dying to wear. You applied the usual make-up: foundation, eye shadow (it was pink and sparkly today), black eyeliner and lip gloss. Your hair was down with a wave to it as well.

As you walked out of your bathroom, you looked around your room. It was a mess. You picked up your wand from the night stand and with a flick, your room was clean.

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