He woke up late. Normally the noise of the other boys woke him with plenty of time for a leisurely breakfast, and he was always on time for his first class. This morning the room was empty as Seamus threw his robes on and ran down the stairs into the common room, which was also deserted. He didn’t know what time it was, but decided to skip breakfast just in case, and headed straight to his first period class. Potions. In the dungeons. Great, though Seamus, Another thing to add to my list of “Bad Day Starters”. His footsteps echoed in the hallways, as he neared the dungeons he tried to catch his breath and skidded to a halt outside the classroom door. Taking a deep breath, and hoping his face wasn’t too red, he swung open the doors and marched in. To find only Malfoy and Snape in the room. They were standing at Snape’s desk, and talking in low voices. Why their voices were low was beyond Seamus, there was no one else in the room, after all. Malfoy shot him a nasty look and said something to the Professor. Snape looked at Seamus, giving him a cold glare before speaking softly to Malfoy. He walked to his desk, giving him nasty looks all the way. Seamus’ head was spinning. He was out of breath from the run, and he was confused about what they would be talking about so secretly. Everyone knew Malfoy was Snape’s favorite student, but before class talks? That was a little out of the ordinary… Seamus realized that he had no idea what was ordinary for these two, they did live in the dungeons after all. Cold and drafty… and just plain creepy. “Mr. Finnigan. May I inquire as to why you have arrived so early for this class? Such enthusiasm… could it be contagious?” The voice was low and cold and Seamus felt a shiver run through him. Snape gave him the creeps. He always had a threat in his voice… but Seamus avoided thinking about what that threat really was. “I, uh… I thought I was late… and I uh… normally, the guys… wake me… up.” he finished weakly. Malfoy snorted. “Sorry” he mumbled. “Since you’re here, Mr. Finnigan, you may as well be useful. Clean these jars from yesterday’s third year class. I personally suggest you use your hands… this potion is known to have adverse reactions to wand magic.” his voice was deadpan, and he turned to his office. Malfoy smirked insufferably. Seamus couldn’t believe it. Punished for coming early? “But I… I came early!” His voice ran out loud in the empty classroom. Snape turned slowly. “Yes. However, you thought you came late. Intention, Mr. Finnigan, intention is what matters.” and he turned and walked into his office, shutting the door firmly behind him, smirking. “Bu-but…” Seamus sputtered unintelligibly. Malfoy was watching him with curiosity from his desk. “Shouldn’t you get started?” Malfoy’s voice drawled, as he leaned against the table top and smirked his trademark smirk. Shooting him a look and mumbling things under his breath about justice and Snape and various ways of torture, he walked to the bottles and picked up the scrub brush Snape had so kindly left behind for him. “Why don’t you help? You’re here too.” Malfoy just laughed. “Me? Help you scrub?” He laughed again, loudly. “Stuck up prat.” he muttered, before he realized that laughing was something rather un-Malfoy like to do. ~~~~~ By the time Seamus was done scrubbing the bottles until they shined, class started, and Seamus joined Dean at his desk as he got out his potion ingredients. The day’s practical lesson was brewing the Palaria Potion, which, when drank caused the person to glow different colors over the area of a curse, allowing a mediwizard to discover the required treatment. Dean whispered to him as they started setting up. “Where were you? I waited for you at breakfast, and when you didn’t come I went back to the dorm. You weren’t there either.” Seamus gave a sharp bitter laugh. “I was here.” He waved his hand expansively. “Cleaning potion bottles.” Dean made a face. “What were you doing here?” “Cleaning potion bottles, like I said.” “Yeah, so you said. But why?” “I thought I was late. So Snape made me wash them. Lazy git.” Dean laughed. “Well I brought you a muffin anyway, eat up.” Seamus grabbed the muffin and ate it hungrily, then gave Dean a quick kiss on the cheek as Snape walked by their desk, inspecting their potions. They blushed as he glared. They added all their ingredients, and let it simmer, watching the colors change. When it was done, they took it off the fire and let it cool. Seamus had never liked potions class. He found it boring. It was almost like cooking, but he couldn’t enjoy the fruits of his labor after. “When you are finished, pour a glass, and place it on my desk. Everyone will drink someone else’s potion.” Neville began to look particularly nervous. Dean poured a glass and carried it to the front of the room. Seamus started to pour one, but noticed that Malfoy had started to shake slightly. His hands were trembling as he poured his potion. He tilted his head and opened his mouth to say something before feeling the liquid spill all over his hand. He cried out in pain, and the cauldron leaked over his desk. It burned his skin, and Snape strode forward. “Perhaps if you kept your eyes on your own potion, I would not have to clean up your mess.” he threw a cloth at him and cast a simple spell, and the liquid was gone from his skin. “Clean your desk. Everyone else, select a new glass, and drink. All of it.” Everyone picked up a glass, and inspected it. The colors swirled together and apart in their glasses. They swallowed the mixture and there was a pause. Everyone felt a tingle in their bodies as the potion began to work. The tingle began in their feet and worked it’s way up their bodies, leaving them with a numb feeling. Seamus watched everyone with relieved eyes. He hadn’t wanted to drink that stuff. While he watched, he noticed that Malfoy’s left arm had begun to glow a pale blue. He saw the look on Malfoy’s face as he realized and the panic in his widening eyes. Swiftly, he wrapped his cloak around him tightly, blocking people’s views from his glowing skin. Seamus laughed internally. The prat had gotten Neville’s potion, he would bet. Snape surveyed the class. His eyes lingered on Malfoy before moving on. “I see no one has any curses that have been placed on them, and no one has drank any… mistaken potions.” “That’s not true.” Seamus’ voice rang out before he could stop himself. “What?” Snape’s voice was sharp, and Malfoy shot him a panicked look. “I saw… Malfoy was-“ “Ten points from Griffendor. Put away your potions, and write me a parchments on the effects you felt. Mr. Finnigan, see me after class. Dismissed.” Seamus flopped down onto his stool. It seemed no matter what he would be getting in trouble today. He wondered if drinking a mis-mixed Palaria Potion would have any adverse effects on Malfoy. He hoped so. At the end of class, everyone else filed out, and Dean shot him a look of sympathy, and squeezed his hand. Malfoy hesitated at Snape’s desk before leaving hurriedly. Seamus walked slowly to Snape’s desk. He exhaled loudly. Snape was writing quickly into a leather bound book, and completely ignoring Seamus. After a few minutes, he put the book away and looked up at Seamus, his black eyes glaring into Seamus’ clear ones. There was a long pause. “Professor, I think Malfoy drank a bad potion… I mean, he was glowing blue. That was messed up…” He trailed off at the look on Snape’s face. “If he were glowing blue, do you not think I would have noticed?” “Yeah, but Professor, he covered it with his cloak, his arm was blue, I saw it.” “Nonsense. Malfoy did not drink a bad potion. I checked them all before they drank them I would have noticed any mis-mixed potions. Even Longbottom got it right. I imagine Granger helped him.” he looked Seamus in the eye, levelly. “You were imagining it.” “Professor-“ “I will not give you detention, merely because I have other work to do. Leave.” Seamus hurried out. At least he didn’t have detention. Did I imagine it? But he was blue… and the panic in his eyes… Seamus sighed. What did he care about Malfoy, anyway? Dean was waiting outside the class and grabbed his hand. Seamus sighed. “What’s wrong?” Seamus stalked the hallway, pulling Dean with him. Dean yanked him to a stop. “Hey. What’s wrong?” That was what he loved most about Dean. He was always so concerned. How could one person care so much about so many other people? Seamus lifted a hand and brushed his cheek softly. His fingers trailed through his hair. His eyes were amazing. “Dean” he murmered, as he kissed him, softly. Dean pulled him closer, lengthening the kiss, deepening it. Seamus’s mind drifted, letting his fingers wander. He pulled away and sighed. “Come on Dean. Let’s get to lunch.” Dean’s breathing was slightly shallow, his lips parted, eyes wide. Seamus had been surprised to find that Dean was intense about him. Their relationship was fast paced and needy. On Dean’s side at least.

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