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Now remember that this story is based on the Disney's Classic Beauty and the Beast.

Here's the casting list.
Ron: Beast
Hermione: Belle
Harry: Chip
Ginny: Miss. Pots
Fred: Lumiere
George: Cogsworth
Draco: Gaston
Dumbledore: Belle's father
Goyle: Lefou
Lavender: Wardrobe closet
Snape: D'Arque

Chapter IV: Where a Beast and a Girl befriended

Back at the village in the Leaky Cauldron Draco sat at his favorite table, which was by the fire place. He was just sitting there looking at the fire. Tom gave Goyle two mugs of hot foaming butterbeer and Goyle took them and slowly walked over to Draco.

"Hey D I brought you something," he said and sat one of the mugs in front of him. He then pulled a chair up and notice a half empty bottle of fire whiskey.

"I'm not in the mood," said Draco and he toss the mug into the fire. The flames burst up really high and then went back down. "I like to drown my sorrows in something stronger."

"Are you still mad about the other night?"

"Yes I’m still. I will never forget it. I thought she loved me, and all I did was I made a fool out of myself."

"Cheer up Draco," said Goyle. "You are the bravest, smartest, and the strongest man in the town. You can have any girl you want."

"You forgot about my looks. No one looks a beautiful as I do," smiled Draco. "But that doesn't matter. I what Hermione and no other."

He grabs Goyle's mug and drank it dry. Shoved it back at him he continued to stare at the fire. Goyle patted his friend on the back and went to get more butterbeer. As he was coming back with his second mug the doors of the pub burst opened and Albus came rushing in.

"Help me please," he cried.

"Albus what's the matter?" asked Tom.

"He's got her . . . he's got her locked in a dungeon."

"Who's locked in a dungeon?" asked a man.

"My daughter is. We must go and rescue her," cried Albus.

"Hang on a minute Albus. Who's got Hermione lock in a dungeon?" asked Tom

"A beast, that’s who, a big horrible beast!"

The room fell quiet. All eyes were set on him.

"Well? Are you going to help me?"

And then the room burst out of laughter. Draco was laughing the loudest, and he got up and went over to Albus.

"Did she pay you to come here and tell us this wild story?" he asked.

"No she really--"

"Does she think this story will keep me from seeing her?"

"My daughter is in danger. If you really care for her you will help me."

Draco gave a little chuckle then took a swig of his whiskey.

"Is anyone going to help me out?" cried Albus.

"Sure, we will help you out," said Draco. He summoned two of his friends and they came over to them. They grabbed Albus by the arms and dragged him out of the pub.

"He’s a crazy old man."

"Only a crack pot would come up with that kind of a story."

"Crazy old Albus," said Draco to himself. He went back to his table and look at Goyle. "I just figured how to get Hermione to be my wife.

@};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~

Later that night Draco and Goyle went up the stairs to a dark house. Draco knocks on the door and they waited. He had noticed a sign by the door and it read: Snape's Psychiatric Hospital. A light went on and followed by some screams. The door opened half way and a man's voice came.

"Who is it?"

"My name is Draco. I've come to do business with you Severus," said Draco.

Severus opened the door and invited them in. He then lit a small candle and they all took a seat around a small table.

"How can I help you?" ask Severus.

"I have my eyes set on marrying this girl--"

"Why would I care about that? That is so boring. Do you know what kind of job I do? I am the warden of this place, I'm not a matchmaker."

"Will you just shut up and listen. I've asked her to marry me, but she needs a little persuasion."

"I see. Do you want me to lock her up till she says yes?"

"Now that does seem like a good idea but no. Earlier in the night her father came bursting into the Leaky Caldron raving about a beast. Everyone knows he is a lunatic. So I want you to lock him up until his daughter and I say 'I do'," said Draco.

"Oh that is so despicable. I love it," laughed Severus. "But such an act comes with a mighty fee."

Draco pulls out a sack of coins. Severus lifted the bag and then grimed at him.

"What is this petty money?"

"It's 500 galleons. When you free her father I will triple it."

"Oh you better or you will be locked in here."

@};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~

After Hermione tried to run a way, she stayed confided in her room. The Beast took to heart and had all her meals brought to her. Then one not so special day Hermione opened her door and went to dine with the Beast. It was becoming a regular routine for her and she enjoyed the Beast's company, but they would never talk. Day after day they would sit there eating in silence and look at one another.

After the first week in December it began to snow. It would snow for day’s non stop and no one could go out. Hermione spent most of her time in her room staring out the window or in the Study reading the books that were there. But as soon as the snow quit she grabbed her cloak and hurried outside. As for the Beast, he was in the Study along with some of his staff.

"Why are we here?" asked Fred.

"We do this every Thursday dummy," said George. "The Master wants a report about the service in the castle and how do me make matters better."

"Is everyone here?" asked the Beast.


"Good. What do we have to report?" he asked.

"Nothing Sir, but I must say now that Hermione is spending more time out of her room. Well maybe we should clean the West wing. That is the only part of the castle that needs to be clean," said Ginny.

"I have heard your opinion but I am dismaying it. The West wing is my domain and I will not clean it for her. If she doesn't like the looks of it then she doesn't have to be there," said the Beast. "Is there anything else?"

"Ooh, would you take a look at that," said Fred. He was looking out the window.

"What is it?"

"It's the girl playing in the snow."

They all gathered at the window and look out. She was building something.

"What is she doing?" asked George.

"She's building a snowman," answered Harry.

"That looks like fun," said Fred. "Well since I have nothing to say, I'm going outside." He jumped off the window ceil and began to leave.

"Wait for me," said George.

"Hey wait this meeting is not over yet," said the Beast but neither Fred nor George heard him.

"The last one out is a warty clock," cried Fred and hurried out the door.

"No fair, you had a head started," echoed George's voice.

Now there was only Harry, Ginny and the Beast left in the room. Ginny went away from the window and approach the Beast.

"Well Master it you would excuse me, I have to go back to the kitchen and finish my chores," said Ginny.

"Go. These meeting are getting to be pointless," said the Beast and Ginny went away. The Beast went away from the window and took a seat in his favorite chair, which was in front of the fireplace and looked at Harry.

"Don't you want to leave and play in the snow with Fred and George?"

"No my friend, but you should come over here," said Harry.

The Beast groaned got up and went to Harry.

"Now look out the window."

The Beast pulled back the curtains and saw Fred and George throwing snowballs at each other and then he saw her.

"Look at her Ron. She's never been so happy and she's smiling. She hasn’t smiled since she got here."

The Beast stood there staring at her almost smiling. He then quickly shook his head and let go of the curtains.

"You should join her," said Harry.

"Harry you know I don't like the snow," said the Beast. "You know what happened to me the last time I went out to play in the snow."

"I'm sorry. I forgot for a moment. Well I should go. My chores can't get done without me." And he left the Beast alone.

The Beast was going back to sit in his chair but he paused and looked out the window. He must have spent hours looking at Hermione before he decided to sit back in his chair.

@};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~

That night was almost like every other night, but Hermione was still smiling.

"I had so much fun today," she said. "You should join me tomorrow."

"No thank you," replied the Beast and he continued eating his soup.

"Oh . . . okay." Hermione grabbed her glass goblet but then sat it down. "You know I notice there's a pond on the grounds. Do you have any skates?"

"I do. They're in the shed outside."

"Oh good I can go skating tomorrow. Do you want to skate with me?"

The Beast slammed his spoon to the table and stood up.

"Why are you doing this?" he roars.

"Doing what?"

"Making conversation trying to get to know me well it's not going to work."

He sat back down and continued eating his soup. Hermione sat in her chair and stared at the Beast. She took one last sip of water and stood up.

"Where are you going? You're not done eating," said the Beast.

"Oh yes I am," said Hermione. She threw her napkin to the ground. "Every time we dine we never talk. I need someone to talk to. I need a friend." And she walks off.

"Eraah," roar the Beast. He threw his bowl of soup and left the table. He went into the Study and sat in his chair. He needed someone to talk to so he called upon one of his servants.

"Harry!" he cried. "Harry!"

"Coming," replied Harry and he quickly left the kitchen.

"Harry where are you?"

The door slowly opened and the black cup slowly walked in.

"I . . . I'm here." He was out of breath from running. "I can't move like I was when I was human."

"Sorry old friend. I can't imagine being a cup," said the Beast.

"That's all right. So what can I do for you?"

"I'm afraid I upset the girl."

"Hermione," said Harry. "Her name is Hermione."

"Right, right well I upset her. I'm such an idiot. I can never seem to say the right words towards her."

"You want me to talk to her?" asked Harry.

"Would you?"

Harry gave a bow towards his master and went on his way.

@};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~

Hermione sat by her window looking at the moon. She heard a knock at the door and looked at it sternly.

"Go away."

"As you wish Miss," said the voice from the other side.

Hermione recognized the voice as Harry's and quickly went to opened the door.

"Wait, don't go." She picked up the black tea cup and looked at it. "I thought you were the Beast. Please come in."

She walks back into her room and placed the cup on her bed.

"My Master wants me to tell you that he is sorry that he has upset you," said Harry.

"That is nice of you to come, but he should be the one telling me this," said Hermione.

"I know but if he would have come you would still have told him to go away."

"Okay you're right. So why doesn't he like to talk?"

"He's afraid of getting to know you and you to know him. You see he's been through a lot in his life. Don't tell him that I told you this but when he was young his parents died, and right before their death he was suppose to get married to this princess. He was in love with her, but the day before their wedding day she took off with another man. She really broke his heart. He swore to himself that he wouldn't go through that again. He doesn't talk to anyone anymore well except for me. We are best friends," said Harry.

"Well I don't want to hurt him. That's the last thing I would do. But tell me this, how can I make him trust me?"

"Not even I know the answer to that. Spend more time with him and soon you'll see the man I befriended," said Harry.

@};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~

Down in the Study Beast was still sitting in his chair but he was also writing something. When he was done, he summoned Ginny.

"Yes Master?" she ask when she entered the room.

"You've might have heard that the girl and I had a fight during dinner."

"Yes. I know all about it."

"Well I want to tell her that I'm sorry by having tea tomorrow. I want you to brew the best tea that you have."

"I’ll see what I can do." And she left.

The Beast folded the paper that he was writing on and tied it to a leg of a small owl.

"Pig take this to the guest room and give it to the girl," said the Beast.

The owl nodded and flew off.

When the owl got to the room he saw the girl talking to a tea cup.

"Telegram," said Pig when he flew in.

"Who's it for?" asked Hermione.

"For you, the Master wrote it."

The owl landed on the bed next to the cup and Hermione untied the paper.

"Well what does it say?" asked Harry.

"He wants me to join him for tea tomorrow. Should I go?"

"Yes you should."

Hermione re-read the letter and agreed to the invitation. She found some paper and wrote her response. She then tied it to Pig's leg. He was so excited that he quickly flew away.

"Oh Harry I'm so nervous. Will you be there having tea?" asked Hermione.

"Of course and so will Ginny. After all she is serving the tea. Just don't worry," said Harry; soon after he left.

@};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~

The next day Hermione was desperately throwing clothes out of the wardrobe closet.

"Hermione settle down," said Lavender. "Take a deep breath and breathe."

"I can't. I want to look my best while having tea," she said.

"You already look great," assured the wardrobe closet. "What's the big deal any ways? It's not like you haven't dine with him before."

"I know that I'm making such a big deal out of it. It's just the letter that he wrote me last night." She pulled out the letter and read it to Lavender.

I'm sorry for my behavior during dinner. It was rude of me to yell at you. Please if you can find it in
you heart to forgive me by having tea with me tomorrow in my Study.

"He wrote me this letter after he sent Harry to apologize for him. It means that he really was sorry for yelling at me and I just don't want to come down for tea like it was any other day."

The clock on her night stand began to chime. It was ten o'clock.

"Oh no I'm going to be late," she said and she hurried out.

In the Study Beast was pacing back and forth in front of the fireplace. He too was very nervous that he decided to wear clothes that were nice and well fitted.

"Master please stop," said Fred. "You will wear a hole to the ground."

Beast stopped and growled at him.

"This is my castle and my floor. Why don't you just stand there and keep the room bright like you're supposed to."

He went back on pacing while Fred mimic’s Beast response to himself. Soon George entered and he was followed by Hermione. Beast stopped the moment he saw her.

"Thank you for coming," he said. "Please come and sit."

He went over tot he table that was plated and pulled out a chair. Hermione walks over and kindly sat down. Beast walks over to his seat and Ginny began to pour the tea.

"I hope you all like the tea. Its herbal berry, she said.

Hermione breathed in the herbal essence and took a sip.

"Ginny that tea is delicious." She took another sip. "Don't you think so Beast?"

Beast took a sip and half way down his eyes bulge out and he began to cough.

"Are you all right?" asked Hermione. She began to fan her napkin in front of his face.

"I-I'm fine," he coughed. He whips his face and grabs the sugar bowl. After 4 big spoonful of sugar he took another sip. "Now this is good. I love to make things sweet."

"Too bad he can't make himself sweet," whispered Fred to Ginny.

Ginny giggled softly and poured more tea into Hermione's cup.

"Hermione . . . well it's none of my business actually but . . . I'm wondering . . . do you like it here?" asked Beast.

Hermione sat her cup down and looked at it.

"Well it's sure different than the village that I lived in," she answered. "Every day was the same. You knew everyone by clockwork and it made my crazy. The only time I was ever happy was with my father and my books."

"So you like to read. I have some great books here in the Study. Well I've actually never read them but I know that they are great."

"I know. I read them twice already."

The chimes from the clocks begin to ring. Beast looks at George and notice that it was 10:45 A.M. He whipped his face off and pushed back his chair.

"Excuse me but I need to go do something," he said.

"I wish you don't. I'm enjoying this."

"Let's do this again then. How about tomorrow at the same time," said Beast.


Beast started to get up but stop.

"Before I leave, you must have this." He snapped his fingers and a small desk came to him. A small compartment opened and Beast took something out and presented a pair of ice skates to her.

"They are all laced and sharp. Have fun on the pond."

Hermione took the skates and looked at him.

"Will you please join me?" she asked.

"My answer remains no," said Beast in a stern voice. He then got up and left.

Hermione watch as Beast leaves the room and then she look back at the skates.

"Does anyone what to join me?"

"George and I will," answered Fred. "How about you Gin?"

"I’m sorry but no. Being fat and made out of porcelain isn't a great mixture for skating," she replied.

"Well we can always wrap you in bubble wrap," suggest George.

"Or better yet pillows," said Fred. "But you will be even fatter."

They all giggled at the thought, but Ginny still refused and went back to the kitchen.

"Well I'll be there," said Harry. "I'm not afraid of getting a few chips."

"Okay then let's go," said Hermione. She grabbed her thick cloak and they all went outside.

@};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~

Up in his room the Beast sat in his torn chair and just look at the ground. The doors to the balcony were opened and he could hear Hermione and the others down below. He got up and slowly walks over to the balcony and looked down. He grimed at them and turned around back to his room but all of the sudden a bird came flying past him and landed on the magic mirror.

"Get away from that!" yelled the Beast.

He quickly ran to the bird, but by the time he got to the table the bird flew off carrying the mirror.

"Give that to me at once," he yelled.

The bird flew towards the balcony and stopped on the ledge.

"Be a nice little bird and drop that mirror," Beast said in a clam but nervous voice.

He slowly approached the bird but, it began to flap its wings and before Beast could blink the mirror went tumbling over the ledge. Beast quickly went to the edge and began to look for it. He could see the mirror; it was right below on the frozen pond. He hurried out of his room and went down to the kitchen, and went to its side door. As he opened the door he paused, in front of him was the frozen pond and about two feet of snow.

"Uh Ginny . . . c-can you come over here?" he asked in a shaky voice.

She got off from the stove and slowly went to him.

"Master if you want your tea you will need to wait. The water hasn't heated up yet," she said.

"Forget the tea. Can you go outside and onto the pond for me?"

"I will not."

"Go out there right now!"

"If I do and break into a million pieces whom will you get to serve your tea?"

"Right now I don't care for tea. The magic mirror fell onto the lake and I need to get it back."

"Then go out there and get it yourself you big baby." She turned around and went back onto the stove.

Beast growled at her and she just simply stuck her tongue at him while she was heating the water for his tea. Beast looks out the door and he couldn't see Hermione or his servants.

"I need to get the mirror, but I don't want to go out," Beast said to himself

But Beast pulled his strength together and took a step on the ice. As soon as both his paws touched the frozen pond His legs began to shake and soon he slipped and landed on his butt.

"Stupid ice," he thought.

He got on all fours and begins to crawl. He was soon half way on the pond and he could see the mirror. He stuck his claws in the ice and slowly made his way to it. As soon as he was close enough, he grabbed the mirror and stuck it in his pants pocket. He then turned around and headed back towards the kitchen.

Meanwhile on the other side of the pond, Hermione along with Harry, Fred, and George were still skating.

"This is so much fun," said Harry.

"It sure is," said Hermione and she did a little jump in the air and landed. "I can stay out here all day." Just then her stomach began to growl. "I guess not all day."

"Let's have a race back to the castle," suggest Fred.

"But let's have some fun and race backwards," added George.

"Alright you're on," said Hermione. "Are you racing Harry?"

"No I'll just start you off," he replied. "Are you read?"

They lined up next to each other and looked at the tea cup.

"Get set . . . and . . . GO!"

And they were off. Fred took the lead and he was followed closely by Hermione and George. George then got some speed and went ahead of Fred.

"Haha I'm going to win," he teased but he wasn't watching were he was going and skated off the ice and into the snow.

"Looks like it’s just the two of us," said Fred.

They kept on skating side by side and soon the kitchen's side door was in view.

"I'm gonna win," teased Hermione.

"Oh no you won't," laughed Fred.

They were too focused with the race that they didn't hear Harry warming them that the Beast was right behind them. Beast saw them, but he couldn't get out of their way in time and they collided.

"Oh ouch my head," said Fred.

Hermione go up and saw the Beast laying on the ice.

"I'm so sorry," she said and she helped him up. "Are you alright?"

"I-I'm fine."

"Here let me help you inside." She took his left arm and they slowly made there way to the kitchen.

As Hermione was taking her skates off, Beast, Harry, George and Fred went to the Reading room.

"Master why were you out there?" asked Harry.

"I was getting the mirror. It's a long story." He took the mirror out from his pocket and sat it on the table.

The doorknob began to rattle and Hermione came in with a tray of hot tea.

"Thought you might need something to warm you up," she said.

She gave him his tea and took a seat.

"So . . . what were you doing out there? I thought you hate the snow," she asked.

Beast choked on his tea and look at her.

"Why would you say that?" he asked.

"Because when ever I ask you to come outside, you get mad."

Beast sat his tea on the tray and got up to leave.

"Please don't go. I didn't mean to upset you," said Hermione.

He stopped and went back and sat down.

"I do hate the snow. I had a bad experience long ago."

"I'm sorry. What happened?"

There was a pregnant silence and then Beast took a deep breath and spoke.

"When I was just a boy, my two cousins would come over for the Christmas holidays. Well one day I was building a snow man and when I finished they ran over it with their sled. To make it up to me they suggested to play hided and go seek. As I hurried off to hide they began to count, but they quit at 20 and went back in side. I waited and waited; I almost froze to death and finally late at night my father came and brought me in. After that I refused to go out during winter when there is snow."

"I'm sorry. That was very cruel of you cousins to do that," said Hermione.

"It was."

Hermione's stomach began to growl again and she sat her cup down.

"I'm so hungry. Would you like anything to eat?" she asks.

"No I'm fine."

"Well I'm going to go to the kitchen and make something," said Hermione.

She grabbed Beast's empty tea cup and sat it on the tray and began walking off with it. But before she left she said to him.

"Thank you Beast. I really like talking to you." And she left.

The Beast took in some deep breaths and then looked at his servants.

"You know Hermione has been here for a month and a half and it's about time I should give her something special, something that would make her stay here more easy but what?"

"Well you can give her what all men give to their lady: chocolates, flowers, promises you'll never tend to keep . . ." said George.

"No, no it must be something she likes," said Fred.

"But every girl likes flowers and chocolates," said George.

"I know what I can give her. It's the perfect gift," said Beast. "Get all the maids and butlers and anyone that can spare a hand and get them to the West Wing. Tell them to clean the first room. I want that room to be finish by noon."

Fred, George, and Harry quickly left, and the Beast grabbed the mirror and made his way back to his room.

@};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~ @};~~~@};~~~@};~~~

The next day Beast kept his promises and had tea with Hermione and this time they had a real conversation. They began to laugh at each other jokes and soon got lost into each other conversations. It was nearing noon soon and Beast was getting worried that the room wouldn't be ready but soon Harry walk into the room and Beast knew that it was completed.

"Uh Hermione, would you come with me? I have something to show you."

They both got up and he led the way. When they got to the door, the Beast asked Hermione to close her eyes.

"Please it's a surprise."

Hermione agreed and once Beast was sure that she wasn't peaking he opened the door and led her in.

"Can I open my eyes now?" she asked.

"Not yet."

He stopped and let go of her hands, and went over to the two windows and pulled open the curtains.

"Can I now?"

"Okay now."

Hermione gasped and a lost of words when she opened her eyes. It was a library. The room was full of books, mountains of books. The books went from the floor and went all the way up to the ceiling.

"Oh my, I haven't seen this many books in all my life," she cried.

"You like?" asked Beast.

"Like it? I love."

"Then it is yours. I give this to you."

Hermione looked at the Beast and smiled and went up to him and gave him a hug. Beast hesitated but returned the hug.

"Thank you. This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me," she said.

"You are welcome."

Hermione still in awe kept look around and wondering where to get the first book. Beast didn't want to ruin the moment and began to slowly creep out of the room.

"Beast wait," said Hermione. "Would you please stay? Would you like me to read to you a story?"

The Beast smiled and replied, " I would very much like that but please call my by my true name. Ron."

"Okay then . . . Ron."

It sounded very strange to her but she was delightful. While she went to find a book to her liking Ron went over to the fireplace and began making a fire.

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