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A/N- Thanks you guys for all your support on both my stories, and I’m so sorry for the long wait! A little writer’s block, but I promise, It’s totally gone now! Chapter 2! “Hermione! Would you mind kindly waking up and getting ready for work! You know it wouldn’t kill you to wake up on time!” Yelled Ginny Weasley who was obviously in a very bad mood. “Give me one sec, Gin…” Hermione’s voice trailed off. “Well alright then! Just five minutes though! While you’re at it, let me get Parvati!” “Parvati!!! Wake up!!! Oh, seriously, both of you are a year old then me, yet why am I the one who as to go through the pain in the morning?” Ginny wailed. Parvati felt sorry for the red haired girl and slowly but clumsily got up from her bed. “I’m up see, I’m taking a shower, just relax take a chill pill…” “No I don’t intend to get ill Parvati Patil, All I want is for you to get the hell up!” “Oh Ginny…” And with that Parvati went in to the shower. “Sorry Gin, I’ll go to the other shower and get ready…I’m going! Don’t hurt me!” Yelled Hermione “Then I’ll make breakfast…Honestly, living with you two! My mother said, “They will teach you responsibility. Then why the hell am I the one working!” moaned Ginny, as she went to prepare breakfast for her two girl best friends. ________________________________________________________________________ “Well you guys seemed knocked out. How was the party last night?” Said the cool sophisticated voice of none other than Draco Malfoy. [A/N- He’s Here!!!] Both Harry and Ron got up from their beds. “Uh well…We couldn’t find you so…” They both started. Suddenly Draco laughed. “You guys, I wasn’t invited! And quite frankly, any thing that has to do with Hermione Weirdo Granger, I want nothing to do with. I was just wondering ‘cause you guys are still sleeping at let’s see, 9:30. When work starts at well 8:30.” “Oh shit! Oh shit, shit, shit! I forgot! And today we have that really important assignment the minister’s giving us! Oh God! What are we going to do?” Harry exclaimed. “Oh, mate you’re right! How could we have forgotten!” Ron was obviously about to lose it. “Relax! I called in, and said we had an emergency last night, and that we may come in late. So just go changed now, and we’ll all meet the minister in like an hour or so.” Both Harry and Ron looked at their third auror partner, and their newest best friend. True, they had been best friends for only about three years, they understood each other really well. “Thanks, Draco!” They both yelled before going upstairs to get ready. ________________________________________________________________________ “Okay, I’m all set! Let’s go!” Hermione yelled. “’Mione, we’ve been ready for ages! It’s you who took so long.” Parvati stated. “That’s a fact Hermione. I mean, you took longer than Parvati, and she takes three hours just to put on her make-up!” “Oh, Ginny, Ginny, Ginny. You’re still young. You’re already so beautiful, but one day, you’ll see that commercial beauty takes time. But then again may be you won’t see, considering the fact that you don’t need commercial beauty since your beautiful. I’m already ugly, just let me feel better by putting on tons of make up!” Parvati said. At this all three burst out laughing for anyone but with eyes could tell that of the three Parvati was the most beautiful. Not that Ginny and Hermione fell very behind. They had changed a lot from their school days. Hermione’s hair was no longer bushy, but had become a soft arrangement of curls. Where as Ginny’s hair now had highlights. Hermione’s face was beautiful. She had full lips and thick eyelashes, and hazel brown eyes which held the right amount of beauty, innocence, and somewhere deep inside, sadness. Ginny’s face was a little smaller, but every where she went, she was considered an angel. The one thing that Hermione couldn’t achieve though was Parvati’s and Ginny’s happiness and love in her face and life. It wasn’t as if she wasn’t as beautiful as her. It was just that after the war, some shimmer, something special had been lacking in Ginny’s and Parvati’s face. But in Hermione’s face, the disappearance of this joy was all too obvious. This joy was almost non-existent. Why am I so different? Why can’t I forget? Hermione thought. Will Truth not love me, if he sees this? Oh, Truth. He was the reason she couldn’t wake up in the morning. She had been writing him a letter till late last night. [A/N- I’ll tell you what the letter said next chapter- I promise!] “’Mione?” Parvati asked, causing Hermione to come out of her day dream. “Are you alright?” Ginny asked as well both with concern in their eyes. “Oh you guys, I’m fine. Come on it’s time to meet the minister, he said it’s very important, and that he has a special job for us. ________________________________________________________________________ “Shit, Shit, shit!” “Yeah, Harry that’s right! C’mon get in!” Draco yelled at him. “My car’s not working, and we have to go muggle style! Oh Draco-kins, can we take your car, please, please..” “On one condition Ronnie-kins! That you never ever, repeat…” “Never, ever.” Ron stated. “Oh you did it now, Ron! I’m going to kill you…” “Drakie-kins, Drakie-poo, oh why do you hate it when you know Pansy loves you!” “Ron!!!! I’m going to….” “Get Pansy? I’m so scared! On second thought, I am scared!” “Draco, Ron! You guys are so immature! We need to get there!” “Ron, Harry’s right. I’m getting my car. But don’t ever call me that again.” And with that Draco went to get his car. “Drakie-poo.” “I heard that!!!” Yelled Draco from outside. Once Harry and Ron were sure he had left, they broke out laughing. “Isn’t it funny? Harry, you know Pansy loves him! Why does he deny it so much?” “I really am going to kill you.” Came Draco’s strong cool voice. “Okay I’m sorry.” Said Ron slowly with a hint of fear in his eyes. They burst out laughing. Yes, times had changed since their days at Hogwarts. They all got into Draco’s silver Ferrari [A/N- That is so hot!] and got ready to drive off. During the ride, Harry started talking. “Well Draco, you can’t say Ron’s wrong! And don’t get mad, at least he didn’t say the person you truly love. Hermione Granger.” “I would even prefer Pansy to her!” It was a known fact that even after all these years their hatred had grown. In to what though? Could it be something else? “I wonder what the project is though.” Said Ron “Same here! I mean we’re aurors, and he said something about spies, and three girls.” “Really now!” Said Harry. “What’s the use Harry?” Ron stated. “They’ll all fall for Malfoy over here.” Now this was a known fact. “Harry, Ron. I may be gorgeous, but some one may want you!” smirked Draco, who saw Ron and Harry giving him dirty looks. They started laughing once again. But with Draco thinking. He no longer needed any girl, no matter the fact he could get anyone. His heart belonged to someone else. But did she love him in return? He had never seen her or heard her, but he knew, that he loved her. Was this possible? Or was their someone out there just waiting for him? A/N- What do you think? Oh and Be happy, this was a long chapter! And did you catch the clues? What is the project? Keep thinking, and pls r & r!!!! I will update soon I promise!

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