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Elle wandered around the lake aimlessly taking in the last of the warm weather. She settled down under the beech tree and watched as the giant squid propelled itself across the lake. She was so intent on gazing into space that she did not notice an owl making its way toward her. It wasn’t until the owl nipped her finger that Elle became aware of its presence. With a jolt of surprise, Elle took the letter from the owls beak. She was sure it was Lily’s owl, but she had no idea what Lily would be writing to her for. She glanced down at the envelope and noticed it was paper. She frowned and read the address. It wasn’t addressed for Hogwarts, but for Harry’s house in Godric Hollow. She studied the handwriting more closely and, although it had been a while, Elle still recognised it as her mother’s. Wondering what possible reason her mother could have had for writing to her, Elle tore the envelope open and began to read the letter that was folded neatly inside. Dearest Isabelle, I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to inform you of some bad news. Your father’s parents have passed away. I know it may come as a shock but I felt it best to write and inform you. Please do not write back as your father does not wish for me to inform you but I felt it was only fair to do so. I hope you are trying your best and are keeping well. Mother Elle rose, still in shock from receiving the letter, and made her way back into the school. She wasn’t sure why, but Elle felt the need to go and speak to Harry. She was sure he won't be that bothered, and if she was completely honest with herself, Elle wasn’t that upset about it. It was more shock at the news than feeling upset about it. Still, she felt it her duty to inform Harry, as they were his Aunt and Uncle. She opened the front doors quietly and checked her watch. Breakfast would still be going on which meant that Harry would still be in the Great Hall. She walked in, and focused on nothing but Harry. She noticed straightaway that her friends were gathered around him and Hermione and both adults looked extremely harassed. Elle was to absorbed in what she had to do that she was oblivious to Beth asking if she was okay. Harry must have heard Beth say Elle’s name as he looked up and smiled at her while Hermione flapped the group of teens away. Harry frowned at the look of shock on Elle’s face. “What’s wrong?” He asked as she finally reached the top table after what had seemed an age to her. “I need to speak to you.” Elle murmured. “Privately.” She added noticing the curious looks her friends, save Ryan, were giving her. “Sure.” Harry replied, looking worried. He lead Elle through to the chamber of the side of the hall. He leaned against the wall and surveyed Elle closely. He waited for her to speak, figuring it would be best for her to do so in her own time. She looked up at Harry, wondering if it were the right thing for her to do. “I received a letter from my Mum today.” She whispered, looking down at her feet. An ugly looked flickered on Harry’s face. “What did she say?” He asked trying to sound comforting for Elle’s sake. “Here, you read it.” Elle muttered, thrusting the sheet of paper into Harry’s hand. She studied Harry closely as his eyes scanned over the words. She waited for his reaction as he lowered the paper. “Are you okay?” He asked in a rather hollow, far away voice. “I’m okay I suppose. I’m just kind of…” Elle didn’t finish the sentence, she couldn’t think of the right words. “Is it bad that I’m not upset about it?” She asked after several minutes of silence. “Of course not, you weren’t very close to them.” Harry reassured her. “That’s true, I haven’t seen them since I was ten.” Elle looked down at her feet, feeling uncomfortable. “You better run along, Louise, Sirius, Sarah and Stephen were very concerned about your whereabouts this morning.” Harry informed her, his emerald eyes twinkling in amusement at the guilty look on Elle’s face. “Let me guess, Room of Requirement?” “How did you know? Am I in trouble?” She asked. “I’ll let it slide this time,” Harry laughed as Elle made her way toward the door. ~~~~~~~~ Harry sat in his office lost in thought. It was just after dinner and he still couldn’t shake the news of Vernon and Petunia's death from his mind. He wasn’t sure how he felt, so he could relate to Elle that way. He too was shocked by it. He had never really though much about them after he left Privet Drive when he turned of age. The day he went to collect Elle was the first time he had returned to Privet drive since that day. Now, all he could think about was his aunt and uncle. Petunia was the last link to his mother, and now she was no longer there. They had been his only really family and it hit him hard to realise that he now had not true relatives. He had his own family and his in-laws, but the hollow feeling he had in his chest was caused by the realization that he was the last person left related to both the Potter and Evan families. There was no one else. ~~~~~~~~ Elle was sitting in the darkened common room alone, still processing the news she had received almost a week ago. The past week of school had passed in a blur. Elle was still unsure how she felt about the death of her grandparents. Now she sat at the end of her third week of school wondering if her grandparents knew about what she was. She highly doubted her father would have the guts to tell them their granddaughter, whom Petunia had once adored, was a witch. From what Harry had been through, and from what she knew of them, Elle was sure her grandparents would have freaked out if they knew. If there was one thing they disapproved of, it was something that was not normal. The Dursley’s were sticklers for normality and with her gift, Elle was anything but normal. As she heard the distant chimes of a clock Elle contemplated going to bed. It was midnight and she had her first official team practice tomorrow at midday. Staring at the dying embers of the fire, Elle decided to stay for a bit longer. She didn’t feel tired in the slightest and knew it would be pointless to go up to the dorm and lie awake for hours. She sat there listening to the crackle of fire. She heard a creak on the stairs and turned quickly to see who it was. She spotted a rather dishevelled Ryan Wood standing at the foot of the boys stairs in his pyjamas. “What are you doing down here?” Ryan asked. They had opted not to discuss what had happened between them at the Quidditch tryouts. “I’m not tired. You?” she smiled, feeling slightly uncomfortable with the fact that she was in her pyjamas. “Couldn’t sleep either.” He smiled sitting beside her on the couch. “Must be an epidemic.” Elle laughed. “How you holding up?” He asked looking uncharacteristically serious. “I’m okay.” She smiled. They sat talking for another hour or so. It wasn’t until Ryan actually started snoring did they decide to retire to their beds. Elle smiled to herself as she settled down to sleep. Things were finally returning to normal and she was extremely thankful for it.

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