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Sirius James Peter Jessi While the students had been sitting in their carriages rain had started to pour from the almost jet black sky. The road up to the castle was muddy and the weather was cold, but somehow, the sight of the familiar Hogwarts castle made all the students get a warm feeling of safety in their stomachs. “I can see it! I can see it!” every time they passed through the huge Hogwarts gates Sirius reacted the same way. Hogwarts had always been his home and he sure missed it when he was gone. “Yes, yes we can all see it Sirius” James was used to Sirius behaving like this and decided to ignore it. “What’s the difference… goat…pig…oh sod it! When I heard it this summer I laughed so much I almost started crying…I can’t believe I’ve forgotten it” Sirius was still trying as hard as he could to remember the end of the joke, but without result. “Give it a rest will ya?” James was a bit frustrated, for even though Michael Davies was known for his height, James had not been able to spot him, nor Lily. Peter was still staring at his feet but Jessi had gone from fiddling with her hair to fiddling with the sleeve of her robe. “At Beauxbatons our robez were much prettier, why must I wear ziz ugly ting?” “You have no choice” said Peter softly. “But it iz ugly” “Well…that’s the way it is” “Pig…goat…difference…blast it!” “Ugly…ugly…” “Goat…pig…argh!” “SHUT UP! Just...shut up…please?” James opened the carriage door and jumped out. “What’s the matter with him eh?” said Sirius while getting out quickly and caught up with James. *** Molly Remus “So how was your summer Remus?” asked Molly. “Can I be completely honest?” “Of course” said Molly convincingly. “It’s just you and me here”. “Ok…it was a complete…bore” Remus and Molly started giggling. Not until they had reached the castle and were practically being forced out the carriage by the 7th years sitting opposite them, did they stop. “So how was yours?” asked Remus after whipping a tear of his cheek. “If you don’t mind me saying…mine was a BLAST!” “Oh, really? What did you do?” “I went to Spain!” “That sounds really great! Are the people nice there?” “Well the muggles were complete idiots, but otherwise the people were great!” Molly and Remus broke out into another fit of giggles and hurried into the castle under the pouring rain. *** Lily Michael During the whole carriage ride Lily and Michael hadn’t spoken one word to each other, there was some sort of wall between them that none of them could seem to break down. When they got out of the carriage and started running towards the castle, Michael grabbed Lily’s hand, and at that moment Lily stopped in her tracks. “What are you doing? You’re going to catch a cold standing out in the rain like this!” Michael stretched out his arm as if hinting to Lily to grab his hand, but Lily stayed put. “Something’s changed…and not in a good way” screamed Lily. “What do you mean? We have to get inside! Can’t we talk inside? You’re going to catch pneumonia, and me too for that matter” said Michael. “You’re not listening to me!” Lily took a step back. “What on earth do you mean?” “If we can’t talk here then we really have problems” said Lily, and even she didn’t really understand what she meant. “Come on Lily!” “There are millions of raindrops between us and all you can think about is getting inside. We need to talk Michael, and if I can’t talk to you here I’m not likely to be able to talk to you anywhere else” Michael took a few steps forward until he was inches from Lily’s face. He bent down and brushed his lips against hers. “We need to get inside Lily, and when we do, I promise, we can talk about anything you want, ok? Lets just go inside before they lock the doors” he grabbed Lily’s hand and she could do nothing but follow him inside. Once they were inside Michael performed a drying spell on both of their coats and gave her his to keep her extra warm. “Thank you” Lily said softly. She was rather ashamed of the way she had behaved outside. “I’m sorry Michael. I’m not sure what was happening and…I just…I’m sorry” “You have nothing to apologize for” Michael was the type of person who forgave almost anything. As Lily and Michael walked into the Great Hall almost all faces turned to face them. “Sorry we’re late Professor” Michael said loudly to Dumbledore who nodded towards him and said: “No matter at all Mr. Davies, not matter at all. Now that our Head boy and his lady friend (at this Lily furiously blushed) have arrived I think it might be time to tuck into our exceptionally good feast” Dumbledore sat down once more and at once all the plates in the Great Hall filled with delicious dishes. There was everything from liver pie to mashed potatoes to chicken wings to cooked tomatoes. *** Everyone “Now that’s what I’m talking about!” said Sirius as he immediately grabbed all the food in sight and stuffed his mouth full. “That’s repulsive Sirius, absolutely repulsive” Remus was disgusted and decided to ignore him and continue his conversation with Molly. Michael had gone over to sit at the Hufflepuff table which left Lily to go over and sit with her fellow Gryffindors. “There you are!” said Molly loudly as she spotted Lily walking towards her. “Yes, here I am” said Lily sounding rather sad. “What’s the matter?” said Remus and Molly at once. “Oh…I’m just in a mood, its no matter” said Lily as she sat down and started eating the food that Molly had piled up on her plate, unaware that James was staring at her. Seeing her sad was breaking his heart but he could never tell her because he knew she would turn it around and make it seem as if he was making some sexist joke or bullying her. That was often how Lily’s and James’ conversations were like. He would sit for hours thinking of the perfect line and when he said it to her she would look disgusted at him and tell him to ‘sod off’. “James!? Hello? Are you there? Earth to James! POTTER!” “WHAT SIRIUS?” James had intentionally ignored Sirius but at moments like this he couldn’t do it for long. “What’s up with you today, mate? You were fine when we were on the platform but then you kind just slipped off into another world…what’s up mate?” said Remus who had too noticed James’ weird behavior. “I…” James had always had trouble talking about Lily to Remus and Sirius or to anyone in fact. Every time he tried he would end up saying something completely different. “I… I have a stomach ache” “Maybe you should go see Madam Pomfrey” said Remus. “Yeah I will later” James said softly. “Sow whuds ou fiush pwankh?” said Sirius with his mouth full of mashed potatoes. “What on earth did you just say?” asked Molly. Sirius took a while to chew, swallow and then he said: “What’s our first prank?” Sirius said as if it was the most obvious answer. “You know what? I can’t really think right now… can’t we just do this tomorrow?” said James “Tomorrow we’ll have tons of homework to do and besides, tomorrows the first day of school, and you know what happens on the first day of school” said Remus. Every year since their second year on the first day of school Peaves would fly around the school throwing water balloons and mud at 7th years. Peaves also went through all the common rooms and annoyed all the students who were trying to concentrate on their work. The Marauders often used this as an excuse to do whatever they felt like and mostly that consisted of playing pranks on Professor Cleavry, the Defence against the Dark Arts teacher who was a very nervous fellow or stealing food from the kitchen. “Oh yeah! So I guess this year we’ll just go to the kitchen right? Since Mr. Potter here is in a mood!” teased Sirius. “Oh very clever” said James as he accidentally jabbed the fork into the table having missed the potato he was aiming for because he was so distracted by the beautiful red head sitting opposite Molly. “Oh lord, please help us guide this young unfortunate lad out of the dark claws of Lily Potter” said Sirius as he shut his eyes and placed his hands in a praying position. James hit him on the shoulder and went back to staring at Lily. At that exact moment the plates emptied and were refilled with deserts. “TREACTLE TART!” yelled Sirius so that everyone heard. In an instant everyone was staring at him and then everyone laughed. In the corner at the Slytherin table his brother Regulus was sitting feeling deeply ashamed. *** Death eaters “Blood traitor” said Bobbie Black, a distant relative to Sirius. “I can’t believe his blood runs in my veins” “Don’t worry Bobbie, you have none of the qualities of a blood traitor” said Carl Down reassuringly. “And thank goodness for that” said Clarissa Vain patting Bobbie on the back. “But of course for Regulus, his situation is quite different. “Don’t be too hard on him Clarissa, he’s already proven himself to the Dark Lord” said Stanly Cutte calmly. “A lot more than you’ve managed so far” Stanley looked at her with his cold grey eyes and in a flash Clarissa had backed off. “So did you manage to carry out the plan Carl?” asked Regulus curiously “As a matter of fact I did, but that is none of your concern Regulus seeing as you aren’t included in the mission” said Carl coldly as he gave Regulus an evil sneer. “Oh be nice. He’s as included as you were the first year you joined us, if you remember Carl. Following us around like a lap dog wanting to be cared for. Pathetic excuse for a Death Eater I must say” Stanly Cutte was quite the leader of their little gang and being as it was he was the only one, at Hogwarts, they were really scared of. Stanly Cutte was a well built, tall, blonde haired boy, but his most handsome feature was undoubtedly his calm way of speaking and his use of words. At those words Carl instantaneously went back to his pudding without saying a word. Regulus looked around the Great Hall, trying to spot Molly French. He had found out about his uncontrollable feelings for her during their second year when he had accidentally bumped into her and made her drop all her books. At the moment she had told him that it was fine and that he could go. Regulus can still hear her voice in his head. Even though he knew it was because of him that he liked her, he liked to think it was the fact that he was related to a blood traitor that he had feelings for a Gryffindor. “Fellow students, there are times when there are words that should be said, and feelings that should be expressed. Unfortunately tonight I am most regrettably too tired, so that will have to be another day” At these last words every student in the Great Hall rose from their seats and tried to make their way out the Great Hall. “EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! PETTER PETTIGREW COMING THROUGH! Excuse me my fair lady but PETER PETTIGREW COMING THROUGH!” yelled Sirius as he, Remus, Peter, Molly and Lily made their way through the parted crowd. “I do thank you and so does Peter Pettigrew” said Sirius as he winked at a little 2nd year girl who blushed furiously. Regulus buried his head in his hands in shame. *** Marauders Lily Molly “That was a dirty little trick” said Molly as she walked next to Sirius “but impressive all the same” “I thank you Miss French” said Sirius as he placed his arm around her shoulders at which time Molly blushed slightly. “So you know he last name but you don’t know her first name?” asked Remus recalling the slightly embarrassing moment on the train. “I was just doing that thing where I pretend I don’t know what you’re talking about” said Sirius mater-of-factly. “Since when have you done that?” asked Remus. “I always do it!” “Idiot” mumbled Peter. “What?” asked Sirius and turned to face Peter. “Nothing I was just coughing” answered Peter. As they continued walking up to Gryffindor tower Sirius and Molly were laughing about something which sounded an awful lot like ‘Michael’, Remus was talking to Peter about Dementors (the subject seemed to make Peter very uncomfortable) and Lily and James were walking at the back both staring in different directions. When they reached the portrait hole where the fat lady was practicing her sopranos, Remus had forgotten the password. “Oh deary me, has wittle Remus fowgotten the passwoyd?” teased Sirius as Molly and him started laughing anew. “It’s something… oh sod it…” wile Remus was trying to remember the password James and Lily were standing aside, both blushing. “So how was your summer?” asked James faintly. “Why do you want to know” snapped Lily as if she had been offended that James had even bothered talking to her. “Well I’ve asked everyone so far and I was just wondering because… well…I just thought…” James started but was cut off by the bad temper of Lily Evans. “Well you thought wrong didn’t you?” she said harshly. “Fine, I’m sorry” “You better be, now leave me alone” Lily walked of towards the portrait hole, said the word ‘grandifolia’ at which the portrait swung forward, revealing the Gryffindor common room. *** Death Eaters “If you so much as touch my bag again I will show you the meaning of pain” Clarissa was pressing a scared 4th year boy up against the wall, with her face so close to his that he could taste her breath of the not so pleasant mixture of treacle tart and pork chops. Behind her Carl, Bobbie and Regulus were seated on the navy blue couch in front of the fireplace. “You sure know how to threaten Clarissa” said Carl as he put his arm around Bobbie who in turn placed her hand in his. “It’s my hidden talent” said Clarissa as she made a gesture to the boy telling him to get out of the room. “Why did you get so upset over him touching your bag?” Regulus had to ask. “I dono, I felt like it, and I really haven’t gotten the chance to really threaten anyone over the summer so I guess I kinda just had to let it all out” said Clarissa with a smile on her face. “Really?” “No you moron, you think I’m that cold hearted?” in a second her smile was wiped of her face. “As a matter of fact, I do” exclaimed Carl from the couch. “You don’t mean that” said Clarissa pretending to blush. “Oh, I do” replied Carl. “You’re such a sweetie” Clarissa walked over to the empty chair and started cutting her initials into the table with her pocketknife. “He’s my sweetie” said Bobbie as she planted a kiss on Carl’s mouth catching him completely of guard. *** Marauders “You know what? I think I’m just gonna give up on this whole joke thing, its really tearing me apart trying to figure it out” said Sirius miserably. “A wise decision, I must say” replied Remus. “And I, in turn, must agree” said James. “HE’S OK! HE’S ALRIGHT!” exclaimed Sirius. “Shh! What are you talking about?” whispered James embarrassingly. “Well you’ve been so quiet today that I naturally thought you’d gone dumb” said Sirius calmly and started calmly examining his nails. James looked at him then smiled. “WOAH! What’s that!?” screamed Remus. He was pointing at a creature walking towards them. They couldn’t quite see what it was because it was so dark. Sirius jumped up on the couch and James just looked. Out of the shadows a cat was walking out. “It’s a cat” said Remus as he went back to his work. “It’s Lily’s cat!” exclaimed James with a huge smile spreading across his face. He ran over to Baggis and picked him up but the cat was not as nice as he thought. The cat started violently trying to get out of James grip and as a result he scratched James all over. “Ow! You nasty little creature” James dropped him on the floor where Remus picked Baggis up with ease. “How come he trusts you?” “Maybe because I know how to treat them” said Remus as he patted the cat in his arms. James sat down once again. At that moment Lily walked came down the stairs from the girl’s dorm. James looked at her before yelling, “I found him!” “What?” James went over to Remus and snatched the cat from him. He walked over to Lily; the cat was clearly not fond of James because it had started to bite his left forearm. “Here you go” James handed the cat to her with a proud expression on his face. Lily looked at him a while after having received the cat and sat down on the couch. “Thanks Remus” she said loudly. “Hello! It was me? Remember?” James ran over to her and folded his arms. “Well, naturally, you can’t expect me to believe that you found him. You never do anything to please anyone else, so I’m thanking Remus because I know he was the one who must have found him” Lily didn’t look at James but was calmly stroking her cat. “That’s not true…you…what?” James looked at her with puppy dog eyes. “Don’t do that puppy dog thing because you know it won’t work on me” Lily stood up and walked up to Remus, gave him a peck on the cheek, gave James one last look and then returned to the girl’s dormitory. “She’s the devil girl” laughed Sirius. “But I love her all the same” said James as he sat back down on the sofa, but accidentally missing it and landed on the floor. Remus was sitting down in his chair again, slightly blushing.

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