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Chapter 8 - Bitterness.

James was absolutely walking on air. Lily Evans, girl of his dreams had finally, after three years, said yes. He sighed as he opened the dorm door, still floating, that is until he tripped on his trunk.

“What happened?” Sirius asked. Waking up at the sudden noise.

Remus sat up and switching on the light, only to see James sprawled on the floor with a huge grin on his face. “Well?”

James grinned, knowing he looked foolish. “She said yes!” He cried, throwing his arms into the air. “She said yes, she said yes, she said yes,” He chanted over and over again until Sirius’ pillow smacked him in the face, successfully shutting him up.


Lily walked to breakfast in a daze. She couldn’t believe the events of last night, even as she had told Holly and Ruby it had seemed like a dream. Realizing she must have had a goofy grin on her face she tried to relax her face but failed. She was happy. And who would have ever thought James Potter would be the reason?

“Morning beautiful!” James cried as he spotted his favorite redhead. Scooping her into his arms he kissed her infront of everyone in the great hall. Lily giggled and squirmed out of his reach, not too fond of the attention she was getting from the other students. She had had whispers following her all morning, people staring and pointing at her. She knew the reason of course, She and James had been drawing attention to themselves for years with their famous arguments, his pestering and her crushing comebacks but now, seeing them together was somewhat of a novelty. Apparently they liked the fact that she had finally given in, that James had gotten his girl…or judging from some angry glares, they didn’t.

Realizing he had embarrassed her, James quietly took her hand leading her away from the crowd. “Sorry,” he smirked. “Just couldn’t help myself.” He told her in what he still believed to be his most charming way.

Lily laughed at what may have once annoyed her. “Come on Mr. Smooth, let’s get some breakfast.” She said dragging him into the hall.

After a while Sirius joined them. “Well, if it isn’t the happy couple.” He joked. Lily couldn’t help but smile as James threw a bread roll at his friend. “Seriously, I’m happy for you both. Tell me Lily what made you change your mind?” he asked. This time it was Lily who threw the bread roll.

“Would you two quit it!” Sirius exclaimed as he dodged the flying missile.

“Quit what?” Ruby asked sitting down next to Sirius.

“Nothing.” Sirius told her rudely. He couldn’t help but blame her for Remus’ misery and had been treating her coldly since Sunday morning.

James, seeing Ruby’s sad face had to resist picking up another bread roll. “Lay off Padfoot. Leave her alone.” Ruby smiled at him gratefully while Lily sat up taller, suddenly realizing something.

“Moony…You call him Moony because-“ she started before she was cut off James’ hand covering her mouth. She pried it away. “Ok, sorry. So my question is, why Padfoot?”

Sirius looked slightly agitated by this question. He ran his hand through his hair and looked around as if looking for an escape route. James coughed nervously. Hoping Sirius could come up with something. Telling Lily he was illegal Animagi was not something he wanted to do right now.

“Well?” Lily prompted when they failed to speak.

“Look!” Sirius cried suddenly “It’s Holly! Sorry, I gotta go talk to her.” He told them, practically running from the awkward scene, leaving James to answer the girls questions.

Lily watched as James nervously tried to look anywhere but her. Lily laughed. “It’s okay if you don’t want to share.” She told him, laughing again as relief washed over his face.


Lily shrugged. “Maybe its not my place to know.”

James hugged her. “One day I will share all my secrets, I promise.” He told her sincerely. Lily smiled, looking into his eyes and stroking his face lightly totally caught up in her own happiness. That is until Ruby snorted from across the table.

“What happened to you two?” She laughed. “Could someone tell me where the real James and Lily are?”


“Holly, I need to talk to you.”

Holly shrugged. “Ok, I was about to grab some breakfast, we can talk in there.” She told him pointing behind him into the great hall.

He shook his head. “No…” He said dragging her back into the entry hall.

Taking a step back from her he took a deep breath and began. “Last night…you never gave me an answer.”

Holly pretended to think for a moment before she took a step closer on her tip toe. Wrapping her arms around his neck she kissed him again.

Drawing away after a moment, she smiled up at him.

“So is that a yes?” Sirius whispered.

“No… sorry, your just not what I want in a boyfriend but it was fun, we should do it again sometime.” She told him, patting his arm before turning to leave.

Long after she was gone Sirius finally found the right words to say. “What?”

“Sucks to be you mate.” Remus joked from behind him just coming down the stairs, Sirius sat down with a sigh.

“Ha ha ha. Hey Remus, seen Ruby, talked to her lately.”

Remus smirked. “Harsh Padfoot, harsh,” he joked joining Sirius on the bottom step.

“So you saw everything?”

“And heard it too. Can’t help but wonder what happened to her. She used to be so sweet and kind.” Remus laughed.

“She is so hot.” Sirius said, shaking his head. “Why is she doing this?”

“Because my friend, we obviously pissed someone off, karma is out to get us.”

Sirius turned to look at his friend. “You don’t actually believe that do you?”

“No, but as a reason it works. Its better than simply being unwanted.”

Sirius snorted indignantly. “I am so not unwanted.”

“By a certain blonde Gryffindor you are.”

“Yeah. And it sucks.” Sirius sighed.

Remus nodded in agreement.

Sirius could see that Remus’ problems were much deeper than his own. “She will come around Moony,” he told him, hoping it was true.

“I never should have told her. What if she tells someone.”

“She already did.”

Remus sat up straighter, unable to hide his fear, “What? Who?”

“Calm down. Just Lily and Holly. And you saw them yesterday. They were fine.”

“Yeah they were.” He sighed. “Why cant Ruby have been cool like that?”

Sirius shook his head, unable to come up with an answer.

“What if this gets out?” Remus asked worriedly. “I’ll be expelled.”

“It won’t. And you won’t. I’ll make sure of it.” Sirius assured him pulling himself to his feet. “Now come on we have to get to class.”

“Why?” Remus groaned. “So we can watch the happy couple?” He asked as Sirius helped him up. “I’m happy for him, but god I want to smack that grin off his face.”

Sirius grinned. “Oh it is tempting isn’t it?” he laughed.


As Sirius and Remus entered the charms classroom Sirius felt his jaw drop. “Moony, she stole my seat!” he whined in his most childish manner, “I told you this would happen.”

Remus could only shake his head as he took his usual seat next to Peter.

“That’s just great,” Sirius mumbled to no one in particular. “It’s cool Moony, I’ll just sit with Ruby over here,” he called loud enough to make sure he was heard.

“Ruby. Hi.” He greeted cheerfully. She looked at him wearily.

“That’s Holly’s seat.”

“Just wanted to talk to you for a moment Ruby baby.”

“As long as you don’t ever call me that again.”

“Sure it will be a sacrifice but ok.” Sirius joked. Ruby rolled her eyes at him so he got straight to the point. Ok here’s the deal, you see I was talking to my good friend Moony this morning-“

“Did he ask you to talk to me?” Ruby asked, her eyes narrowed.

Sirius chuckled. “No, no, no. He didn’t. He would probably kill me if he knew I was talking about him.”

“Neat. Does this story have a point?” Ruby asked rudely, in no mood to put of with Sirius.

“Please don’t tell anyone.”

“Don’t tell anyone what? That you can’t make a point?”

“What he told you…Don’t tell anyone…well besides Holly and Lily that is. He is worried what Dumbledore would say if he knew people knew – what?” Sirius exclaimed seeing the look on Ruby’s face.

“Do you honestly think I am so heartless that I would spread his secret around the school? I can’t believe you have that low of opinion of me!” She hissed.

“Hey, when you reacted like you did – ”

“What the hell did he expect?” She asked angrily. “Oh yeah, I really like you Ruby, but I'm a werewolf? Kiss me? Be my girlfriend? Sure. No. Look I'm sorry I didn’t open my arms with sympathy! I was a little shocked. It wasn’t what I had planned when he said he wanted to talk to me.”

“Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t think of it from your point of view.”

“Obviously not…” she said coldly turning away from him. “There’s Holly, can you move?”

“I’m not finished – ”

“Well I am! And if it will make you feel any better I wont tell Remus about this conversation okay?”

“That’s not what I was worried about.” Sirius hissed in return as Holly made her way towards them.

“Sirius, look, I care about him. I just need some time to get used to the idea okay?”

“Sure fine.” Sirius mumbled getting up from his seat.

“Sirius, Hi!” Holly greeted cheerfully. “No need to move on my account.” She smiled.

Sirius took a seat infront of them confused about what had just happened. After this morning’s conversation how could she be so damn chirpy? He thought to himself as a note flew over his shoulder.

Meet me in the Owlery after classes.
– Holly.

Sirius turned to look at her, even more confused than a minute ago. She smiled at him and winked before resuming her conversation with Ruby, leaving him stunned. Times like this he wanted to talk to James but James at the moment wasn’t interested in anything but his new girlfriend. Life sucks.


As Lily sat with James that night she couldn’t believe the day was over. It was almost surreal walking along the corridors holding his hand. But other than that nothing much had changed…except her title and the whispers that followed her. She was James Potter’s girlfriend. Like usual they had spent the day bickering constantly but now it was done with a smile. And he still drove her crazy…but in a good way. It was nice.

“Tired?” James asked seeing her yawn. She shook her head. She was tired but didn’t want to move. She was cozy sitting infront of the fire beside him, her head resting on his chest.

After a minute she felt her eyes closing. “Come on Lily. Time for bed.” James told her in a voice a mother would use as he pulled her up.

Lily crinkled her nose to show her disapproval at his tone. Yet she walked over to the girls dorm staircase with James behind her.

“Goodnight Lily.” He said quietly leaning closer to kiss her. She pushed him away, giggling, still not too fond of the attention.

He pretended to be hurt. “Not embarrassed to be seen with me are you Evans?”

She smiled. “Never.” She told him, standing on her tip toes to kiss him on the cheek. “Good night, James.” Lily whispered before running up the stairs to her dorm.

James sighed, as he too started to walk to his.
(A/N: Adapted from ‘I Got the Girl’ By Bon Jovi.)
It feels like I'm walkin' on air
When we walk down the halls
When everyone stops to watch us walk by
You can hear 'em talking, let them talk
Sometimes I think that shes the only reason
The sun still shines, when it shines
And when this wicked world starts bringing me down”

He sang to himself as he entered his dorm with a bang to see his friends staring at him. He opened his arms wide and threw his head back dramatically crying,

“I know that I'm one lucky guy

I got the girl (with all the cards)
I got the girl (she's a work of art)
I got the girl (who could break my heart)

All those years of pretending not to care
Are all worth it now, I swear
People tell me it wont last long
But I don't care, I don't care

I got the girl (with all the cards)
I got the girl (she's a work of art)
I got the girl (who could break my heart)

If I was a holy man I'd get down on my knees
So the angels that watch over her would give a break to me
Holy Mother of saint bubble gum and sister band-aid knees
Won't you please pray for the ones like me”

He cried melodramatically falling to his knees on the floor in front of his amused friends.

“But the truth is someday
Someone is gonna try take her, you see
But the queen of hearts will always be
A five-year-old princess to me, to me

James: I got the girl
Sirius: with all the cards
James: I got the girl
Remus: she's a work of art
James: I got the girl
Remus and Sirius: she gonna break your heart”

James laughed as he got up off the floor. “When did you two get so damn cynical?”

Remus gave him a half smile. “Since Karma came back to bite us.” He said causing Sirius to burst out laughing. “Don’t worry Prongs maybe one day you will understand.”


As Valentine’s day approached the whole school began to panic at the thoughts of dates for the upcoming Hogsmeade weekend.

For James this was the first year he had not had to worry or plan a ridiculous way to get Lily to say yes. This was good, as his plans never worked. This year he and Lily would be spending the day together.

On the other hand their friends weren’t quite looking forward to the holiday so much.

“So Sirius, did Holly say she would go with you?” James asked one lazy afternoon in the common room when the two of them were alone. Sirius scowled at him.

“No. She did not, Prongs.” Sirius replied.

“But I saw you two snogging in the halls yesterday.”

“So?” Sirius said turning to look at James. “That doesn’t mean she wants to date me.”

“Are you okay with that?”

Sirius shrugged. “For now.”

James could only pretend he understood, whereas he really thought they were couple of nitwits. “So…” He said uneasily trying desperately to think of a new topic. Aside from saying ‘you like stuff?’ he was lost. “Ah, where is everyone?”

“Why?” Sirius asked leaning back in his chair and closing his eyes.

“I’m bored.”

Sirius opened his eyes, and pulled out his wand. “Accio snitch.” The snitch came flying down the stairs and straight into Sirius hand. He passed it to James with a grin. “Amuse yourself,” he said making himself more comfortable again.

James took the snitch, smiling happily at the memories of the small golden ball. Just like he used to, he tossed it into the air, watching it for a moment before reaching out for it.

For once in his life, he missed. Someone else had caught it. He turned to see Lily holding the snitch and studying it thoughtfully. “What is it with this thing?” She asked, giving it a bit of a test flutter before grabbing it again. “I didn’t know you still played with it Potter, I’m hurt. Which girl are you trying to get the attention of now?”

James chuckled, wrapping his arms around her waist to pull her onto his lap. Lily squealed and released the snitch. The three of them watched as it fluttered away. “Don’t you want that?” Lily asked, making herself more comfortable.

“Nah, I don’t need it anymore. You’re the only girl I wanted to impress.”

“Aw,” cooed Sirius from the other couch. “That’s sweet… Lily can you tell me where Holly is?”

“She went down to the library with Ruby. Why?”

“Nothing, just wanted to talk to her. I’ll catch you two later.” He told them striding out of the room.


“Holly! I need to talk to you.”

“Again?” She joked.

Sirius rolled his eyes. “Is that cool Ruby?” Sirius asked looking past Holly for a moment.

“Sure. Catch ya later Holly.” She said walking away from them.

As soon as she was gone, Holly reached up to touch his hair as she had so many times before. This time however he pulled away.

Holly frowned “What?”

“Holly…what are we doing?”

“What do you mean? I thought we were just having fun.”

“Holly I want to know, if you will be my date for Valentines day?”

Holly took a step back. “I’m sorry I already said I would go with someone else.”

“What? But I thought we were-“

“Were what?”

“Obviously nothing,” Sirius muttered. “Look Holly, a bit of fun isn’t what I wanted.

(A/N: adapted from the song, ‘Wasting Time’ by Thirsty Merc. (YAY!))
All is fair
I'm trying to make you notice me but you don't care
You play me like a broken game of Snakes and Ladders
Or cards or piano or a record that's been thrown in the trash

I like you
I've liked you since the first time that I heard you speak
I like your little vibe and your clothes and feet
And your hair and your eyes and your
nose and your face and your smile

I know your name
And I've got your number
You don't wanna save the world
You just wanna waste some time with me
You say its fun
But you may as well face it
I don't wanna change nothing
I just wanna spend more time with you

Three blind mice
I may as well be asking them for stable advice
Instead I'm on a seesaw all day and night
And all week and all month and all year all my life
I'm only human
If only you could see
You do some pretty crazy little things to me
And I don't wanna change the course of history
I just want you to be, next to someone like me
And be free

I know your name
And I've got your number
You don't wanna save the world
You just wanna waste some time with me
You say its fun
But you may as well face it
I don't wanna change nothing
I just wanna spend more time with you

Wasting time
Wasting time with you
Wasting time
Wasting time with you

Now you know
My thoughts about where I would like the story to go
I feel that if you really like to play it cool
We should do it, do it, do it, yeah

I know your name
And I've got your number
You don't wanna save the world
You just wanna waste some time with me
You say its fun
But you may as well face it
I don't wanna change nothing
I just wanna spend more time with you.”

Holly was speechless. “I, Uh…Look – ”

“No, don’t bother. Never mind Holly. I’ll talk to you later maybe.”


“Sirius?” James called as Sirius stormed into the common room about an hour later. “Sirius! What's up?” James asked again, launching himself off the couch to stand infront of him.

“Leave me alone.” Sirius growled.

“Whoa, I don’t think so. Not until you tell me what's wrong.” James told him quietly.

Sirius spun in a circle in frustration before staring at James again. “Move.”

“Tell me what happened.”

“She was just messing with me.” Sirius hissed. “Now you know you can get out of my way,” he cried drawing the attention of their fellow Gryffindor’s.

“Sirius calm down,” Lily interjected from the sidelines.

Sirius immediately spun to face her, “You stay out of this.”

“Don’t talk to her like that.”

Sirius sneered. “Why? I thought she was nothing but a bet to you. Oh I forgot to pay you didn’t I? how much was it?” he asked in a cruel way, taking out his money.

A collective gasp of horror washed over the room as everyone turned to James for his reaction. James couldn’t speak, he wiped his hand down his face as if to try to turn back time but it didn’t work, instead he was left with a room full of people waiting for him to say something, maybe to deny the what Sirius had said. Before he could do or say anything Sirius, without a shimmer of remorse but instead satisfaction, pushed passed James leaving him face to face with a shell shocked Lily.

The sight of her standing unsurely in the middle of the room with tears in her eyes made James hate himself. He shook his head as he stepped closer to her reaching out his arm. She instinctively drew backwards, knowing by the look on his face that is was true.

Wiping away the tears she had tried so hard to hold back, she gave him a wry smile, “How much was I worth then?” she whispered in a voice that trembled with hurt.

“Lily, I – ” James started, speaking for the first time. Lily stepped back again.

“Don’t,” she whispered, shaking her head sadly. Before turning away to flee the most humiliating scene of her life. She had finally after so many years given in to James Potter, only to be made a fool of less than a week later. And just to add to her shame everyone had witnessed it. She was an idiot for ever trusting him.

‘I Got The Girl’ by Bon Jovi
‘Wasting Time’ by Thirsty Merc.

A/N again! love this chaptet coz of the song! love thristy merc and it was a dream of mine to put one of there songs in here...and here it is! tell me if you like was a struggle to write. the songs would have fitted back to back and yeah needed something inbetween. tell me what you think!

Also someone said that the songs needed actions of characters so it is more interesting. just wanted to assure those who agree that we tried! oh we tried! but it was weird to stop a song to say james and sirius performed simultaneous carwheels across the room then began to tapdance while singing.... know what i mean? please forgive us! we only urge readers to use your imagination! think Annie, think grease! think so corny its not funny and you are so there!

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