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A/N: So who likes this story so far? If you think its boring, don’t worry, it’ll get better along the way! Just read and review please, enjoy!


Chapter 2: Someone Like You


After Hermione had given Ron a goodnight kiss, and had waved to Harry and Ginny, she ran all the way to the Head’s common room.

She walked up the staircase; half asleep. She knocked on Draco’s door, and when no answer came, she said:

“Are you OK? Why did you run away? Was it because of me and Ron?” And still, when no answer came, this time she gave up and went to bed.

But on the other side of the door, where the supposed Slytherin Prince was sleeping, he wasn’t.

He was sitting on his bed, with his sleeve rolled up on his left arm, and a knife in the other. He didn’t know why he was doing this, maybe he felt a bit better?

Girl, you take my breath away
And then I'm with someone new

But as the blood dropped on to his sheets, he realised that the truth about his feelings had soon poured out as well.

I'd rather be here with you
Baby forever


The next couple of days felt like heaven!

Now that Harry had regained Ginny as his lost love, (as he explained to Ron back in the common room after his sixth Butterbeer), and Hermione and Ron had started to go out, nothing seemed to get in their way.

Even Neville and Luna’s kissing problem didn’t seem like a problem anymore, seen as they were all doing it as well.

My heart belongs to you
'Cos I think about you all the time
I know my love is true
When we're together

But in the Head’s common room, everything seemed tense. Every time Hermione appeared, Draco would leave that room. Every time she tried to talk to him, he just turned away.

What was even more annoying was about the task that McGonagall had set them. They hadn’t talked about it, and their ideas would need to be handed over soon.

“I’m just sick of him, I don’t know what’s got into him,” Hermione said to everyone.

“I’ll beat in that mink if it’s the last thing I ever do!” Ron sneered as Draco walked passed. (“Have a nice time trying,” Draco whispered to himself.)

“Don’t bother!” Hermione stopped him for he was steadily moving towards the blonde.

“Aren’t you glad he’s not talking to you?” Harry asked.

“Well yes, and no, ‘cause we’re supposed to be working together,” Hermione answered.

“We’ll help you Hermione,” Ginny reassured.

“Thanks you guys!”

Ginny and Luna departed for their next lesson while Hermione, Ron, Harry and Neville departed in the opposite direction for Defence Against the Dark Arts.

The lesson was now taught by Lupin and Mad-Eye Moody, owing to be the best young Auror trainers in the entire galaxy, even Harry got to teach parts of the lesson.

Mainly retelling the story about how he defeated Voldemort, with the spells he had used, then he usually had to wake the class from their spasm of awe by dazzling them with his White Stag; galloping around the room.

The lessons were really enjoyable. They learnt a variety of things, such as Dark creatures and how to ward them off, (some had uses), and jinxes and defensive spells.

What was even better, was that the only homework they received was to practise the spells, “Not on each other mind!” Mad-Eye would wink. It was possibly the best class at Hogwarts now, and even the Slytherins agreed.

Quidditch practises were still held, and everyone hoped that they would be the team which would win the Cup. Harry and Ron wished this the most as they would be leaving at the end of the year.

Training the new Chaser was the hardest to go by, seen as Katie Bell had left at the end of last term.

Her name was Jodie Estelle, and she was really good, for a Muggle Born. She was the youngest; only in the third year, but she was needed. Ginny and Demelza made her welcome, even Terry and Ritchie had taken a dramatic liking to her.

And of course, Ron was still there, his nerves were with him also, but they seemed to subside when they practised. After that chilly evening of flying on broomstick, they retreated back up to the warmth of the castle.

Harry held on to Ginny’s hand, and Ron was met by Hermione; whom was waiting with Neville and Luna, who were up against a nearby wall. She kissed him forcefully, which ended up being up against the wall next to Neville and Luna.

Girl, you take my breath away
And then I'm with someone new

“Oi! Get a room!” Ginny complained.

“Do you guys wanna come to my common room, so we can hang out?” Hermione asked.

They nodded and made their way up the many stairs and through the winding corridors; eventually followed by Neville and Luna.

I'd rather be here with you
Baby forever


They sat on the rug with pillows and quilts in front of the roaring fire, cuddling up to one another, with cups of steaming hot chocolate.

“Where’s it?” Harry asked.

“Who? Malfoy?” Hermione said, “Dunno actually. Bed I suppose, I don’t care.” She sipped her hot chocolate, when the portrait opened to reveal Draco and Pansy holding hands. They entered the common room and smirked at everyone else.

My heart belongs to you
'Cos I think about you all the time
I know my love is true
When we're together

“Oh, Draco, I think we should go upstairs,” Pansy said aloud, Draco had a hint of pink in his cheeks. “So we don’t disturb Granger’s gang-bang!”

Ron made to stand up, but Hermione put a hand on his lap to hold him back.

“Oh, Weasel, don’t let your bitch get in the way, I’ll have to think of a new name for you… Soft Pot, no wait, that’s Potter!” He laughed mirthlessly. Even Harry made to get up but Ginny held his hand tightly.

But Hermione was the one to react, “If you don’t leave now, I’ll hex you into oblivion!” she screamed.

“OK Mudblood, we’re leaving.”

“Yeah, so don’t disturb us!” Pansy shouted when they reached the top of the staircase. Draco’s bedroom door slammed, but that didn’t stop the tears from falling down her face.

I've played around, girl
And I made you cry
When I looked up
You were saying goodbye

Ron noticed this and pulled her into a comforting hug, then planted a gentle kiss on top of her head. “I try to reason with him, but I always have shit thrown back at me,” she sobbed.

“It’s not your fault. He’s a bastard, and as you know, Malfoy’s never listen to reason,” Ron pointed out. She nodded and cuddled up to him more.

It was really quiet from there on after. No one seemed to want to talk, so they whispered into their lovers ears, or they kissed lovingly.

Either way, it was a good night and not even Draco or Pansy made an appearance, so by the time Hermione’s friends had to leave, the peace and quiet was destined to be disturbed.

I'm begging you, please
I need you so bad
Don't leave me now
You're the best that I had


Hermione stormed up the staircase and reached Draco’s door. She turned the door handle, but it was locked.

“Alohomora!” She thought. Her wand emitted sparks but the spell failed. “Bombarda!” She yelled. Her wand lay still in her hand. What was wrong, she thought. This had never happened to her before.

I'll never
I'll never met someone like you
No, I'll never
I'll never find someone like you

She resorted to Muggle techniques. She unclipped a hair pin from her hair and turned it in the lock, but it snapped in two. This calls for illegal action, Hermione thought.

She lifted her foot and kicked the door down. It fell with a loud crash as it flew off it’s hinges, but she wished she hadn’t done this as she was met with a horrible sight.

Draco was on top of Pansy, his chest bare, but his jeans were still on, thankfully. They were kissing a lot, she moaned for more and he kissed her everywhere. Down her body where her black bra was still on, again thankfully.

Girl, I love the way that you hold
Girl, I won't, no I won't let you go
No one could ever do
The way I will make love to you

Even he moaned through the kisses as she caressed his back.

Hermione couldn’t take it anymore, “Will you guys get a room!” She yelled. They stopped kissing. Draco rolled off Pansy, Hermione could’ve sworn she had seen him aroused.

“We’re in a room, in case you didn’t notice!” Pansy spat. Draco kept still and silent.

“This is disgusting!” Hermione screamed.

“I suppose that would be your opinion,” Pansy said, as she placed her shirt back on. “Seen as you’re a pure virgin!”

“At least I’m not a prostitute, who only receives love for money!” She stormed off, but before she reached her door, she heard Draco telling Pansy to leave. She entered her room before Pansy could murder her.

“I hope you’re happy now, Mudblood!” Hermione heard Pansy shout up to her before she left.

She sat on her bed, thinking about what she saw. Even though she didn’t want to think about it, she carried on.

Did he do it on purpose because of what he saw at the Christmas Ball? No, that has nothing to do with him, but it hurt him, but she couldn’t understand why. But now that she had seen all that, she probably now felt the same way Draco had felt.

But why?

All I have is just my heart
And my feelings I give to you
That's all that I can do
Give you forever

Draco knocked on the door, but she didn’t answer it. “If you want me to kick it down like you did, you only have to say?!” He shouted at her.

She ran to open the door. He stood there with a scowl on his face. He barged past her. She closed the door and he began to shout at her. “Why did you break into and enter my room? I told you, it’s off limits!”

“I came to beat you into pulp,” she hissed. “No one calls me a bitch and gets away with it!”

“Well, what’s stopping you then?” He stood there with malice, but Hermione sensed that he was showing cowardice.

She pointed her wand at his chest, muttered a jinx, but all her wand did was spark, which made Draco jump slightly.

Oh, you don't know that you're hurting me
'Cos It's not just a sexual thing
I want to share my dreams
Baby together

“What’s up with your wand?” He asked.

“I don’t know, it’s been acting up for ages now,” she answered.

“Maybe it’s not the wand,” he said. “But you…”

“What’re you talking about?”

“Remember, the wand chooses the wizard. Maybe your faulty!” He sneered, then turned to leave.

“Hey wait! I want to know what’s wrong with me,” Hermione called to him.

He turned to face her, “How would I know, it’s not my wand, is it?” He turned to face the door, but he heard her stand then say:

“Do you think it has something to do with me being with Ron?”

Draco screwed up his face, he turned to face her again, anger etched upon his face. “How would I know? Maybe you should ask the Weasel himself!”

Girl, I'm afraid just to give it up now
My heart's tellin' me to hold back on my love
But when you get close. I just want you to know
I start to get weak and I can't let you go

She raised her hand to slap him, but something held her back, Draco’s hand held her wrist firmly and he began to twist it. “Ow! Let go, you insufferable prick!” She yelled.

“Maybe you should see how much it hurts,” he said.

I'll never
I'll never met someone like you
No, I'll never
I'll never find someone like you

“You shouldn’t have called him a Weasel then!”

“You shouldn’t have asked me that question!”

“Why?” She asked, feeling suspicious. He let go of her wrist, which she began to cradle. He smirked then turned to leave.

Girl, I love the way that you hold
Girl, I won't, no I won't let you go
No one could ever do
The way I will make love to you

“Tell me, now!” She demanded.

“No!” He spat, and gave her an evil look.

“Don’t you dare give that look!” She warned.

“I just did, so deal with it!” He slammed the door in her face.

She thought for a minute, then the question that would surely put him on the edge came to her mind. She stepped outside her bedroom door and leaned against the wall next to his.

Just your smile
Tell you now
Girl, I'll never let you down
Won't let you down
I won't never find no one
That compares to you

“Do you think Ron and I suit each other?”

The door suddenly opened. He was standing with just his boxers on, his anger still etched upon his face, which had now gone so pale.

I'll never find someone like you
I promise it's true
I will never
I'll never find someone like you
Baby, yeah

“I don’t know! I don’t give a shit what you get up to with him!” He yelled.

“Then why did you run away when we kissed?” She questioned.

He stopped before he could act, he had to think of a good lie to get out of his real feelings. “I was shocked to actually see you finally get off with him. I never thought you’d do it.”

Girl, I love the way that you hold
Girl, I won't, no I won't let you go
I'll never find someone like you
And I promise to honour you

“You’re a bad liar, Malfoy.”

“Fine. Whatever you wanna think! I’m going to bed…”

“Do you think we suit each other, or not?” She asked again.

“No,” he said truthfully. “I think you could do better.”

I'll never
I'll never find someone like you
I promise it's true
No, I'll never
I'll never find someone like you

“Oh, with someone like you, you mean?” She presumed. He flinched and she uttered a small giggle.

“You wish to have me,” he spat. “But it can be arranged, goodnight,” and he closed the door. She retuned to her room, and at the exact same time, they both fell on to their beds; thinking.

Girl, I love the way that you hold
Girl, I won't, no I won't let you go
If I would spend my life through
I won't ever find someone like you

What was going on, none of them knew, but they knew that something was inside them which they were uncomfortable with.

And they definitely knew that something was going to happen to them, but none the wiser about what the future may or may not bring.


Song by U2, Never Find Someone Like You.

A/N: I thought this chapter was a bit too bad-mouthed, but it’s OK I suppose, not the best one I’ve written, you’ll have to wait and see that one, till then, please review?


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