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by WiCkEd


Deep within the mind of a young man were the cob webs of his past. They were buried so deeply, it was hard to imagine that any person could find them but during his times of vulnerability, they slowly crept out of their graves and made their way into his dreams. As Harry tossed and turned in his bed, Ginny watched him, a feeling of despair and anguish wash over her. She tightened the gray blanket around her shaking body as she took a seat on the edge of Harry’s bed. Ron was close by, in the bed feet away from Harry’s but Ginny did not care. The moonlight hit her and she looked outside through the window. Night would soon be over and day light would fill this room. Most likely, she would still be here, watching Harry mumble his horrible dreams to her.

The last thing that she wanted, however, was for night to become day. The sunshine would signal one of her final moments with Harry. It would mean that she could loose the one thing she loved above all else.

Ginny looked around the room and flicked her tears away. The shack they were currently staying in was somewhere in the country of Romania, where Voldemort was supposedly hiding the final horcrux and himself. There had been no sign of the serpent faced villain for months and Harry had often commented on how he would not show until he and Harry met for the final time. It brought shivers up her spine. Just then, the house creaked loudly and Ginny jumped slightly. She looked at Harry, expecting him to wake up instantly and command her to return to her room. He did not such thing; he let out a soft whimper and rolled over, his back facing her.

She let out the breath that she had unknowingly been holding. Ginny hoped that no one had awoken yet, especially not Remus or Tonks. She was in no mood for jokes and teasing for watching Harry sleep. If it were Hermione, she would nod to Ginny and go back to sleep, knowing that it was their time alone that was needed. Hermione had a way of understanding things unlike the two adults.

This place, this shack as they so often referred to it as, had become the unofficial home for the six couples plus Kingsley. When Ginny had refused to allow the trio to leave without her, they had regretfully allowed her to follow them along on their journey to destroy the final horcruxes and put an end to Voldemorts dark reign of power. The world as they had known it was gone lost in the fire and disaster that was the Death Eaters. No one was to know of this secret mission, only the four teens and Dumbledore. One of them had already been killed trying to carry out such a mission and Harry wasn’t going to allow that to happen again.

Mid-way through the journey, they had stumbled upon the three Order members, hiding in a brush as they passed the border into Hungary. They had apparently recently caught their magical trail and located them only hours before they had been discovered. The Order, as far the teens knew, were still unaware of their whereabouts, only being told that they will be called upon the fortnight of the final battle. Ginny smiled faintly as she remembered how adamant Harry was when it came to bringing more people into the mission that was before him. He did not want another person in danger and part of the plan that was devised was for Remus, Tonks, and Kingsley to come along on the rendezvous that was planned.

Hence they had come to the point they were at now.

A short knock on the door alerted Ginny and it opened revealing Tonks, her usually bubble gum colored hair black and morbid looking making her look much older than her years. She didn’t seem surprised to see Ginny in the room and she smiled at her, trying to express the warmth that was so needed at that moment.

“Will you wake Harry up Ginny?” she asked quietly, her voice soft and gentle. Ginny was reminded of her mother and felt her heart beat faster as she thought of her. She nodded to Tonks and the door snapped shut.

Ron, his hair messy and a frightened look on his face stood up and gave a curt nod before exiting the room, leaving Harry and Ginny alone. She hadn’t noticed that the sunlight had begun to creep into the room and she ran a hand through her hair letting out the tension in her muscles. Ginny gently shook Harry whispering in his ear.

His green eyes fluttered open after a moment and Harry sat up. He looked at Ginny and she stared back, not daring to move or speak. Much to her surprise, Harry smiled. She had missed that smile, it had not showed itself for a long time now and she caressed his cheek with her hand. Harry softly kissed her and they sat there.

“I don’t want today to happen,” she whispered, “I don’t want to loose you.” She could feel her eyes begin to well up but Ginny would not allow her tears to fall. She had to be strong for Harry and she knew crying would do nothing but make the situation worse.

Harry did not answer her. He shook his head, kissed her once again and stood up, pulling Ginny with him. It wasn’t until they stood outside the door leading into the make-shift kitchen that Harry turned to her and said something Ginny knew she would remember forever.

“Whether it be today, tomorrow, next week or even years from now, we will be together. Always remember that.”

And she did.


It was likely that this was the last time the golden trio would see each other alive. They had been left alone long ago but none of them said anything. Ginny, Tonks, and Remus had gone to gather their things while Kingsley went to alert the Order that it was time. Harry looked at his two best friends and remembered the moment he knew that they were truly his best friends.

“We’re with you whatever happens.”

Harry brought a hand to his head and brushed off the small layer of perspiration on his forehead away. He looked at Hermione and Ron and smiled, “So this is it, isn’t it?”

The young couple looked up and nodded to Harry. Hermione smiled and let out a shaky breath as she grabbed Harry’s hand for comfort. She squeezed it hard and let out a small sob before grabbing Ron’s hand. He smiled at her and throwing his masculinity out the window, Ron grabbed Harry’s hand.

They sat there for a moment, their hands tightly wrapped in one another’s and tears threatening to flow down all of their faces. Hermione squeezed again and nodded, “Whatever happens out there,” she stopped and pursed her lips, obviously trying to stop another sob that was threatening to escape her mouth.

Ron continued for her, “We’ll be right there with you mate, no matter what; we will always be best friends. In life or death,” Harry smiled and nodded.

“In life or death, we’ll be friends.”

Through the kitchen window, Harry saw a black shadow begin to cast itself over the sky. He stood up and whispered, “In life or death,” before setting off to decide the fate of the world.


Lights and colors distorted her vision as Ginny tried to figure out what was happening. Last she could remember was a huge blast and then the world around her went black. She could hear voices, all of them in an obvious panic to do something. She could feel herself drifting but she would not relinquish her hold on life.

A feeling of dread took over her as she remembered of what had been happening before the blast. The bodies that covered the ground nauseated her as she ran through the battlefield. The shack that she had called home for a month was blasted to pieces, small bits of wood littering the blood stained grass. She remembered seeing Harry, his body looking broken and tired, fighting Voldemort who looked noticeably tired like Harry. She remembered seeing Harry send one final spell at him before the blast and Ginny couldn’t figure out what had happened.

Under the lids, her eyes were searching hoping to find a memory of Harry coming to her and telling her everything was okay, he was okay, they were okay. She searched for a memory with Ron and Hermione cheering for victory but she couldn’t find one. It was blank.

Ginny had little energy left in her and everything went quiet.


“Ginny,” someone said softly, “open your eyes.”

She knew that voice and Ginny’s eyes flicked open. She gasped as her vision cleared and the world came into view. She was no longer in Romania on the gory battlefield. She was in a place of solitude; the trees were green, the ground was soft, the flowers blossomed, and the water sparkled in the warm of the sun.

“Hi,” Harry’s voice said to her, somewhat shyly, “Are you okay?” She turned to him and felt her throat constrict again as she brought a hand to his cheek. Thinking he was an apparition of her imagination, Ginny had expected her hand to go through him. It did not. He was not injured, quite the contrary, he looked healthier than ever and was smiling down at her. Ginny's heart swelled with happiness.

“She seems to be in a bit of a shock Harry,” Hermione said at Ginny’s other side. Her head turned to her and she laughed, a bubbly laugh that surprised the both of them. She looked around for her brother but saw no sign of him.

“Where’s everyone? Where’s Ron? And everyone else?” she asked. Excitement was coursing through her veins and she was eagerly awaiting the other’s arrival. It had been a long time since she had seen her mother, father, and brothers. She imagined their meeting, Fred and George joking about her escapades while her mother and father coddled her with tears. Bill and Charlie would act as if they were not crying and hug her roughly while Ron laughed at all of them.

Hermione smiled sadly and allowed Harry to answer, “They’ll be here shortly Gin,” he hoped that she would understand what was happening from his statement.

She did.

Ginny’s smile fell and she brought a hand to her mouth. She held her breath and waited for Harry to tell her it was a joke and for Hermione to slap him and tell him it wasn’t funny at all. Neither did. She looked around. She should have known that this place was to good to be true.
“Are we…?” she couldn’t get the word out; it was painful and she felt herself begin to feel faint.

“Yeah,” Harry told her blatantly, “We are Ginny.”

The only thing that could be heard was the chirping of birds and buzzing of bees. Ginny’s eyes widened as she turned to Hermione for an answer, “Did we win?” Her head moved back and forth as if watching a tennis match, waiting for someone to answer her question.

Harry looked at Hermione and smiled, “Yeah, we did.”

Feeling a weight come off of her shoulders, Ginny smiled and stood up, looking around this new place. She felt as if her body was weightless, like a feather and grabbed Harry’s hand, pulling him along with her. She noticed a patch of red in the distance and ran towards it. She leaned down and tucked a piece of loose hair behind her hair.

“Hello Ron.”


With every moment, comes a new day, and with every new day, comes a new challenge. There are those in the world who choose to leave the challenge and await a person willing enough to take it up and there are those who take up the challenge and persevere through it.

Those few people are called heroes. And all the true heroes are dead.

A/N: This was once again inspired by melihobbit. Thank you for inspiring me with your amazing writing. I hope you all enjoy and leave a review if you like.

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