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“You sure you want to do this?” I asked him for what seemed like the thousandth time. He nodded “Yes I do.” We were standing outside at the Quidditch grounds. Slytherin was still up in the air holding their tryouts. Draco kept criticizing every single play. “If they go on playing like this they won’t even make it to the end of the season.” Ron heard him and walked over, “Hope you’re right.” Draco was about to say something, but then remembered, he was no longer in Slytherin. So he simply asked, “What positions are open?” Ron looked over the list that Ginny had handed out. “Well, there are two for chaser and one for seeker. Which one you going for?” He looked over at me, “Which one do you want?” “The same as you.” I then winked and he chuckled. He then looked at Ron and answered, “I guess we are then both going for seeker.” Ron laughed and handed him the list so that he could pen in his name. Being, Draco he penned in mine too. Tryouts started about ten minutes later. Ginny called out the chasers. Ron got on his broom and left. Slytherin’s team was just making there way out, but one Slytherin couldn’t resist temptation and had to walk over to us. She walked straight towards me, “You are a mudblood.” I raised my brow at her, “Is that the best you can do?” She then smirked, “Your mother killed herself. Why don’t you do us all a favor and follow her lead? Mudbloods are an abomination to any race, they shouldn’t even be allowed to live.” Her hit was well aimed. It had left me speechless. I stared straight at her, I wanted to strike her so much. No one talked that way about my mother. So I said the only thing that I could, “She was murdered.” And even that came out as a whisper. Hermoine having been near, heard everything and stepped in. “What is it Pansy? You can’t make up insults on your own? You have to recycle Draco’s.” At that I turned to him. He had been standing by my side all this time, he could have shut her up. And he hadn’t. And now I knew why. Ginny called out the seekers, I saw him start to leave. Hermoine tried to push me to follow him, but I stayed there. “I feel sick!” I said and turned and ran back inside, making sure that I pushed Pansy with every ounce of my anger. Hermoine followed me all the way back to our room. “That was one nice shove you gave Pansy. I think she’ll be rubbing her ass for quite some time.” Hermoine said as she sat on my bed. I had to smile at that, Pansy’s face as she hit the floor had been a classic. But, still “Hermoine, my mother didn’t kill herself. I know that many people say that. But, she didn’t. We were out that day and something happened, all I remember is seeing a flash of light and the next thing she was on the floor barely breathing, telling me to call daddy. I called him, but it was too late. She was already dead.” Hermoine looked at me and asked, “How old were you?” “I was six.” I answered. “It must have been hard.” She said. I simply nodded. “Hermoine, this question might make absolutely no sense to you. But, I really need to know. Who was Draco Malfoy?” Hermoine looked at me, wanting to know more, but knowing that this wasn’t the time to push. She then told her everything she knew, from the past sixth years. And Bella started to question her trust in him. After talking with Hermoine we headed back to the common room and started a game of chess and that was how everyone found us. Ginny was all smiles, “We’ll definitely win this year.” She then turned to Chris and said, “I didn’t know you were that good! I’m changing myself back to chaser, seeker is all yours.” Hermoine turned her attention to the crowd that had come in, but I kept on looking at the board. How was I going to face him? Now I knew why people had hated him, and I couldn’t have blamed them. So I stood up from my chair, told Hermoine I was going to rest and started making my way up the stairs. I heard him call out to me, I then stopped, but couldn’t turn around. So I just started walking again. When I reached my room I looked for the keys to the Rover, I needed to get out, at least a while. I found them in my second drawer, changed into muggle clothes and went back to the common room. Unfortunately, everyone was still there. I tried to sneak past them, but muggle clothes made it hard to blend in. Hermoine stopped me, “Where are you going?” I looked at her, “Out.” I tried to keep on walking, but Hermoine wouldn’t let me. “You’ll get in trouble.” I then looked at Draco for the first time, Ron was talking to him, but he was clearly looking at me. I turned back to Hermoine. “I don’t care right now. I need to go.” Hermoine was about to argue, but stopped herself. “Wait for me, I’ll go with you.” I nodded in response and she went to change. Draco then managed to make his way to me. “What’s going on?” I stared straight at the floor and didn’t answer. He pushed my chin up. I looked him in the eyes and then rolled them to the side. “You’re mad at me.” I had to look back at him. “If it took you so long to figure that out. Then you might look into revising your point of view on pure blood IQ.” He wouldn’t let go of my chin. “So that’s what this is about.” At that moment Hermoine walked back. She went straight to Ginny and Ron and talked to them for a couple of minutes. “Where are you going?” Draco asked. “Out.” I answered. He then said, more like informed, “I’m coming with you.” I looked straight at him. “No you’re not.” He then leaned closer to me. “I’m not letting you go. Not when you’re this mad.” I hadn’t taken my eyes off him, so I simply said, “Wanna bet.” Then I stepped on his foot with the heel of my boots. His scream, quieted Gryffindor’s common room. And now everyone was looking at us. Hermoine noticed that I was ready to bolt and so she said, “Bella lets go talk to Hagrid.” I nodded and walked away from Draco. *** Instead of going for a drive Hermoine and I ended up walking around the grounds and visiting Hagrid. “So soon did he get on your nerves?” Hagrid asked. I nodded and took a sip of the hot chocolate that Hagrid had offered us. Hermoine then asked, “Who are you talking about?” Hagrid looked from Hermoine to me and back. “She doesn’t know?” I nodded. Then Hagrid said, “But, I thought McGonagall was going to talk to her. Let her in on everything.” I looked up at Hermoine and she smiled, “If this has to do with Chris being Draco, yes she did tell me. And I’m sorry if my comment to Pansy upset you.” I shook my head, “I had to know. That was why I asked you.” Hermoine sat in the empty chair beside me. “So he hadn’t mentioned his hate for muggles and mud bloods?” I shook my head. “Did he know that you are a mudblood?” Hagrid asked. I nodded, “He’s my neighbor at Wiltshire. We used to sneak out and play together when we were kids. I remember one time he started talking ill of muggles. I got so mad at him that I kicked him real hard. He fell and I kept on kicking him, telling him to take it back. He never did, and I couldn’t keep on kicking him, he was my friend. So I stopped. I was crying by then. He got up and brushed himself. He then hugged me and told me that my mom and I were the exception. That we weren’t mean looking, we were normal.” I then looked at them, “I had forgotten that.” Hagrid looked at me, “What do you want to do? McGonagall is letting him stay, because she trusts your judgment and is hoping that you’ll rub off on him. But, if his causing you more hurt then he could be sent to the Ministry, they can protect him from the Death Eaters.” I looked at him, he was giving me an out. Draco would be gone and he’d still be safe. I took a deep breath, “But, he would be alone. Wouldn’t he?” Hagrid nodded. Then I was sticking to my original decision, “No that’s ok. Too many people have already given up on him. I won’t do that to him.” *** Hermoine and I walked back to the main building. Hermoine mentioned that she was hungry and I told her to go ahead to the hall without me. She took out a Gryffindor robe and covered her muggle clothe with it. She then smiled, “No one notices what’s underneath. You sure you don’t want to come? You don’t have to eat.” I nodded and waved at her, as I kept on making my way to the seventh floor. When I reached the fat lady she started talking, really excited. I smiled at her and said the password. She smiled back and let me in. I then entered the common room, the only light came from the fire place. Everyone had gone out to the hall for dinner. I started to walk towards the stairs, when I heard him. “Bella?” I turned around he was sitting on a chair in the far right corner of the room. “I’m not going to out you, if that’s what you’re worried about.” He stood up and closed the distance. He had turned back into Draco. “You shouldn’t do that here.” I said. He shrugged, “No one’s here.” He was about to say something else, but I stopped him. “I’m still going to help you. But, this has to stop.” He looked confused, “What? What has to stop?” “Us.” He looked as if I might have hit him. “I can’t be with you knowing what you think of me, of my kind.” He took a hold of my arms and wouldn’t let go. “Bella, if I still thought those things… do you think that I would have kissed you?” I shrugged, “Who knows? After all you have a reputation for doing anything to obtain your goals.” He then walked me to the couch and sat me down. “Let’s get one thing straight Bella. To me you’re Bella, not a pure blood, not a half blood, not a muggle. Just Bella. Those things have never mattered between us and I don’t see why they now should. To tell you the truth when I’m with you I don’t even think about those things. I know what a creep I’ve been, but I ask you: have I ever been a creep to you?” I shook my head and went on. “You are mad at me for what Pansy said, and yes I’ll admit that I myself have said similar things at many times. But, today hearing her say that I realized how stupid it sounded.” I looked at him my eyes tearing up, “But, you didn’t stop her! You saw how I was reacting and you did nothing.” He looked at me, took my hand in his and stared at them. “Because, I was scared.” I tried to get him to look up, but he wouldn’t. So I asked, “Why?” He then looked up, “Because, the second I saw that she was hurting you I realized that for the first time I actually cared about someone else.” I took my hand from his. “But, still knowing that you cared you said nothing.” “Bella I was too scared.” He got up from the couch and started pacing. “Scared of what Draco?” He stopped and walked right to where I was now standing. “Scared that at the same moment I realized I had come to care for you… I also realized, that I’m falling in love with you.” I was completely shocked. Ok, so I had a strong feeling that something was happening, but I thought that it had just been him changing, seeing things from another perspective. Not him… Ok, I’m weak and I couldn’t resist… so I kissed him. Not the friendly, I think I like you kind, but the kind that let him know it wasn’t one sided. We kept on kissing and ended up on the couch. I felt his hand starting to move inside my shirt and I pressed myself closer to him. Urging him on. “Hey you two cut it out. There are first and seconds here.” That was clearly Ron’s voice. Shit Draco wasn’t in his Chris disguise. I grabbed a hold of his head and pulled him down. He was confused, “Say it! Say the spell.” I then pinched him and he seemed to regain his senses. He switched our positions and said it. He was just turning into Chris when the lights came on. No one could see his face, since I was still on top of him. When it was final I got off. Everyone was looking at us and I felt myself turning a deep crimson red. I then heard Draco say, “Sorry Lavander, but I’m going to have to take Bella to the Halloween dance.” Lavander looked dumbfounded as she walked towards me and said, “Slut!” I was about to say something, when Draco spoke, “Lavander, truth is Bella and I were going steady since last may. That’s the reason why I transferred.” Lavander looked at me and said, “Sorry.” She then turned to Draco and said, “You’re an ass.” And walked off in a hurry. Draco then hugged me closer, and he said to the rest, “Sorry, we didn’t tell you earlier. We were just getting over some stuff.” He then looked over at me and asked, “But, everything is ok now?” I nodded. And everyone went back to their usual.

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