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Disclaimer: why must we have these? We all know that everyone is going to be saying that they dont own HP.But I write one anyway... I have waaaay too much time on my hands.

A/N: God chappie 3 already? Wow... Alrighty, back to business. You know the drill, R/R (for those people who dont know what R/R means... well, it means Read and Review. Dont worry, I wonly found out what it means last week! Haha!)

Today rocked! Sirius turned up with a girl in my dorm that I was aquainted with quite well. It was Sally.

Sally has long blonde hair, bright blue eyes and fashioable clothes. Nearly every guy has liked her at least twice. But everyone knows she's had a massive crush on Sirius since second year.

Jas wore an ankle-length green skirt, kind of hippyish, with a pale yellow shirt with sequins. She looked great. She had her hair in two braids down her back.

Sally wore short-shorts of pale denim. She had great legs for it too. Her white singlet top matched her white heels. She also had her hair pulled high into a pony on top of her head.

Remus, James and Sirus wore just casual stuff. Jeans and a t-shirt. Nothing fancy really.

I wore my ripped jeans and a black wool jacket, with my purple converse sneakers I had got in the muggle world and just had my hair out. If James was going to like me, he'll have to like me for who I am.

We met them in the Entrance Hall at one o'clock. We all looked at each other. The awkward silence was quite funny really. But I saved myself the embarrassment from bursting into giggles.

Sirius ran his fingers through his hair and said, "Shall we get going then? We cant wait here until Christmas, you know."

We all kind of divided into pairs on the way out. Me with James, Jas with Remus and Sally with Sirius.

James said to me conversationally, "I like what your wearing. I hate try hards." I smiled and replied, "Yeah same here. So what have you been doing lately?"

I scolded at myself in my mind. What kind of a question is that? How lame. James just nodded and said, "Uh, not much. Homework kind of caught up on me again." I murmmered something between 'cool' and 'fab'. So it ended up like, 'cab.' I blushed and James laughed and said, "Is that your new word? I like it. Cab."

I put my hand over my eyes in mock surrender when we saw Lucius with his latest fling, Skanky Mandy as she was known.

"What are you doing Potter? Going out with a mudblood? I cant believe you would sink that low," Malfoy drawled.

James reached into his pocket for his wand but I pushed him through the gates and whispered into his ear, "Forget it, he's not worth it." Then I shot Lucius a dirty look and replied, "Shove off Malfoy.Your latest slut is waiting for you."
Mandy looked offended but Lucius just stalked off with her without another word leaving a distraught looking Mandy behind before she ran to catch up.

James gave me a hi-five and said gleefully, "That was awesome Lils! Or should I say cab? You kicked his ass so bad." Then he took my hand and we ran, to catch up with the others.

James repeated the story again to his friends and I hung back with Jas and Sally. "I heard about what you did Lily, cool stuff." said Sally. I smiled at her and we all entered the Three Broomsticks, the new bar that had opened.

"Six Butterbeers thanks," said Sirius and we went and found ourselves a seat.

I thought it was kinda cheesy, us all sitting with our boy. Well, not ours but whatever. It was a little weird.

Sirius hung his arm around Sally's shoulders casually and winked at James. Sally grinned happily and settled back and rested on his chest. That made it a little awkward. But apparently awkward was todays emotion so we were all used to it by now. Kind of.

The bartender came with our drinks and we thanked him and paid up.

I still didn't know if I liked James or not. Everyone seemed to think I did.

Jas and Sally rushed off to the bathroom and after a silence between me and the guys, I scurried off after them.

In the bathroom, Jas was saying, "This is so cool! I've always wanted to go out with Remus." Sally nodded ethusiastically and said, "Same here! But with Sirius I mean."

Sally applied another layer of mascara while Jas pouted in the mirror and smudged on more lip gloss. Sally said, the mascara stick waving around wildly, "So Lily, are you hot for James or what? You looked like you were loving the presence of him."
I shrugged and said, "Sal, no one wants to be poked with the mascara brush. Please don't kill me." Sally laughed.

Jas said, "Of course she is! I mean, come on, there perfect for each other. You know it Sal." Sally nodded again and dove back for another round of mascara.

I eyed myself in the mirror and rubbed a smudge of eyeliner off my eyelid and replied to them both, "I'm not even going out with him. And I dont know if I like him. Maybe it wont work out." Even as I said that I knew that wouldn't happen. Neither did Sally or Jas.

"Ok, whatever, maybe I do - give me your gloss Jassie." I nicked the lip gloss from her hand and smeared it on my lips.

There, I thought to myself, my lips are utterly kissable. At least that's what it promised on the tube of gloss.

We headed back over to the guys, who stopped their conversation and Sirius said, "Hey girlies, back from the bathroom beauty parlour?" We giggled and sat down again.

James handed me my drink and I took it from him and glugged some down. I wasn't going to be gentle like a princess. If I wanna slurp it down, I will.

James didn't seem to mind though. He looked pretty amused acutally. He sipped his own drink and said casually, "Well, this is cool. Lets do it again next time." We all agreed and went out to walk down the alley and look at the shops.

Outside Flourish and Blotts, we saw Peter with his sister, Amelia. She looked alot like him really. Same scrawny look and mousey hair. You couldn't call her the prettiest girl there is. Quite the opposite acutally.

"Hey guys! What are you people up to?" asked Peter, his eyes widening over Sally, who fluffed up her pony and pouted. "I didn't know you would be coming," he added.

"Change of plans Wormtail." said Remus, "Hey Amelia," he added, trying not to exclude her.

Amelia's eyes bulged and she hid herself behind her brother. She had no idea how to act around boys. That was also a vice that she couldn't get a date. She was way too shy.

We waved and left them there. I was kinda freaked out by Amelias attitude and I could tell the other girls were too. How could she be so shy? It's not like they'll bite your head off or anything!

"Hey guys - " said Sirius, "And girls I mean," he added, we accepted this and he went on, "Whoever reaches the Ice Cream Palour last has to pay!"

We set off at a run with Sirius at the front with Sally, they had their arms around each other, skipping madly. Me and James were runnnig flat out, it seemed like a personal race between the two of us. James reached for my hand, it was like an electric shock running up my spine, I jumped about a mile and blushed. It wasn't that I didn't want him to hold my hand. In fact, I loved it! We kept running.

Remus and Jas ended up coming last, they didn't run, they strolled hand in hand. We smirked at each other and James said, "Nice Moony, except it was a race." Remus smiled and so did Jas. I stuck my tounge out at Jas, playing silly and she wiggled her nose at me. How can she wiggle her nose? I cant!

They paid for the ice-cream and we sat down on the benches, slurping happily on our double-choc-scoops.

James reached for my hand again, like I was hoping he would, except this time I was ready, this time I was expecting it and I didn't jump.

I leaned on his shoulder and I could feel his happiness. He kept on licking his ice-cream, then held it out to me, I was surprised and took a huge bite out of it on purpose and he gasped mockingly before grabbing mine and running down the street. I dashed after him while the others laughed.

Suddenly he stopped and I ran into him, sending the ice-cream flying. "You owe me an ice-cream!" I cried. "You owe me!," he replied, then he added, "You're looking really beautiful, did I fail to mention that?" I blushed and said spontaneously, "Thanks! You look hot too." Oh my god! Did I just say James was hot? Crap! And worse... out loud! But James gave me a smile that made me weak in the knees.

But I was so happy that I had said that. It made me feel more open to him in a way.

I kept that feeling inside me, the whole way back. By the time we got back to our dorms, it was night. I said goodnight to everyone and went upstairs to my dorm room and turned around and called out, "Goodnight James! See you in the morning!" And ran into the room.

It was the best day ever!

A/N: Rightio, it does seem that Ms. Lily here quite likes him! I have a good brain...*pats head* good job brain, good job... Please Review! Thanks!

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