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A/N: To all those that this is story is new to, hi, and thank you for reading! I wrote this story three years ago, and it was my first Fanfic on this. So, three years later, after I posted the sequel, I decided I should re-write this. I do hope you like it, and see what it is for it's worth. Thank you!

To those who read the first version of this, I am sad to tell you that it has been changed. However, it still has the same characters, character relationships, and sequence of events. So hopefully you will enjoy this new version twice as much as the old one! Thank you for returning!

Life Collides Chapter One:


The war had not been good to Harry Potter. After the long year of endless war that had waged in the Wizarding world he may have come out of it victorious it had not come without a price. His two best friends were missing, to an unknown force and Harry had accepted it was unlikely that he would see them again. His other friends were spread out across Britain trying to pick up the pieces that were left behind. And his love. The woman he wanted to marry and live out the rest of his days with was gone as well. Hit by a rouge spell in the final battle she lost so much blood that she went into a state of coma. He doubted he would ever see her pretty brown eyes again.

Living in his best friend’s home, in his best friend’s room, he spent a year trying to gain control over his life. But no matter how hard he tried, or those left from the damages of war around him tried he could not evade the loneliness he felt. The darkness that had seeped inside his heart and soul could have easily taken his life away, but his better judgment was the one to make his final decision. He would leave Britain behind and move to a different world where he could be someone else. He would give up magic, and try to pretend what the war had done would leave with it.

Leaving no note or sign of where he had gone, Harry packed his Hogwarts trunk with all the things that he owned. It was little, but to Harry it was enough. He left in the dead of night, being careful not to wake the family who he loved but could no longer face. They had lost so much because of him, and the pain that they wore only made his decision all the stronger.

He went to Toronto, Canada, the one place he figured he could find peace. There he spent little time in the Wizarding World, only there for a short time to gather his bearings, and at last finding a small flat in Scarborough. A large amount of Wizarding money was put towards this home while he searched for work in the busy city of Toronto. Though he knew no one he found the place friendly enough, and it was not long before he found a simple job at a café just around the corner from his home.

Harry groaned loudly as his alarm clock blared a high pitch sound through his home. Slamming it hard, it fell to the ground with a loud clatter, and Harry swore as he jumped out of bed to grab it and check if it was broken. After making sure that it was all right he placed it back on his night table, stood up yawning as he stretched. Beams of sunlight filtered into his bedroom through the opening in the curtains, and he threw them open without hesitation.

Picking up a few pieces of clothing that scattered the floor he left his bedroom and into the hall down to where the loo was. Dropping the clothes by the door and turned on the shower. While waiting for the water to warm up he glanced in the mirror peering closely at the lightening shaped scar. It had faded since his days in England, but it was still there, the only sign of the world he had left truly existed.

Turning back around he checked the water; it was hot. Pulling off his shirt and sweat pants he got into the shower and let the warm beads of water wash over him. Once he was finished, he got out and wrapped the towel that hung on the ring next to the shower around his waist and put on his watch and glasses that sat on the sink counter where he left it the night before.

He ran his hands through his raven hair a few times, but did not waste too much time. He brushed his teeth, and changed into the clothes he had dropped on the floor. Taking one last look in the mirror, he left the loo and went down the hall to the open living room and kitchen. He checked his watch as he opened his fridge door and saw that he still had five minutes before he had to leave. Grabbing the carton of milk he took a long drink of it and placed it back inside.

Going over to his closest he pulled out his jacket and put it on while slipping into his trainers. Grabbing his keys from the hook inside the closest he unlocked and opened that door and stepped out into the hall. He took one last glance in side his apartment and closed the door locking it.

Shoving his keys into his pocket he walked quickly to the stairs and raced down them, preparing for his usual job into work. He exited his building and made his way down the steps to the sidewalk. Pausing to let and elderly couple walk by he turned the other way and began to jog lightly towards the café. Making sure not to run into the other early risers he kept his pace. Turning down a few more streets he finally came to the quaint looking café that was surprised by other stores alike.

He opened the door, the tingle of a bell overhead, and entered the brightly coloured dining area. Round tables littered the hardwood floors, all with the necessary things needed for coffee, tea, and other small snacks.

“You’re late!” A woman of medium height shrieked coming out of the kitchen. Her straight strawberry blond hair hung loosely on her shoulders, and the warm smile on her lips turned into a loud laugh at Harry’s surprised expression. “But only by a few minutes,” she explained.

Harry smiled at Emily Thorn as she walked over to the single cash register and opened it. She took out of the tray, and placed it on the counter.

“Is Teddy here yet?” Harry asked as he walked behind the counter and reached underneath for his apron.

“No, he’s late perusal. But I’m sure he has a good excuse this time.” Emily smirked.

Harry gave short laugh and went into the back and into the office. He hung his coat and put on his apron. Georgia, a co-worker and friend of Emily’s, had still not arrived. Clocking in on the computer, Harry turned around just as Emily came back in with tray in her hands.

“I have some news for you.” She told him as she bent down to the safe, and punch in the code, hiding it with her hand. “My brother, Josh, is going to come in and talk to you.”

“Talk to me about what?” Harry asked anxiously. Josh was the owner of the café, as well as a few other ones spread out in Toronto. He was a nice guy, and had a habit seeming to be a friend rather then a boss until he got angry at you for something.

“Oh, don’t worry about. He’s probably going to ask you if you want to move into the building he owns.” Emily said with a smile. “You know the one where Georgia, Teddy, and I live.” She explained.

Harry nodded, relaxing a little. Then with a smile, “What makes you think I want to live with all of you?”

Emily gave a short laugh, and stood up now having the money she needed. “Okay, have it your way then. I’ll call Josh right now and tell him not to come in.”

Harry laughed, and shook his head no. “No, it’s fine. I’d love to come live there. I’m sure it’s a lot bigger then the place I’m staying at right now.”

“Doubtful,” Emily said closing the safe and locking it. She stood holding the tray and left the office, Harry following. “You have your own room and that’s about it. Of course there are four washrooms in the house – Josh made sure of having that- so that isn’t an issue, but it’s still living with six other people all of whom you will know through work.”

“Really?” Harry asked, following Emily into the front.

“Oh yeah,” Emily said putting the tray into the register and closing it. “But it’s cheap, and it’s fun. Besides, most of know each other through other things. We all toured together at one point; it’s mostly why we all ended up working here.” Emily told him.

Harry understood. Before Josh opened all the cafes and restaurants he had started his own record label. Most of the people Harry worked with were musically inclined, and had a contract with Josh. It was a strange concept for some to accept and fully understand, but Harry thought it was cool.

“Well, it still sounds good to me. There will still be more room in the end, and it won’t be so quiet all that time.” Harry said as he started to clean the tables.

“Oh, you have no idea.” Emily laughed as she went into the back again.

Glancing at the clock Harry saw that Teddy was late with a smile on his face. He couldn’t think of a time when Teddy had actually gotten to work when he was supposed to be. As he thought this he saw through the front window across the street the tall figure of Teddy Edison. His bright dyed blonde hair was visible from a mile away, and when he entered the store the noise he made, made it hard to ignore him.

“Am I on time?” he blustered in, throwing his backpack at Harry. Harry ducked just as it came within a few feet of him and let it hit the wall behind him and fall to the ground.

“No,” Harry replied, glancing behind him at the bag. “Do you always have to do that?”

“Ah it’s good for you, Harry. Keeps your reflexes up to speed.” Teddy said as he came around the counter, and dug around in his bag. “Well, hopefully Emily-”

“Won’t give you a hard time for being late again for the hundredth time?” Emily sneered more then asked, appearing in the doorway to the back.

Harry started to laugh as he watch Teddy fumble slightly as he pulled his apron out of his bag and tried to stand while talking to Emily. “Well, you see, uh, last night my friend had this huge party and he needed me to play and-”

“Save it,” Emily sighed walking over to the front door. “You can explain why you were late when you come up with a good excuse.” She told him and flipped the open sign around.

Teddy didn’t bother saying anything more as he went into the back and did what ever it was that he liked to do in the morning while Harry returned to fixing some things up before the first customer entered. It was a regular named Ruth. She was often on the run, and often looked as if she never slept.

“Hey Harry, how are you?” she said tiredly.

“Good, how are you?” Harry said as he started her coffee.

“Completely exhausted. My boss told me yesterday that I had to do this huge presentation this morning and I don’t even know how I’ll manage to stay awake to present it.”

“So I’m assuming it’s good that I’ve put some extra sugar into it.” Harry joked as he placed a cup of coffee in front of her.

Smiling widely she took the coffee and gave Harry the money. “You are a blessing in disguise.” She laughed taking her change.

“I do hope you’re talking about me?” Teddy said from the back.

Ruth rolled her eyes but she wore a big smile. “No Teddy, sadly I still have to say no.”

“Say no to what?” Teddy asked, pretending to be lost.

“No to going out with you,” Ruth laughed. “You really need to change your tactics, your getting a little predictable.”

Harry laughed and looked at Teddy who was feigning heart break. For the last year every day Teddy had asked Ruth out in some form or the other, and every time she would say no. It was an on-going joke and Harry always liked to watch what Teddy would come up with.

“Oh you just keep tearing my heart apart!” Teddy exclaimed, disappearing for a moment as he pretended to fall back before standing back up again. “I don’t know if I can ever come into work again and see you face.”

“Oh yes, I’m very sure that is just how it is.” Ruth said as she began to walk away, sipping her coffee. “See you later Harry,” she said stepping out on to the streets of Toronto.

“Yeah, see you,” Harry said just as she left.

Teddy was laughing in the back, and Harry just rolled his eyes. It was typical Teddy to be laughing at such a thing, and he continued on with his work. Customers came in, and he happily served them. He loved his job. It was relaxed, and as much as he didn’t really like serving customers all the time he had to admit that it suited his new life.

Around one o’clock close to his time to clock out Josh entered the store. He smiled, and said hello to Harry. Taking his place up front Emily offered an encouraging smile as he followed Josh into the back and into the office. Closing the door behind him, he sat in one of the chairs while Josh sat in another.

“So how are you?” he asked kindly, swinging slightly in his seat.

“Oh, I’m fine. A little worried about what this meeting is about, though.” Harry admitted, though in his mind he knew that it was pointless.

Josh laughed. “Well, you don’t have to worry. It’s nothing to do with your job; I think you’re a great employee. I just wanted to ask you a question. I don’t know if Emily has said anything to you, but I do own my own building where a rent out the rooms. She lives there, as well as Georgia and Teddy.” He waited for him to respond.

“Yeah, she’s mentioned it before. It sounds really interesting.” Harry replied, hoping that it would push Josh along.

“Oh good, I’m glad to hear it. Recently one of my employee’s at one of my other stores quit and moved out of the house leaving me with an empty room. And I heard that you were looking for some where to live.” Josh said.

It wasn’t true, Harry knew that, but he had a feeling Emily had lied to get Josh to think about asking Harry to move in. For a moment Harry considered it, as doubts filled his mind. It would be easy for him to say yes, pack up what little things he had and move into the building. But he wasn’t sure if it was what he really wanted. He had come to Canada broken, and afraid that someone would figure out who he was and reveal to the Magical world that he was in Canada. But what harm would come from him moving into this place? He would be creating a new life, would he not? And was that not what he wanted? He would make friends, possible make a new family, and they would feel the empty space in his life.

Looking at Josh his mind was made up. The best decision was just before him, and only he had to do was smile and nod. “Yeah, I am. I think it would be great to take up the room.”

Josh smiled happily. “Great! That is just great. There are just a few things we need to work out – like rent. I’ll just take it out of your paycheck. It won’t be too much, I promise. All you’re really paying for his room and board. So, it will be about one hundred dollars twice a month.” He said, looking Harry straight in the eye.

Harry grinned. It was cheaper then the place he was staying at now, and the fact that he would be living with all his friends seemed like an extra bonus. “That would be great!” Harry told Josh.

After a few more minutes where Josh continued on to explain how things worked and when Harry could move in and where the building was. It all seemed fine to Harry, and the building was actually closer to the café then his apartment now.

“So it’s all in order.” Josh said, standing up and holding his hand out to Harry.

Harry took it as they moved out of the office. “Yeah, I’ll go home straight after work and start packing.”

“Great, great,” Josh trailed off seeing his sister. Leaving Harry by the office to talk to Emily, Teddy came over to Harry who grabbed him by the shoulder.

“Moving into the big place, are you?” He laughed, letting go of Harry. “Hey, if you need any help moving just tell me. I got a van that you can use.”

“Oh yeah, I’ll remember that.” Harry said to Teddy.

“Hey guys, I’ll see you around.” Josh said popping his head into the back for a moment.

“Yeah, see you.” Teddy said.

“Bye, thanks again.” Harry said and Josh nodded goodbye turning around and leaving.

Teddy left Harry as he went into the front and Emily came to see Harry. “This is so wonderful!” she exclaimed hugging him tightly. “You’re coming to move in with all of us! Oh, you’re just going to love it!” she said letting go of Harry.

Harry laughed at Emily. “If you say so, then I guess I have no choice but believe it then.”

Emily laughed. “How about this? It’s almost time for you to leave, and Georgia will be here any minute. Why don’t you just go home and get a head start at packing.” She suggested.

Harry smiled, surprised by her suggestion. “Sure, if you’re sure you two are all right here.”

“Of course we are,” Emily told him, “It’s just coffee and muffins.”

Harry nodded, understanding and went back into the office. He took off his apron hung it up, and then put on his coat. In a day his life seemed to have changed drastically. And in a good way. He was finally putting down some roots in Canada and he was making friends. Leaving the office he said good bye to Teddy and Emily, and started on his way down the now busy streets of Toronto to his apartment to start packing and finish his lease.

A/N: So this is the first chapter to the re-written version of this story. I think this is a much better representation of my writing as well as to this story. I hope to make it much more believable then it was even though it will always be AU. So thanks for reading, and do please review!

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