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We were walking down the hall and Draco kept mumbling things to himself. I looked at him and had to laugh. “Draco, it wont be for that long. So relax already.”

He insulted, “Bella, I’m Slytherin and I’m wearing a Gryffindor robe. How do you want me to relax? In a few minutes, I’m going to be entering a place where I know how much I’m hated. I’m going to have to be cordial with people I have fought for the last six years.” He stopped walking and turned around. “I can’t do this.”

I ran after him and took his hand, trying to stop him. “Snap out of it Draco. Beggars can’t be choosers. So deal with it. She’s trying to help you. And besides, not everyone in Gryffindor hates you.” I then smiled at him and hugged him.

He rested his chin on my head, “So you’re admitting you don’t hate me.”

I pulled back, still hugging him. “I was talking about Juancho.” I then smiled at him and he laughed. “Come on, we’re already near.” I took his hand in mine and he held on.

We walked into Gryffindor together. Hermoine and Ginny were in the common room, along with Dean and Lavander. They all looked up when we entered. I smiled and said, “Hi! You guys this is Christopher Mathis, he’s also a transfer.” They all smiled at him and welcomed him to Gryffindor. “Christopher, that’s Ginny, Hermoine, Dean and Lavander.”

We sat on one of the couches opposite to Ginny and Hermoine. Ginny raised her brow, and I knew what was her question, so I nodded. She tensed for a second, and I smiled at her begging her not to tell. She relaxed, “So what classes do you have?” Draco, well Chris, pulled out his schedule and handed it to her. She looked it over and then handed it to Hermoine while telling Draco, “I’ve got one class with you.” Hermoine then, looked it over. “And I have three. I can also tell you that Ron has two with you. He’s my boyfriend, you’ll meet him later.” He took back his schedule and I held out my hand to see it. We had almost every class together, except for a potions elective. I smiled at him, “We’ve got potions together.” He then looked at his schedule, “We’ve got almost every class together.” He said.

Dean stood up then and said to Draco, “Look I’m heading to the boys side, if you want me to help you find your room?” Draco shrugged and got up from the couch. He then handed Dean his enrollment forms. Dean looked them over and said, “Hermoine, looks like if his rooming with Ron.” Draco looked at me and I nearly laughed, he had been thrown to the wolves all right. Dean started up the stairs with Draco trailing behind him, he looked back to where I was sitting. “See you later then B?”

I smiled at him and nodded.

The second he stepped through the boy’s door Lavender asked, “So you two knew each other?”

I smiled and nodded.

She then said, “He’s cute.”

I nodded, “Don’t let him know it though. He’s far too conceited as it is.”

Hermoine then asked, “Where do you two know each other from?”

I didn’t want to lie so I just said, “We lived in the same neighborhood when we were kids.”

“And now? You two are…” Lavander asked

This girl was far too interested, “Friends… good friends.” I answered.

At that moment the boys walked down. I noticed Draco and Dean were listening to Ron. They were talking about Quidditch. When they reached the bottom step Ron told Hermoine, “Chris here is a seeker.”

Hermoine smiled at her boyfriend and then said, “Then he came just in time. Aren’t tryouts tomorrow?”

Ron nodded and turned to Draco, “You’re going to tryout right?”

Draco looked at me, and I shrugged, it was his call. He then looked at Ron and said, “I might.”

I then asked, “At what time are they?”

Ginny looked at me, “You play too?”

I nodded. “Who knows if Chris here is going to try out for seeker, I might try to give him a run for his money.”

Draco already standing behind me on the couch, jumped over and sat beside me. “So sure are you?” He asked.

I winked at him. And he laughed, “Well then Ron, I think I’m going to have to go tomorrow.”

Ron laughed and sat beside Hermoine. “You’re coming tomorrow. Right?” Hermoine looked at Ron, considering he options, “Well… if you promise not to make a fool of yourself.” Hermoine said giggling.

Ron looked insulted. He then stood up and dragged Hermoine with him, “I’m hungry! Anyone else ready to eat?”

Draco nodded and got up. He looked back at me, “You’re not hungry?” I shook my head no. He then pulled me by my arm. “Too bad! You’re coming anyway.”

We then all started walking towards the door and I heard Lavander, “Chris, wait up.” I turned around and she was practically running towards him. I took his hand in mine, and he looked at me questioningly. “You don’t want to blow your cover now do you?” He shook his head and chuckled. He then leaned over and whispered in my ear. “You’re not jealous. Are you?”

I stepped back from him and stared. At that moment Lavander reached us. “Chris, you’re going for dinner. Right?” He then looked at me, “Well?” He asked.

I smiled at him, “Of course not… Lavander, why don’t you go ahead with Chris? He was just telling me how much he’d love to have dinner with you.” I then turned to Chris, “I’ll catch up with you later.” He was looking at me like if he could wring me dry. I smiled and headed over to where Ginny was standing.

As soon as I reached her she asked, “What happened?”

I shook my head, “Nothing. Lavander wanted to have dinner with Chris.”

Ginny tilted her head to one side, “And you’re jealous?”

“Of course not!” How could she think that? How could Draco think that? Was it that obvious?


Today dinner seemed to drag on for hours. First, Ginny and I got in after almost everyone had entered. Draco was sitting with Lavander and her friends and there was no room left for us to join them. So, we sat with Hermoine, Ron and Dean. Second, at one time or another, during dinner all of them, meaning Hermoine, Ron, Ginny or Dean, made a comment, as to my being too quiet or asking if Chris and I had something. Third, at one time during dinner I had to go to the bathroom and when I walked pass Draco he was openly flirting with Lavander. So I did what any other girl would’ve done. I made his water tip over on his robe. I then walked all the way out and had no intention to walk back in. I went over to a corner and sat on the floor, trying to wait it out; go back in when it was already over. But, Luna found me. “You lost Bella?”

I shook my head, “Just catching some air. The hall is too crowded.”

She sat down next to me and asked, “Are you all right?”

I shook my head.

She then asked, “You miss him don’t you?”

I looked at her questioningly.

“Your father, you miss him.” I simply nodded in response and tears started to roll down my sheiks.

She then placed her hand on my shoulder and let me cry. That was when I first realized, that I still hadn’t cried. Not in a long time. I then managed to calm down. We both got up and Luna said, “Anytime you need to talk about it I’m here. I lost my mother, so I kind of know what it’s like.”

“Thanks Luna.” I wiped away my tears and followed her back inside. When I passed Draco he must have noticed, for he stood up and followed me. I sat down and he kneeled behind me. “What happened?”

I shook my head, “Nothing.”

He looked at me closer, “You were crying.”

I smiled at him and nodded, “Don’t worry you had nothing to do with it.”

For some reason my answer seemed to get him angry. He leaned over and said, “We have to talk, wait for me outside.”

I nodded and turned back to my dinner. After that, it was pretty uneventful.


As I made my way outside I was walking alongside of Ron and Hermoine, making plans for the tryouts, when Crabbe, Goyle and Pansy walked over to us.

Goyle started to say something when suddenly Draco (still looking like Chris) appeared at my side. Goyle then asked, “Who are you?”

Draco looked at them, all three of his one time friends, “None of your business. Oh! And I’ll save you the time, before you try some witty remark. Stuff it and keep on walking ok? It won’t have any effect, and I’m saving you the embarrassment.” He then turned to me and asked, “You coming?” I nodded and he led me away, before anyone could say anything.

He practically dragged me all the way down the corridor and out into one of the courtyards. He then kept on walking and we ended up stopping by some runes. He then looked around, and seeing that no one was there, he said some kind of spell and turned back to himself.

I looked at him, “Thought you needed something of the person to change like that.”

He shrugged, “Thought so too, but McGonagall made up Chris’s persona so I can change with that spell from him to me and back.”

Oh! “I see.” I then sat down on one of the stones. “What was it that you wanted?”

He sat next to me, a little higher on the stone. “Why would I want something?”

I shrugged “Cause every time you talk to me. I end up doing you a favor. It’s become sort of a pattern with us.”

He dropped a little bit closer to me, I could feel his knees brushing my shoulder. “Are you all right?”

That did it and I exploded, “Why does everyone keep asking me? I’m ok, I’m all right. I won’t break down or anything of the sort. “ He then got up and pulled me into a hug. “You can cry Bella. It’s ok.”

I wanted to scream at him. To tell him that it wasn’t ok, that my father was dead. That I had no one left. But, in the end I started crying and he hugged me closer, mumbling words. Until now I hadn’t realized how much I had needed this from him. It was like if for the past ten years I had been waiting for him to do this, to comfort me. So I held on to the feeling for as long as I could.

We then pulled back a bit, but were still hugging. I looked him straight in the eye, “You don’t like Lavander, right?”

He looked confused, and then as if he finally understood the whole meaning behind the question he shook his head no.

I smirked. He then added, “And I don’t like Pansy either.” He leaned closer and asked, “You know why?”

I was too nervous to speak, so I just shook my head no. And he smiled, he then closed the gap between us and brushed his lips to mine. Then, he pulled back and answered his own question, “Because, I finally figured out that I met my match, a very long time ago.”

I smiled at him, “Oh! You did?” He then smiled back and we kissed again. It was the best feeling I had ever had. True I had kissed other boys, I had more than kissed other boys. But, this time it felt different. This time I felt complete.

After a long time we broke apart. “We have to go back.” Draco said. I just nodded. He then turned back to Chris and reached out for me. I took his hand and we started to make our way back to Gryffindor.

“So you were jealous of Lavander then?” He asked.

I looked at him and smiled, “I won’t admit to anything.”

He chuckled, “That’s a yes then.”

I stopped and since we were still holding hands he was pulled back. He looked at me and I smiled, “Only if you admit you were jealous of Crabbe.” He looked at me and shook his head, “I won’t admit to anything.” He leaned over and brushed his lips to mine, then started walking again and I followed him.


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