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Marauders Molly Jessi

Unfortunately the compartment that Remus had kept for them was now full of giggling 5th year girls so James, Sirius and Remus decided to find another compartment.

“This one is as close to empty as it gets” Said James as he opened the door to a compartment where a scared 3rd year girl was sitting looking out the window.

“Is it ok if we sit here?” asked Sirius. The girl nodded quickly and snatched up a book and started reading, unfortunately, against her luck, the book was upside down so whether she wanted them to know or not, they knew she was scared of them.

In a minute Peter had arrived along with Jessi. They sat down next to the 3rd year who immediately grabbed her bag, stuffed her book in it and hurried out the compartment.

“Ah… 3rd years… complete wimps” said Sirius as he took out a deck of exploding snap, “Anyone up for a game?”

After having played for 15 minutes Sirius started his oh-so-annoying yearly ritual of complaining.

“This is so boring!”

“Oh shut up mate! We’ve only been on this train for 20 minutes and you’re already complaining!” said a rather annoyed Remus. James was smiling as he sat there looking out the window.

“What are you smiling at mate?” asked Sirius. He had this annoying habit of having to know everything.

“Nothing” said James.

“Continuously smiling for no reason? This can only mean one thing…” said Sirius.

“Lily Evans” said Remus and Sirius together before bursting into hysterical laughter.

“Oh sod off!” but what Remus and Sirius had said was perfectly true, it was Lily Evans he was thinking of.

“Who iz ziz Lily Evanz?” asked Jessi.

“The most beautiful girl in the history of wizardry” said James softly. “Um… by the way, who are you?”

“Oh I’m Jessi, an exchange ztudent from ze Beauxbatons” said Jessi.

“Why are you here?” asked Sirius, again, very impolite.

“I was ze lost and Peter tell me what to do” said Jessi.

“Huh?” Sirius was having a tough time understanding her accent. Before Jessi could say anything further Remus said softly to Sirius, “Peter helped her when she was lost”

“Oh, well she could just have said that” at that moment there was a knock on the door and a slightly chubby blonde girl walked in.

“Hey Molly” said Remus.

“Hey Remus, um… have you seen Lily’s cat? Black with grey stripes?” the marauders looked so unconcerned that Molly just gave up. “No? Well… tell me if you see him, Lily’s quite devastated having lost him” said Molly and exited the compartment.

“Who was that?” said Sirius who was clearly interested.

“That’s Molly. You know who she is” said Remus.

“Molly… Molly… nope doesn’t ring a bell mate”

“Well that’s her name and… hold on… you have to know her, she was your partner when we had to do that grindylow report” said Remus.

“Sorry mate can’t remember” said Sirius who had just been distracted by the sudden appearance of the food trolley.

“Anything from the trolley dears?”

“I’ll have ten pumpkin pastries” said Sirius.

“Can you afford that mate?” said Remus.

“Ok fine I’ll just have one then” said Sirius as he handed the trolley lady some coins.

“This is only enough fro half a pumpkin pastry” said the lady.

“Ok fine I’ll just starve! It’s enough having been thrown out but now I’ve been denied the one joy of this god forbid everlasting train ride” said Sirius as he sat down grumpily and folded his arms.

“Anything for you dear?”

“No thanks” said Remus and went back to his book on famous wizards.

For the rest of the journey Sirius slept, very loudly, Remus read, Peter stared intensively at his feet, Jessi was fiddling with her hair and James was staring out the window thinking of a certain red haired girl he fancied.


Lily Molly Michael

“Where could he be Moo? We’ve looked everywhere for Baggis but no once seen him” Lily sat down heavily on her seat and buried her face in her hands occasionally letting out small sniffs.

“I’m sure someone’s seen him, and anyway why are you so upset about all this, I mean, I’ve never seen you break down over a thing such as this” said a fairly confused Molly.

After letting out a few more sniffs Lily finally looked up at Molly with bloodshot eyes, “Oh Moo, I don’t know. I just can’t control my feelings. I mean with everything going on I’m just so stressed” Lily was clearly having a breakdown.

“Don’t worry Lily, I’m sure everything will be find with Michael and we’ll find Baggis” said Molly sympathetically.

“I haven’t talked to Michael yet, maybe I should go now” said Lily as she got ready to leave.

“Um… maybe you should wait a while considering the fact that you look a lot like a lunatic at the moment” Molly was never good when it came to compliments.

“What?” said Lily as she dug in her bag for a mirror, “Oh my god!”

Molly continued to laugh as Lily was violently trying to get rid of her red eyes and her running make-up.

“I’ll help you with that, and anyway, you look beautiful even if you look like a depressed drunk”

“Thanks?” Lily was confused but appreciated the compliment.

“Hey I heard you’re… hey what the matter, Lily?” Michael had just entered and had noticed Lily’s eyes before she’d turn her face away from him.

“Oh its nothing, I just got some dust in my eye” Lily was a terrible liar.

“Let me see that” Michael reached towards Lily who quickly stood up and mumbled something about going to the bathroom.

“What’s the matter with her?” asked Michael.

“Stress” Molly answered quickly. “Maybe you should go”

“But I want to help…”

“Well… if you want to help you can look for Baggis”

“Who’s Baggis?”

“Lily’s cat, she lost him”

“Ok…well…how does he look like?”

“Black with grey stripes”

“Ok, I’ll see ya later then Molly”

“I suppose so” during their whole conversation Molly had not once looked Michael in the eye. Maybe it was because she was trying to hide that hideous zit on her chin, but most likely it was the fact that she didn’t like Michael and she never had. She only put up with him because of Lily.

Michael loved Lily and Lily had convinced herself that she loved him back. Even though she continuously told him so she had only managed to fool him. Molly , Remus, even James knew that she was pretending to love him because she didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

“Hey Moo, I’m gonna walk out with Michael so that we can talk ok?” said Lily when she had come back from the bathroom.

“Ok sure I’ll just… yeah ok” one of the reasons Molly didn’t like Michael was that because of him she got to spend less time with Lily. As the sky grew steadily darker most of the students on the train had begun changing into robes and so did Lily and Molly.

In a few minutes the train started to slow down and finally came to a halt in Hogsmead. The carriages were waiting for the students and as decided Lily went with Michael and Molly was left alone.


Marauders Jessi

“Hey James, what’s the difference between a goat and a pig?” asked Sirius.

“Oh no it’s ‘Joke Time’” James had just stepped off the train and was not in the mood for Sirius and his bad sense of humor, has was looking for Lily.

“The difference is… the difference is…oh sod it I forgot what the difference was…but it was going to be really good I swear! Oh sod it…”

“Wow that joke was actually almost funny” said Remus.


“Never mind Sirius, lets just find a carriage”

“Righty-o Remus”


James Remus Molly

“Hey Molly” said James.

“Hello James”

“Have you seen Lily?”

“As a matter of fact I haven’t, but I know where she is”


“With Michael”

“Right, well at least he’s easy to spot in a crowd. I’ll see ya at the feast then”


“What’s the matter Molly?” Remus came up to her looking concerned.

“Just a tad lonely that’s all” Sighed Molly.

“Well would you like to accompany me in a ride to the castle?” Remus hinted for Molly to link arms with him.

“Sure why not” she said as she linked her arm to his and even though she didn’t show it, it meant the world to her that he had asked.

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