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Authors Note: ok I usually don’t do two authors notes but this is an exception. I had a review in my other story saying that are spelling errors in my work. I would like to inform all my readers I am from New Zealand and some words in here are spelt differently to words in other parts of English speaking countries. So if u see words that are not right in your opinion it could just be my kiwi computer spell check shining through! Thanks. Disclaimer: Nothing is mine! Chapter Thirteen – Evil Working Amongst Them Peter Pettigrew cautiously opened the door to the Headmaster’s Office. He knew the meeting was long over and the rest of the Marauders would be elsewhere gathering armies but he didn’t care. It was Dumbledore he had come to see. “Ah Peter; nice of you to finally arrive. The meeting is well over now.” Dumbledore smiled warmly at the small man as he entered the room “I’m sorry for the time that I have arrived but you see sir, a new Guard has been established in the name of the Order in the south of France. I have been there the past few weeks, trying to organise the men there.” “Excellent work Peter. Do you have the names of the men there?” “Yes sir, all ready to be added to the Life Chart. Now, what did I miss this morning? Was there anything important or just the general catch up with the Marauders?” “Actually Peter you missed a great deal. We know Lord Voldemort has planned an attack on Hogwarts on Christmas Day. He plans to attack the students in the Great Hall while they are all feasting in hopes to take over the school.” Dumbledore’s smile had faded and his amazing blue eyes were now serious. “Take over Hogwarts! Never will the Dark Lord enter the grounds of this school when you are the Headmaster. Sir you must have a plan,” Peter looked enquiringly at the Headmaster. Oh how he needed that information. “I certainly do. The students will be locked in their common rooms for their safety while the different Guards in the Order will surround the edges of the castle grounds to prevent unwanted attack. Once the Death Eaters and or Voldemort himself have come into view we will alert the Ministry and have the added backing of the Aurors and Unspeakables not already in the Order.” Peter nodded. He hoped he could remember all that information. “I’ll have the new Guard move to here tonight. Oh and here are their forms.” Dumbledore took the forms but didn’t really look at them. “Lily and Harry are about by the lake if you’d like to go join them. I know it’s been awhile since you’ve seen Harry. He’s grown so much.” Peter smiled. “Yes, I can’t wait to see him. I wonder if he remembers his Uncle Pete.” As he left the office Peter caught sight of half a small play house that looked like it was made of candy. What caught his eye was the chocolate pieces that made up the roof tiles had come off and lead towards a door to the other end of the office. The door to Professor Dumbledore’s private quarters. ***** Peter walked through the endless corridors down one and then down another. They all looked the same to him now. He couldn’t believe this was the same castle he had once known like the back of his hand, that he and the Marauder’s had once traipsed through under James’ invisibility cloak. He was lost. ***** Snape smiled as he watched Peter travel in circles around the castle. It amused him to see him like this, so alone, without either of his usual protectors around to tell him what to do. The invisibility cloak he had been leant by Dumbledore provided the means to watch Peter without the little man’s knowing. Peter let out a gasp of annoyance as he found himself in front of the same suit of armour he had passed at least four times in the last hour. Snape grinned and lifted the cloak from his body, letting it fall to the floor without a sound. “So, the traitor has come back to Hogwarts then,” Snape hissed. Peter started and wheeled around in fright. He whitened when he saw Snape but quickly regained his composure. “Traitor? I am no traitor. I have stood by Dumbledore for all these years while you turned to the Dark Side and only return when you realised your master will be beaten.” “You were always the foolish one, Peter Pettigrew, or shall I call you Wormtail, the name your master so stupidly adopted from the Marauders whom he despises. I never did work out why he calls you that stupid pet name. But then it does suit you well, you do have a certain rodent quality to you. Quite like that of a rat I should think.” “Watch your tongue Snape. If the others hear what you are saying to me you’ll be through. I know that they’ll always believe me, no matter what you say. I, Peter Pettigrew, have nothing the Dark Lord would want. I have no reason to go to the Dark Ways, my loyalty remains here within these walls.” “If you are on the side of the good fight, then why did you just call Lord Voldemort, the Dark Lord? That is the name only his close Death Eaters call him. To everyone else he is Voldemort or one of those stupid names that don’t mention his real name,” Snape smiled menacingly, knowing he had Peter. “I use it so you may feel more at home here Snape, though your welcome here will soon be worn thin. I feel it only a matter of hours before you are asked to visit Azkaban.” Peter pulled his wand from his pocket and pointed it at himself. Closing his eyes he muttered, “Reparip.” His clothes began to rip themselves, cuts and gashes appeared on his arm and oozed blood. A black eye formed around his left eye and his nose took on a smash appearance, blood flowing freely joined that which spilled form his cut upper lip. “They’ll all believe it was you Snape, you’ll be sent to prison,” Peter turned away and quickly run down the corridor. He found his way to the stairs and entered the Entrance Hall as Lily came in with Harry. ***** Lily looked up as Peter slumped down the stairs. She gasped as she took in his appearance. “Peter, what ever happened?” Peter looked up at her, his black eye and broken nose making him look as if he’d just been smashed in the face with a bludger. “Snape,” he muttered before he blacked out. Lily put Harry down and quickly rushed to pull out her wand. She levitated Peter up and taking Harry’s hand she steered him up the stairs and towards the Hospital Wing, thankful the students were all still in class. As she reached the second floor she met up with Sirius coming out of an empty classroom with Remus. “What happened to him?” Sirius asked, looking up at Peter with a tad bit of concern. “Students attack him or something? Did he visit the Care of Magical Creatures class?” “He came down the stairs into the Entrance Hall; he said it was Snape that did this. Here, take Harry.” Lily passed Harry over to Sirius, who scooped his godson into his arms. Harry laughed at Lupin over Sirius’ shoulder as they continued down the corridors. Madame Pomfrey strode down the aisle to met them as they entered but stopped short when she saw they were not students. “Merlin,” she gasped. “And I thought I’d seen the last of you. What happened?” “He was attacked, Lily found him in the Entrance Hall just before he blacked out,” Remus explained as Lily lowered Snape on to the nearest bed. Madame Pomfrey nodded, “well it’s nice to see you all again, especially you Mr Lupin, I trust you know that it is the full moon in two nights?” Remus nodded and smiled, “Yes of course. I have become far better at remembering the days. But then with the new Wolfsbane Potion, transformations aren’t quite what you use to be.” Madame Pomfrey nodded and began to work on Peter; she quickly healed his bruises and cuts and cleared his black eye. As she drew back his sleeve to check his pulse Sirius noticed her frown and asked what she had found. “I’m sure it’s nothing but there seems to be some scarring here as if there once was a tattoo or a brand but it has recently been removed. Do any of you remember if Mr Pettigrew had any scars on his wrists?” All shook his head except for Harry who nodded his head from Sirius’ arms. He giggled and looked seriously at Sirius for a moment who looked back and him. Then he said quite clearly for all to here, “Padfooty.” Sirius broke into a smile and did a little happy dance. “Did you hear that?” he cried, “He knows my name.” Lily smiled and joined in the little dance as Madame Pomfrey moved off down the aisle toward her office. No one noticed Remus lean over and examine Peters exposed wrist. He frowned, for he couldn’t be sure but the scar looked to him like it had once been a skull or something very close the shape of a head. ~~~~~~~~~~ Alright hope u all liked it and please review my story. O and this chapter is dedicated to siriussnape seeing as you have faithfully reviewed my story for every chapter since about chapter seven so this goes out to you! If you like my story and would like me to send notice of update directly to you then leave your email address in a review and when I post a new chapter I’ll send an email to tell you :) so yeah that’s all I have to say I think Oh and please review!

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