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This story is dedicated to my BFF, slytherinette,and my new online friend, Sparx!

Yours Forever

September 7th. It was a beautiful day, and those born on this day, were truly special people. Hermione Jane Granger was one of those few born on this auspicious day. And this day had come and gone quite fast indeed for Hermione this year.

“Oh my God! It’s 2 am! It’s September 8th! I’ve been 23 for a whole day!” said an exhausted but enthusiastic Hermione. It had been a great birthday for her, actually. All her best friends, Harry, Ron, Ginny, Parvati, Neville, Seamus, and Luna had come for a party at her apartment. It had lasted a long time, and they had all left around 1 o’clock. Well. All except Parvati and Ginny, who were her room mates.

She walked towards the window, in complete silence if you didn’t count Parvati and Ginny lightly snoring on the couch. She sat down on the bench under the sofa. It had been such a great birthday. But she still felt like something was missing. Oh, if only he had sent her a letter.

It was almost as if the Gods had heard her, for a beautiful elegant owl came flying towards her from out side carrying a large parcel indeed. Hermione opened the window, letting the beautiful owl in. Slowly, she untied the parcel and opened the letter attached to the parcel.

Dear Stars,
First off, I am soooooooo sorry that this is getting to you a day late! Second off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Many happy returns of the day! Another year older, man I’m telling you, you are becoming an old lady! Just kidding, don’t hurt me, after all, I am 23 going on 24 myself! Just think about it, just a couple more months, and we’ll be able to meet each other.It’s kind of scary, but exciting as well. But one thing is certain, I can’t wait to meet you, to talk to you, to hear your laugh, and just be with you. These last few years, I mean I know we haven’t met or anything, but I feel like I know you. I have to admit, when my family told me about our arranged marriage, I wasn’t to happy. But after getting to know you, I think I love you Any ways, hope you have a great birthday and please forgive me!
Yours forever,

So he had remembered! Hermione thought. She wanted to jump up for joy. She reread the letter several times before opening the package. It was a collection of famous books, both muggle and magic. They were so beautiful. He knew her so well. She had tears of joy in her eyes but she couldn’t help but feel guilty. The first time she had heard of him, for the first time, Hermione thought evil thoughts for another person.

It was when she was 17, that her parents informed her that she was adopted, and a pureblood. Not only that, she was to be married to someone at the age of 24. The same was true for him. They both did not know who the other was or quite frankly anything about the other person. For the coming seven years, they were to only write to each other. Hermione being called Stars, and he being called Truth.
Years passed, and different things happened. The war took place, and Harry defeated Voldermort forever. Through all these events, Stars and Truth talked. They wrote to each other nonstop. They soon figured out they were a lot alike. It had been six years since they started writing, meaning which that they only had a year to be married. But luckily, over these years, they had both fallen in love with each other. And so they continued to write and look forward to the day they would actually meet.

‘He’s so perfect.’ Hermione thought. He meant the world to her. He understood her like no one would. She went down to the dining table to sit and write to him back.

She couldn’t wait till they meet. Their marriage would be so perfect. He was already so perfect. Their fate, destiny was sealed. And she knew it was right. He was perfect, he was right. But would a man who was not perfect, not right, prove to be better for her? Can her life go to be perfect, or will the imperfect reality charm her? Only time would tell.

But Truth was perfect. She wouldn’t fall for a not so perfect guy would she?

A/n hope you like it! Pls r & r!

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