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Disclaimer: Yeah yeah, I own nothing. Stop rubbing it in. But you'll see... when I take over the world... mwa ha ha ha...

A/N: I believe this is chappie1 of my first fic. Its no biggie, I'm just bored so I decided I would join the HPFF lovers and feel 'in with the crowd' as you could say.
I love HPFF and Greenday.
My friends rock this world (as does Greenday). My 'rents are divorced, my bro is annoying and I hate school heaps, my teacher is cruel and I have a cute Labradore.
Thats basically my life. In one word? Boring.
Read on... Love ya's.

Potter is being so absolutely annoying! Jasmin says that he's just desperately in love with me. He might be but its so irritating! Ok, I'll give you the blow-by-blow.

James: 'Hi Lily my lovely, how are we today?'
Me: 'Good god Potter, get lost!'
James: 'Ok, I s'pose the mood today is grumpy. Let me cheer you up.'

He tried to hug me but I pushed him away. I was about to crack, and kick and scream for hours (very unlike me I know,even I was surprised!) When Remus and Jasmine came into the common room and saved his sorry butt.

"Hey guys, how you Lils?" asked Jasmine, trying to cover up the awkward silence in which James had frozen, his arms still half round me and me pushing him off, completely stiff. We were a little surprised by the two's entrance.
I quickly recovered, resumed my seating and replied coolly, "Fine thanks. What are you guys doing?"

Right then, James, seeing as how I wasn't pushing him off anymore, ended up hugging me which was even more awkward. Especially when Jasmine giggled. I suppose it WAS funny. But still.

I punched him in the arm and he declared, "YES! A punch in the arm ALWAYS means the chick likes you." Remus shook his head, Jasmine laughed again and I was begining to regret sitting anywhere near him. He's so embarrassing. God.

Remus settled himself in the couch and picked up his Transfigaration book and hid himself behind it. Jasmine sat on the other side of me and whispered, "I was with Remus down at the library and it was SO cool. I really like him Lils." I smiled and said quietly, "Good on you Jas, get to know him." Jasmine smiled back and leaned on my shoulder.

Jasmine is the greatest friend. We've been friends since first year. She's very slim, a little on the short side, with long brown hair and bright blue eyes. I, on the other hand, have medium red hair, one of my best qualities I say, (And so does James unfortunately) and pretty green eyes. I'm not that tall, but I'm not as short as Jas with an 'athletic' build.

I'm top of the class while Jas is, well, struggling you might say. So, as a friend would do, I tutor her regularly. Most of the time we're in fits of laughter but sometimes she really does try and concentrate. Anyway, back to the Conversation of Annoyance. (Yeah that's right - its capatilized.)

"Hey Lily, my sweet, check this out!" I heard James say, raising his wand, I glanced at him and he pointed it at the fire, muttered a spell he had obviously made up and suddenly the fire grew larger and larger, it was like a mini fireball and I heard Jas say, "Cool!"

It was cool until, the fireball kind of exploded sending, James, me, Jas and Remus into the wall. I sighed. I knew something would go wrong.

I had Jas's foot in my face, my feet squashed underneath Remus and, much to my dismay but delight of James, James' face in my chest. It was not a good position I recommend. Especially when James said, in a muffled voice, "I like where I'm at, but I guess I should practise it more often."

I shoved him away, pushed Jas to her feet, slid my own pair of feet out from underneath Remus and started to get up myself. You could say I was fuming. Well, I guess I was. I saw James lean down and offer me his hand. It would of been great, if it was someone else, but since it was James, I pushed it away angrily and snarled, "I can get up myself."

James backed off, his hands up in a kind of 'I surrender' position and went and sat back down on the couch, once he uprighted it of course.

I helped Remus up,and noticing that the other Maruders weren't there, said, "Hey, where are the other guys?" to which Remus replied, "Detention. James and I weren't there so this is probably a first where James isn't with Sirius." I nodded and sat back down too.

Jasmine seemed to have enjoyed that little distraction and said, "James, once you've perfected that spell, do it again! It was awesome dude." Jasmine speaks alot of slang. Words like, 'dude' or 'man' or something like that. Its the way of The Jasmine.

James grinned, glad that someone liked his spell and said, "I wish Sirius were here. Its boring when hes not." I rolled my eyes and he added, "Not that your boring Lily, angel, he just likes to make trouble." I sighed again and said, "I know Potter."

At that moment, James' wishes were granted and Sirius stumbled into the common room, followed by Peter.

Peter is a little scrawny kid, no fashion taste, eats SO much cheese and is really annoying. Sirius is kind of like the heart-throb of the school. Or at least he tells himself that every morning. With his shaggy black hair and gorgeous grey eyes, he knows he's handsome. But he will never tie himself down with anyone, he couldn't take the committment.

Anyway, Sirius came in and said angrily, "If it weren't for stupid Wormtail here, we wouldn't have gone to lame-ass detention." I could tell he had already explained this to Peter, as he was more timid then usual. "I didn't mean to! It was an accident," he wailed.

Sirius shook his head and said, "Yeah, accident-prone. Whatever." We looked at them both, utterly confused. Sirius explained, "Wormtail here was fooling about with his wand, when he set Flitwicks robes on fire. We couldn't get away fast enough. Flictwick took fifty points and gave us detention."

James roared with laughter and said, "Classic!" while Remus gave a little smile and went back to his book. I was disgusted. (Even if it was a little funny,) but Peter SERIOUSLY needed help. Jasmine laughed too.

Sirius said, "So what have you peoples been doing since I was gone? And Wormtail too I s'pose." Jasmine went into full detail of what had just happened and while she was doing that, I looked out the window. It was pretty dark and raining.

I got up and went and sat on the window seat. What is up with James Potter? Why does he like me so much? I guess it is pretty sweet, him staying true to me and calling me cute names and stuff. But still. It's JAMES POTTER. The arrogant air-head! Maybe I do like him a little bit. Wait! What was I thinking? NO. No no no no! I couldnt fall for James. I COULDN'T!!

James came up and sat himself beside me. I honestly have no privacy. All well. I sighed once more and, without looking at him, said, "What do you want Ja - Potter? I'm thinking here." James didn't look too jokey at the moment. He said gently, "Why dont you like me Lily?" This was the first time he hadn't called me 'sweet' or 'angel'. It was also the first time he had asked why I didn't like him. It was a confusing question really.

I thought about it for a moment and replied, "I honestly dont know. Maybe I see you as an arrogant air-head?" James smiled slightly and said softly, "Not really the answer I was looking for. I s'pose I am though." I turned and stared at him. Was he really admitting it? Maybe I didn't know James Potter as much as I thought.

James smiled again and said, "C'mon. Why dont you like me? Seriously." I thought about it and said truthfully, "Its weird you know? No one has ever really liked me this much before. Its surprising I guess. I'm a little afraid really." I shocked myself and James by this confession. I wish he wouldn't convince me to blurt things out.

I blushed slightly and whispered, "Goodnight James." And went upstairs to my dormitory. I looked back at him and he was still standing there, a happy grin playing on his lips. "Goodnight," he called back.

See? He's annoying! That was my day. Or night. Whatever. The problem was, I just confessed why I didn't like him! It was irritating by how he made this slip out of my mouth. I dont know how to face him tomorrow. All well. I'm going to bed now.

~Thanks for reading! Leave a review, I beg of you. This is low, I never beg.Turrah!~ P.S. By the way, I'm not sure if I've written this, but their in sixth year. If it says something else, please leave a review so I can change it.

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